Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Saturn in the 3rd House

When you have Saturn in the 3rd House of your birth chart, you’re managing your fears, doubts, and worries when it comes to communicating and learning. I feel like everyone has heard pretty fatalistic and awful things about their Saturn placement. No one’s really immune to it because astrologers have so historically seen Saturn from such a harsh point of view. It brings difficult experiences, for sure. But, let’s see it from a different light. Saturn in the 3rd isn’t going to make you stupid or slow. It doesn’t doom you to awful conversation. In fact, it’s probably gut-wrenching for you to read those kinds of descriptions because those are the exact things that you fear.

People with their Saturn in the 3rd House never want to be looked at as dumb or boring. But, it can be easy to feel that way with this placement. It’s something that can lead you to try harder and harder in the intellectual realm, to only feel like you keep falling down a slippery slope. 3rd House Saturn individuals often feel like frauds when they try to be intellectual, even though it’s your real purpose in life to be this impressive intellectual. But, you might hear some nagging little voice inside of yourself saying, “Who do you think you are? You’re not that smart. What you have to say is not that important.” It doesn’t help at all that there is a duality to anything in the 3rd House. So, with this placement, your fears and insecurities really feel like the mischievous Devil on your shoulder who won’t shut up and who keeps discouraging you or turning you in the wrong direction.

Well, you’re not stupid and you’re not a terrible communicator. You just have to develop a trust in your ability to communicate and in your intelligence. When we work hard in our Saturn’s house, we realize just how capable we’ve always been in this area of life. These are where our strengths lie and we just need to learn how to develop them, discipline them, and capitalize on them. So, you’ve always been smart and you’ve always been interesting. It’s just that you’re going to need to work harder than the rest of us when it comes to honing your brainpower. If not, your negative thought patterns will get in the way and trip you up. And I think Saturn in the 3rd might be more prone than Saturn in any other house to set oneself up for failure through negative thinking. 

The 3rd House represents one’s siblings and how this relationship influenced the way that you learn and communicate. Now, I don’t think that a 3rd House Saturn means that you’re going to hate your brother or your sister. There can certainly be people with this placement who have difficult, strained, or contentious relationships with their siblings. Maybe you two were just never close growing up and you never had a chance to really bond. This can also show a distinct separation with siblings, like a parent who takes them away or a stepbrother or stepsister you rarely ever see. Without this sibling connection, you might have struggled with learning, as a result. If the 3rd House is what we learn from our siblings, maybe you were so disconnected and cut off from your brother or sister as a child that there was nothing to learn. This later on influenced you by easily making your mind go blank when you were faced with new information, setting up your insecurities about learning.

But, another outcome is just as possible: it’s not that the relationship with the sibling was difficult but the sibling went through some significant struggles, often in the school system. Saturn in the 3rd can symbolize a brother or sister who had a really hard time in school. They might have actually been very smart. But, they experienced obstacles and difficulties in the classroom. It could’ve been through serious anxieties over tests, behavioral issues, clashes with teachers, or just an overall feeling that they didn’t belong in school. Because of this, you can often get a sibling who slacked off academically or didn’t care about their education that much. They might have also become homeschooled, graduated early just get out of there, or dropped out of high school.

In any case, your sibling just wasn’t the academic one in the family. They were either the artistic one, the one with the great personality, the beautiful one, or the funny one. Every child in a family does get assigned a certain area of achievement and recognition, whether the parents realize it or not. So, the difficulties with your sibling do not have to add up to you somehow hating them or being mistreated by them. You two can get along relatively fine or it may even be a very close, strong relationship. But, at the same time, you felt a ton of pressure because they definitely passed the baton of having to be “the smart one” to you, which is especially true if they were older than you (which is often the case here) and you were the next one in line.

Saturn does bring limitations, so this often shows someone who comes from the typically nuclear family. There could’ve been just two kids in your family. Therefore, if your sibling wasn’t going to care much about their academic achievements, then you were somehow molded as having to be the brainiac. Since Saturn is a symbol of the father figure, you might have especially gotten this kind of message from your more paternal parent. Now, you can also find only children with this placement. If that’s the case, then the pressure to get ahead in school was just as intense because you were the only child in the house that your parents could expect that from. Like many only children, this made you feel more grown-up and advanced but it also really terrified you.

