Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mars-Neptune Aspects: The Actor

Having Mars conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine Neptune makes you the actor. If you are literally an actor, or some other kind of artist, which is very likely with this aspect, congratulations. Having a Mars-Neptune aspect can be an ace in the hole for you, artistically. But, whether or not you’re a performer by profession, you’re always performing, in some sense or another. Mars defines the ways in which we actively do things. This planet dictates how we take action and the ways in which we come up with a game plan for our goals and activities. But, dreamy, otherworldly Neptune doesn’t have a linear game plan. It flows and drifts and fantasizes its way through life. Therefore, with your Mars sign in aspect to Neptune, the way that you take action is by not exactly keeping both feet on the ground. However, if you have Mars in an Earth sign in aspect to Neptune and/or a strong Earth influence, you can still be adept enough at the practical details to get by.

Now, you might have heard that having a Mars-Neptune aspect is going to make you hopelessly ineffectual or impractical. Well, that’s just not necessarily true. In fact, it’s very off-base for a lot of people with these aspects, especially those with the sextile, trine, and the conjunction (if they’re balanced). The source of that is the societal discomfort we have with Neptune. We live in a society that’s so focused on results, material gain, power, status, etc. Neptune could care less about any of that, which is why the goal-chasing approach of Mars-Neptune people can be not exactly of this world. It’s also quite common for people with these aspects to spend a childhood being chastised for having such a wild imagination and a desire to immerse themselves in it. You might have been conditioned to believe that it made you a space cadet or lazy or passive. But, you must remember that this vivid fantasy life (Neptune) is truly your secret weapon (Mars) if used effectively.

Cate Blanchett and Joel Edgerton in "A Streetcar Named Desire"

Neptune is too often seen as too frail for this world. Wrong. Neptune energy can rival even Pluto and Saturn in its ability to survive and keep going. Those two planets can easily turn bitter, cynical, or resentful, resulting in a self-defeating chip on the shoulder. But, Neptune’s rose-colored glasses keeps its vision focused on what it wants to see. Therefore, having this planet in aspect to Mars, the planet that helps us achieve, you have the innate potential to view any sort of failure, setback, or obstacle with high idealism. It’s also possible that you might not even see your failures at all. Mars-Neptune has a way of swimming around the negatives of a situation in order to reach the intended goal. Your determination, therefore, might startle people, as you can blind yourself to the negative elements of an endeavor that would keep many people too afraid to even attempt it.

But, this deluded approach can also, of course, have a drawback. It can make you too blindly faithful in your abilities or in the outcome of a situation, to the degree that it ends up becoming your undoing, which is also what Neptune can represent. Waking up to the reality that you’re not climbing the stairway to Heaven and are actually about to fall down below to the other place can be a hard pill to swallow. By that time, it can be too late. This is how many Mars-Neptune people can end up appearing to be victimized by life or maybe even feeling victimized by life. They kept blinding themselves to what was actually happening to them or around them.

However, we become depressed and ineffective when we don’t express our Mars and its aspects and house placement. Therefore, ironically, Mars-Neptune people are at their most effective when they’re given the freedom to be rather unrealistic, within healthy, reasonable boundaries. After all, too much realism just keeps you limited, especially with this planet. Neptune’s influence is boundless. So, having Mars in aspect to this planet means that you have to generally see no boundaries to what you can achieve. The thing with Neptune is that it’s so empathic. So, many Mars-Neptune people have ended up internalizing the ultra-logical value system of the world, taking it on as their own, and are living de-energized lives, as a result. Settling for a mundane existence robs you of your “oomph”, placing you in a box that severely limits your wide range of possibilities.

You have the innate ability to act (Mars) on your expansive imagination (Neptune) that could bring you enormous success in the arts. So many very talented actors, writers, musicians, and other artists carry a Mars-Neptune aspect. It’s truly the perfect direction for you to go in. Not to say that all people with these aspects will end up in the arts but it’s an overwhelming trend. Being an artist gives you the chance to really live in another world, in another person’s shoes. It’s this elusive, hard-to-articulate motivation that resides in every Mars-Neptune individual: the passion for transcendence and escape from everyday life. And unlike the Moon-Neptune combination, who’s much more content with just passively losing themselves in a good movie or book, this planetary combination really needs to experience that escape through direct action.

This is why Mars-Neptune people who are artists are usually much happier and more driven and fulfilled than those who aren’t. The ones who haven’t found some consistent creative outlet usually suffer from a deep melancholy that just drains their energy. The same is true for you if they are stuck in some grinding, 9 to 5 routine. The Mars-Neptune artists get to flow on a different wavelength, working in a nonlinear fashion that deeply satisfies them, while the ones who are confined to a more mundane lifestyle just feel like something’s missing. It’s a spiritual dissatisfaction that will keep nagging at them until it’s directly addressed. Your passion cannot be truly fulfilled within this limited “real world” and that’s just something that you need to accept.

