Monday, December 29, 2014

Dear Virgo: Perfection Does Exist

Virgo is very well-known as being the perfectionist sign in astrology. So, you’ll often hear people advising those with personal planets in Virgo to just let go of the idea of perfection. Even I’ve found myself spouting off that mantra. We do live in a society that likes to repeat certain maxims and phrases, so many people in our culture have collectively decided that perfection is impossible. And that’s the kind of thing that makes Virgo roll its eyes. Well, I just wanted to announce something to those who have their Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars or Ascendant in Virgo: yes, perfection does exist. It’s a word in the English language for a reason. The thing with Virgo is to just focus on and modify the personal definition of perfection. What does perfection mean to you, Virgo person?

If you define perfection as having absolutely everything correct, in order, and in place, then maybe it’s time to broaden your thinking. Why does that equate to perfection? It’s more like sterility, cutting off the natural life force and flow of things around you. Virgo is an Earth sign, along with Taurus and Capricorn. Earth is usually defined as pragmatic, money-oriented, hard-working, and ambitious. But, many astrologers miss the key element of Earth. We should look at the four elements in astrology as if they were the actual elements that make up our Universe. So, we start focusing more on how the Earth signs can be as all-natural as Mother Earth herself.

With Virgo energy, this au naturel quality is expressed through the Mutable-sign filter. So, it’s changeable, fluid, and adaptable. Having everything rigidly in place doesn’t sound like adaptability to me. In the end, this definition of perfection ends up robbing the Virgo-influenced person of the inherent gifts of this sign’s energy. It stops its earthy flow and brings a barrenness to the expression of the Virgo planet that ends up becoming counterproductive. It ends up contributing nothing of quality and substance to the world, like Virgo really wants, because it’s too busy criticizing.
The precision and productivity of the pollinating bee mirrors Virgo's nature.
However, even though we urge Virgo to go with the flow, one should never try to discard the precision, timeliness, and reliability of Virgo energy. After all, that’s what makes it an Earth sign. We always know when the seasons are coming, when the sun will rise or set (to the exact time, nowadays; all you need is Google) and what the weather for the day will be like. This is how the fluidity and the earthiness of Virgo combine. People with a strong Virgo influence have the potential to make the sun rise and set, so to speak, for everyone else around them. Their schedule-oriented natures are invaluable when it comes to work, family, living situations, group activities, etc. Anytime people need to know what’s going to happen and when, they can call on a Virgo person.

Therefore, the perfection that Virgo is capable of is that ability to constantly watch the moving clock, pushing forward through their lives efficiently while also, of course, being able to roll with the punches of whatever happens. Then, the Virgo-influenced person can realize that everything is happening exactly how it’s supposed to be happening. This is a much healthier form of perfection.

With the Earth signs, I constantly think of fertility. I think of plants growing in the garden and spring flowers blooming in the trees. This is where the penchant for hard work comes in. The Earth signs want to constantly tend to their gardens, so to speak, which is why they can be preoccupied with what they have. They remain aware of what they’ve “grown.” But, the Mutable fluidity of Virgo should take solace in the fact that they have consistently laid down their seeds and watered them. Now, they just have to trust that the plants will grow. Allowing for this natural order is another kind of perfection. Doing the required work and not worrying about the result, trusting in the outcome. This can also significantly increase that famous productivity, making the Virgo's efforts particularly fecund. When you just work and work, doing your best without worrying about or criticizing what you're doing, then your efforts multiply tenfold.

Basically, there needs to be a dramatic shift in the critical nature of Virgo. We all know how vicious their observance of all the little details can become, toward others and themselves. No one’s saying that Virgo should stop being critical altogether, though. After all, this is the innate talent of the Mercury-ruled, intellectual sign. But, what are you being critical about and how? It’s difficult for people with Virgo placements but there needs to be a curbing of the compulsion to improve and fix everything and everyone. They need to stop seeing how things can be improved. This simply makes them obsessed with imperfection, as well as unrealistic perfection. If they can stop compulsively fixing or correcting, then they can use their lucid sense to see the perfection in things.

Virgo’s clarity of vision can allow people strongly influenced by this sign to sharply perceive all of the little details of things. These acute observational skills can allow them to figure out just what a person or a situation needs to operate effectively and efficiently. When something comes up to disturb that perfect order, then they can clearly gauge and figure this out, as well. So, perfection becomes, again, just allowing everything to unfold the way that it’s supposed to. This can radically reduce Virgo’s strong tendency to judge big-time, making them much more prone to simply accepting how everybody works. It’s just like how the seasons change. You can’t stop or interfere with this process because you don’t like it. Therefore, Virgo can learn the innate perfection that everyone is capable of when they’re allowed to “just be”, without interference.

If they can do this for others, then they can direct that back toward themselves. Virgo people, when you allow yourself to just be and operate without interference and criticism, then you’ll achieve the perfection that you’ve been striving so long for. You can stop all of those harsh self-assessments and save the scrutiny of yourself for when it really matters: when things aren’t working and are disturbing your perfect order. This often involves tweaking and regulating the daily routine, maintaining a healthy diet, and staying tapped into your deep sensuality. All of this ensures your sense of earthy fertility, until you’ve reached a state of organic, regular flow much like Mother Earth herself. This is the divine perfection you’re reaching for and nailing this balance does wonders for Virgo people, especially since you can stop feeling guilty about believing perfection does exist.
There is such a thing as perfect, Virgo. But, it involves making mistakes, not being everyone's ideal, not always being correct, and improvising as you go. Depending on the planet's Virgo in, this can make you feel more emotionally secure (Virgo Moon), have higher self-esteem (Virgo Venus), or allow you to, ironically, accomplish more (Virgo Mars). Once you internalize this idea of perfection, you'll become happier with yourself and less worrisome about everything. Why worry? It's already just right. 

Artistic Sensibilities and Venus

There’s an article on this blog entitled Astrological Talent and the Moon which details the ways in which your Moon influences your creative abilities and talents as an artist. Both feminine planets – the Moon and Venus – are vitally important to artists, whether you’re a musician/singer, an actor, a writer, or a visual artist. While the Moon determines the emotional depth and imagination that you’re capable of in your work, Venus describes the artistic sensibilities that drive your work. It’s the innate style in which you approach and perform your artistic work, as well as that makes it appealing and engaging for your audience. Venus also describes the best way that you can truly enjoy doing your artistic work. It’s the specific pleasure you gain from being an artist.

The Birth of Venus by Edward Steinbruck

Venus in Aries

At its best, there’s a really bold, fearless quality to your artistry. People will sense that you enjoy taking risks and pushing yourself. For Venus in Aries, being an artist is all about challenging oneself. You will thrive on the feeling of working without a net, to some extent. You want your art to be a constantly thrilling experience. The prospect of possibly falling on your face really excites you. Because of this, improvisation might be a real love of yours. Aries Venus loves to create right in the moment and there’s something highly instinctive about your work. You trust your instincts.