Since the 3rd House says a lot about our schooling years, the classroom was always a place of high anxiety for you. You couldn’t rest as easily as your friends and classmates once you sat down at that desk. It might have even been a feeling of being okay during recess or lunch. But, as soon as that bell rang, you felt a knot in your stomach. Saturn in the 3rd House drove you as a child with that little voice of “be smart, be good in school.” Yet, this level of pressure could’ve backfired, paralyzing you when it came time to prove yourself. You might have had a hard time spitting out the right answer, even when you knew it, and you could have struggled to perform well on tests. The grade school years are not an easy, smooth side for people with this placement. 

This could’ve instilled a resistance to and dislike of school that made your parents feel like history was repeating itself, as it’s like your sibling’s educational issues were being passed down to you. It’s why it may feel like they were harder on you in this area than your brother or sister. In this sense, the sibling’s karma becomes your karma. Since they took such a flippant or negative attitude toward learning, they might have taught you to see learning the same way, acting as a less-than-great influence, in this regard, even if they didn’t mean to. You can see a lot of Saturn in the 3rd House kids not trying their best in school and then feeling the harsh consequences of it from teachers or parents, which only continues the cycle. On the flip side, maybe you worked really hard in school and performed well. But, it was so exhausting that you couldn’t wait for it to be over with.

As an adult, this is all still being carried with you. The 3rd House shows how we teach people information and how we learn it, in a conversational way. So, even now, you might still be resisting the educational process. Saturn in the 3rd House is a placement that can produce awkward conversationalists. It doesn’t mean that you’re hopeless when it comes to talking to others. But, you might see a lot of what people say as useless or stupid, just like you saw what your teacher was saying as useless and stupid. This can make you loathe small talk to a degree that’s very unsociable. It’s also something that can make you downright fearful of really voicing what’s on your mind because maybe they’ll think of what you’re saying as useless and stupid.

This all comes to a head during your Saturn Return in the 3rd House. During this time, especially the first time around, you can easily feel like you’re back in the 8th grade. Everyone around you can feel like the judgmental teacher, expecting the right answer and failing you when you don’t give it. You will constantly feel “tested” during your Saturn Return. Well, we all do but you will literally feel tested on your intelligence and your verbal skills. Many misunderstandings and miscommunications can occur during this time. But, this will all happen in order for you to see that it’s not the end of the world. Your worst fear is failing the test of intelligence. Yet, situations may happen to make you feel less than smart so you can see that it’s not the end of the world. None of us ever stop learning. Grade school makes getting an A feel like a rigid goal. But, you can find maturity by taking some of that pressure off of yourself and letting yourself learn and communicate in a way that suits you.

This is why Saturn in the 3rd is a very interesting placement. Your purpose is found on a very mental level yet it’s something that will affect your every interaction with others. Instead of approaching conversations with a rigid agenda or with a pessimistic attitude, you can truly let these exchanges just happen, without fear, resistance, or control. The less you worry about being interesting or intelligent, the more your interesting, intelligent mind will emerge. You’ve got a really solid brain up there because you’ve had to spend so much energy working hard at developing it. Therefore, don’t try to control the stream of ideas that you have and how they’re expressed. Instead, just let yourself be inquisitive and talkative, without worrying so much about how it’ll land. You’ll also learn how to do the same thing with other people, truly listening to them and being curious and open-minded without judging what they’re saying and how necessary or useful it is.

But, I would say that this placement can really excel at using and expressing information. Saturn in the 3rd House gives you a responsibility to be a strong communicator. As a result, you can carve out a purposeful career in anything like journalism, advertising, marketing, creative writing, or public speaking. Yes, you might also want to look into teaching. If you do become a teacher, it can feel like a karmic cycle, with you ending up in the same position that you once loathed, from the outside looking in. But, teachers with a 3rd House Saturn can understand the frustrations of their students like no other teacher and will patiently work with them, taking on a mentor-like role to get them to be their best academic self. You can become that teacher that people remember for years after.

In any case, your duty is to be a teacher to others and instill substantial concepts and ideas within them. I always say that the 3rd House has an unpredictable flip side. So, you just have to watch out for suddenly switching into Debbie Downer mode, doing nothing but thinking negatively and bringing people down with your words. Your Saturn Return in the 3rd can bring crises into your life because of this. You may burn a few bridges with your speech or you get into such a loop of anxiety and worry that you become depressed or shoot yourself in the foot. Yet, when you learn to keep thoughts of success and positivity in your head, you can do anything. More than most, you have to really remember the power of your thoughts and your words to develop as a person.

