Thursday, January 29, 2015

Planets in the 7th House: Saturn

I’m continuing my Planets in the 7th House series but I’m deciding to pick and choose whichever planet interests me, at the moment, instead of going completely in astrological order from the Sun to Pluto. I covered the Sun in the 7th House last time, addressing the traits and motivations of the vivacious life forces with their Sun sign falling into this house. So, let’s move on to everyone’s favorite planet: Saturn (and yes, that is said with a dose of sarcasm).

Saturn can get more of a bad rap than it deserves. Having a strongly emphasized Saturn, particularly one in an angular house, like the 7th, doesn’t mean that you’ll be cold, emotionally unavailable, or distant. Nor does it mean, if you have a tendency of expressing these traits, that you have to settle for being this way. If you’re a faithful reader of this blog, you should know by now that I don’t like for astrology to be used fatalistically or to place oneself or others in a stereotypical little box. It should be used to be your best. A strong Saturn influence can simply make you someone who is distinctly mature, capable, responsible, reliable, and ambitious.

Yet, you’ve got to know how to use that Saturn energy with wisdom, which is one of this authoritative planet’s favorite words. You’ve got to take responsibility for your Saturn and that might be a difficult thing to do if you have Saturn in the 7th House. Planets in the 7th House express themselves in a tit-for-tat manner. They operate by giving to the other person and expecting the same kind of expression back. The only problem is when this demand for sharing becomes too dependent on the other person’s action or response. It’s not that 7th House people can’t live without another person. It’s just that, as I said in the 7th House Sun article, it can be tough for them to fully manifest that 7th House planet’s expression without receiving it back from the other person.

The 7th House and any planets in it define how we relate to others. This is the rapport that we establish and that we need in order to feel a mutual connection. It puts us both on the same page. So, since we’re dealing with Saturn here, a mutual connection is experienced when the other person is seen to be a serious sort of individual. While the Sun in the 7th requires a mutual sense of high energy, entertainment, and life-loving to feel a connection, having Saturn in the 7th means that you establish a rapport with people by reviewing their resume, metaphorically speaking (or, sometimes, literally speaking). You seek to know that they are more than qualified to fulfill whatever position – friend, lover, business partner, etc. – that they’re applying for in your life.

Therefore, a noticeable dutifulness defines the way that 7th House Saturn people interact with others. In fact, it might all begin to feel a little too businesslike or proper, sometimes. After all, Saturn is a planet that can bring limitations or restrictions. Therefore, if you have Saturn in this house, it’s usually quite difficult for you to really cut loose with people (and, as a result, people might find it hard to cut loose around you). You might have to be really intoxicated, which you’d avoid because potentially embarrassing yourself socially is a truly horrifying idea to you. Saturn in the 7th House people basically need to feel like they are constantly fulfilling their social obligations. However, they can also be rigid, strict, and even judgmental with others who they feel aren’t fulfilling their social duties and responsibilities. Tit for tat, remember?

So, there are times when 7th House Saturn people play the role of the scrutinizing boss in their relationships, checking to see if you’re on your p’s and q’s, even when you’re doing something as simple as going to the movies. But, then, there are also times when those with Saturn in this house can see others as the scrutinizing boss, making them painfully self-conscious in their interactions with others. They might always feel like you’re judging them, and harshly, even when you’re doing nothing of the sort. They can be constantly terrified of being “fired”, getting rejected for falling short of the other person’s expectations. So, you might feel them trying very hard, a lot of the time.

It goes without saying, then, that Saturn in the 7th House individuals aren’t usually the life of the party. It’s very difficult for them to be totally playful, fun, and relaxed with others, unless they’ve really worked on it. It can feel very strained, mechanical, or forced. You might take things too seriously when interacting with others when they are just looking for lightness or a carefree time. 7th House planets show how we influence others in our relationships. Therefore, the unfortunate truth is that those with Saturn in this house can influence others by just bringing them down. Some, but not all, people can find them uptight, unexciting, or depressing, leading them to look for the fun elsewhere. And, sadly, this is what fuels that deep fear of rejection that Saturn in the 7th House people harbor. But, they don’t realize that it’s actually a self-fulfilling prophecy and that they’re actually the ones limiting themselves in relationships.

Because of a fear of either not being good enough for the other person or vice versa, having a 7th House Saturn can cause you to take a very obligatory approach to relationships. You might not get involved past the requisite point of the person’s purpose in your life. Saturn has an intense anxiety about failure and with Saturn in the 7th, having failed relationships is the driving fear. This can turn out in one of two different ways. It can drive you to become obsessively dedicated to relationships, treating them like a job and desperate for them to be successful. Or it can drive you to the total opposite end where you don’t even try. Either a 7th House Saturn is very ambitious with their relationships, breaking their backs trying to be or find a competent partner, or they are very unambitious with bonds, not even trying and going out of their way to avoid the hard work.

