Monday, December 29, 2014

Dear Virgo: Perfection Does Exist

Virgo is very well-known as being the perfectionist sign in astrology. So, you’ll often hear people advising those with personal planets in Virgo to just let go of the idea of perfection. Even I’ve found myself spouting off that mantra. We do live in a society that likes to repeat certain maxims and phrases, so many people in our culture have collectively decided that perfection is impossible. And that’s the kind of thing that makes Virgo roll its eyes. Well, I just wanted to announce something to those who have their Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars or Ascendant in Virgo: yes, perfection does exist. It’s a word in the English language for a reason. The thing with Virgo is to just focus on and modify the personal definition of perfection. What does perfection mean to you, Virgo person?

If you define perfection as having absolutely everything correct, in order, and in place, then maybe it’s time to broaden your thinking. Why does that equate to perfection? It’s more like sterility, cutting off the natural life force and flow of things around you. Virgo is an Earth sign, along with Taurus and Capricorn. Earth is usually defined as pragmatic, money-oriented, hard-working, and ambitious. But, many astrologers miss the key element of Earth. We should look at the four elements in astrology as if they were the actual elements that make up our Universe. So, we start focusing more on how the Earth signs can be as all-natural as Mother Earth herself.

With Virgo energy, this au naturel quality is expressed through the Mutable-sign filter. So, it’s changeable, fluid, and adaptable. Having everything rigidly in place doesn’t sound like adaptability to me. In the end, this definition of perfection ends up robbing the Virgo-influenced person of the inherent gifts of this sign’s energy. It stops its earthy flow and brings a barrenness to the expression of the Virgo planet that ends up becoming counterproductive. It ends up contributing nothing of quality and substance to the world, like Virgo really wants, because it’s too busy criticizing.
The precision and productivity of the pollinating bee mirrors Virgo's nature.
However, even though we urge Virgo to go with the flow, one should never try to discard the precision, timeliness, and reliability of Virgo energy. After all, that’s what makes it an Earth sign. We always know when the seasons are coming, when the sun will rise or set (to the exact time, nowadays; all you need is Google) and what the weather for the day will be like. This is how the fluidity and the earthiness of Virgo combine. People with a strong Virgo influence have the potential to make the sun rise and set, so to speak, for everyone else around them. Their schedule-oriented natures are invaluable when it comes to work, family, living situations, group activities, etc. Anytime people need to know what’s going to happen and when, they can call on a Virgo person.

Therefore, the perfection that Virgo is capable of is that ability to constantly watch the moving clock, pushing forward through their lives efficiently while also, of course, being able to roll with the punches of whatever happens. Then, the Virgo-influenced person can realize that everything is happening exactly how it’s supposed to be happening. This is a much healthier form of perfection.

With the Earth signs, I constantly think of fertility. I think of plants growing in the garden and spring flowers blooming in the trees. This is where the penchant for hard work comes in. The Earth signs want to constantly tend to their gardens, so to speak, which is why they can be preoccupied with what they have. They remain aware of what they’ve “grown.” But, the Mutable fluidity of Virgo should take solace in the fact that they have consistently laid down their seeds and watered them. Now, they just have to trust that the plants will grow. Allowing for this natural order is another kind of perfection. Doing the required work and not worrying about the result, trusting in the outcome. This can also significantly increase that famous productivity, making the Virgo's efforts particularly fecund. When you just work and work, doing your best without worrying about or criticizing what you're doing, then your efforts multiply tenfold.

Basically, there needs to be a dramatic shift in the critical nature of Virgo. We all know how vicious their observance of all the little details can become, toward others and themselves. No one’s saying that Virgo should stop being critical altogether, though. After all, this is the innate talent of the Mercury-ruled, intellectual sign. But, what are you being critical about and how? It’s difficult for people with Virgo placements but there needs to be a curbing of the compulsion to improve and fix everything and everyone. They need to stop seeing how things can be improved. This simply makes them obsessed with imperfection, as well as unrealistic perfection. If they can stop compulsively fixing or correcting, then they can use their lucid sense to see the perfection in things.

Virgo’s clarity of vision can allow people strongly influenced by this sign to sharply perceive all of the little details of things. These acute observational skills can allow them to figure out just what a person or a situation needs to operate effectively and efficiently. When something comes up to disturb that perfect order, then they can clearly gauge and figure this out, as well. So, perfection becomes, again, just allowing everything to unfold the way that it’s supposed to. This can radically reduce Virgo’s strong tendency to judge big-time, making them much more prone to simply accepting how everybody works. It’s just like how the seasons change. You can’t stop or interfere with this process because you don’t like it. Therefore, Virgo can learn the innate perfection that everyone is capable of when they’re allowed to “just be”, without interference.

If they can do this for others, then they can direct that back toward themselves. Virgo people, when you allow yourself to just be and operate without interference and criticism, then you’ll achieve the perfection that you’ve been striving so long for. You can stop all of those harsh self-assessments and save the scrutiny of yourself for when it really matters: when things aren’t working and are disturbing your perfect order. This often involves tweaking and regulating the daily routine, maintaining a healthy diet, and staying tapped into your deep sensuality. All of this ensures your sense of earthy fertility, until you’ve reached a state of organic, regular flow much like Mother Earth herself. This is the divine perfection you’re reaching for and nailing this balance does wonders for Virgo people, especially since you can stop feeling guilty about believing perfection does exist.
There is such a thing as perfect, Virgo. But, it involves making mistakes, not being everyone's ideal, not always being correct, and improvising as you go. Depending on the planet's Virgo in, this can make you feel more emotionally secure (Virgo Moon), have higher self-esteem (Virgo Venus), or allow you to, ironically, accomplish more (Virgo Mars). Once you internalize this idea of perfection, you'll become happier with yourself and less worrisome about everything. Why worry? It's already just right. 


  1. Perfect: precisely accurate or exact. The first idea I get is hitting a target exactly perfectly.

  2. This article says everything i've always wanted to! Since i have sun, mercury and venus in virgo, i feel like virgo is a very misunderstood sign. Every sign has their negative and positive expressions. And yes, virgos, when expressed negatively, can be very judging and critical. But judging and analysing are two different things. When you're analysing, you're discovering something, you're seeing things as they are, you see the truth naked, you simply know things because you have the ability to undertand them by observing, uncovering every detail. In the other hand, when you judge, you take the gift of the knoledge, and make it an obssession for having things the way you'd personaly like it to be, building a blockage for ACCEPTING things as they are, lettingt things just be, with their imperfections and all. Having a pisces rising and other pisces influences, i feel balanced, and i use this beautiful side of virgo of observation, accuracy and organization of mind, to undertand things, people and the world, and just accepting everything as it is, with all the flaws, accepting the flow of nature and the universe. So virgos, don't be so hard on yourselves, you have the power to know who you are, but learn to accept you by just being yourself, no need to seek that illusional ideal of perfection society gives. So yeah, perfection does exist, we are all perfect infinite beings and everything there is is divine!!

    ps: i love your blog, lots of love from Brazil!!

  3. With my Virgo Moon, this is a great description of perfection:"But, it involves making mistakes, not being everyone's ideal, not always being correct, and improvising as you go"

  4. Second that Raymond. Virgo moon here