This also translates into your relationships with your neighbors, as the 3rd House also symbolizes how we deal with our neighborhood. Saturn in the 3rd House people often resist bonding with their neighbors because it just feels silly or pointless to them. But, I’ve heard of people with this placement enduring truly painful interactions with their neighbors during their Saturn Return like insane gossip, alienation, harsh judgment, and even harassment. It’s these experiences that will allow you to see that everyone needs kind neighbors and will cause you to rethink your attitude toward the person next door. You can learn to find structure in positive relations with neighbors.

At the same time, you have to remember to be a kind neighbor yourself. After years of being used to comparing your achievements with your sibling's, you can get too wrapped up in status when you communicate with others. It’s common for Saturn in the 3rd House people to gossip quite ruthlessly, either with total disregard or through a manipulative desire to bring someone else down and make themselves look good. But, this two-facedness is not going to work for you and if you don’t learn that by your Saturn Return, gossip will become your downfall, leading to dramatic scandals or destroyed relationships. Again, your words affect people more than you realize. You have to use these words wisely, to teach, guide and strengthen people. Work hard on keeping negativity out of your mouth. As the old saying goes, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Difference Between the Ascendant and the Sun

This is just something I felt the need to write about because I feel like many people don’t see the Ascendant in the light it should be seen in. It’s either given too much importance or not enough importance. It raises the question of what the difference is between how your Ascendant/Rising sign expresses itself and how your Sun expresses itself. I think it ultimately comes down to a question of “how you behave” and “who you are.”

People who say that the Ascendant is a mask are half-right. It is a mask but it’s not that superficial, either. When you wear a mask, it changes the way that you see everything around you. This is what our Rising sign is: it’s how we view life. It’s also what we think our role in life should be. So, the Rising sign is a character that we easily slip into. It’s so easy to be your Rising sign that I don’t think you even have to think much about it. There is a slightly unconscious element to the Ascendant, as it’s been there with us since birth. So, you just snap into it. If you’re a Scorpio Rising, you just automatically dig deep or search for mystery. Any planet conjunct the Rising sign will also have that effect, which is why Mercury rising people can be such compulsive talkers or stimulation junkies.

The Ascendant is not “just a mask”, though, because it’s a mask we can never take off. It’s a character we’ll be playing for our whole lives, in one way or another. That character just (hopefully) grows and changes and develops throughout each new chapter of life. And while the Ascendant and anything conjunct the Ascendant do emerge most strongly in new situations and around new people, it’s not like you just stop being a Scorpio Rising around someone once they get to know you. Your Rising sign/planet is there even around people who you’ve known for forever. It’s just that they know you well enough to be able to see past it and understand the vast other sides of yourself.

At the same time, I don’t believe the Ascendant is your identity, your sense of self, or your personality. It’s just how you behave. It’s a role you play and no matter how “real” you think you are, we’re all playing a role in this life. It doesn’t mean you’re being fake. It’s just the person you think you should be in your given circumstances, mostly because you’re so used to being that person. But, is that who you really are? No. That is, unless you’re one of those lucky people who has their Sun conjunct the Ascendant. Then, the character you’re playing is your true self. It’s just probably a heightened version of your true self. Having the Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars rising will also make your Ascendant feel much more personal and true to you. Those with personal planets conjunct their Ascendant come off as especially authentic. What we see is what we get with them. But, even they are playing a role. Yet, the role they’re playing is to be that very authentic, genuine person, sometimes over-emphasizing their sense of self (Sun) or emotions (Moon) to do so.

Yet, again, it doesn’t mean that those without personal planets rising aren’t genuine. There’s just a greater gap between the character we’re playing and the person behind that, which is understandable. I’ve realized that I think a lot in actor metaphors but I can see the parallel very clearly. The Rising sign is like the role the actor is portraying and the Sun, meanwhile, is who the actor actually is. And while people will play their Ascendant character very convincingly and sincerely, you (and they) have to know the difference between the two. Trying to identify with your Ascendant is like an actor staying in character all the time. Play the role but don’t get attached to it.