The latter is where you can repeatedly defeat yourself but where you also have room to achieve greater balance. Many with Saturn in the 7th House need to be in close relationships with people who are very responsible and dutiful in order to be very responsible themselves. If they don’t have someone else bringing this feeling of structure, they might not know what to do. They can be like unemployed people, desperately waiting for a good boss to hire them for the job. At this stage, they will become very irresponsible people who don’t know how to properly take ownership of their lives.  

So, with Saturn in the 7th, your challenge is to learn to be your own boss in a relationship. You can’t wait around for people to give you some sense of purpose and direction or to do the tasks that you should be doing. Saturn in the 7th House needs to learn true self-sufficiency or else their relationships will always be dictated by an authoritative dynamic that’s unbalanced on one side or the other. Once you learn to fully be your own effective, capable authority figure, you can attract people into your life who have the same up-by-their-bootstraps drive and willingness to really make something out of their life. Some people with Saturn here can live well into middle age, possibly even nearing senior citizenship, before they fully learn this lesson. But, not to worry. A strong Saturn influence can either delay the progress of a person’s maturity or make them startlingly premature, able to effectively express this planet at a very young age. So, into your teens or twenties, these lessons might already be something that you’ve fully internalized. Either way, Saturn’s journey can be challenging but the reward is long-lasting.

People on the job might be those who 7th House Saturn people are most popular with, as they really socially thrive when they know the protocol at hand. Having this placement can also make you a very dignified, respectable presence in any interpersonal setting where decorum is everything and it matters a lot what people will say about you. Like I said before, not everyone is going to find you a barrel of fun, although we shouldn’t underestimate Saturn’s wicked capability for dry wit. We all have our target audience, after all. And I should say that your target audience will hold you in high esteem. With a 7th House Saturn, you really know how to sway people with your wisdom and your pragmatic advice. There are people out there who will definitely gobble this up, especially younger people who look up to you, and this will allow them to enjoy your company much more than the flashy jokers in the room. For those who take relations with others more seriously and don’t need all that pizzazz, you’re their cup of tea.

Personal relationships are always an opportunity for achievement for you, either to direct someone toward opportunities to achievement or to meet someone who’ll bring these your way. Saturn in the 7th House people can live out both sides. However, both parties have to be bringing an equal amount to the table. Therefore, 7th House Saturn people have the most successful relationships with people who are very goal-oriented, ambitious, and purposeful. When it comes to romantic affairs, in particular, you flounder in casual flings and whimsical partnerships. You readily look toward the long-haul with the other person and need someone who envisions this kind of future, as well. Therefore, your ideal partner is a worldly go-getter with a businesslike approach, creating a serious-minded rapport that keeps both of you on track.  


  1. Is this the same as capricorn in the 7th house?


    1. Yeah, a Capricorn Descendant will function very similarly.

  2. I have saturn in the 7th house and I just discovered one of my really close friends also has saturn in the 7th. However unlike me she's not really into astrology and I noticed she is displaying a lot of the negative traits of a 7th house saturn person like not taking responsibility for her choices and waiting around for others to do what she knows she can do herself. I am constantly having to remind her she can't always depend on others. She's in her early twenties so I'm hoping she won't have to go through something devastating to learn this lesson.

    1. Unfortunately, she might just have to. That could be what she learns through her Saturn Return. But, yes, you're right. Whatever's in the 7th, you have to own it before you look for it in other people. So, she'll never have successful relationships until she learns to be her own boss. The good thing is that you know this about this placement and you're working on it for yourself.

      But, we're all just trying to get our Saturn right. She's still very young, so give her some time. I feel like I've just started expressing mine more positively and figuring out what to do with it and I'm nearing my late twenties. So, it's a growing process for us all. :)

  3. Wow! Thank you you have given me a different view of Saturn in the 7th. Not only that, you have given me directions to work with it. Thank you and many blessings.

  4. Weyman, another excellent post. I have Capricorn on an empty fifth to further exacerbate my Arean Saturn in the seventh. I've been searching for some mitigation elsewhere in my chart. However, your astute assessment of the eleventh house suggests that even my exalted Jupiter could be a source of detachment and alienation.

  5. Ha! I have Saturn AND Sun in my 7th. And Venus and Pluto. I'm a very awkward and yet charming person?