Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Neptune conjunct Midheaven

Leonardo da Vinci: Neptune in Libra conjunct Midheaven

Having Neptune conjunct the Midheaven indicates that you can have some of the wildest dreams and aspirations, in regards to what you want to accomplish out in the world. The thing is that you can easily get so swept up in these dreams that your feet leave the ground and you neglect the importance of turning them into a reality. The dream, to you, can be more important than the reality. Neptune is a planet free of the boundaries that separates people in everyday life. It’s imaginative and spiritual. Therefore, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you try, in your chameleonic fashion, to pursue the same ultra-practical professional path that society often enforces. You’ll be uninspired by focusing on the bottom dollar. You need to pursue a more transcendental sense of security.

The Midheaven has a lot to say about the kind of boss we’ll become. With Neptune conjunct the Midheaven, you can be truly uninterested in being the boss. You like to drift and float, following the flow of your own creative energy. This is usually why you can do best in fields that allow for a combination of solitude and creativity. However, you can easily put that aside when you’re forced to deal with interpersonal situations in the professional world. You can be a very self-sacrificing authority figure, who’s much more concerned with what your employees are feeling and needing than what you are at the moment. This is when your compassion and your yearning to heal people come into play. It gets to the point where you seem to have an almost psychic connection with those you work with. But, just make sure you’re not getting too lost in others’ needs as well as not allowing them to walk all over you. Remain kind and compassionate but remember that some boundaries are crucial, as well.

Those with Neptune culminating had a way of getting lost in the crowd when they were in high school. Some people either truly didn’t notice you or regularly confused you with someone else. But, with many of your other peers, you made an almost spellbinding impression, mostly because they just couldn’t figure you out. You had an array of social identities that you wore whenever they suited you, learning how to become a true shape-shifter. It’s this approach that translates into adulthood and how you deal with public life. You can be anyone who you want to be at anytime, which can give those in your community a very wide range of impressions of you. There’s no real definitive image of you. Neptune on the Midheaven can make you quite hermetic, not too eager to engage in the hustle and bustle of the outside world. You can disappear very regularly, remaining in solitude while others wonder where you’ve been. But, when you emerge, your compassion is evident to the public and bestowed upon just about everyone, from your neighbor to your co-worker to that stray cat in your neighborhood that you rescued. 


  1. Super strange aspect. I want to explore everything about Neptune now. This sounds spot on to me.

  2. Have Neptune conjunct MC in Scorpio
    and hey it is really me you're

  3. I have Neptune in Scorpio conjuncting my MC in Sag. That is me.

  4. Realised I have this as a progressed aspect for the last few years. Ha to laugh at the accuracy. Conj moon this last year.... I have been mapping my course with a certainty that was hard to explain. Now its obvious