Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mars-Uranus Aspects: The Nonconformist

Having your Mars sign conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine Uranus makes you the nonconformist. This naturally makes sense, as Mars is the planet that represents how we assert ourselves and do things, while Uranus is a symbol of abrupt, innovative, and often rebellious actions. It’s a subversive energy, intent on defying the status quo and going against the grain. So, with a Mars-Uranus aspect, you’re definitely not someone who enjoys coloring within the lines. You are strongly individualistic and have a compulsion to express this energy. If this energy is thwarted or repressed, though, it’s not a pretty sight.

Mars is an action planet and needs purpose. It needs a mission. When we don’t fulfill the mission of our Mars sign, house, and aspects, then we can easily feel depressed and frustrated. This will inevitably happen when Mars-Uranus people attempt to live conventional, predictable lives. That is, if they even make this attempt, which often isn’t likely. But, when we back down from what we want, then our Mars goes unexpressed. So, when a person with a Mars-Uranus aspect feels compelled to conform, in some way, and does so, then they’ve been defeated and you’ll be able to find them walking around with a tail between their legs. Because of this aspect, you aren’t going to feel purposeful if you’re putting yourself in a bland little box. 

It’s not at all common for this to happen, however, as Mars-Uranus people are some of the most headstrong individuals you’ll ever meet. It might not be all that obvious but this is a person who is driven to fight (Mars) for their sense of independence (Uranus). They’d rather walk alone than go without it. For this reason, high school might not be the best time for you, as a Mars-Uranus native. You probably didn’t understand why you had to be slapped with a label and conform to the pressures and expectations of a group. So, you most likely went without all of that altogether. You might have managed to still be very social and outgoing, even if you didn’t have a group to call your own. But, this may also be a source of resentment. The pain of feeling like an outcast can feel like another kind of defeat for you, in this formative age, and it can be what leads you to fight so hard against people’s expectations, to the point of becoming a rebel without a cause.

This is the expression of the negative side of a Mars-Uranus aspect, which is doing things simply to shock and to push people’s buttons. You might constantly see yourself as locked in a battle with the rest of the world that just doesn’t understand you. Mars can show how we’re aggressive or argumentative just for the sake of it. So, with Mars-Uranus, you can become aggressively rebellious or nonconforming, just to shove it in people’s faces. You’ll want to show them that they don’t control you and that they can’t tell you what to do. This especially goes for people trying to give you advice. People with Mars in aspect to Uranus can either unintentionally or deliberately frustrate others due to their unwillingness to internalize others’ opinions. Having Mars in one of the Earth signs may modify this but, even then, you’ll only take advice that makes sense to you. Again, this can just be the result of you feeling like you’re fighting against a world that’s trying to change you.

Though it’s advisable for Mars-Uranus individuals to not be too aggressively independent-minded, it’s undeniable that it’s a trait that’s always going to be an inherent part of their nature. Your way of getting things done (Mars) is by simply doing it your own way (Uranus). So, this is something about yourself that you must honor and act on, without feeling the pressure to change your ways. Most of the people who really know you will eventually throw their hands in the air, knowing that you’re just going to make your own choices, anyway. You’re always going to be this way and this is actually one of the best elements of this planetary combination. Just remember to not resent or pick fights with other people for trying to give their input. People are often just trying to help. So, try to acknowledge their right to their own opinion, even if you don’t agree, and not get worked up.

Mars-Uranus aspects indicate free-spirits who usually don’t follow the beaten path. You have a knack for approaching situations in a rather offbeat way and seeing how things could be done from a different angle. Again, this is something that you must be given the freedom to figure out on your own. You gain a lot of energy from “brainstorming” in this way, being fueled by all of the different ideas bouncing around in your head. The most positive potential of this combination is being willing to toss any idea against the wall and see how it sticks. Mars indicates how we can be fearless, so having a Mars-Uranus aspect makes you fearlessly experimental. You’re willing to go where just about no man has gone before and can be wildly creative and inventive, as a result.

It’s no surprise, then, that you’re going to come off as somewhat odd and unpredictable to many people. You are never afraid to march to the beat of your own drum. In fact, the typical manifestation of Mars-Uranus aspects, especially the conjunction, square, or opposition, is feeling more motivated by people thinking you’re unusual and not understanding you. The more judgment you receive for your actions, the more you’re compelled to act on those oddball impulses. While this may make you provocative, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re doing it for no reason. At their best, Mars-Uranus people act as courageous examples of being fully individualistic for others.

People with these aspects who are considered a part of any marginalized group – whether it’s women, racial minorities, or LGBT individuals – are usually the kinds of people who bravely rebel against the expectations of that group. They don’t like to conform to stereotypes. In fact, stereotypes make them angry, so they typically feel the desire to go the total opposite way of how people expect them to behave because they’re a woman or black or gay or whatever else. And it usually doesn’t matter if they receive disapproval or a lack of acceptance from other people for their behavior. Having Mars in aspect to Uranus gives you the balls to go without a certain amount of approval, at least to everyone’s face. Even if people’s judgments actually do bother you, you’re very good at keeping up a brave, I-don’t-care attitude and marching on.

