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Sun in Sagittarius People: The Explorers - Part Two

The expression of our Sun makes us feel empowered. Therefore, a Sagittarius Sun is naturally going to feel empowered when they experience life as a truly exciting, enlightening journey. These people aren’t exactly ambitious, per se. That’s more of the territory of their neighboring sign, Capricorn. But, this sign’s astrological mascot is the Archer for a reason. They definitely aim high, shooting for the stars, but more so for the experience of reaching the pinnacle than the destination. And Sagittarius usually hits a bull’s eye, mostly because the sign has such a tremendous faith in the process. There are Archers out there who are less starry-eyed and more practical and realistic. But, even these people have a very laidback approach, in the end, that ensures their success. They know how to let go of the end result, which only ensures that they manifest what they were after, ten-fold. In fact, they regularly manifest and receive what they weren’t after.

Jay-Z: Sagittarius Sun/Libra Moon
Sagittarius thrives on that roll of the dice. But, the Mutable quality of this Fire sign means that they are uncannily resilient and adaptable. While Aries can be a sore loser and Leo can struggle with wounded pride, Sagittarius usually bounces back from disappointment with amazing ease. Life is good and life is bad and these individuals have the potential to take both outcomes with total aplomb. We’re developing into our Sun, so people with the Sun in Sagittarius are often consciously working toward this mindset. But, once they gain enough self-confidence, they can find a reason to smile and laugh, no matter how much money they’ve lost at the gambling table, metaphorically speaking. Or, sometimes, literally speaking. Sagittarius is definitely the gambler, bar none, and they do have to watch their overconfidence in this regard. Mutable Fire can get totally out of control and burn the whole forest down. Sagittarius needs to gain a bit of caution and not always put all their chips in.

Mutable signs are all about duality, in one way or another. With Sagittarius, this duality is glimpsed through its other symbol, the Centaur. This half-man, half-horse characterizes the contradictory element of this sign. The half that is man is rational, high-minded, and yearns to be cultured. Sagittarius is probably second to Aquarius to having the most interest in people and worlds that are “different.” While Aquarius does this as sort of a scientist or anthropologist, Sagittarius seeks the knowledge and personal growth that exploring unknown cultures and subjects has to bring. These are people who are often just as interested in other religions, lifestyles, and beliefs as their own, if not more. It’s very typical for a Sagittarian to have a strong love for a foreign culture (just look at Jay-Z’s obsession with Paris, for example) and many of them harbor deep-seated personal aspirations of living far, far away from their place of origin, starting a whole new life in a whole new world.

But, then, there’s also the half-horse aspect. While the former half of Sagittarius is intellectual and well-informed, capable of naturally rubbing elbows with people of all walks of life, the latter half has the grace and good manners of a stable animal. Clumsiness in behavior and in speech usually characterizes Sagittarius energy. To this sign, there’s not really such a thing as manners. Not to imply that they’re rude, even though they might come off that way to more refined folks. But, they’re just deeply confused by pretense. A distinct awkwardness in situations where they are supposed to keep up a false face or be dishonest, in some way, is the core trait of almost every Sagittarius Sun. They’re never going to fake it and that sometimes makes them feel like a horse that’s been trapped in a dining room. They end up knocking over tables and stepping on people but don’t really mean to. There’s just not enough room being given to them.

This is where that famous Sagittarian bluntness comes in, which can actually be a mixture of both the man and the horse side. The fact that they possess very strong opinions and ideals and also have no compunction about voicing them can make them come off as rather preachy or self-righteous, at times. But, they usually don’t realize they’re shoving a point of view down someone’s throat until it’s pointed out. Sun in Sagittarius folks really hate ignorance and will usually be the ones to point out if someone is ill-informed, prejudiced, or just plain full of it. Their sense of self is definitely built around calling a spade a spade. A Sagittarius Sun who goes around biting their tongue is just not in touch with their true self. Again, it’s not that they are rude or even that they are trying to be. But, they can’t help it. This is an extremely straightforward sign. So, if you ask a question, you’ll be told exactly what’s on their mind, with no frills. If they hate that shirt you’re wearing, they’ll tell you. If you’re getting on their last nerves, they’ll let you know, instead of hiding behind secrecy or social pretense.

Most people tend to easily forgive the unfiltered ways of their Sagittarian loved ones, though. The typical person of this sign is innately genuine and goodhearted. They are quite guileless souls and are usually surprised when their words have offended someone else. Of course, too many times of putting their foot in their mouths should serve as another one of those lessons. We all need a bit of a filter, sometimes. But, this goes back to Jupiter’s lack of limits. Many Sun in Sagittarius people simply have the big mouths to match their big dreams and big hearts. However, this contributes to their larger-than-life quality. Their fiery cousin Leo knows how to entertain but Sagittarius knows how to simply take over a room. At their best, they definitely can work a crowd and tell some of the best stories. They have a tendency to exaggerate, at times, but it’s only because everything is made into such a grand adventure in their minds that they can’t help but exaggerate. A Sagittarius Sun who’s fully tapped into this energy will have an undeniable sense of humor, as well. They’re like comedians, at heart, expressing themselves with such uncensored truthfulness that people can’t help but laugh, as well as point out the honesty in what they’re saying. 

