Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cate Blanchett - Astrological Profile

Cate Blanchett is widely considered one of our greatest living actresses (and she's admittedly my favorite). She’s a two-time Academy Award winner, for Best Supporting Actress in 2004’s The Aviator and Best Actress for 2013’s Blue Jasmine, the latter of which is generally seen as one of the best female performances of the new millennium. But, what in her astrological makeup drives her formidable talent and great success?

I've been wondering what her birth time was for a while now. But, finally, Astrotheme has come up with a time and the birth chart that it gives her seems to make a great deal of sense, in many ways. According to the site, she was born Catherine Elise Blanchett at 6:40 AM, on May 14, 1969 in Melbourne, Australia, the second of three children, to June and Robert Blanchett. That gives her a Sun (sense of self) conjunct the Ascendant (persona) in Taurus, as well as an Aries Moon (emotional nature).

Having her Sun rising in Taurus seems like the perfect fit, so I don't doubt that birth time. Watch any of her interviews (like the one below) and you will get a very strong whiff of her Taurus energy. When someone has the Sun rising (in the same sign as the Ascendant), they project that sign very confidently and noticeably. It's right there on the surface. Her voice in and of itself is textbook Taurus: rich, sensual, calm, soothing to the ear. In fact, Cate's whole aura exudes an unhurried, grounded ease that is the result of having both her Sun and Rising sign conjunct in slow-and-steady Taurus. It makes one wonder where she channeled the startlingly raw intensity she poured into her role as the high-strung, volatile socialite in Blue Jasmine.

Well, for one thing, Cate has her Sun in Taurus in exact trine to her Pluto in Virgo. So, this is a Taurus woman who definitely has reserves of passion and depth that she taps into when needed for her roles. "There's something tightly wound in her, something hidden," said a former director of hers in an interview. "An uncontrolled core that she's not entirely in charge of which, when it's harnessed, makes her riveting." That is certainly due to her Sun trine Pluto aspect, as Sun-Pluto people tend to keep their tremendous power in reserve, to some degree, until it can be creatively, effectively released. And because of this easiness of the trine, Cate can tap into Pluto's strength without coming off as edgy or defensive like some people with the more difficult aspects between the Sun and Pluto can. Instead, she simply exudes a sense of contained mystery, as if there's so much more underneath the surface than she lets on.

Her 1st House Sun trine her 4th House Pluto is also symbolic of the death of her father when she was 10. He died of a sudden heart attack, allowing Pluto's intense lessons of transformation and loss to affect her at an early age, like it does with many Plutonians. Having both Pluto in the 4th House and Sun trine Pluto can be indicative of the premature death of a parent, particularly the father or paternal figure. Cate has been consistently private in speaking publicly about the trauma but it has clearly informed her acting, once calling the early grief "a strange gift", as it provided her with a deeply felt understanding of pain.

However, this is one actress who does not live out some pain-filled, turbulent existence. Like a true Taurus, she is resolutely down-to-earth and un-dramatic. There is also a deep need for a very quiet, private life found in her 12th House Moon in Aries. Having the Moon in the 12th allows one to feel emotionally secure away from the public eye, cloistered off in a private little existence. Cate has never lived anywhere close to Hollywood, from the very beginning of her career, and has been rooted in her home country of Australia with her husband, theatre director/producer/playwright Andrew Upton and their three sons, for the past several years. 12th House Moon people innately feel comfortable away from all of the hustle and bustle and attention, especially when they're already famous and magnets for attention.

You can also see her 12th House Moon in the boundless range and versatility of her work. Actors' Moon signs, house placements, and aspects are pretty evident in their work and how they go about their work, as acting is so dependent on being emotionally available and expressive. With her Moon in this house, Cate has an infinite imagination and empathetic ability that she can use to become absolutely anyone, from Queen Elizabeth I in Elizabeth to Katharine Hepburn in The Aviator to the elf queen Galadriel in Lord of the Rings to Bob Dylan (yes, a man) in I'm Not There to the fragile, deviant schoolteacher in Notes on a Scandal.  

