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Artistic Sensibilities and Venus

There’s an article on this blog entitled Astrological Talent and the Moon which details the ways in which your Moon influences your creative abilities and talents as an artist. Both feminine planets – the Moon and Venus – are vitally important to artists, whether you’re a musician/singer, an actor, a writer, or a visual artist. While the Moon determines the emotional depth and imagination that you’re capable of in your work, Venus describes the artistic sensibilities that drive your work. It’s the innate style in which you approach and perform your artistic work, as well as that makes it appealing and engaging for your audience. Venus also describes the best way that you can truly enjoy doing your artistic work. It’s the specific pleasure you gain from being an artist.

The Birth of Venus by Edward Steinbruck

Venus in Aries

At its best, there’s a really bold, fearless quality to your artistry. People will sense that you enjoy taking risks and pushing yourself. For Venus in Aries, being an artist is all about challenging oneself. You will thrive on the feeling of working without a net, to some extent. You want your art to be a constantly thrilling experience. The prospect of possibly falling on your face really excites you. Because of this, improvisation might be a real love of yours. Aries Venus loves to create right in the moment and there’s something highly instinctive about your work. You trust your instincts.

Venus in Taurus

Venus in Taurus artists have a very earthy, straightforward style. You have the innate potential to let your five senses guide you through the process. In short, knowing how to “keep it simple, stupid” brings out the best in your artistry. Your common sense approach can make being an artist like breathing to you. Creative work that’s a fully sensual experience like music or painting is often a specialty for Taurus Venus. There is something very physical to you about art. You like it to be deeply experienced through the body, making your work seem like it’s from the earth itself.

Venus in Gemini

Being artistic, for Venus in Gemini, means never being boring. You fully enjoy being a storyteller who endlessly fascinates their audience. You know how to keep people on their toes through your work because you’re so unpredictable and whimsical as an artist. Gemini Venus can excel at writing because of this love of words and of stimulating people’s minds and usually has effortless comic prowess. But, whatever you do, it has a mercurial style. You innately understand all of the various facets of human nature and how to express this broad range of contradictions creatively.

Venus in Cancer

Your artistry has great humanity and emotional accessibility to it. As a Cancer Venus, there’s an immediate, soulful connection that you establish to your audience and to your creative work. You know how to stir people’s feelings and arouse their sympathies through your art. Actors with Venus in Cancer easily cry and emote in their performances as well as easily make their audience feel for them. The emotion of it all is the essential thing for you. There’s something highly intuitive to your work, as well, and you’re capable of riding that in-the-moment wave of inspiration.

Venus in Leo

For Venus in Leo, being an artist is all about asserting and establishing individuality. Even if you don’t make your creative work about you, there is something very singular about your style. No one could ever do it the way you do and you take pride in that, secretly or openly. Leo Venus artists are usually performers, as few people with this placement can stand creating behind-the-scenes or in private. You totally enjoy soaking up the spotlight as an actor or a singer. There’s an incredible presence about you that no one can really ignore. You’ve got that special star quality.

Venus in Virgo

It’s all in the details for Venus in Virgo artists. As long as your critical eye remains balanced, you are capable of delivering art work that is amazingly specific and clear. You know how to get across whatever you want to get across to your audience with great precision. This can make you an exceptional writer, with a strong ability to tell a cohesive, effective story, and the kind of actor who nails all of the little nuances of their character like a fine craftsperson. As a Virgo Venus, creativity is hard work. You truly love the element of rolling up your sleeves and getting it done efficiently.

Venus in Libra

What the people want is very important to you. The Libra Venus artist is highly concerned with pleasing their audience. This is the whole point of art to you: to give people what they want. More than most artists, you just want to make people happy. There’s usually something very lovely, light, and charming about Venus in Libra’s artistic output. It just puts a smile on people’s faces. You see creativity as something that’s supposed to be beautiful. You don’t like putting out work that brings discord to the world. Instead, you want your art to bring harmony and love to the world.

Venus in Scorpio

Your art has a very intense, passionate quality. At its best, Scorpio Venus’ creative work reaches down to the raw emotional depths of human nature. It might get ugly or uncomfortable but it’s painfully real and honest. You relish being able to explore these intense territories and feel empowered by being able to move your audience so deeply as a performer or storyteller. Yet, there can be an air of mystery around your artistry, as well. With Venus in Scorpio, you can be very secretive about how you work or so intuitive and instinctive that what you do seems like magic.

Venus in Sagittarius

With Venus in Sagittarius, you see being an artist as an endless adventure. It’s like a quest to constantly conquer new terrain, doing things you’ve never done before and learning a lot along the way. There is a bigger-than-life quality to your creative work. Sagittarius Venus artists definitely either go big or go home. So, you make a colorful impression on your audience, especially if you’re a performer. You’ll be more like a circus performer, constantly doing tricks to keep people entertained. You’re a real risk taker, forever walking the tightrope in your art while rarely looking down.

Venus in Capricorn

When it’s truly inspired, a real gravitas defines your work. Artists with Venus in Capricorn have the innate potential to produce creativity that holds substantial weight. You don’t waste your time making art that doesn’t mean anything and isn’t going to contribute much to the world. Even while still very young, there can be a startling maturity to your artistic style. You can delve into serious adult themes from early on. Capricorn Venus artists won’t remain starving for long. You’re a very ambitious artist who values their work for the long-range impact it can make on society.

Venus in Aquarius

You don’t have a conventional approach to your creative work. But, with Venus in Aquarius, you really value marching to the beat of your own drummer artistically. Actors and musicians with this placement usually have definite indie sensibilities. The mainstream just isn’t that appealing to you. Because of this, you might come off as one of those typically eccentric artists but you enjoy this role. Yet, Aquarius Venus often appeals to and impresses its audience because of their everyman (or everywoman) quality. You’re attracted to walking a mile in everyone’s shoes through your work.

Venus in Pisces

Having a Pisces Venus means that, more than most people, you see art as a way of transcending your day-to-day limitations. You probably really enjoy acting, in particular, as the opportunity to escape into someone’s life and pretend to be them is highly satisfying for you. There’s typically a powerful ability, with Venus in Pisces, to create a magical, alternate world for their audience to get lost in. Whatever art you do, it drives you on a deeply spiritual level. You channel whatever dreams, intuitive messages, spiritual yearnings, and complex feelings you experience into your work. 

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