But, yet again, there does need to be a point where the plug is pulled, just for a while, from this fantasy life. You might get so lost in the world of your own making that it’s like you’re living out a story that no one else is a part of. In extreme cases, it might seem like the Mars-Neptune person has lost their mind. You can be playing out your role to near-schizophrenic levels. But, at the same time, that is the essential function of this combination: to take on a role. And your involvement in this particular role can lead to a pattern of lying, if you aren’t honestly self-aware. I stated in my article on Moon-Neptune that, for these folks, the white lies that Neptune compels them toward are usually unintentional, as the Moon is an unconscious energy. But, Mars, on the other hand, is all about intent. So, that can make the case a bit different for this combination.

Mars is about how we fight back. It’s our sparring technique. With Neptune, the intent is to elude the opponent. So, two methods can emerge. The first can be to lie, simply to throw them off your scent. Now, it’s not to say that having Mars-Neptune makes you a horribly untrustworthy liar. But, you can pull that weapon out of your arsenal easier than others and much more successfully. This seems to particularly happen whenever you’re faced with something, by someone, that you don’t want to confront. The director in your head calls Action and, suddenly, you’re turning in an Oscar-caliber performance (again, if you are actually an actor, this might be even truer). And, like any great actor, the trick is that you believe it. You’re lying just as much to yourself as the other person and don’t really snap out of it until the “scene” is over and the potential fight has dissipated.

The other method of elusion is simply that: to escape the other person’s grasp. This can be even more of a pattern for those with the difficult aspects. You can evade, duck, dodge, and disguise, eventually creating too much of a hassle for you to be pinned down. Now, of course, they are many folks with Mars-Neptune aspects who are generally straightforward. But, even they can have a hard time being as totally direct as they’d like to be. The temper of a Mars-Neptune person is often hidden. More compulsively than most, you can pretend like you’re not angry when you are. You might also be more temperamental in secret than right out in the open. People with these aspects are the classic types to have angry confrontations with someone that are actually imaginary, when no one’s looking. If you have a strong Mars or Pluto influence, however, it’s much easier for you to turn these dramatic fantasies into an actual face-to-face confrontation in reality.

The truth is that Mars-Neptune people would much rather fight for someone else than themselves. You might discover that one of your true passions is being charitable. Few people are as motivated to give their spare dollar to the homeless man on the subway or to rescue that poor stray cat than those with these aspects. When you accept your compassionate nature, you are driven toward bringing a healing energy to the world. Neptune brings an amazingly psychic intuition to whatever planet it touches. With Mars, you can not only sense people’s feelings and thoughts but you intuitively know the kind of action you need to take in order to heal them and bring them peace. The chameleonic aspect of Neptune also means that you’re the type of person who knows how to navigate whatever environment they find themselves in. Mars-Neptune people can preternaturally read all of the signals in their environment and adapt accordingly. This fine-tuned ability to go along with the flow can further allow you to subtly accomplish the goals that you’re after.

Since Mars rules how we have sex, as well, there is definitely a passion for losing oneself in the act, with Mars in aspect to Neptune. Sex becomes a means of transcendence, which can bring you to an intense level of ecstasy. The after-feeling of being deeply at peace that follows sex runs deeper for Mars-Neptune people. It really does bring you spiritual clarity. You deal with your sexual partners in very humane, compassionate ways. This is not an aspect that makes one fond of sadomasochistic dynamics in the bedroom, even if there’s some Pluto action going on in the chart. Even things like painful biting and too much roughness (being given or received) will really turn you off. You are a very sensitive partner, with the ability to be so attuned to your partner’s sexual needs that it’s like the line between you two disappears. Your sexual fantasies are very vivid and overwhelming, as well, and sometimes might be significantly more fulfilling for you than the real thing. It might not be the sex itself that turns you on but the sheer fantasy of the sex.

Mars conjunct Neptune: Since you have the conjunction, your role playing goes so deep that it can be difficult for you to snap out of it. The lines between reality and fantasy become quite blurred for you. However, it’s also because of this mentality that you have such a powerful drive to bring those dreams to life. You also have an uncanny sixth sense for knowing what steps to take and when.

Mars square or opposite Neptune: Having the square or the opposition can make you the most prone, of this group, to resisting transcendence from the real world. Therefore, your actions can be radically escapist because this desire is so pent-up. But, channeling that desire into some worthwhile artistic or empathic outlet is what will prevent you from drowning in the deep end.