Venus in Taurus

Venus in Taurus artists have a very earthy, straightforward style. You have the innate potential to let your five senses guide you through the process. In short, knowing how to “keep it simple, stupid” brings out the best in your artistry. Your common sense approach can make being an artist like breathing to you. Creative work that’s a fully sensual experience like music or painting is often a specialty for Taurus Venus. There is something very physical to you about art. You like it to be deeply experienced through the body, making your work seem like it’s from the earth itself.

Venus in Gemini

Being artistic, for Venus in Gemini, means never being boring. You fully enjoy being a storyteller who endlessly fascinates their audience. You know how to keep people on their toes through your work because you’re so unpredictable and whimsical as an artist. Gemini Venus can excel at writing because of this love of words and of stimulating people’s minds and usually has effortless comic prowess. But, whatever you do, it has a mercurial style. You innately understand all of the various facets of human nature and how to express this broad range of contradictions creatively.

Venus in Cancer

Your artistry has great humanity and emotional accessibility to it. As a Cancer Venus, there’s an immediate, soulful connection that you establish to your audience and to your creative work. You know how to stir people’s feelings and arouse their sympathies through your art. Actors with Venus in Cancer easily cry and emote in their performances as well as easily make their audience feel for them. The emotion of it all is the essential thing for you. There’s something highly intuitive to your work, as well, and you’re capable of riding that in-the-moment wave of inspiration.

Venus in Leo

For Venus in Leo, being an artist is all about asserting and establishing individuality. Even if you don’t make your creative work about you, there is something very singular about your style. No one could ever do it the way you do and you take pride in that, secretly or openly. Leo Venus artists are usually performers, as few people with this placement can stand creating behind-the-scenes or in private. You totally enjoy soaking up the spotlight as an actor or a singer. There’s an incredible presence about you that no one can really ignore. You’ve got that special star quality.

Venus in Virgo

It’s all in the details for Venus in Virgo artists. As long as your critical eye remains balanced, you are capable of delivering art work that is amazingly specific and clear. You know how to get across whatever you want to get across to your audience with great precision. This can make you an exceptional writer, with a strong ability to tell a cohesive, effective story, and the kind of actor who nails all of the little nuances of their character like a fine craftsperson. As a Virgo Venus, creativity is hard work. You truly love the element of rolling up your sleeves and getting it done efficiently.

Venus in Libra

What the people want is very important to you. The Libra Venus artist is highly concerned with pleasing their audience. This is the whole point of art to you: to give people what they want. More than most artists, you just want to make people happy. There’s usually something very lovely, light, and charming about Venus in Libra’s artistic output. It just puts a smile on people’s faces. You see creativity as something that’s supposed to be beautiful. You don’t like putting out work that brings discord to the world. Instead, you want your art to bring harmony and love to the world.

Venus in Scorpio

Your art has a very intense, passionate quality. At its best, Scorpio Venus’ creative work reaches down to the raw emotional depths of human nature. It might get ugly or uncomfortable but it’s painfully real and honest. You relish being able to explore these intense territories and feel empowered by being able to move your audience so deeply as a performer or storyteller. Yet, there can be an air of mystery around your artistry, as well. With Venus in Scorpio, you can be very secretive about how you work or so intuitive and instinctive that what you do seems like magic.

Venus in Sagittarius

With Venus in Sagittarius, you see being an artist as an endless adventure. It’s like a quest to constantly conquer new terrain, doing things you’ve never done before and learning a lot along the way. There is a bigger-than-life quality to your creative work. Sagittarius Venus artists definitely either go big or go home. So, you make a colorful impression on your audience, especially if you’re a performer. You’ll be more like a circus performer, constantly doing tricks to keep people entertained. You’re a real risk taker, forever walking the tightrope in your art while rarely looking down.

Venus in Capricorn

When it’s truly inspired, a real gravitas defines your work. Artists with Venus in Capricorn have the innate potential to produce creativity that holds substantial weight. You don’t waste your time making art that doesn’t mean anything and isn’t going to contribute much to the world. Even while still very young, there can be a startling maturity to your artistic style. You can delve into serious adult themes from early on. Capricorn Venus artists won’t remain starving for long. You’re a very ambitious artist who values their work for the long-range impact it can make on society.

Venus in Aquarius

You don’t have a conventional approach to your creative work. But, with Venus in Aquarius, you really value marching to the beat of your own drummer artistically. Actors and musicians with this placement usually have definite indie sensibilities. The mainstream just isn’t that appealing to you. Because of this, you might come off as one of those typically eccentric artists but you enjoy this role. Yet, Aquarius Venus often appeals to and impresses its audience because of their everyman (or everywoman) quality. You’re attracted to walking a mile in everyone’s shoes through your work.

Venus in Pisces

Having a Pisces Venus means that, more than most people, you see art as a way of transcending your day-to-day limitations. You probably really enjoy acting, in particular, as the opportunity to escape into someone’s life and pretend to be them is highly satisfying for you. There’s typically a powerful ability, with Venus in Pisces, to create a magical, alternate world for their audience to get lost in. Whatever art you do, it drives you on a deeply spiritual level. You channel whatever dreams, intuitive messages, spiritual yearnings, and complex feelings you experience into your work. 

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mars-Uranus Aspects: The Nonconformist

Having your Mars sign conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine Uranus makes you the nonconformist. This naturally makes sense, as Mars is the planet that represents how we assert ourselves and do things, while Uranus is a symbol of abrupt, innovative, and often rebellious actions. It’s a subversive energy, intent on defying the status quo and going against the grain. So, with a Mars-Uranus aspect, you’re definitely not someone who enjoys coloring within the lines. You are strongly individualistic and have a compulsion to express this energy. If this energy is thwarted or repressed, though, it’s not a pretty sight.

Mars is an action planet and needs purpose. It needs a mission. When we don’t fulfill the mission of our Mars sign, house, and aspects, then we can easily feel depressed and frustrated. This will inevitably happen when Mars-Uranus people attempt to live conventional, predictable lives. That is, if they even make this attempt, which often isn’t likely. But, when we back down from what we want, then our Mars goes unexpressed. So, when a person with a Mars-Uranus aspect feels compelled to conform, in some way, and does so, then they’ve been defeated and you’ll be able to find them walking around with a tail between their legs. Because of this aspect, you aren’t going to feel purposeful if you’re putting yourself in a bland little box. 

It’s not at all common for this to happen, however, as Mars-Uranus people are some of the most headstrong individuals you’ll ever meet. It might not be all that obvious but this is a person who is driven to fight (Mars) for their sense of independence (Uranus). They’d rather walk alone than go without it. For this reason, high school might not be the best time for you, as a Mars-Uranus native. You probably didn’t understand why you had to be slapped with a label and conform to the pressures and expectations of a group. So, you most likely went without all of that altogether. You might have managed to still be very social and outgoing, even if you didn’t have a group to call your own. But, this may also be a source of resentment. The pain of feeling like an outcast can feel like another kind of defeat for you, in this formative age, and it can be what leads you to fight so hard against people’s expectations, to the point of becoming a rebel without a cause.

