Friday, December 12, 2014

Start Your Day with Your Rising Sign/Planet

Since the Rising sign and/or the planet conjunct the Rising sign are the immediate ways in which we engage with the world, doesn’t it make since that these placements should indicate how we start our day? It’s called “rising” for a reason, isn’t it? So, use these placements to define how you rise and shine. Try setting aside special time at the beginning of each day for the suggested activities and routines of your rising sign and/or planet and see if it makes a difference. Even if you’re not a morning person, it can significantly improve your morning. If you have a planet or more rising, get creative and combine or juxtapose the suggested activities of the rising planet(s) and sign.

Aries Rising and/or Mars Rising: Starting the day with some strenuous physical activity is going to make a huge difference for you. Your blood needs to be pumping first thing in the morning for your day to start right. Hit the gym early or go for a refreshing run. You’re much better off exercising in the morning than afternoon or night. Also, that strenuous physical activity can extend toward the bedroom. So, your significant other might have to brace for some passionate bedroom action in the morning.

Taurus Rising: You need to feel engaged with Mother Earth first in the morning. So, gardening would be the perfect activity for you, as well as watering the plants or doing other yard work. You can also greatly benefit from a set period of time to do nothing, preferably lounged out on the lawn, luxuriously soaking up the sun. Take the time to have a tasty, home-cooked breakfast and fully enjoy it, sitting to eat with no interruptions. The less you rush in the a.m., the happier you’ll be.

Gemini Rising and/or Mercury Rising: When you start off your day, you’re happiest and most functional when your brain is being engaged. So, flip through the pages of the latest book you’re working on (or scroll through it on your device or listen to it via audio book on the way to work). You need to feel fully informed in the morning, so the news will be your best friend. Also, if that news just comes from phoning or texting a friend for a chat or some gossip, then that’ll work, too.

Cancer Rising and/or Moon Rising: Since the start of a new day can actually make you feel quite crabby and moody, you must gain a healthy hold over your emotions to have a good morning. So, writing a journal entry once you wake up to acknowledge and release whatever you're feeling would be great for you. Always make sure to eat breakfast, possibly even cooking it from scratch. The morning is also an ideal time for you to make that daily call or text to your mom, best friend, or significant other.

Leo Rising and/or Sun Rising: You feel best in the morning when you’re taking out the time to affirm your awesomeness. Literally doing affirmations would be the ideal morning activity for you. The start of your day depends on how much you boost yourself up. Write out things you want to conquer that day and encourage yourself to do them. You also need to take charge at the start of your day and if you live with others, you'll feel very good by (appropriately) directing and organizing their morning.

Virgo Rising: Your day needs to start off with a sense of order. The best thing for you in the morning would be to make a to-do list of all the things you need to get done that day, which you’ll probably start doing and checking off immediately. One of these things might be cleaning, which can have a very calming, centering influence on you in the morning. You also definitely hate to forget things, so keep a mental checklist of everything you need before you leave to stay happy.

Libra Rising and/or Venus Rising: The morning just doesn’t feel right if you don’t have someone else by your side. Whether it’s your significant other, roommate, or relative, your day starts off much more smoothly when you’re interacting with others and peacefully. A disagreement in the morning seriously throws you off. The choosing of your wardrobe is very crucial in the a.m., as well as the beautifying of your appearance. You always want to polish yourself up before walking out the door.

Scorpio Rising and/or Pluto Rising: You need to feel empowered whenever you start your day and can have a way of exerting control, first thing in the morning, especially if you live with others. You might need to simply figure out a part of your daily life that you can control and just engage in that in the morning. Intensity is welcomed by you in the morning, as you need to feel passionately alive when you wake up. So, anything from intimate sex to a steamy hot shower will do the trick.

Sagittarius Rising and/or Jupiter Rising: Suggesting things to do around the house might be rather beside the point for you, as you like to start off your day by roaming free. You’re inclined to simply roll out of bed, do the requisite activities (or not), and then explore the outer world. You might enjoy having to commute for work, as the more adventurous your morning feels the better, and you should regularly make time to veer off your route to see some place you’ve never seen before. 

Capricorn Rising and/or Saturn Rising: Work might start before you even get there, as your ideal morning begins with you taking care of business. You’ll enjoy structuring your day when you wake up and handling duties. There’s not much time for messing around. Working from home can be ideal, as you can just jump right into the job while having breakfast. If you work outside the home, you’ll be one of the first people there and might conduct most of your morning routine at the office instead of at home.

Aquarius Rising and/or Uranus Rising: It’s somewhat difficult to suggest typical morning activities for you because you’re definitely going to march to whatever drum beat you want to in the morning. People who live with you might never be able to predict what you’ll do or be like every morning. The more unusual your routine, the better. Things like having dinner food for breakfast or experimenting with the order around the house brighten up your morning. The day needs to start out chaotic.

Pisces Rising and/or Neptune Rising: You need to operate on your own wavelength in the morning and can seem solitary and unreachable to others during this time. It’s often self-protective, as you want to avoid getting too absorbed in someone else’s rhythm. You need to create a sort of bubble around yourself, when you wake up, to function. Anything that stimulates your inner world and takes you away, from listening to music or doing something creative, is your ideal a.m. activity. 

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  1. I am a scorpio rising and I like this comcept! I will try it as frequently as possible!