"I don't like everything to be tied neatly in bows. If it's flowing, then don't arrest it." --- Cate Blanchett

The sheer fluidity and depth of Cate's 12th House Moon has allowed her to play victims, villains, queens, celebrities, tragic heroines, and steely females throughout her illustrious career. The 12th House can also represent what we conceal from the world or parts of ourselves that are more elusive. Cate's Moon is in Aries but it's easy to see how its placement in this house could conceal it. In interviews, you can sense some of the feistiness and fire of her Moon sign. But, she's a relatively subdued, low-key Aries Moon, especially since its out-of-sign conjunction to her Saturn in Taurus makes her more serious. However, Cate is also delightfully witty, with a dry, sarcastic kind of humor. This is the same woman who playfully told Julia Roberts to "hashtag suck it" in her acceptance speech for her 2nd Oscar. Her Mercury is in highly verbal Gemini and is in opposition to unfiltered Mars in Sagittarius. So, it's no wonder that she always answers questions in the blink of an eye, instantly ready with an articulate, sharp, smart answer. Her Mercury opposite Mars makes her mind work at a rapid-fire pace.

There is a fearlessness about Cate, not only because of her fiercely intelligent, outspoken Mercury opposite Mars but because her Moon and Venus are both in Aries. She often talks about the courage and nerve it takes to be a great actor and her performances are invariably defined by that kind of daring. Both the Moon and Venus describe the kind of artists we can be. The Moon shows our potential depth and imagination as artists, while Venus shows our creative sensibilities and tastes. Having both of these receptive planets in bold, ballsy Aries means that Cate is never afraid to take risks in her art and fall right on her face, which is what makes her so thrilling to watch.

Her Aries Venus is in the 11th House and this combination describes an ability to initiate romance in impulsive, whimsical, unconventional ways. That perfectly characterizes the way she met her husband back in 1997. They met at a poker game party, after meeting on a movie set a year before and not liking each other, went home together, and married three weeks later. She and Upton ran the Sydney Theatre Company together from 2008 to 2013 and her 11th House Venus, which will treat her partners in an egalitarian way, no matter her fame, showed up when she insisted that "We're a team" to the press. And, unlike another actress who we suspect is just saying that about her not-so-famous husband without meaning it, it's believable. 

Cate's Neptune in Scorpio falls into her 7th House, the house which defines the ways in which we relate to others. It's evident, first off, in her marriage to Upton. Planets in the 7th House can show our relationship dynamics. Neptune is a planet that loves to merge. Apparently, Cate and Andrew haven't been apart for more than three days ever since she filmed Elizabeth in 1997. And the sheer stability of their marriage indicates that this merging works, occurring on a deep level since Neptune is in profound Scorpio. This placement is also indicative in the artistic ventures (Neptune) that they have shared together for years throughout their joint producing and directing. 

7th House planets also symbolize our rapport with just about everyone we come across and our influence on them. And with Neptune in her 7th, Cate has an influence on others that is beguiling, free-spirited, and transcendental. Countless people have referred to her ethereal, multi-faceted manner. This is the way in which she builds a mutual connection with someone: by being a bit of a blank canvas and allowing herself to shift and change and not be pinned down. By doing so, she kind of wraps up herself and the other person into a daze where they can both just flow and be free. 

Her unusual quality is further symbolized by her Midheaven in Aquarius. Since the Midheaven is the public persona, it's a placement that's particularly noticeable and recognizable in celebrities. The way people see them and their career path are strongly defined by their Midheaven and any planets possibly conjunct it, as they are undeniably in the public eye. With an Aquarius Midheaven, Cate is far from your mainstream Hollywood actress. Her career path has always been unconventional. After all, how many famous actresses go back to Australia and run a theatre company after winning an Oscar (how many famous actresses would run a theatre company, period)? She's been in blockbusters like The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit franchises, but she has also remained committed to small indie projects as well. Her public manner is also true to Aquarius' cool, aloof, unflashy manner, as she's anything but a look-at-me, spotlight-seeking type.

She even seems rather detached from the need to charm people in interviews, something a few journalists have noticed, and peddle a packaged, pretentious sort of persona. She has also said in interviews for Blue Jasmine that she felt no need at all to make the audience like her prickly character, just to make them understand her, further detaching herself from conventional expectations. Yet, we remained totally fascinated by her. That's Aquarius Midheaven for you. She has a somewhat remote public persona but one that is really exciting, interesting and refreshingly original. And I'm sure we'll keep being fascinated for as long as she wants us to. 


  1. Amazing Thank you. I recently watched carol and a few of her interviews i love her

  2. LOVE Cate Blanchett! I could watch her read a telephone book - she IS that fascinating to watch & listen to!