Besides the brutal honesty, another trait constantly publicized about Sagittarius is the lack of faithfulness. I use this Sun sign series to expel the stereotypes about all the signs. So, is Sagittarius really a philandering, noncommittal sign? Well, of course, this will not always apply. There are many people with this Sun sign who are happily in long-term, committed relationships. But, this is definitely far from the easiest sign to pin down. The key for doing this is to make sure that your Sagittarius significant other feels like they can totally breathe within the relationship. In the end, this is the central reason for that trend of perennially single and/or cheating Centaurs. They just start feeling suffocated by the other person, especially if anything like jealousy or possessiveness comes into play; things that give this sign a very deep feeling of anxiety and insecurity. As I said before, if you try to trap them in a cage, things can get very messy and chaotic. This is why many Sagittarians are prone to just skipping serious commitment altogether because they automatically equate it with not having any independence. They don’t want to be your significant other. They want to be their own person who just so happens to be in a relationship with you.

Britney Spears: Sagittarius Sun/Aquarius Moon
Therefore, the kind of person who can hook a Sagittarius Sun is usually just as independent and free-spirited. If someone can eliminate the pressure of everything that’s too “serious”, then you’re much more likely to be successful at making them stick around. A relationship needs to feel like a constant adventure for Sagittarius, which is doubled if they also have their Venus in Sagittarius. If you’re an exciting, intrepid soul who can constantly keep them on their toes and also give them more than enough space, then they most likely will commit as this is the kind of relationship they thrive in. It’s very common to see these types with people who are strong in Gemini, Aquarius, Aries, or (surprise) Sagittarius influences, as all signs are self-reliant, light-hearted and unpredictable, capable of doing without the cling or the overt sentiment that tends to make these people run for the hills.

But, relationships can go any which way for Sagittarius. Having your Sun in this sign means that it’s very unlikely that you’ll follow society’s traditions and conventions. A part of it is that twenty-something rebellion that this sign endearingly never grows out of and another part of it is that you’re genuinely puzzled as to why everyone needs that traditional life. This is a Sun sign that’s more than happy not getting married, whether within a relationship or within their lifetime, and probably won’t flinch at the idea of an open relationship or marriage. They are all about exploring their options, after all, and don’t want to put themselves in the little box that society dictates for them. Sagittarius Sun folks are almost always going to live interesting lives, for one reason or another. Even well into middle or old age, they don’t slow down, like Judi Dench, who was born under this sign and has been working consistently as a highly esteemed actress of film, stage, and television from her 20’s all the way into her 80’s, with no hint of stopping. Sagittarius always believes there are more territories to conquer.

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Aries: You are definitely an impatient, impetuous Explorer, with loads of energy to burn. You’re an endless amount of fun, so long as the other person can keep up with you. If not, you usually have no problems with leaving them in your dust. For you, life is meant to be lived in the fast lane.

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Taurus: Life is all about simplicity, to you, and you have no issues with enjoying the abundance that the Universe seems to constantly send your way. But, you can also be a total hedonist, with an excessive appetite for all kinds of pleasures. Yet, you don’t see it as excess; just good-natured fun.

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Gemini: You’re one of the most intellectual Explorers, seeing life as one big textbook to learn from. There’s a very low tolerance for dullness within your nature, which can make you a flitter when it comes to goals and responsibilities. But, you make up for it by being hilariously funny, knowledgeable, and inquisitive.

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Cancer: Holding back, when it comes to your feelings and thoughts, just isn’t an option for you. In spite of your attempts to often protect yourself, everything that’s on your heart and mind comes spilling right out. Your honesty is highly appealing to many, even if it sometimes leads to over-share or over-doing it.

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Leo: It can seem to the rest of the world as if you’re just constantly walking on sunshine. You’re a resolutely positive person who gets by on the belief that everything happens for a reason. You might not take things seriously enough, at times, but your playful, generous spirit lights up the world.

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Virgo: You’re more skeptical than the average Explorer, eager to figure out whatever holes are in someone’s logic. If the emperor has no clothes, you’ll point it out, with maybe too much brutal honesty for some. You just see things with amazing clarity, which can also make you wonderfully witty and observant.

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Libra: Out of the bunch, you can struggle the most with the sense that there are potentially greener pastures to explore. You may constantly want to have your cake and eat it, too. Yet, you are exceptionally easy to like, as you are very outgoing and give kindness and consideration to everybody. 

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Scorpio: There’s definitely a straight-up, no-chaser quality to the way you speak your mind. You’ll express your truth, no matter how palatable it is or isn’t to someone else. It might seem a bit harsh but you can’t operate any other way. Your thoroughly unpretentious vibe is actually what people like most about you.

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Sagittarius: You are like Christopher Columbus reincarnated, forever seeking out new territories and adventures in a way that’s sometimes overwhelming. It’s like there’s too much to see and do, which is why responsibility can really terrify you. Accepting certain limitations, though, is the key to grounding yourself.

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Capricorn: Not only do you aim for the stars, but you have a way of figuring out exactly how to hit which stars and when. You are more resolute and responsible than some of the other Explorers, once you’ve figured out your path. This is a great quality, so long as you don’t run anybody over along the way.

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Aquarius: Freedom, freedom, and more freedom. Your personal independence is truly everything to you and you have a highly rebellious streak that emerges when it’s being challenged. You can be a bit too contrary, just for the sake of it, but your wild, unpredictable spirit definitely keeps things exciting.

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Pisces: You don’t always really know where you’re going but that doesn’t really matter to you. You can free yourself from a set plan or destination, fully trusting in the journey. At times, your blind faith might border on delusion. But, your intuitive, no-net style of living can also allow truly amazing things to happen.

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