This is the expression of the negative side of a Mars-Uranus aspect, which is doing things simply to shock and to push people’s buttons. You might constantly see yourself as locked in a battle with the rest of the world that just doesn’t understand you. Mars can show how we’re aggressive or argumentative just for the sake of it. So, with Mars-Uranus, you can become aggressively rebellious or nonconforming, just to shove it in people’s faces. You’ll want to show them that they don’t control you and that they can’t tell you what to do. This especially goes for people trying to give you advice. People with Mars in aspect to Uranus can either unintentionally or deliberately frustrate others due to their unwillingness to internalize others’ opinions. Having Mars in one of the Earth signs may modify this but, even then, you’ll only take advice that makes sense to you. Again, this can just be the result of you feeling like you’re fighting against a world that’s trying to change you.

Though it’s advisable for Mars-Uranus individuals to not be too aggressively independent-minded, it’s undeniable that it’s a trait that’s always going to be an inherent part of their nature. Your way of getting things done (Mars) is by simply doing it your own way (Uranus). So, this is something about yourself that you must honor and act on, without feeling the pressure to change your ways. Most of the people who really know you will eventually throw their hands in the air, knowing that you’re just going to make your own choices, anyway. You’re always going to be this way and this is actually one of the best elements of this planetary combination. Just remember to not resent or pick fights with other people for trying to give their input. People are often just trying to help. So, try to acknowledge their right to their own opinion, even if you don’t agree, and not get worked up.

Mars-Uranus aspects indicate free-spirits who usually don’t follow the beaten path. You have a knack for approaching situations in a rather offbeat way and seeing how things could be done from a different angle. Again, this is something that you must be given the freedom to figure out on your own. You gain a lot of energy from “brainstorming” in this way, being fueled by all of the different ideas bouncing around in your head. The most positive potential of this combination is being willing to toss any idea against the wall and see how it sticks. Mars indicates how we can be fearless, so having a Mars-Uranus aspect makes you fearlessly experimental. You’re willing to go where just about no man has gone before and can be wildly creative and inventive, as a result.

It’s no surprise, then, that you’re going to come off as somewhat odd and unpredictable to many people. You are never afraid to march to the beat of your own drum. In fact, the typical manifestation of Mars-Uranus aspects, especially the conjunction, square, or opposition, is feeling more motivated by people thinking you’re unusual and not understanding you. The more judgment you receive for your actions, the more you’re compelled to act on those oddball impulses. While this may make you provocative, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re doing it for no reason. At their best, Mars-Uranus people act as courageous examples of being fully individualistic for others.

People with these aspects who are considered a part of any marginalized group – whether it’s women, racial minorities, or LGBT individuals – are usually the kinds of people who bravely rebel against the expectations of that group. They don’t like to conform to stereotypes. In fact, stereotypes make them angry, so they typically feel the desire to go the total opposite way of how people expect them to behave because they’re a woman or black or gay or whatever else. And it usually doesn’t matter if they receive disapproval or a lack of acceptance from other people for their behavior. Having Mars in aspect to Uranus gives you the balls to go without a certain amount of approval, at least to everyone’s face. Even if people’s judgments actually do bother you, you’re very good at keeping up a brave, I-don’t-care attitude and marching on.

Because of your open-mindedness, you’re most likely the kind of person who has all kinds of friends from all kinds of walks of life. You see it as your mission (Mars) to help promote more tolerance and togetherness in the world (Uranus). Prejudice is the true enemy for the typical Mars-Uranus person but you combat such prejudice by being a true example of accepting others, no matter how different they are from you. You know how to be the change you want to see in the world, as the saying goes. Many people with these aspects can really lose it over acts of discrimination and get into heated arguments over it. But, some develop a cooler, more detached attitude. You can inevitably see someone’s ignorance and hateful fear as their problem and not take it personally which, if you’re part of a minority group yourself, is a truly empowering attitude to take on.

This detachment is a part of the positive potential of Mars-Uranus but can also be part of its negative habits, as well. Some might just have a cool head in the midst of chaos but others, particularly the square or opposition, might become very aloof in their actions toward others. It can seem to some as if you’re in outer space and they can’t reach you. Uranus’ expression is abrupt and comes out of nowhere, as well. So, you can throw people off with odd behavior that you might not even be able to explain. Sometimes, you might just be trying to push buttons and sometimes, it might appear as if you’ve actually got out to lunch. Mars-Uranus folks are like mad scientists and definitely need to occupy themselves with creative experiments to channel that energy into.

In some way or another, you’re a very unpredictable person. When a Mars-Uranus person becomes fully assertive, they have an electricity about them that is totally exciting. No one really knows what you’re going to do next. Whenever they think you’re going left, you go right. Sometimes, this is intentional on your part, to prevent things from getting boring and to maybe also throw off someone who’s a threat. You know how to hit them with a curveball they wouldn’t see coming, in whatever way that your Mars sign likes to fight or defend itself. However, sometimes, you don’t even know what you’re going to do next. Being so irrepressible can make you quite uncontrolled and/or uncontrollable in nature. No restraint is strong enough to hold you down for long.

Because of this powerful desire for personal freedom, you’re not going to do well in the 9 to 5 job market for very long. It’s all too common for Mars-Uranus folks to not last long at these kinds of gigs, often abruptly quitting to pursue a path that’s much more interesting and liberating. Again, this might easily make you misunderstood, as people can wonder just why you left that seemingly great opportunity to do whatever you’re doing now. But, you have the ability to tune all of that noise out and to immerse yourself in your passion of choice. Mars-Uranus expresses its passion by rebelling. No one is going to change your mind about your life direction of choice. And it often ends up turning into something even greater, proving your genius all along and silencing the doubters. Mars also rules the temper and yours can be distinctly unpredictable. People might never be able to expect what could set you off. Mars-Uranus people often have tempers that are all over the place, making them quite reactionary and explosive. But, your temper might also be counterintuitive. You might be cool as a cucumber in situations where rage is normally expected and then totally lose it in circumstances where others wouldn’t have such a reaction. Anything goes really.

The attitude that anything goes can is transferred into the bedroom, as Mars also rules our sexual proclivities and how we have sex. So, with Mars-Uranus, there’s definitely a need to experiment. The sextile and the trine can take this into a less hardcore direction while the other aspects are prone to expressing their sexuality with a real sense of kink. Even if they don’t do it themselves, if they have a more cautious Mars, they can still be totally fascinated by this kinkiness. In any case, sex cannot be bland and routine for Mars-Uranus. You’ll instead enjoy doing it in all different places and in all different kinds of ways. Basically, you’re the classic tri-sexual, willing to try anything once. This can often include sampling both sexes, just for the sake of experience. Sex needs to feel like an endless experiment for you to be satisfied. Hopefully, the other person is eager to engage because your love of freedom can make you look for it elsewhere when it gets dull.

Mars conjunct Uranus: The conjunction makes you the most defiant one in the group, which is definitely saying something. You're most likely to be so contrary that you end up totally exasperating the people around you. However, it's hard for you to curb this behavior because being rebellious is such an inherent part of your nature. Rules are made to be broken, at times, but sometimes you are simply an anarchist. However, that natural edginess is very admirable, as well, and may make you flat-out cool.