This is where your Sun comes in. My opinion is that your Sun is your actual identity. It’s not a persona you assume. It’s the person that you are and the sense of self that you’re developing. It can be easy to just call the Sun a person’s ego. Yes, it is. But, the ego is personal. Therefore, your Sun sign will resonate on a very personal level for you. Meanwhile, the Ascendant isn’t that personal. It can be but not as much as the Sun. Going back to the metaphor, you can see parts of yourself in the character you play. But, that doesn’t mean that this is who you are. It’s just a pattern of behaviors that you’re assuming for that particular situation.

Yet, when you embrace your Sun sign, you are embracing who you actually are. It’s a process that requires the raising of our consciousness and a necessary amount of self-awareness. I think there’s a feeling of discovery attached to the Sun. Nobody is born knowing who they are. They are born understanding how they should act (Rising). But, figuring out your true self (Sun) is a process, which will elevate your confidence, your self-image, and your ability to live life. So, the Rising sign is how you see life. The Sun is how you live it. That’s why the Sun is your personality, in my book. It’s because it takes over whenever you’re not saying the Rising sign lines that you’re supposed to say. It expresses itself by figuring out what makes you come to life and claiming that. When we really own our Sun, we’re creating ourselves. However, our Ascendant was more so created for us.

Let’s do a comparison, then, between a Gemini Rising and a Gemini Sun. Those with Gemini Rising are playing the role of the communicator in this life. From the moment they were born, they saw the world through inquisitive eyes. Their early environment was one that offered endless opportunities for stimulation. So, this is the way they’ve been conditioned to behave and to approach life. The Gemini Rising character is bouncing all over the place, in one way or another. They think that they should be the interesting one in the situation, the brainiac, and/or the comedian. Our Rising sign is what we’ve always been easily labeled. So, Gemini Rising has always been called “the funny one”, “the talker”, “the smart one.” Therefore, it’s very easy for them to label themselves that way. However, in order to get in touch with their authentic identity, whether it’s via a Leo Sun or Scorpio Sun or Pisces Sun, they have to regularly set aside the breath-of-fresh-air persona, stepping out of character to discover who they actually want to be in this lifetime.

Meanwhile, for a Gemini Sun, it’s the opposite experience. They could have any other Rising sign: Capricorn or Virgo or Aries. It’s not going to give them a role to play that is blatantly Gemini. In fact, people with the Sun in a sign often really admire people with their Rising in that same sign. There can be a perspective, from the Sun to the Ascendant person, of “I want to be like that.” But, is the character getting in the way? So, a Sun in Gemini person would have to learn how to snap out of having to always be “the old soul” (Capricorn Rising), “the reliable one” (Virgo Rising), or “the fireball” (Aries Rising) to find the intellectual Gemini within. They discover who they really are when they’re able to play around with different ideas, seek mental stimulation, and engage in fascinating conversation with other people. The exciting realm of the mind leads them to self-actualization.

People do regularly call the 1st House (the Ascendant’s house) the “house of self” but I don’t really agree with that. Unless you have the Sun in the 1st or rising, whatever’s going on with your Ascendant isn’t really about you. It’s more so about life: what’s expected of you in life and also how you put your best foot forward throughout life. It’s the way you welcome experiences in. So, let’s not overestimate or underestimate the Rising sign. It’s very important and we’ll always need it, as it gives us the necessary role and script required to live our lives. But, being too preoccupied with it just makes you a shell of yourself. If you have enough confidence to just put the role aside and really be the you that you want to be, you’ll be in your Sun’s territory.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ask Me Anything: Part Two (Session Closed)

Hey, everyone. So, I did an Ask Me Anything session back in September and it turned out pretty well. I figured that it would be a good time to do it again. I also think I’m going to start doing this on a pretty regular basis; maybe once every other month. I’ve been sort of slacking on answering comments lately. But, here’s the thing: I just can’t do interpretations of people’s placements on here like I used to anymore. It’s kind of unfair (which is my Sun in the 7th talking) because I know people scroll down through certain posts and see old comments of me interpreting other people’s placements and then feel like, “Oh, yeah, I should ask something, too!”