Because of your open-mindedness, you’re most likely the kind of person who has all kinds of friends from all kinds of walks of life. You see it as your mission (Mars) to help promote more tolerance and togetherness in the world (Uranus). Prejudice is the true enemy for the typical Mars-Uranus person but you combat such prejudice by being a true example of accepting others, no matter how different they are from you. You know how to be the change you want to see in the world, as the saying goes. Many people with these aspects can really lose it over acts of discrimination and get into heated arguments over it. But, some develop a cooler, more detached attitude. You can inevitably see someone’s ignorance and hateful fear as their problem and not take it personally which, if you’re part of a minority group yourself, is a truly empowering attitude to take on.

This detachment is a part of the positive potential of Mars-Uranus but can also be part of its negative habits, as well. Some might just have a cool head in the midst of chaos but others, particularly the square or opposition, might become very aloof in their actions toward others. It can seem to some as if you’re in outer space and they can’t reach you. Uranus’ expression is abrupt and comes out of nowhere, as well. So, you can throw people off with odd behavior that you might not even be able to explain. Sometimes, you might just be trying to push buttons and sometimes, it might appear as if you’ve actually got out to lunch. Mars-Uranus folks are like mad scientists and definitely need to occupy themselves with creative experiments to channel that energy into.

In some way or another, you’re a very unpredictable person. When a Mars-Uranus person becomes fully assertive, they have an electricity about them that is totally exciting. No one really knows what you’re going to do next. Whenever they think you’re going left, you go right. Sometimes, this is intentional on your part, to prevent things from getting boring and to maybe also throw off someone who’s a threat. You know how to hit them with a curveball they wouldn’t see coming, in whatever way that your Mars sign likes to fight or defend itself. However, sometimes, you don’t even know what you’re going to do next. Being so irrepressible can make you quite uncontrolled and/or uncontrollable in nature. No restraint is strong enough to hold you down for long.

Because of this powerful desire for personal freedom, you’re not going to do well in the 9 to 5 job market for very long. It’s all too common for Mars-Uranus folks to not last long at these kinds of gigs, often abruptly quitting to pursue a path that’s much more interesting and liberating. Again, this might easily make you misunderstood, as people can wonder just why you left that seemingly great opportunity to do whatever you’re doing now. But, you have the ability to tune all of that noise out and to immerse yourself in your passion of choice. Mars-Uranus expresses its passion by rebelling. No one is going to change your mind about your life direction of choice. And it often ends up turning into something even greater, proving your genius all along and silencing the doubters. Mars also rules the temper and yours can be distinctly unpredictable. People might never be able to expect what could set you off. Mars-Uranus people often have tempers that are all over the place, making them quite reactionary and explosive. But, your temper might also be counterintuitive. You might be cool as a cucumber in situations where rage is normally expected and then totally lose it in circumstances where others wouldn’t have such a reaction. Anything goes really.

The attitude that anything goes can is transferred into the bedroom, as Mars also rules our sexual proclivities and how we have sex. So, with Mars-Uranus, there’s definitely a need to experiment. The sextile and the trine can take this into a less hardcore direction while the other aspects are prone to expressing their sexuality with a real sense of kink. Even if they don’t do it themselves, if they have a more cautious Mars, they can still be totally fascinated by this kinkiness. In any case, sex cannot be bland and routine for Mars-Uranus. You’ll instead enjoy doing it in all different places and in all different kinds of ways. Basically, you’re the classic tri-sexual, willing to try anything once. This can often include sampling both sexes, just for the sake of experience. Sex needs to feel like an endless experiment for you to be satisfied. Hopefully, the other person is eager to engage because your love of freedom can make you look for it elsewhere when it gets dull.

Mars conjunct Uranus: The conjunction makes you the most defiant one in the group, which is definitely saying something. You're most likely to be so contrary that you end up totally exasperating the people around you. However, it's hard for you to curb this behavior because being rebellious is such an inherent part of your nature. Rules are made to be broken, at times, but sometimes you are simply an anarchist. However, that natural edginess is very admirable, as well, and may make you flat-out cool.

Mars square or opposite Uranus: The square and the opposition are probably the biggest oddballs of the group, as there’s such an intensely charged energy to these aspects. You often make choices and set goals that make no sense to anyone, which can make you feel lonelier than you already do. But, don’t develop a chip on your shoulder. See this as an example of how creative and ahead of your time you are. In doing so, you can spin all of that chaos you create into complete gold.

Mars sextile or trine Uranus: With the sextile and the trine, the highly independent spirit is often expressed in gentler, less controversial ways. That is, until someone tries to change your mind or ways. Then, you strike back with the force of a freedom fighter. People usually admire your nonconforming ways and inability to be put into a box. Your individualism might even turn you into a trendsetter, which could seriously irk you because you do such things to be different, after all. 


