Thursday, November 13, 2014

Moon conjunct Midheaven

Philip Seymour Hoffman: Moon in Aquarius conjunct Midheaven

When the Moon sign is conjunct the Midheaven, there’s a powerful aspiration to find emotional fulfillment through the professional life. This means that your career must be chosen in ways that satisfy the needs of your particular Moon sign. If not, then you’ll be so deeply unsatisfied you’ll barely be able to function in it. You’ll know you’re in the right field when you’re able to do it and find success at it on a totally intuitive level. However, this requires the trusting of your gut, as well. With the Moon being your most elevated planet, your instinct (which is represented by the Moon) is your most valuable professional asset. You’ll often find yourself making career choices that you can’t fully explain or being guided by certain hunches that later prove to be dead-on.

The authoritative role that people with the Moon culminating are here to take is that of caregiver. In some capacity or another, you must use the nurturing attributes of your Moon sign in your professional field. This can involve being in a career where nurturing is a part of the job description or just providing this warmth and compassion to those who work with or for you. In a world that can sometimes be rather cold, your responsibility, with the Moon conjunct Midheaven, is to give people a safe, caring place to land. You will be able to use this placement maturely when you can overcome your own emotional issues and meet your own emotional needs, instead of demanding that the world does for you. As the Moon represents our emotions, it’s important for your inner life to be stable and secure or else it’ll damage your professional life. On the other hand, this can also indicate that you have the innate ability to handle a less stable, more changeable career, such as the creative fields. This position often indicates that your career will be an outlet for your emotions, either through expression in creative work or some kind of sublimation.

Having the Moon conjunct Midheaven means you often felt under the radar, in some way, in high school. While you weren’t the most noticed student, you still had a subtle, powerful influence over your peers, due to your innate way of making them feel cared for and understood. You made more of a mark on people back then than you realize, just on a more emotional level. This dynamic carries over into your worldly status as an adult. You have the power to really sway the feelings of the people in your community, often without even trying that hard. Moon culminating individuals win the hearts of many through the vulnerability and accessibility they exude. As long as you relax and go with the flow of public life, without defensiveness or fear, you’ll display a refreshingly unguarded quality to the world. The Moon’s expression is instinctive, not thought out. Therefore, there’s something completely natural and uncalculated about your public image, as you project your Moon sign traits with such ease that people feel like they really know you. This air of immediate intimacy can obviously go a long way in making you very popular. Since you operate so much on instinct in public, you'll also be known as a bit of a "lunatic", but often in a good way.

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