Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mercury conjunct Midheaven

Having Mercury conjunct the Midheaven means that your overriding ambition in life is to learn and communicate. You yearn to engage in a professional journey that fully stimulates you on a mental level. It doesn’t matter much what you’re making or what you’re doing. If the career you’ve chosen is duller than dust, you just won’t be motivated or fulfilled whatsoever. Mercury rules our comprehensive and observational skills, as well as how we speak and, to a certain extent, our intelligence. Therefore, Mercury culminating means that you have the ability to be the ultimate in brainstorming in your professional life, coming up with an endless array of ideas and using the communicative powers of your Mercury sign to sway everyone toward following them. 

Robin Williams: Mercury in Leo conjunct Midheaven

This is ultimately the role of authority that Mercury conjunct Midheaven folks are meant to take on in their careers. It’s your responsibility to be the person who everyone looks to for ideas. You have the wonderful ability to stimulate your co-workers or employees, stirring them out of their disengaged ruts or allowing them to see things from a fresh new angle. You might often even take it upon yourself to act as the teacher in your public life, if you’re not already a teacher by actual profession. The thing to be wary of is possibly leading those who you’re responsible for astray. Mercury is a trickster, capable of startling duality. With this placement, you can mess with people’s heads in your professional sphere, if not careful. You may easily shift course for another bright idea, leaving confused followers in your wake, or might stir things up with acts of gossip, deceit, or mischief. It’s important to remain honest and centered, only using the duality of Mercury to broaden the range of what you’re capable of achieving.

You were capable of taking on a number of roles in high school, in true Mercury conjunct Midheaven fashion. You could’ve been involved in every extracurricular activity under the sun, doing absolutely whatever captured your fleeting whim of the moment. It’s likely that you really got around socially and had a slick knack for insinuating yourself into any circle that you wanted to, through sheer people skills. As you grew up, this is an approach that translated into your place out in the real world. Many people with this placement have a reputation for being true chatterboxes, with the ability to talk about anything with anyone you come across. You readily engage with people in your public life with lively conversation and wit. Those in your community will widely associate the verbal style and sense of humor of your Mercury sign with you. Even if you’re not known as much of a talker, your intelligence will still shine through. You’ll project an image that tells the world that there’s definitely a brain in there.

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