Mars square or opposite Uranus: The square and the opposition are probably the biggest oddballs of the group, as there’s such an intensely charged energy to these aspects. You often make choices and set goals that make no sense to anyone, which can make you feel lonelier than you already do. But, don’t develop a chip on your shoulder. See this as an example of how creative and ahead of your time you are. In doing so, you can spin all of that chaos you create into complete gold.

Mars sextile or trine Uranus: With the sextile and the trine, the highly independent spirit is often expressed in gentler, less controversial ways. That is, until someone tries to change your mind or ways. Then, you strike back with the force of a freedom fighter. People usually admire your nonconforming ways and inability to be put into a box. Your individualism might even turn you into a trendsetter, which could seriously irk you because you do such things to be different, after all. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Start Your Day with Your Rising Sign/Planet

Since the Rising sign and/or the planet conjunct the Rising sign are the immediate ways in which we engage with the world, doesn’t it make since that these placements should indicate how we start our day? It’s called “rising” for a reason, isn’t it? So, use these placements to define how you rise and shine. Try setting aside special time at the beginning of each day for the suggested activities and routines of your rising sign and/or planet and see if it makes a difference. Even if you’re not a morning person, it can significantly improve your morning. If you have a planet or more rising, get creative and combine or juxtapose the suggested activities of the rising planet(s) and sign.

Aries Rising and/or Mars Rising: Starting the day with some strenuous physical activity is going to make a huge difference for you. Your blood needs to be pumping first thing in the morning for your day to start right. Hit the gym early or go for a refreshing run. You’re much better off exercising in the morning than afternoon or night. Also, that strenuous physical activity can extend toward the bedroom. So, your significant other might have to brace for some passionate bedroom action in the morning.

Taurus Rising: You need to feel engaged with Mother Earth first in the morning. So, gardening would be the perfect activity for you, as well as watering the plants or doing other yard work. You can also greatly benefit from a set period of time to do nothing, preferably lounged out on the lawn, luxuriously soaking up the sun. Take the time to have a tasty, home-cooked breakfast and fully enjoy it, sitting to eat with no interruptions. The less you rush in the a.m., the happier you’ll be.

Gemini Rising and/or Mercury Rising: When you start off your day, you’re happiest and most functional when your brain is being engaged. So, flip through the pages of the latest book you’re working on (or scroll through it on your device or listen to it via audio book on the way to work). You need to feel fully informed in the morning, so the news will be your best friend. Also, if that news just comes from phoning or texting a friend for a chat or some gossip, then that’ll work, too.

Cancer Rising and/or Moon Rising: Since the start of a new day can actually make you feel quite crabby and moody, you must gain a healthy hold over your emotions to have a good morning. So, writing a journal entry once you wake up to acknowledge and release whatever you're feeling would be great for you. Always make sure to eat breakfast, possibly even cooking it from scratch. The morning is also an ideal time for you to make that daily call or text to your mom, best friend, or significant other.

Leo Rising and/or Sun Rising: You feel best in the morning when you’re taking out the time to affirm your awesomeness. Literally doing affirmations would be the ideal morning activity for you. The start of your day depends on how much you boost yourself up. Write out things you want to conquer that day and encourage yourself to do them. You also need to take charge at the start of your day and if you live with others, you'll feel very good by (appropriately) directing and organizing their morning.

Virgo Rising: Your day needs to start off with a sense of order. The best thing for you in the morning would be to make a to-do list of all the things you need to get done that day, which you’ll probably start doing and checking off immediately. One of these things might be cleaning, which can have a very calming, centering influence on you in the morning. You also definitely hate to forget things, so keep a mental checklist of everything you need before you leave to stay happy.

Libra Rising and/or Venus Rising: The morning just doesn’t feel right if you don’t have someone else by your side. Whether it’s your significant other, roommate, or relative, your day starts off much more smoothly when you’re interacting with others and peacefully. A disagreement in the morning seriously throws you off. The choosing of your wardrobe is very crucial in the a.m., as well as the beautifying of your appearance. You always want to polish yourself up before walking out the door.

Scorpio Rising and/or Pluto Rising: You need to feel empowered whenever you start your day and can have a way of exerting control, first thing in the morning, especially if you live with others. You might need to simply figure out a part of your daily life that you can control and just engage in that in the morning. Intensity is welcomed by you in the morning, as you need to feel passionately alive when you wake up. So, anything from intimate sex to a steamy hot shower will do the trick.

Sagittarius Rising and/or Jupiter Rising: Suggesting things to do around the house might be rather beside the point for you, as you like to start off your day by roaming free. You’re inclined to simply roll out of bed, do the requisite activities (or not), and then explore the outer world. You might enjoy having to commute for work, as the more adventurous your morning feels the better, and you should regularly make time to veer off your route to see some place you’ve never seen before. 

Capricorn Rising and/or Saturn Rising: Work might start before you even get there, as your ideal morning begins with you taking care of business. You’ll enjoy structuring your day when you wake up and handling duties. There’s not much time for messing around. Working from home can be ideal, as you can just jump right into the job while having breakfast. If you work outside the home, you’ll be one of the first people there and might conduct most of your morning routine at the office instead of at home.

Aquarius Rising and/or Uranus Rising: It’s somewhat difficult to suggest typical morning activities for you because you’re definitely going to march to whatever drum beat you want to in the morning. People who live with you might never be able to predict what you’ll do or be like every morning. The more unusual your routine, the better. Things like having dinner food for breakfast or experimenting with the order around the house brighten up your morning. The day needs to start out chaotic.

Pisces Rising and/or Neptune Rising: You need to operate on your own wavelength in the morning and can seem solitary and unreachable to others during this time. It’s often self-protective, as you want to avoid getting too absorbed in someone else’s rhythm. You need to create a sort of bubble around yourself, when you wake up, to function. Anything that stimulates your inner world and takes you away, from listening to music or doing something creative, is your ideal a.m. activity. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sun in Sagittarius People: The Explorers - Part One

Scorpio season has come and gone. Now, we are traveling through the Sun in Sagittarius period. The Sun is in the sign of Sagittarius from November 22 to December 19, which obviously makes you a Sagittarius, if you were born during this time. Each sign sweeps into the astrological wheel in order to compensate for the foibles and weaknesses of the preceding sign. Scorpio’s intensity can make its natives sharply focused, perceptive, deep, and determined. But, it also can veer into an all-out obsession, becoming a burdensome, overwhelming force that weighs the individual down. Sagittarius makes up for this, though, with its forward-thinking, forward-moving style. It’s a sign that likes to get on with it, though not exactly in the pragmatic manner of Virgo or Capricorn. It’s more about finding the silver lining in the dark cloud and using it as a lesson for the next adventure.

