Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sun conjunct Midheaven

With your Sun sign conjunct the Midheaven, your greatest aspiration in life is, simply, to be Somebody. Sure, it’s what almost everyone wants. But, this motivation fuels you on a much deeper level than most. The Sun is the most elevated planet in your chart, suggesting its overriding importance in your life path. The Sun represents individuality and the discovery of personal power. So, your journey to the top heavily involves these themes, meaning that you’ll usually find out who you are through your personal ambitions and profession of choice. You are building toward establishing a solid sense of self in the world and the sign that the Sun is in will show you just how to do so. You’re capable of becoming a true force to be reckoned with, just so long as you believe in yourself. 

Gwen Stefani: Sun in Libra conjunct Midheaven
As the Midheaven indicates a role of responsibility and authority that we’ll take on in the outside world, your identity is innately infused with being the boss. You are the authority, as far as you’re concerned, and will find yourself and/or place yourself, time and time again, in important leadership positions. People with the Sun conjunct Midheaven are tasked, however, to use these positions of leadership in order to positively influence, inspire, and encourage other people. You are meant to shine brightly as a powerful, courageous example in the world. You must not see your success and recognition as means of getting all the glory. This is a self-centered expression of this planet. You should already be secure in the fact that you’ll shine. Instead, use your high visibility to provide others with the courage and the inspiration to be fully authentic individuals and pursue their heart’s desires. 

In high school, folks with the Sun culminating are usually very popular. You had an undeniable presence around the school, unable to help standing out. In fact, you dominated your peers in some way, either by being the leader of various clubs or teams or being appropriately crowned King or Queen of Homecoming or Prom. Most of your loyal subjects just basked in your brilliant glory. This is a status that you carried with you once you became an adult and got out into the real world. Sun conjunct Midheaven people just have a way of dramatically making themselves known in their community. It’s not to say that you’re a show-off necessarily. But, your force of personality always makes an impression. You’re also known as a totally unpretentious individual. The Sun represents our true self and this means that, when it comes to you, what the public sees is what they get. There is no persona to speak of. Your Sun sign traits boldly shine through and become an innate part of your reputation. This gives you a natural air of authenticity as well as the confidence to deal with the public on your own terms.


  1. Yes This Is Very True ! But What Does This Mean For Sun In Scorpio Conjunct Midheaven Which Is Also In Scorpio ?

    1. Oh we have the same aspect and sign, but I also have my Pluto conjunct Sun and Midheaven. Based on my experience, I act Scorpio in social media. (Midheaven). I don't share my life and feelings online contrary to my peers. But when a person met me and known for me some time,I don't share my private life either or sometimes I make up life stories just to make them feel that I'm an open person. But they feel that I still hide many secrets to them which in fact is true. Also, I am really an ambitious person and wanted to gain recognition here at school which I already have and hopefully in my job in the future (Sun conj. Midheaven). So that's how my Scorpio Sun and Midheaven works.

      (I also have Sun and Pluto in the 10th House so maybe that adds)

  2. I fi d this to be true. I have always been the boss or the job didnt work out. I also have Jupiter cinjunct the sun in pisces. Is more emphasis put on the sign or the planet conjuncting the sun?

  3. This article was written on my son's birthday. 11-13-14. He has sun in 9th conjunct midheaven and also conjunct Saturn and Venus in 10th. Moon and Jupiter in 7th so I have high hopes for him even if his career and success come late in life.

  4. I know this is an old article! I know my sun/midheaven isn't a conjunction it's a septile, would the energy by similar? 8th house sun and cancer midheaven! I definitely "feel" like I should help people!

  5. I have my sun conjunct the mc in pisces (2 degrees) and my jupiter mercury venus conjunction in the 10th house in aries i really want to be huge succsess but my sun is squareing pluto (4 degrees) so it ruins everything ..