Friday, January 9, 2015

Planets in the 7th House: The Sun

I find planets in the 7th House fascinating; so much so that I’ve decided to do a series of articles on this blog on them. I think my prime interest with planets in this house is because I have a 7th House Sun and have read too many descriptions that paint me out to be some co-dependent with a weak sense of self who can’t function without being in a relationship. As I and many other people with a 7th House Sun can tell you, that’s just plain wrong. It’s an example of astrologers over-simplifying a placement into some easy cookbook formula. The 7th House is more complex than that, particularly because this is the house of “relationships” and relationships are one of the most complicated areas of our lives.

So, if you have a planet or more in the 7th House, don’t fret. This doesn’t mean that you’ll die if you’re not in a relationship, which is the kind of stereotyping that can make some not like their 7th House planet that much. Having planets in this house is a great gift. It means that relating becomes a crucial part of the planet(s) in the 7th House’s function, as does balance. These planets are seeking the qualities of that planet in the other person, taking steps to influence them in ways that bring out those qualities. This balances the planet out, allowing it to meet the other person in the middle by expressing itself.

In a way, there is a dependent quality to that. But, it doesn’t make it unhealthy or weak. The 7th House is inherently dependent because it’s about how we engage with other people. The opposite house, the 1st House, is all about us and our carved-out role in the world. Planets in the 1st are quite selfish in their expression. But, planets in the 7th have to take the other person into consideration. There is an element of dependency in all of our relationships, after all. If you can’t accept that, then you’re probably not going to have many successful, happy relationships.

Let’s start off with the Sun in the 7th, then. And no, not just because this is my placement. The Sun is the core of our birth chart, after all, representing the true sense of self and the identity that we’re developing for ourselves. Because of this, it takes many people some time to grow into their Sun signs, throughout the course of their lives. This is a latent energy inside of us that we’re learning how to properly tap into, own, and express with self-confidence. So, for Sun in the 7th House people, there might be a distinct period in their lives where they aren’t aware of or comfortable with how highly likable, charming, and disarming they actually are.

From personal experience, I can attest that this placement can give the person, for a period of time, preoccupying uncertainties and fears around being liked and popular, more so than the average person has. Until they gain the self-confidence to positively express their Sun, they can be obsessed with who likes them and who doesn’t, even if they try to pretend otherwise. It’s actually common for 7th House Sun people to profess themselves to not be likable or kind people, even when most people think the total opposite and even though they actually are very well-liked. This is just their insecurity talking, reflecting what they assume others think about them. Their inner self-awareness is powerfully wrapped up in how they are relating to others.

Planets in the 7th House represent the kind of influence that we can exert over other people. This influence is usually defined by the characteristics and principles of that planet. The Sun is all about the self and feeling confident and empowered. Therefore, the kind of influence that a 7th House Sun individual exerts over others is to simply make them feel good about themselves. These people are very aware of insecurity, doubt, or self-loathing in others and do everything in their power to bring balance to people when they’re in these negative states. They want you to have a positive self-image, especially if their Sun is in a Fire sign. So, they’re not going to let you stay down in the dumps or beat yourself up over things. 7th House Sun thrives on boosting people up.

Over time, they’ll come to realize that their identity depends on encouraging other people and bringing out the best in them. This is inevitably a big part of what makes Sun in the 7th House folks so likable and popular. That might sound like a boast because I have this placement but it’s more so just a form of self-awareness. Trusting that they are truly liked and thought well of is what allows a 7th House Sun to feel self-confident and empowered. It’s what gives us all confidence, of course. But, this is the fuel that keeps the fire for those with the Sun in this house burning. However, I don’t exactly think that it creates the people-pleasing type that you might read about in analyses of the Sun in the 7th House. Wanting to make people feel good and being a people-pleaser are two subtly different things. The latter type is desperate and insecure while the former type is simply trying to spread positive vibes around the room. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Basically, 7th House Sun people influence others just by the sheer force of their personality and presence. Their charm and people skills are powerful, sometimes allowing them to wrap others around their little finger without them even realizing it. They can be amazingly relatable people, always aware of how to get on someone else’s level. In their relationships, they are warm, inspiring, positive, and lively. Those with this placement are the types to really “light up” the other person’s life. They thrive on bringing joy and spontaneity into their one-on-one interactions with other people. Those that know them often comment on how fun they are to be around and how they bring a lot of energy into the room. Sun in the 7th House is building an identity that’s based on being the life of the party, automatically making a situation more fun just by being there.

However, our 7th House planets are all about equality. They expect to equally receive what they give. Therefore, having the Sun in the 7th House means that you expect just as much joy and entertainment from others as you give to them. Not receiving this can be quite depressing for you. When our Sun’s not fulfilled, our light starts dimming. So, essentially, when a 7th House Sun doesn’t have entertaining company, they start feeling like the life is being sucked out of them. Many people can be bored around those who are dull, lifeless, or consistently negative yet can still go on about their ways. But, 7th House Sun people aren’t just bored by them. They feel rather lifeless around those who are lifeless. Those with this placement can also feel less confident and powerful around these types of people, as they express their effectiveness by showing others how to have fun. People who are stuck in their shell or in a funk make them feel like there’s no use to anything that they do or say and it can cause them to significantly withdraw or subdue themselves.  