This central motive is what leads you to read about Sagittarius being such a cheery, optimistic, positive sign. In my experience, though, it can go either way. There are some people with this Sun sign that you can never really get down and whose buoyancy might seem preternatural. And then there are some who are a little bit more existential. They are just as compelled to learn valuable lessons and knowledge from their life’s journey. But, they do so in a way that’s more worldly and intellectual, like that college student constantly quoting Nietzsche and Kierkegaard. But, both the existentialist and the optimistic Sagittarians share a certain naïveté, to some degree or another. They have an insatiable lust for life, which prevents them from settling for a mediocre, humdrum existence. And if they do settle for this, then they will definitely struggle with a sense of who they are. 

Judi Dench: Sagittarius Sun/Capricorn Moon
 Sagittarius is of the Fire element, along with Aries and Leo. Fire is a spirited, fearless, self-confident element that represents, along with Air, the more youthful nature of existence. While Air is youthful in a very questioning, open-minded manner, like the kid who never stops asking questions or can’t tolerate a lack of mental stimulation for long, Fire remains young at heart just through a sheer thirst for experience. All three of the Fire Sun signs, no matter their maturity level, endearingly remain fixed within a certain youthful phase of taking on the world. Aries is the eternal child, operating totally on its impulses and desires, never saying no to challenges. Leo is the eternal teenager, perennially asserting its individuality and special place within the drama of life. Sagittarius, as the most evolved member of the Fire group, is the eternal early twenty-something, with the world at its fingertips.

This life phase is a truly exciting one, where the entire Universe seems to open up to totally to us and we feel like we can try anything. Sagittarius Sun people live forever within this life phase, experimenting and exploring and emancipating themselves from others. But, being in your early 20’s can also be a messy, irresponsible time, where you’re just not totally ready to handle the freedom placed within your lap, even though you think you are. This is the constant conundrum for Sun in Sagittarius folks. As the Sun defines how we develop our sense of self, they find themselves through truly establishing and asserting their personal freedom. No matter their age, they are constantly eager to show the world that they’re out on their own and that they are going to do their own thing, no matter what. However, the freedom they fight so much for comes with great responsibility, of course. And this can be difficult for them to acknowledge, as it would mean accepting the guidance of their authorities.

While this is most people in a nutshell around age 22, it’s often Sagittarius’ major problem whether they are 22 or 42. And when they are actually in their early twenties, well, buckle your seatbelt. This is why Capricorn comes into the astrological evolution right after them, cleaning up their messes with some structure and discipline, teaching them their elderly wisdom. But, the funny thing is that Sun in Sagittarius people usually have very special relationships with teachers. You just have to be the right kind of teacher. They’ll respect you and even listen to you if they feel like you are simply trying to enlighten them and help them get the most out of life, instead of just shoving some old-fashioned rule book in their faces. This is why many Sagittarius students can develop special bonds with their high school teachers or college professors. Because they are eternally in their 20’s, in spirit, Sagittarius Suns usually develop the self-awareness to know that they always have more to learn from others. But, the delivery of the lesson is what matters most to these folks. Advise them and inform them in a way that appeals to their heart and spirit, without placing limitations on their personal expression or choices.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which symbolizes, in a word, expansiveness. It’s about seeing out beyond the horizons and having the gumption to get there. It’s not a planet that believes in limitations. For this reason, those with their Sun in Sagittarius have a tendency to be quite wild or uncontrollable, in some way or another. Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison were both born with the Sun in Sagittarius. Not only did these iconic rock stars enchant the world with their primal passions and complete freedom of spirit but they contributed to a disturbing cultural trend called the 27 Club (a group of rock stars who died at the age of 27). Hendrix and Morrison examples of how Sagittarius’ unbounded nature can easily turn into dangerous excess. But, at the same time, generations later, people are still hooked on the way each of these rockers brilliantly used their music and stage performances to release their inner wildness, like Jimi’s penchant for setting his guitars on fire. You can also count rock legend Tina Turner as a textbook Sagittarian performer, notorious for the very fiery, freewheeling energy she exudes on stage.  

But, those with a Sagittarius Sun are certainly not all going to be so footloose and feral. At least, not on the surface. They might seem perfectly contained and rule-abiding. However, they need some sort of activity or expressive outlet to let themselves cut loose. They cannot be kept in a bland little cage for long. Remember Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, when they first started out back in the late 90’s/early 00’s as sweet ingénues? Or how cute and innocent Miley Cyrus used to be? All three former teen pop stars are Sagittarians and all three dramatically, defiantly burst out of the bubblegum box that their industry and public wanted to keep them in. Britney professed “I’m not that innocent”, Christina proclaimed she was “dirrty” (with an extra “r”, so you’d be sure) and Miley sang “I can’t be tamed”. Are we sensing a theme here? Attempt to hem a Sagittarius Sun in and they’ll just rebel, as all three women famously did, seemingly just to prove a point to the world.

Jimi Hendrix: Sagittarius Sun/Cancer Moon
The Sun sign is indicative of our relationship with our paternal figure. This is often the father but might also be mother. Either way, it’s the parent whose presence or influence helped us develop our personal identity. For Sagittarius, the paternal figure sometimes feels absent, in one way or another. This might have been a parent who did a lot of traveling for their job (possibly constantly uprooting the family, like the classic military child) or who was just an avid explorer themselves, always using their free time to get out and do exciting things. Because of this, the paternal influence might be sporadic or intermittent for the Sagittarius while growing up. They become used to not having someone hovering over them, giving them a lot of rules or ultimatums, or possibly being quite ineffectual whenever they did. In this sense, they develop a personal identity that insists on being their own agent and making up their own rule book.

The relationship with the paternal figure might not run too deeply or be taken too seriously. There’s usually a jocular bond between parent and child, without too much confrontation of serious issues. The parent might also even be rather irresponsible, regularly going back on promises or just making a mess of things. Even though the Sun in Sagittarius child might not admit it, this can be a source of serious hurt that’s later covered up by all the joking, the partying, and the looking on the bright side. A distinct behavior pattern of running away from situations that can be handled with humor or philosophy can be a big problem for people with this Sun sign. They can sometimes turn people off by this seeming inability to not really take responsibility for their actions. Sagittarius is often just burning through life, not realizing that they’ve burned quite a few people along the way.

It’s important for people with their Sun in Sagittarius to learn to find some kind of center. These are extremely restless people who usually have identity crises when they feel like they aren’t discovering more and tackling new things. To go back to the college kid metaphor, it’s as if they are constantly switching majors. Many of them struggle with a pattern of feeling like the current “major” is the right choice and their true calling. It’s where they are supposed to be. Then, months later, they’ll change their mind and now this new major is their true calling. Settling on just one thing can be very difficult for them but it will allow them to remain on a stable path. The key thing for those with this Sun sign placement is to keep trusting in wherever life will take you, knowing that sticking with one truly fulfilling path will open up countless possibilities for you in the future. 

