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Sun in Sagittarius People: The Explorers - Part One

Scorpio season has come and gone. Now, we are traveling through the Sun in Sagittarius period. The Sun is in the sign of Sagittarius from November 22 to December 19, which obviously makes you a Sagittarius, if you were born during this time. Each sign sweeps into the astrological wheel in order to compensate for the foibles and weaknesses of the preceding sign. Scorpio’s intensity can make its natives sharply focused, perceptive, deep, and determined. But, it also can veer into an all-out obsession, becoming a burdensome, overwhelming force that weighs the individual down. Sagittarius makes up for this, though, with its forward-thinking, forward-moving style. It’s a sign that likes to get on with it, though not exactly in the pragmatic manner of Virgo or Capricorn. It’s more about finding the silver lining in the dark cloud and using it as a lesson for the next adventure.

This central motive is what leads you to read about Sagittarius being such a cheery, optimistic, positive sign. In my experience, though, it can go either way. There are some people with this Sun sign that you can never really get down and whose buoyancy might seem preternatural. And then there are some who are a little bit more existential. They are just as compelled to learn valuable lessons and knowledge from their life’s journey. But, they do so in a way that’s more worldly and intellectual, like that college student constantly quoting Nietzsche and Kierkegaard. But, both the existentialist and the optimistic Sagittarians share a certain naïveté, to some degree or another. They have an insatiable lust for life, which prevents them from settling for a mediocre, humdrum existence. And if they do settle for this, then they will definitely struggle with a sense of who they are. 

Judi Dench: Sagittarius Sun/Capricorn Moon
 Sagittarius is of the Fire element, along with Aries and Leo. Fire is a spirited, fearless, self-confident element that represents, along with Air, the more youthful nature of existence. While Air is youthful in a very questioning, open-minded manner, like the kid who never stops asking questions or can’t tolerate a lack of mental stimulation for long, Fire remains young at heart just through a sheer thirst for experience. All three of the Fire Sun signs, no matter their maturity level, endearingly remain fixed within a certain youthful phase of taking on the world. Aries is the eternal child, operating totally on its impulses and desires, never saying no to challenges. Leo is the eternal teenager, perennially asserting its individuality and special place within the drama of life. Sagittarius, as the most evolved member of the Fire group, is the eternal early twenty-something, with the world at its fingertips.

This life phase is a truly exciting one, where the entire Universe seems to open up to totally to us and we feel like we can try anything. Sagittarius Sun people live forever within this life phase, experimenting and exploring and emancipating themselves from others. But, being in your early 20’s can also be a messy, irresponsible time, where you’re just not totally ready to handle the freedom placed within your lap, even though you think you are. This is the constant conundrum for Sun in Sagittarius folks. As the Sun defines how we develop our sense of self, they find themselves through truly establishing and asserting their personal freedom. No matter their age, they are constantly eager to show the world that they’re out on their own and that they are going to do their own thing, no matter what. However, the freedom they fight so much for comes with great responsibility, of course. And this can be difficult for them to acknowledge, as it would mean accepting the guidance of their authorities.

While this is most people in a nutshell around age 22, it’s often Sagittarius’ major problem whether they are 22 or 42. And when they are actually in their early twenties, well, buckle your seatbelt. This is why Capricorn comes into the astrological evolution right after them, cleaning up their messes with some structure and discipline, teaching them their elderly wisdom. But, the funny thing is that Sun in Sagittarius people usually have very special relationships with teachers. You just have to be the right kind of teacher. They’ll respect you and even listen to you if they feel like you are simply trying to enlighten them and help them get the most out of life, instead of just shoving some old-fashioned rule book in their faces. This is why many Sagittarius students can develop special bonds with their high school teachers or college professors. Because they are eternally in their 20’s, in spirit, Sagittarius Suns usually develop the self-awareness to know that they always have more to learn from others. But, the delivery of the lesson is what matters most to these folks. Advise them and inform them in a way that appeals to their heart and spirit, without placing limitations on their personal expression or choices.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which symbolizes, in a word, expansiveness. It’s about seeing out beyond the horizons and having the gumption to get there. It’s not a planet that believes in limitations. For this reason, those with their Sun in Sagittarius have a tendency to be quite wild or uncontrollable, in some way or another. Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison were both born with the Sun in Sagittarius. Not only did these iconic rock stars enchant the world with their primal passions and complete freedom of spirit but they contributed to a disturbing cultural trend called the 27 Club (a group of rock stars who died at the age of 27). Hendrix and Morrison examples of how Sagittarius’ unbounded nature can easily turn into dangerous excess. But, at the same time, generations later, people are still hooked on the way each of these rockers brilliantly used their music and stage performances to release their inner wildness, like Jimi’s penchant for setting his guitars on fire. You can also count rock legend Tina Turner as a textbook Sagittarian performer, notorious for the very fiery, freewheeling energy she exudes on stage.  