Mars sextile or trine Neptune: With the sextile or the trine, you are the least Method of this group of actors. You acknowledge that you’re playing a role and can flip the switch on and off. You have a fluid, seamless access to your creative abilities and crave the natural high of inspiration. Just don’t let the banal side of life get you down or become something you feel you need to avoid. 


  1. Very good and clear information.

  2. Ugh! I have the square and since my Mars is conjunct Sun there's even more involved. I "escape" into fantasy a lot...well, when I'm stressed which is a lot over the past couple years. I'm trying to figure out how to find my artistic side??

  3. Wow, great article, I can relate to this a lot! I have Mars in Aries square Neptune in Capricorn. I am pursuing the artist path and love it and do find it satisfying versus the mundane 9 to 5! I also relate to rescuing a stray cat. When Jupiter was transiting my 4th house we expanded our family by adoping a kitty from the animal shelter. During that same time 4 kittens were born in our garden and when their mother left them, I knew we had to adopt them. We were only going to adopt one but decided we couldn't split the two brothers and two sisters up, so now we have 5 cats, lol, that we love so much. Jupiter for sure expanded our family during that transit :) I definitely do have that sensitive compassionate side, I give money to homeless people often times when others would not.

  4. I have Mars in Pisces but at 29 degrees and Neptune in Capricorn at 2 degrees. It's not a super tight square, but I feel it powerfully anyway. I don't want to imagine how things are for those with an orb of 2 or less. The part about my sexual style was spot on. I loathe kinky sex (in reality), although I had dreams about it. So I suppose it's part of my nature and probably explains why I attract people who tend to annoy me by their insistence on partaking in it.

  5. So......could Neptune in the 1st count? Or what effect would that have as it pertains to acting?

  6. This is an awesome article on this aspect! All other comments on this aspect were really bad ones without looking at the positive effects. Thanks! :)

  7. What does means ‘her Neptune Mars fall in his 8th’ in a synastry?

  8. What does means ‘her Neptune Mars fall in his 8th’ in a synastry?

  9. Mars sextile neptune! Really right about the artist part, and the imaginary confrontations although I can really turn it into a reality because of my mars conjunct pluto aspect. Thanks for this!

  10. I love your blog! So clear and positive~!

  11. I really enjoyed and am so affirmed from reading your piece. I have Mars in Virgo in the 12th house. I intuitively know that the Mars/Neptune conjunction would being powerful insight into understanding that placement because my Mars although is Mercurian, is deeply influenced by Neptune because it's in the 12th house. Sure enough, although I don't exactly have my Mars conjunction Neptune...The interpretations are still the same. This of course is the working of my strong Neptune which led me to explorer how others were interpretations this conjunction. Yours has been the most indepth, by far. I appreciate you sharing this. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

    1. It's 6am and I am tired so please pardon the typos. ๐Ÿ˜ต

  12. So accurate. I have an exact Mars-Neptune trine in two earth-signs, exact Neptune square Venus, and Moon in the 12th house.

    My fantasies are so vivid, and have always been, since childhood. They are present all the time, I day-dream a LOT. Mostly about my own life, evluating every step as a true Virgo.

    But I'll just think intensely about the future, change course of action all the time, and then accordingly to my dreams, my actions change and dreams become reality. It has always been like this. If I dreamt about going to NY when i was 16, it happened a year after it. Wanted to move out from mums, happened almost immediately. Things tend to happen, as you wrote, when i use your fantasies as a weapon.

    I've always been a dreamer, my family says that an actress died in me. Which is particulary true since Ive always dreamed of becoming one, since i was able to talk. Which is a weird dream to just imerge like that when youre kid. But not if you have an exact Mars-Neptune trine :'D

    Very nice article.

  13. I have a hard time living up to the expectations of Sagittarius....i have to work so hard at it...mars in pisces..

  14. Lots of good info in the article. Thanks.

    I have an exact trine in air signs. I have never dreamed of being an actor, never wanted it. The idea of drama school was always extremely negative. I hate performing, hate dancing, anything like that, no thanks. I'm very good artistically with music but performing, for anybody, has never interested or motivated me. I simply don't dream of acting like someone else. So much for Mars trine Neptune.

  15. Was an interesting read, as most interpretations of Mars-Neptune aspects tend to be negative. I've got the conjunction, in sextile with Mercury, for reference. If anything, it reveals the importance of roles generally - i.e. all people do in fact actually act and live from a role that they have embraced, I am yet to meet someone who has the clarity to conceive themselves other than through a role or persona. That would make for a level of freedom that is perceived as socially dangerous. (Social control is practiced to a significant degree through the assignation of a persona to be internalized by the individual). Well, I could write a whole book about this.

  16. Mars Conjunct N.node and Neptune in Sag... I’m a Jedi Knight! Lol... or as said by another Astrologer, an Action Oriented Cosmic Goddess๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’– This article is AMAZING!