But, it’s important, after all, to not become co-dependent in the expression of our 7th House planet. Many don’t but some fall into this trap. And because of the aforementioned reasons, Sun in the 7th House people can live like their light is dependent on other people’s light. This is the more nuanced version of those descriptions of “their sense of self is dependent on another person.” It’s not exactly that they can’t exist without a partner or someone by their side. It’s that they’re often not able to fully express their personality around someone who’s not fully expressive. Because they are focused on making people feel alive, they might expect the same from others, too busy looking for someone else to make them feel alive. As you can see, the 7th House can become a hall of mirrors, after a while. Planets here can project and expect and take and give in echoing ways.

If you have the Sun in the 7th House, then develop an independent sense of your own personality first. Don’t require someone else to be fun for you to be fun or happy for you to be happy. Planets in the 7th House need to be able to know what they bring to the table first and request it from others while not losing themselves. This is the only way true balance can be established. Therefore, know the full extent of your own personality. Not holding back in this regard will allow others to not hold back, either. Well, some people. Others might still be trapped in that shell of theirs. However, this doesn’t have to throw you out of balance. You have your own personality, after all, and it’s not your job to reflect someone else’s or stop having a good time because they’re not.

But, if you want to get on a 7th House Sun’s good side, take notes. Be free and authentic in your self-expression. They want to see the real you and they want you to enjoy yourself. They’ll encourage you to honor the true individual that you are. The 7th House and any planets that might be there describe the dynamics of our personal relationships and the partners we end up attracting. So, it goes without saying that people with the Sun in the 7th House attract partners who are life forces in their own right. Only the colorful and the exciting need apply. This establishes an invigorating rapport within the relationship that makes both parties feel full of life. 


  1. I have a 7th house sun and I feel like I have to always be the proactive one in a relationship, like if I didn't ask the person out or extend myself somehow there would never even be a relationship, I would be single. Do you think there could be that connection or it would be something else?

  2. I have a sun in the 7th house, and I read a lot of descriptions thag claim people with this placement to be egoistic and selfish, and my question is people with this placement of the sun can be selfish and egoistic by its bad meaning?

    1. I actually rarely read that about this placement but it is quite true. Sun in the 7th House people can be selfishly unselfish, if that makes sense. We give so much to others but demand so much back in return. We want others to be as thoughtful or as devoted as we are and can easily feel offended when they're not. We can also judge our friends or partner, sometimes, for not being more like us (or possibly even for being too much like us) because we are looking for a reflection of ourselves in relationships.

      I think it's a great placement to have. But, you just have to stop and realize that you're trying to make your relationships revolve around you, even when you think you're being perfectly thoughtful and reasonable.

  3. Thank you for the answer :)
    Could you please elaborate on the part where you said we're looking for a reflection of ourseleves in relationships?

    1. Yeah, well, the Sun is your personality and sense of self. So, with a romantic partner or a good friend, you will be most attracted to the people who have very similar traits. That's a common thing with people, in general, but it really drives 7th House Sun people.

      Whatever your Sun sign is, you will have many people with that sign's energy or influence close to you (this placement can also attract many Leo people toward you). And because you expect the other person to be a lot like you, you can sometimes judge them when they don't do what you would do or what you want them to do. So, that's just what you have to watch out for.

    2. Thanks: )

      I really love your blog and I think at least for my placements that I read here that everything you write is spot on.

      (I deleted the last comment because I was trying to post an emoji but it lookes like two question marks instead - sorry )

  4. You nailed it.

    I'm a 7th House Sun, Moon and Mercury, and all of your points hit home, especially the warning that: "...for Sun in the 7th House people, there might be a distinct period in their lives where they aren’t aware of or comfortable with how highly likeable, charming, and disarming they actually are."

    I don't know if you have experienced this yourself, but I definitely struggle with accepting my true self when it is reflected to me through other people, by which I mean: when people tell you are charming, friendly or a positive, you struggle to accept it because it doesn't jive with the personality that you think you have.

    People with the Sun in the 7th do not understand the effect they have on people, whether it is good or bad; they are so focused on the other person (appeasing them, reflecting their energy back to them, creating good vibes so you both parties feel good), that they don't have enough mental space left to accommodate thoughts about how THEY are actually affecting their audience.

    I can see where the stereotype which you mentioned comes from. We are very focused on others, but the fault in the stereotype comes from the belief that we stake our egos on relationships and constant approval. I believe that this is the shadow of a 7th House Sun. If you aren't at the lowest energetic ebb of the placement, then constant validation won't be a priority. Instead you will be charming, pleasant to be around and a source of positive energy for everyone. You're definitely right when you indicate that a 7th Sun must salvage some of themselves amidst all of the people-pleasing which they do. You don't want to lose yourself in making everyone else feel comfortable. Once you know and accept yourself, then you'll be an unstoppable force: self-possessed, a positive influence and considerate; people will feel good around you, and you won't have to base your self-confidence on anyone else's reaction to you.

    You've provided a wonderful analysis. I just found your blog, and it's so good that I immediately purchased a natal chart analysis. It's refreshing to find an astrologer who is beyond stereotypes and offers insightful and heartfelt interpretations of the various (and multitudinous) placements.

  5. I have (Aries) Sun in the 7th house, and found this article particularly true. I have realized a while ago that willingly or not I have been always searching for the company of a person who was a little of who I wanted to be: more popular, braver and more open (especially in company because I am a shy person). I have had many best friends like that (+ this is true for my husband as well), the only problem was that after some time I started to feel jealous especially of their popularity and because I was always -you know - the best friend. It started to bother me that people don't even notice I am there too. Still, I often felt that I am not interesting on my own, and unfortunately I have quite many people issues that my chart reflects quite well (Jupiter in 11th house, Saturn in 5th house). Hope to gain a bit more self-confidence.