But, actually, it’s really draining to do that all the time. And I’m learning how to set better boundaries for myself. Therefore, I feel like I should just do these Q & A’s on a bi-monthly basis or so. It will pretty much be the only time that I’ll be answering questions about people’s charts on here. Otherwise, I would rather save the interpreting for my clients’ readings, as well as for the blog articles. Still, I value you all for reading and I don’t want you to think I’m ignoring you. I just have to know when enough is enough.

So, like last time, feel free to ask whatever you want about your chart or about astrology, in general. Also, if you’re curious about something about me or my chart, you can ask, too. Even though I’m a Scorpio Moon/Midheaven, I’m actually not very guarded. I think having the Moon exactly on my Midheaven has made me okay with being relatively exposed because you connect to people that way. I still like to be really private but I’m also open enough to answer general personal questions about myself. I’m not paranoid about that. Just, you know, keep it within certain limits, if you do. 

Okay, guys. The session is now closed. I'm ending it a bit earlier than I planned because I have some other stuff to tackle at the moment, so I don't have any more time to answer questions. But, it's been great chatting with you all and thanks to everyone who participated. :) 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

North Node in Aquarius: The Free-Spirited Soul

***Also for if you have North Node in the 11th House

The North Node in Aquarius is arguably one of the most wonderful placements for the North Node that you could have. I’m not just saying that because this is my North Node sign. Aquarius is such an advanced, progressive energy. And the North Node is about learning how to progress and grow. Therefore, the process tends to be sped up with Aquarius North Node individuals. We become very attuned, early on, to something bigger than ourselves. Aquarius is future-oriented and having the North Node in this sign means that you can truly see a vision of yourself being a better, bigger person. In order to reach this higher self, we are overcoming the trap of our egos.

When a person has an Aquarius North Node, they also have a Leo South Node. So, we are coming from a past of wanting recognition for being special and amazing. In a past lives’ context, we were very important people in our most recent past life. We fed off of the admiration, the applause, and the attention of other people. Leo South Node individuals were most likely famous in their past life, as politicians, performers, or public figures. We might have even been lucky enough to have been a member of royalty. But, even if we weren’t a monarch, we were treated like kings and queens. We ruled in this past life yet the South Node shows issues that occurred in the past life, as well.

Therefore, we ruled with an iron fist or we let the head that held the crown become massive. A person with their South Node in Leo had an out-of-control ego in their past life. It led to arrogant, self-absorbed, domineering, and/or snotty behavior. But, the South Node is what we never let go of in that past life. So, we left that life with a giant ego and came into this one with a giant ego. Our karmic debt, therefore, revolves around taming our self-obsession, which is going to get in the way of a true connection with others. Leo South Node people have huge hearts, which makes us gravitate toward romance and passion. Yet, the passion easily becomes a drama. Did I mention that being highly dramatic is also a problem for this South Node? Because it is. In our past life, there was never a dull moment. We were fantastic actors, either by profession or just by personality, and all the world was our stage. But, did we ever learn to get off stage and turn off the drama? Not really.

Now, you might not believe in past lives. Yet, you can still look back and see how your Leo South Node dominated your past in this life with its bad habits. Our worst habits come from acting as if we are the center of everything. We can behave as if we are the protagonist of some dramatic movie that will never end. This not only makes us self-absorbed but it’s going to make us treat everyone else as if they need to play their part. We can all too easily give people roles to play because we are constantly playing the role we feel we need to in order to gain that applause or be special. So, South Node in Leo makes us easily disappointed, annoyed, or even outraged when others aren’t giving a good performance like we are. We can demand that people act like a lover or a best friend or a colleague is “supposed” to act, instead of just giving people the freedom to be individuals.

What happens because of that? Well, we never really get the fulfillment of acting out this drama that we seek. Being the center of attention and trying to get everything and everyone to bend to our will is just going to make us feel empty. This has been a challenging yet interesting lesson for me because I have my Leo Sun conjunct my South Node. Therefore, I have identified (Sun) so much with being the Leo superstar that it’s been hard for me to realize how self-defeating that’s been. The Universe is set up to deny us our South Node, if we go to extremes with it. Now, I firmly believe that people should not “leave behind” their South Node. There are excellent things about the South Node. But, to access those more positive traits, you have to be balanced out by your North Node.