  1. Excellent write up .this is exactly how I am not when I'm not acting a certain way. In other words this is all is one hundred percent right on .I have searched the Internet for more meaning in my mars opposing uranus.this explains an awful lot of what I've been dealing with and my family and teachers god help them to read this. Lol

  2. Well. Let me tell you: With Mars-Mercury conj. in Aquarius in the 4th square Uranus in Taurus in the 2nd, and trine Pluto in Libra in the 1st, AND sextile Neptune in Sagittarius in the 3rd, it's pretty much impossible not to take every moment of life personally. Passion is unparalleled.

    A couple of years ago I found an outlet for my mental-communicative-sexual-transformative-psychic energy as a student of Philosophy at my state's college. I have one year left, with plans to write a book critiquing the shortcomings of philosophy as a primarily left-brained activity and the pitfalls of academia as an institution. I've created (and eventually--or promptly--destroyed) several approaches to this literary project. Eventually, last night, I settled on analysis through metaphor and autobiographical "fiction." I'm tired of being a professional medium who must suppress her intuitive nature for the sake of intellectualism and reason. I'm tired of being an intellectual person who must suppress her intuition for the sake of "evolving consciousness." Most importantly, I'm tired of telling myself that I must be insane because of the way my mind and psyche digest and process information. Collaborations with professors are rocky and intense (Venus in Capricorn square Pluto in Libra). Sexual tension between professor and student has been an extremely serious issue. Deep, self-confindent boundaries are the resolution, I've learned.

    Still, I'm happy to say that this solar Aquarius has devoted years of dedicated practice and intensity to achieve "healthy ruthlessness," as you put it. The book I'm working on will be an expression of radical honesty and outright rebellion against institutional authority, but at least I'll be able to be nice about it.

    No, not nice. Kind. There's a difference.

    Cool articles...thanks for taking the time to write them.

  3. Edit: I wrote that I was tired of being an intellectual who must suppress her intuition, directly following a comment that I was tired of being a medium who must suppress her intuition. I meant that I was tired of being an intellectual who must suppress her reason "for the sake of 'evolving consciousness'." Integration. Mediation. Middle way. It's a rough road with the above aspects, but with Jupiter-Saturn conj. in Libra in the 12th, I believe it's possible to bring my expansive, harmonious, balanced ambitions into form.

  4. Um Hi I Am In Desperate Need To Know What What My Uranus SESQUIQUADRATE Mars Means Please Help

  5. Um Hi I Am In Desperate Need To Know What What My Uranus SESQUIQUADRATE Mars Means Please Help

  6. Lol this is soooo much of how I am. I have my Uranus- Jupiter Sextile Inconjunct my 1st house Cancer Mars. This Cancer Mars is also Conjunct my Sun/Asc in the 1st house, and Opp my Moon in Cap in the 7th. Add that to my Taurus Venus being in the 11th and my Mercury in Leo Trine Uranus...and the biggie IC Square Uranus and you have someone who is emotional and practical but not so much lol. It's no wonder every bf or partner (or crush) I've had has been an Aquarius Sun/Moon/Mars or Venus (usually Aquarius Sun or Moon) or had a strong Uranus feature (typically with water in their chart as well). My own mom is an Aquarius Moon and Mars and my dad is an Aquarius a Mars and Venus, my sister is a laid back Scorpio with Mars Conjunct Uranus. Funny how these family dynamics work out.

  7. I have Mars in 9 Virgo [7th House] opposite Uranus in 4 Pisces [1st House]. I have a enjoy insulting other people. It's usually verbally, but still. I can also be apathetic towards lots of things. I wish I was less like this sometimes, but I do like that I am extremely stubborn for someone who has Mutuable energy as the most common.

  8. Mars in Sag in 3rd trine Uranus in Libra near ASC. Your freedom fighter comment hits home. Had relationship when we were 18 with a Nama tribe member in Namibia who helped fight for his country's Independence and is now an elected Parliament member, soldiers make up the majority of my psychic and Acupuncture practice. Nursing practice still primarily prenatal and postpartum, but this config still works for labor and delivery, no? Beautifully written article as usual, thanks Wayman!

  9. This "The pain of feeling like an outcast can feel like another kind of defeat for you, in this formative age, and it can be what leads you to fight so hard against people’s expectations, to the point of becoming a rebel without a cause."

    IN the 12 archetypes, though it is inconjunct it had greatly influenced me during highschool, I felt like I never belonged in that school so all I did was to do what I want that they do not do, it was fun and lonely at times but this describes my life in the statement. The outcast vibes was there, had friends that are like-minded and I never had gotten along well on my classmates. I made more meaningful connections outside the classroom.

  10. This is so so spot on for my boyfriend and I. Your articles are incredibly accurate and in depth. My boyfriend has mars opposition Uranus and I have mars in Aquarius..ive met other mars in aquarius and they arent as extreme about rebellion as described in this article..except i am that extreme even though i have no mars aspects to Uranus. I do have mars square pluto so I wonder if that combination makes it at equal intensity to mars hard aspecting Uranus.

  11. Mars in Scorpio square Uranus in Aquarius all my friends tell me to stop doing crazy things and just do what I'm told but I just really can't do it ,if I didn't had early hard lessons in life I was prabobly getting myself into some serious trouble right now I really have trouble with electricity and huge problems with getting orders from other people