But, those with a Sagittarius Sun are certainly not all going to be so footloose and feral. At least, not on the surface. They might seem perfectly contained and rule-abiding. However, they need some sort of activity or expressive outlet to let themselves cut loose. They cannot be kept in a bland little cage for long. Remember Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, when they first started out back in the late 90’s/early 00’s as sweet ingénues? Or how cute and innocent Miley Cyrus used to be? All three former teen pop stars are Sagittarians and all three dramatically, defiantly burst out of the bubblegum box that their industry and public wanted to keep them in. Britney professed “I’m not that innocent”, Christina proclaimed she was “dirrty” (with an extra “r”, so you’d be sure) and Miley sang “I can’t be tamed”. Are we sensing a theme here? Attempt to hem a Sagittarius Sun in and they’ll just rebel, as all three women famously did, seemingly just to prove a point to the world.

Jimi Hendrix: Sagittarius Sun/Cancer Moon
The Sun sign is indicative of our relationship with our paternal figure. This is often the father but might also be mother. Either way, it’s the parent whose presence or influence helped us develop our personal identity. For Sagittarius, the paternal figure sometimes feels absent, in one way or another. This might have been a parent who did a lot of traveling for their job (possibly constantly uprooting the family, like the classic military child) or who was just an avid explorer themselves, always using their free time to get out and do exciting things. Because of this, the paternal influence might be sporadic or intermittent for the Sagittarius while growing up. They become used to not having someone hovering over them, giving them a lot of rules or ultimatums, or possibly being quite ineffectual whenever they did. In this sense, they develop a personal identity that insists on being their own agent and making up their own rule book.

The relationship with the paternal figure might not run too deeply or be taken too seriously. There’s usually a jocular bond between parent and child, without too much confrontation of serious issues. The parent might also even be rather irresponsible, regularly going back on promises or just making a mess of things. Even though the Sun in Sagittarius child might not admit it, this can be a source of serious hurt that’s later covered up by all the joking, the partying, and the looking on the bright side. A distinct behavior pattern of running away from situations that can be handled with humor or philosophy can be a big problem for people with this Sun sign. They can sometimes turn people off by this seeming inability to not really take responsibility for their actions. Sagittarius is often just burning through life, not realizing that they’ve burned quite a few people along the way.

It’s important for people with their Sun in Sagittarius to learn to find some kind of center. These are extremely restless people who usually have identity crises when they feel like they aren’t discovering more and tackling new things. To go back to the college kid metaphor, it’s as if they are constantly switching majors. Many of them struggle with a pattern of feeling like the current “major” is the right choice and their true calling. It’s where they are supposed to be. Then, months later, they’ll change their mind and now this new major is their true calling. Settling on just one thing can be very difficult for them but it will allow them to remain on a stable path. The key thing for those with this Sun sign placement is to keep trusting in wherever life will take you, knowing that sticking with one truly fulfilling path will open up countless possibilities for you in the future. 

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  1. "The parent might also even be rather irresponsible, regularly going back on promises or just making a mess of things. Even though the Sun in Sagittarius child might not admit it, this can be a source of serious hurt that’s later covered up by all the joking, the partying, and the looking on the bright side."

    This is so profound... and so me. Thank you.