That’s where we get to the Aquarius North Node. While the South Node is the more comfortable, familiar soul-expression for you, the North Node is the higher, more enlightened soul-expression. And it’s not exactly that you’re “learning” to be your North Node. It’s just that you are developing more conscious awareness of the North Node because it’s already in you. It develops through a constant dissatisfaction with your South Node. That’s the funny thing about everyone’s South Node. We cling to it even when it doesn’t make us happy. The South Node is like that job that gives you basic security but isn’t fulfilling. The North Node is like the job that you really want to do but might have pushed it to the back of your mind because it’ll take you out of your comfort zone.

Aquarius North Node people have to be very humbled by life in order to access this part of themselves. After a lifetime of pursuing the superstar role, of trying to be widely adored, of attempting to find that life-defining passion with someone else, we will still come up short somehow. Maybe we don’t find that fame or recognition we searched for. Maybe we are continually being ostracized or judged socially. Maybe we end up single for forever or bouncing from one empty love affair to the next. These situations will be painful but they will break down our ego and allow us to develop the ability to care less and less about being fabulous and loved. The more Aquarius North Node is denied the amazing lifestyle that they crave so much, the more they will be able to get in touch with their free-spirited nature and let go of what people think.

So, the higher self of someone with their North Node in Aquarius is capable of not being in it for themselves. When that glorious fame or magical love doesn’t come to us, we master the art of healthy detachment. When people with this placement are in this mode of thinking, they can truly blow wherever the wind takes them. We have a habit of wanting what we want and when we want it, which is what can make us so demanding or spoiled. But, getting in touch with our inner detachment allows us to release what we want. And when we do, greater things end up coming back to us. Therefore, our truest soul-expression allows us to see that life is random and unpredictable. We cannot script it or control it. We just have to have a high tolerance for the chaos.

Aquarius North Node people also rise above their self-obsession when they stop worrying about their “celebrity.” At the same time, we will always be quite self-aware. That’s the foundation that our Leo South Node gives us. With my Sun on my South Node, as well, I’ll never exactly lose my self-regard. But, this can just be expressed as an amazing self-awareness, knowing exactly who we are. Then, we experience true self-confidence. When we’re unbalanced with our Leo South Node, we are just faking the confidence, when in reality we’re very obsessed with others’ approval. But, when we evolve and consciously express our Aquarius North Node, other people’s approval becomes much less important. We have the acceptance and love that really matters: the self-love of our South Node in Leo. So, we stop trying hard and we learn to just coolly rest in that inner confidence, without having to put on such a show. We don’t get anywhere when we try hard, anyway, because people have a way of sensing it and seeing it as an obsessive performance, which it is.

Therefore, developing that true self-confidence makes us want to make other people the superstars. Our fame stops being important to us. Instead, we want to shine a spotlight on what makes other people special. In our less evolved mode, we constantly hit a wall when we try to make our specialness so visible and known. But, through that process, we unconsciously develop the ability to notice what’s wonderful about the people around us and why they’re getting the recognition that we’re not. As a result, the conscious Aquarius North Node is there to applaud others, to show each and everyone that they are a individual worth recognition in their own right. The ego is being transcended, in this stage. We already know we’re special and important. Now, we’re egalitarians, wanting others to know that they have something special and important to offer, as well.

This focus on other people is very important for the Aquarius North Node’s spiritual development. It also helps to focus on higher ideals and causes. Whenever we’re in something just for our own fulfillment, it’s not going to get anywhere. So, with this North Node, your greatest potential comes from being able to contribute something important to society and this world. You must stretch yourself beyond concerns of the self and become focused on concerns of the collective. Are you opening people’s minds? Are you introducing and developing interesting concepts and meaningful projects? Are you helping to change the world around you? This is where your spiritual growth lies. You can no longer be solely concerned with how something in the world affects only you. It’s not just your world anymore. It’s everyone’s world and you just live in it.

North Node in Aquarius people find their true success in being innovative, championing causes, promoting projects, and/or working outside of the mainstream. When you go against the grain, you express your true soul nature. Aquarius North Node individuals are rebels and nonconformists at a soul level. So, you have to allow yourself to go crazy or get weird, without worrying about the response from your “audience.” Your higher self is independent-minded and sort of eccentric, not caring too much what people think. After all, this free-thinking gives you the space to do the innovation and experimentation that you need to do. When you take true charge of yourself via your Leo South Node, without seeking others’ approval, no one will really be able to influence you. And as a result of owning yourself so strongly, you can give other people the freedom to totally be whoever they want to be, within rational limits, and not judge them for it.

