Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Uranus conjunct Midheaven

When Uranus is on the Midheaven, your greatest aspirations in life involve being an innovator of some kind.You have a deep-seated ambition to bring something to the world that’s just “different” and that will help society evolve into a new stage of being. It’s for this reason that a lot of individuals with this placement can either find themselves in technological fields or something to do with arts and entertainment. Your career has to be providing something that will open people’s minds and advance their ways of thinking. It also has to be a profession that allows a great deal of freedom. Uranus is independent to the point of detachment, at times. So, your career path isn’t going to be conventional and you’re certainly not going to appreciate being pressured to conform to conventional demands.

Jim Carrey: Uranus in Leo conjunct Midheaven
It’s this attitude that makes folks with Uranus conjunct Midheaven rather hands-off, atypical authority figures. When you’re running the show, you like to provide an environment for your employees that will give them the space to do their own thing. There probably won’t be too many rules or regulations. In your mind, this inhibits the freedom of the individual and you believe people do their best work when they’re not being controlled or hovered over. This is a great approach to have, so long as it remains balanced. Uranus culminating people can easily allow chaos to spread in their professional sphere, as well, especially when you’re not the boss. Then, you almost willingly contribute to creating a feeling of anarchy in the environment. It’s important to remember that rules sometimes are necessary and things cannot be accomplished without some sense of structure. If you can keep this balance, then you can be responsible for making your professional environment a wildly interesting and creative place.

This position means that you certainly weren’t a conformist back in your high school days. In fact, you probably did everything you could to stick out like a sore thumb. Having Uranus conjunct Midheaven made you the kind of student who would often do eccentric things just for the sake of shaking things up, as well as someone who had distinct difficulty following the rules. There were no rules, in your mind, and you were probably known around campus as quite a rebel. Some might’ve said a weirdo or a troublemaker, but you most likely didn’t care. With Uranus as your elevated planet, you’re rather detached from social opinions and what kind of reputation you have in your community. This becomes an even stronger trait into adulthood, when you’re so intent on doing your own thing that you don’t often realize how odd it seems to the rest of the public. There will be some people who just don’t understand your ways. But, you’ll also definitely have your fans, who dance to a similar drum beat as you and who will defend your actions as the simple, harmless eccentricities of a brilliant individual. 


  1. WoW! This is me to a "t"! From 4 years old when I ran away from home up the street, to being a psychic/compound herbalist as my current and favorite career! Cudos.

  2. Hehehe I have this placement and also ran away up my street when I was 6! I spend my days thinking about my life mission and how I can bring something to then world to help advance society. Your perceptions are impeccable and have blown me away to be quite frank.

    Thank you!


  3. Oh I also wanted to say that after reading this i realize how prominent and important Uranus is in the birth chart

  4. My boyfriend has this aspect :) it has to be the sexiest thing about him <3