Sun in Sagittarius People: The Explorers - Part Two

The expression of our Sun makes us feel empowered. Therefore, a Sagittarius Sun is naturally going to feel empowered when they experience life as a truly exciting, enlightening journey. These people aren’t exactly ambitious, per se. That’s more of the territory of their neighboring sign, Capricorn. But, this sign’s astrological mascot is the Archer for a reason. They definitely aim high, shooting for the stars, but more so for the experience of reaching the pinnacle than the destination. And Sagittarius usually hits a bull’s eye, mostly because the sign has such a tremendous faith in the process. There are Archers out there who are less starry-eyed and more practical and realistic. But, even these people have a very laidback approach, in the end, that ensures their success. They know how to let go of the end result, which only ensures that they manifest what they were after, ten-fold. In fact, they regularly manifest and receive what they weren’t after.

Jay-Z: Sagittarius Sun/Libra Moon
Sagittarius thrives on that roll of the dice. But, the Mutable quality of this Fire sign means that they are uncannily resilient and adaptable. While Aries can be a sore loser and Leo can struggle with wounded pride, Sagittarius usually bounces back from disappointment with amazing ease. Life is good and life is bad and these individuals have the potential to take both outcomes with total aplomb. We’re developing into our Sun, so people with the Sun in Sagittarius are often consciously working toward this mindset. But, once they gain enough self-confidence, they can find a reason to smile and laugh, no matter how much money they’ve lost at the gambling table, metaphorically speaking. Or, sometimes, literally speaking. Sagittarius is definitely the gambler, bar none, and they do have to watch their overconfidence in this regard. Mutable Fire can get totally out of control and burn the whole forest down. Sagittarius needs to gain a bit of caution and not always put all their chips in.

Mutable signs are all about duality, in one way or another. With Sagittarius, this duality is glimpsed through its other symbol, the Centaur. This half-man, half-horse characterizes the contradictory element of this sign. The half that is man is rational, high-minded, and yearns to be cultured. Sagittarius is probably second to Aquarius to having the most interest in people and worlds that are “different.” While Aquarius does this as sort of a scientist or anthropologist, Sagittarius seeks the knowledge and personal growth that exploring unknown cultures and subjects has to bring. These are people who are often just as interested in other religions, lifestyles, and beliefs as their own, if not more. It’s very typical for a Sagittarian to have a strong love for a foreign culture (just look at Jay-Z’s obsession with Paris, for example) and many of them harbor deep-seated personal aspirations of living far, far away from their place of origin, starting a whole new life in a whole new world.

But, then, there’s also the half-horse aspect. While the former half of Sagittarius is intellectual and well-informed, capable of naturally rubbing elbows with people of all walks of life, the latter half has the grace and good manners of a stable animal. Clumsiness in behavior and in speech usually characterizes Sagittarius energy. To this sign, there’s not really such a thing as manners. Not to imply that they’re rude, even though they might come off that way to more refined folks. But, they’re just deeply confused by pretense. A distinct awkwardness in situations where they are supposed to keep up a false face or be dishonest, in some way, is the core trait of almost every Sagittarius Sun. They’re never going to fake it and that sometimes makes them feel like a horse that’s been trapped in a dining room. They end up knocking over tables and stepping on people but don’t really mean to. There’s just not enough room being given to them.

This is where that famous Sagittarian bluntness comes in, which can actually be a mixture of both the man and the horse side. The fact that they possess very strong opinions and ideals and also have no compunction about voicing them can make them come off as rather preachy or self-righteous, at times. But, they usually don’t realize they’re shoving a point of view down someone’s throat until it’s pointed out. Sun in Sagittarius folks really hate ignorance and will usually be the ones to point out if someone is ill-informed, prejudiced, or just plain full of it. Their sense of self is definitely built around calling a spade a spade. A Sagittarius Sun who goes around biting their tongue is just not in touch with their true self. Again, it’s not that they are rude or even that they are trying to be. But, they can’t help it. This is an extremely straightforward sign. So, if you ask a question, you’ll be told exactly what’s on their mind, with no frills. If they hate that shirt you’re wearing, they’ll tell you. If you’re getting on their last nerves, they’ll let you know, instead of hiding behind secrecy or social pretense.

Most people tend to easily forgive the unfiltered ways of their Sagittarian loved ones, though. The typical person of this sign is innately genuine and goodhearted. They are quite guileless souls and are usually surprised when their words have offended someone else. Of course, too many times of putting their foot in their mouths should serve as another one of those lessons. We all need a bit of a filter, sometimes. But, this goes back to Jupiter’s lack of limits. Many Sun in Sagittarius people simply have the big mouths to match their big dreams and big hearts. However, this contributes to their larger-than-life quality. Their fiery cousin Leo knows how to entertain but Sagittarius knows how to simply take over a room. At their best, they definitely can work a crowd and tell some of the best stories. They have a tendency to exaggerate, at times, but it’s only because everything is made into such a grand adventure in their minds that they can’t help but exaggerate. A Sagittarius Sun who’s fully tapped into this energy will have an undeniable sense of humor, as well. They’re like comedians, at heart, expressing themselves with such uncensored truthfulness that people can’t help but laugh, as well as point out the honesty in what they’re saying. 

Besides the brutal honesty, another trait constantly publicized about Sagittarius is the lack of faithfulness. I use this Sun sign series to expel the stereotypes about all the signs. So, is Sagittarius really a philandering, noncommittal sign? Well, of course, this will not always apply. There are many people with this Sun sign who are happily in long-term, committed relationships. But, this is definitely far from the easiest sign to pin down. The key for doing this is to make sure that your Sagittarius significant other feels like they can totally breathe within the relationship. In the end, this is the central reason for that trend of perennially single and/or cheating Centaurs. They just start feeling suffocated by the other person, especially if anything like jealousy or possessiveness comes into play; things that give this sign a very deep feeling of anxiety and insecurity. As I said before, if you try to trap them in a cage, things can get very messy and chaotic. This is why many Sagittarians are prone to just skipping serious commitment altogether because they automatically equate it with not having any independence. They don’t want to be your significant other. They want to be their own person who just so happens to be in a relationship with you.

Britney Spears: Sagittarius Sun/Aquarius Moon
Therefore, the kind of person who can hook a Sagittarius Sun is usually just as independent and free-spirited. If someone can eliminate the pressure of everything that’s too “serious”, then you’re much more likely to be successful at making them stick around. A relationship needs to feel like a constant adventure for Sagittarius, which is doubled if they also have their Venus in Sagittarius. If you’re an exciting, intrepid soul who can constantly keep them on their toes and also give them more than enough space, then they most likely will commit as this is the kind of relationship they thrive in. It’s very common to see these types with people who are strong in Gemini, Aquarius, Aries, or (surprise) Sagittarius influences, as all signs are self-reliant, light-hearted and unpredictable, capable of doing without the cling or the overt sentiment that tends to make these people run for the hills.

But, relationships can go any which way for Sagittarius. Having your Sun in this sign means that it’s very unlikely that you’ll follow society’s traditions and conventions. A part of it is that twenty-something rebellion that this sign endearingly never grows out of and another part of it is that you’re genuinely puzzled as to why everyone needs that traditional life. This is a Sun sign that’s more than happy not getting married, whether within a relationship or within their lifetime, and probably won’t flinch at the idea of an open relationship or marriage. They are all about exploring their options, after all, and don’t want to put themselves in the little box that society dictates for them. Sagittarius Sun folks are almost always going to live interesting lives, for one reason or another. Even well into middle or old age, they don’t slow down, like Judi Dench, who was born under this sign and has been working consistently as a highly esteemed actress of film, stage, and television from her 20’s all the way into her 80’s, with no hint of stopping. Sagittarius always believes there are more territories to conquer.