So, your greatest soul-expression allows people to feel very accepted and befriended. You can make a wide range of social connections, thanks to your powerful social skills. Aquarius is very friendly and approachable. Yet, the legendary aloofness of this sign is balanced out by the giant heart and deep-seated warmth of your Leo South Node. So, you have enormous charisma at your disposal, as you can blend cool casualness with a lively exuberance and generosity. The fact that you’re such a natural performer also helps you socially and creatively. You are very charming and magnetic, with a lot of presence. Therefore, you’re capable of effortlessly reeling your audience in, no matter how crazy or unusual your presentation is. You know how to command a crowd and have people eating out of your palm. But, at this stage, you’ll be doing it for something beyond the self.

With the North Node in Aquarius, we are meant to understand very advanced topics and concepts. We’re meant to strengthen our intellect and our brilliance. Our soul is tired of the unfulfilling focus on our love life, our clothes, our favorite celebrities, our best attributes, etc. We have to move beyond superficial preoccupations. There is a real genius inside of the soul of every Aquarius North Node. We have to develop this potential, charging up our brainpower with exciting, fascinating, and out-there subjects. People with this North Node exhibit a very powerful interest in anything from astrology to science to technology to the study of human nature. It’s no coincidence that I first got into astrology when I was around 18 and having my North Node Return in Aquarius. It’s become a love affair ever since, getting me increasingly in touch with something bigger than myself. We eventually become avid astrologers, scientists, tech-specialists, or observers of the human condition because of this, blending sharp logic with strange intuition in that Aquarian way.

The more we focus on these things beyond the self, the less of a yearning for drama we will have. Again, there is an objectivity that is required when you have the North Node in Aquarius. It’s not to say that we will no longer be dramatic. There will always be a drama queen or drama king inside of those with this placement because of our South Node in Leo. But, we need to be able to objectively use this dramatic flair. How can we channel this passionate, theatrical energy in ways that will still keep us clear-headed and objective? The answer is through some sort of creative outlet.

Aquarius North Node people are extremely creative. It just comes naturally for us. So, we have to apply that drama to something else. It has no room in our lives. This is what makes us such great performers, in more ways than one. Maybe the outlet for our drama comes from acting, writing, or singing. Maybe it’s through being able to present things to people in entertaining, colorful ways. And when we need to entertain, we absolutely entertain. But, balance with these Nodes comes from being able to use our dramatic side in an impersonal way, snapping into being highly emotional or the center of attention, when needed creatively, and then snapping right back out of it.

The people in our personal lives will be thankful, as it really allows us to chill out. Yet, those with an Aquarius North Node are amazingly chill individuals, even though we’re really crazy, at the same time. But, we must be quirky-crazy, not exhausting-crazy. When we get rid of unnecessary drama, we realize how much better we feel when we keep a cooler head. This also allows us to stop being such love-struck schoolboys and schoolgirls all the time. Thanks to that impassioned Leo South Node, when we crush or fall in love, we crush or fall in love hard, to a point where it’s rather embarrassing. Once those feelings of passion kick in, we start having delusions of grandeur about our love life or our romantic interest. But, when we stop making our life a drama, we remain more objective. We don’t get so caught up in the whirlwind of romance. We will still be loving and sincere and warm. But, that side gets balanced by a cool confidence that not only takes the pressure off of our lover but makes us more attractive to them. When we want the other person too insistently, it can push them away.

As much as we want to be in love and be passionately connected, we have to detach somewhat. Having the North Node in Aquarius means that you cannot base your fulfillment on who you fall in love with. This makes you unbalanced and will keep them from ever really satisfying you. Instead, you have to find your satisfaction through projects, ideals, and causes that keep you engaged with the greater world. When you do, your love life will actually become more satisfying. People with an Aquarius North Node have the soul of a mad scientist, always tinkering away at one experiment or another. And you must remember that you cannot and should not control the results. It’s very easy to try to have your way all the time, with this placement. But, you should be willing to just let things happen. Just see where things go, without some expectation of what should happen. When you creatively and brilliantly live in the chaos, your free spirit within will flourish.