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Aries: You are definitely an impatient, impetuous Explorer, with loads of energy to burn. You’re an endless amount of fun, so long as the other person can keep up with you. If not, you usually have no problems with leaving them in your dust. For you, life is meant to be lived in the fast lane.

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Taurus: Life is all about simplicity, to you, and you have no issues with enjoying the abundance that the Universe seems to constantly send your way. But, you can also be a total hedonist, with an excessive appetite for all kinds of pleasures. Yet, you don’t see it as excess; just good-natured fun.

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Gemini: You’re one of the most intellectual Explorers, seeing life as one big textbook to learn from. There’s a very low tolerance for dullness within your nature, which can make you a flitter when it comes to goals and responsibilities. But, you make up for it by being hilariously funny, knowledgeable, and inquisitive.

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Cancer: Holding back, when it comes to your feelings and thoughts, just isn’t an option for you. In spite of your attempts to often protect yourself, everything that’s on your heart and mind comes spilling right out. Your honesty is highly appealing to many, even if it sometimes leads to over-share or over-doing it.

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Leo: It can seem to the rest of the world as if you’re just constantly walking on sunshine. You’re a resolutely positive person who gets by on the belief that everything happens for a reason. You might not take things seriously enough, at times, but your playful, generous spirit lights up the world.

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Virgo: You’re more skeptical than the average Explorer, eager to figure out whatever holes are in someone’s logic. If the emperor has no clothes, you’ll point it out, with maybe too much brutal honesty for some. You just see things with amazing clarity, which can also make you wonderfully witty and observant.

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Libra: Out of the bunch, you can struggle the most with the sense that there are potentially greener pastures to explore. You may constantly want to have your cake and eat it, too. Yet, you are exceptionally easy to like, as you are very outgoing and give kindness and consideration to everybody. 

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Scorpio: There’s definitely a straight-up, no-chaser quality to the way you speak your mind. You’ll express your truth, no matter how palatable it is or isn’t to someone else. It might seem a bit harsh but you can’t operate any other way. Your thoroughly unpretentious vibe is actually what people like most about you.

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Sagittarius: You are like Christopher Columbus reincarnated, forever seeking out new territories and adventures in a way that’s sometimes overwhelming. It’s like there’s too much to see and do, which is why responsibility can really terrify you. Accepting certain limitations, though, is the key to grounding yourself.

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Capricorn: Not only do you aim for the stars, but you have a way of figuring out exactly how to hit which stars and when. You are more resolute and responsible than some of the other Explorers, once you’ve figured out your path. This is a great quality, so long as you don’t run anybody over along the way.

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Aquarius: Freedom, freedom, and more freedom. Your personal independence is truly everything to you and you have a highly rebellious streak that emerges when it’s being challenged. You can be a bit too contrary, just for the sake of it, but your wild, unpredictable spirit definitely keeps things exciting.

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Pisces: You don’t always really know where you’re going but that doesn’t really matter to you. You can free yourself from a set plan or destination, fully trusting in the journey. At times, your blind faith might border on delusion. But, your intuitive, no-net style of living can also allow truly amazing things to happen.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Flowing with the Moon

I’ve always found the Moon sign totally fascinating, for a while to a degree that eclipsed my interest in the other planets in a person’s birth chart. Each personal planet plays an important role in the individual’s character, of course. But, the Moon is the most intimate, complicated part of a person: their feelings, their emotional motivations, the things that they need in order to feel safe and secure. It’s no surprise that, with my probing Scorpio Moon, I would be so interested in this planet, as its sign, house placement, and aspects represent all of the emotional and psychological complexities that drive us as human beings and require some introspection for us to understand. Unlike the Sun sign, which operates on a straightforward, surface-level expression, the Moon runs deep.

Many like to say that the Moon is who we are in a past life but I feel like the South Node plays more of a part in determining who or what we’ve reincarnated from. I like to look at the Moon in a more grounded manner, especially since there are certain people who can’t get behind the idea of past lives and are entitled to that opinion. I personally don’t know if reincarnation exists. Some people think you only live once. However, I’d like to say that we do have multiple lives but all within this lifetime. I’m the sort of person who likes to believe that every life phase can be looked back on as a past life. And the Moon, which is driven by phases, definitely plays a role in this. It determines the ways in which we emotionally mature and/or the manner in which we fail to.

Our oldest past life, within this lifetime, is definitely the formative childhood years. The first seven years of life is when the Moon sign, for most people, is at its rawest and most undiluted. This is when we’re completely living on our instincts, often without any sort of conscious notion of who we are, which is defined by our Sun sign. Children are totally emotionally uninhibited and a child’s Moon is just about always apparent in their behavior. You can test this by not only observing small children that you know, while keeping their Moon sign in mind, but listening to other people describe what they were like as children.

Moon in Gemini people were hyperactive kids who loved to talk (maybe a bit too much for the grown-ups around them) and were obsessed with stories, word games, and anything else that stimulated their minds. Pisces Moons were the kids who were absolutely consumed by their imagination, living out the books that they read and the movies or shows they watched as if they were reality. Leo Moons totally lapped up attention as kids and loved to perform for their audience, whoever it may have been, while Moon in Scorpio people were uncannily perceptive kids who understood things at a level of emotional maturity that often startled adults around them.

The Moon sign energy of a child is blatant and out there. But, as time goes on, we become socialized to moderate our feelings and maybe, depending on the adult who raised us, to just hide them. The child is growing up and is weaning themselves from the dependency on the parent, whose job it is to provide them what they need, not only physically but emotionally, within these first several years. The child needs for the parent to meet the needs of their Moon sign, house, and aspects in the formative years. How well the parent, particularly the one playing more of a nurturing role, does this or not is crucial. It’s also often quite dependent on the parent’s own Moon sign. Even if it’s in a very different one than the child’s, one can hope that the nurturing parent is emotionally mature and available enough to respond properly to what their child needs. If not, then it weakens the child’s inner foundation.

This reflects yet another facet of the Moon, which is the way in which we were nurtured as children and how we come to nurture other people as adults. It’s just another emotional leftover from that “past life” called childhood. It’s what can make our Moon immediately respond with compassion or a helping hand, when faced with the pain of another person. It’s also what can make us respond with resentment, fear, anxiety, hostility, or inaccessibility when the issue of our emotional needs come up, if we’ve still got some unresolved “stuff” around that. To overcome these feelings, we have to reach back to memories (also symbolized by the Moon) of that past life and honestly ask ourselves how our emotional needs were met. This is often the most difficult step for people to take, without either retreating in fear from facing the harsh reality or getting stuck in a swamp of self-pity or anger over what they didn’t get as children. When you hear people constantly complaining about their childhood, their parents, and how unhappy they were growing up, you’re hearing their Moon sign crying out for some comfort.

In order to face these feelings constructively, we have to provide ourselves with that comfort. This is a crucial step for those who had particularly tough childhoods. It’s about learning how to nurture one self and provide yourself with what you need emotionally. Looking to your Moon is great evidence of how to make yourself feel emotionally content and secure. With an Aries Moon, you have to engage in competition and pursue challenging goals. With a 12th House Moon, you gain inner security from having a certain amount of solitude. In this way, we learn to parent ourselves, often in the way in which we weren’t parented as children. This resolves our debt from that past life, bringing us into the present with wholeness, emotional fulfillment, and understanding for others.

Some people aren’t comfortable expressing their Moon sign too openly, as our society still has some issues around raw emotion. Some love to gender stereotype and say that it’s harder for some men to own their Moon energy and I don’t believe that’s exactly true. I think, once you get to know someone well enough, you definitely feel their Moon, whether they’re male or female. It’s certainly there. It’s just a matter of how they express it. Both men and women can feel self-conscious about truly expressing their emotions and needs, without worrying about being labeled as weak or needy. But, we cannot afford to stifle and contain our Moon. This is a part of ourselves that we really have to “flow” with. We have to allow this energy to just be and to take us wherever it takes us.

Artistic people usually excel at fully expressing their Moon’s traits, without this kind of self-consciousness, since their lifestyles and careers are geared around free and honest emotional expression. The Moon is such an intuitive force and is the deepest source of our creativity, as it also rules dreams and the imagination. Artists understand that a certain amount of “lunacy” comes with being creative. It’s unfortunate that our logical society has so often labeled creative individuals as being crazy or unstable, throughout history. But, this is often the flip side of being highly creative. Living so much on instinct and emotion is bound to make you a bit loopy yet it also gives you the impetus to make highly inspired, moving work as an actor, writer, musician, or visual artist.

The thing is, though, that artistic people are often more sane than the rest of the world, as well. Instead of pretending like their sensitivities and vulnerabilities aren’t there, they totally embrace them, as this is what makes them human, as well as what allows them to create affecting creative work. The rest of the world could learn a thing or two from them. The most brilliant creative types retain a childlike quality, even if they are also very mature in many ways, because of their visceral connection to their Moon sign, house, and aspects. Being so imaginative and so emotionally expressive is what allows artists to remain children on a beautiful level, not completely leaving that uninhibited life phase, as well as what makes their Moon energy rise to the surface easier.

The other kinds of people who remain readily tapped into their Moon sign’s flow are the Water Moons: those with their Moon in Cancer, Scorpio (like me), or Pisces. (And many of these people, also including myself, happen to be very artistic because of the sheer emotional power of their Moon placement) This is due to the Moon being naturally at home in the Water element, as it’s ruled by Cancer. Therefore, with a Water Moon, you’re getting a double whammy of intuition, emotional depth, mystery, and complexity. These individuals often report feeling more like their Moon than their Sun. They just can’t get too far away from this energy. They’re very instinctive creatures and have an ability to really rely on their gut responses, for better or for worse. Being a Water Moon also guarantees being emotionally convoluted in some way, with so many intense moods and reactions and motives that they often struggle to navigate their way through this labyrinth of feeling. But, it’s this complexity that also gives them the potential for enormous empathy and to just innately understand exactly what someone’s feeling and why.

But, everyone has a chance to hone and express their Moon sign. The key is simply listening to it. You must set aside the distractions of your intellect and/or of cultural conditioning and develop the ability to truly go with your feelings. Going back to the past life metaphor, the Moon sign is the mode of being that you’re most experienced in. It’s been with you throughout all of your life phases, in some incarnation or another, to the point where you believe it to just be a very natural part of life. Many people don’t realize when they’re in Moon sign mode because it’s so automatic. But, developing the ability to trust this ancient inner wisdom is what gets you more in touch with it. And as the Moon rules moods, you must ride its ups and downs (though some Moons definitely have more mood swings than others). You can’t control them. It’s like trying to control the ocean’s tides. You just have to let them happen.

Another interesting attribute of the Moon is that it rules how we eat, as well. After all, food is definitely a need and a way of taking care of ourselves, as well as others. It’s my experience that the less someone is in touch with their emotional needs, via their Moon, the more erratic or sparse their eating habits will be. This is the kind of person who regularly loses their appetite and skips meals on too frequent of a basis. The basis of this is usually an inability to honestly confront their feelings, which are often the reason behind that loss of appetite, and to admit to their needs. People who are very attuned to their Moon’s needs, on the other hand, typically have very healthy appetites. They consistently eat their required amount of meals a day and truly love food, probably even cooking, as well. The one thing these people might need to watch for, though, is overindulgence in the eating department, since they might be just as equally apt to indulge too much in their feelings.

As I’ve said before, the Moon rules the caretaking of others, so it definitely comes into play once someone becomes a parent. In spite of all those baby books and self-help parenting clichés, no one can really tell you how to be a parent. It’s instinctive, intuitive, learned as you go. This is what makes it represented by the Moon, as well as the fact that you’re now fully responsible for gauging someone else’s needs and helping them deal with their feelings. No one will be a perfect parent but you must look to the nurturing abilities and instincts of your Moon to be the best parent you can be, which will help ease your stress when you’re suddenly dealing with that crying newborn.

The particular Moon sign will show the ways a person can best comfort and emotionally support their children. Libra Moon parents will be good at calming their kids down, though on a more rational level, while parents with their Moon in Cancer are naturally skilled at figuring out what their child is feeling at any given moment and responding to it. The house placement of the Moon will show the area of life where you’re most supportive of your children and their efforts. 10th House Moon parents are cheerleaders for all of their kid’s achievements, while parents with a 1st House Moon will help the child develop the confidence to assert themselves in the world. Aspects show the style of the support and the way it's expressed. A Moon-Mercury parent, for instance, will be supportive in very communicative ways and a Moon-Pluto parent can be an empowering, insightful source of support in the child's life.

However, there’s always positive and negative potential to every Moon. That 10th House Moon can become a real “pusher” parent, if unbalanced, the Libra Moon mom or dad might become too fixated on keeping peace at the expense of feelings, and the Moon-Pluto parent can become too controlling or obsessive-compulsive with the child. Again, this is usually the expression of an unhealed Moon, with the adult having a needy inner child of its own that’s being expressed vicariously through the child. So, healing your inner child allows you to heal your literal child. Also, of course, it is definitely advised to know what your child’s Moon is and to provide the kind of home environment and activities he or she needs to meet the specific needs of that sign and house placement.

Clearly, the Moon is beyond complex. It’s so many things rolled up in one: inner child, inner nurturer, outer nurturer, outer child, the artist, the intimate, the lunatic. Your Moon is constantly going through phases, not just throughout your life but throughout your day. You must become well-acquainted with and accepting of all of the facets of this mysterious planet in order to achieve true emotional well-being, as well as to help others do the same.