Saturday, January 31, 2015

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Have you been enjoying my insights here on Astrology Arena? Do you want more specific insights tailored to you? Then, sign up for one of my readings! I’m running this blog, after all, to help you all understand your charts and, therefore, understand yourselves more. At the same time, the best way for me to deal with people, one-on-one, nowadays is through my readings. I don’t have as much time to talk to you guys on here as I would like! So, if you have some specific concerns you want me to address or if you just want to get my take on your chart or your life, pertaining to your chart, you should check out any of the following readings.

Just listen to what my satisfied clients have to say about it:

"I ordered this birth chart reading in part because I was already familiar with Wayman's interpretations from interacting with them. Also, the price was just too good to pass up knowing their talent. It made it a really, really good deal! 

The reading hit a nice middle ground. If you're newer to Astrology this is a great reading. They explain what the planets mean and how they impact a person and then go into detail about how that planet is most likely impacting your life and your personality. Touching on aspects along the way. Very good reading!"


“Although this was the first chart I ever decided to pay for, this was definitely the best I’ve come across. Not only were major aspects explained in detailed and understandable terms, but my chart as a whole was explained in a way that made sense and really made me understand myself better, not just a list of planetary angles. Wayman also answered specific questions I had. Additionally, there is always wise and positive encouragement with the hard planet aspects in the chart, which I think is very important. The whole chart flowed and was so helpful.”


“Getting a personal reading done was well worth more money than what Wayman asks for, compared to other chart readings done that are computer generated, such as the popular Liz Greene one on Astrodienst for around $50. (I've also had a Skype reading done from Alyssa Sharpe, a popular astrologer on YouTube but I prefer written readings because it's tangible/not on the spot where what he says is more thought through because he has time to word it how he wants, whereas videos are just on the spot). Wayman makes sense of the chart as a whole and explains each aspect. Also, if you have further questions to ask him even after the chart is done, he answers all of your questions.” 


"Wayman's reading was wonderful! The amount of information he provides in a readable, easy to understand format is excellent and his ability to make each reading feel personal is amazing." 


The great thing about my readings is that they are all 100% from scratch. I don’t do any copy-and-paste whatsoever. What’s the point? You are paying good money for these readings, after all. You don’t need me to tell you what any old computerized reading will tell you. Because of this, these readings are highly personalized and geared toward you, especially if you have any specific questions or concerns you want me to address. This will help you understand the synthesis of astrology and how each chart is like a fingerprint.

What readings do I offer? Here are the main three:

Birth Chart Reading    $60.00
This is my detailed, in-depth take on your birth chart. It’s made up of 3 sections: the North and South Node, the planets, and the four angles. By ordering this, you will get a big-picture view of all of the astrological parts that make you who you are as well as how you can fulfill the potential of the positives of your chart and overcome the negatives. Written and sent in Microsoft Word.

Transit Chart Reading     $40.00
Want to figure out how the current astrological placements are affecting you and your life? Then, order this transit chart! It’s my detailed analysis of your current transiting aspects and house placements. It’s a little different than some transit charts, though, because I stay in the present, instead of spanning several months. Written and sent in Microsoft Word.

Synastry Chart Reading    $40.00
By ordering this detailed synastry chart, you will figure out the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship with that special someone; not just a romantic partner but a friend, relative, business partner, etc. Through this reading, you will get my take on how you can make this bond work via your synastry aspects and house placements. Written and sent in Microsoft Word.

Also, check out these special offers:

What Kind of Partner Are You?    $35.00
This reading tells you just how you are in relationships and how you can be the best partner you can be. I interpret your Moon sign/house/aspects, Venus sign/house/aspects, Descendant, and any planets in the 7th House, if you have them. Written and sent in Microsoft Word.

What Kind of Professional Are You?    $35.00
Through this reading, you will learn the best way to find career fulfillment, choose the right profession, and make the best impression in your field/community. I do so by looking at your Mars sign/house/aspects, Saturn sign/house/aspects, Midheaven and its aspects, and any planets in the 10th House, if you have them. Written and sent in Microsoft Word.

What Kind of Artist Are You?    $35.00
You will fulfill your artistic potential through this reading, which tells you your emotional range, inner life, creative sensibilities, and ability to transcend your everyday life. It’s an interpretation of your Moon sign/house/aspects, your Venus sign/house/aspects, the sign on your 12th House cusp and any planets in the 12th House, if you have them. Written and sent in Microsoft Word.

Special Consultation    $30.00
A lengthy e-mail conversation between you and me about anything you would like to talk about astrologically. It can be certain chart placements, your Saturn Return, a love of astrology, whatever else! This is also applicable for birth chart rectifications (see below). Conducted through email. 

Ask Me Anything    $15.00
You can ask me whatever question you want about your chart and I will answer it in length. However, you have to pick just one thing for me to talk about, whether it's your Venus sign and house or your Midheaven and what it means. Conducted through email. 

Now, how do you place an order?

1) Choose the reading(s) that you want from the drop-down menu below. You can choose however many you want at any given time. I’ve been known to take on large orders before. You will be paying through PayPal’s service but you don’t need a PayPal account. All major debit cards and credit cards are accepted.

2) Email me at Make the subject “Personal Reading” and the readings you ordered. In the message, give me your birth info and the birth info of anyone who is involved in the reading(s). This means the month, day, year, time, and location in which you or they were born. If you have an estimated time of birth but don’t know the specific time, that’s fine. Just as long as you don’t care about being too exact.  

If you don’t know your birth time or someone’s birth time at all, then I can perform what’s known as a “birth chart rectification.” This will be a service that’s an additional charge of $24.99 and can be purchased as a “special consultation” reading. It will be a series of questions, largely based on the suspected Ascendant for you or the other person, that will help me pin down your birth time.

Also, if you have any specific questions or concerns (which many people do; hence the purchase of the reading) include them in the email. And don’t feel bad about writing me an essay, if need be. I’ll make sure to keep all of it in mind when I do your reading.

3) Wait for a reply from me, which is usually very quick (within a day, no more than two). I will then give you the estimated time that your reading should be complete. I say “estimated” because it is subject to change, thanks to my workload and the fact that I am doing these all from scratch and never want to go through the motions. But, just be patient with me and I will give you the best reading I can give you.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!


Terms and Agreements:

You have 30 days from the date you receive your reading to report anything inaccurate or inconsistent in your reading, including the birth time, as this will significantly affect your reading. Within that period, your reading can be rewritten at no additional cost. At the end of the 30 day period, any rewritten reading must be purchased as a new reading. All readings are also non-refundable. By purchasing a reading, you agree to these terms. 

Personal Reading/Service


  1. I've read your blog and your take on Pluto conjunct ascendent really made my mind up for me. I'm going to order ALL the charts you offer. Just soon as I sell another house! I'm so glad I found you!

  2. Good lord, I just found your blog and am beyond excited to read all of your insights. I'm a rookie but a very passionate and eager-to-learn one.

  3. Wayman is very good at chart interpretation. His Birth Report is both enlightening and encouraging. He really opened up my eyes to see and understand areas of my chart that previously had received little attention. Thank you, Wayman!

  4. being totally bereft of funds, I am unfortunately disenfranchised from buying a report, although I would love to, however, can you answer a question for me? I have a solar eclipse on my solar return this year (1st September) in my 8th house. In fact I have a stellium in the 8th house during this transit. In your view, does this point to the death of me or my spouse or a significant ending in some way? I feel fine and healthy right now.

  5. Sorry Wayne I posted some questions to you without/before I saw this page I will try and sort something out soon as you absolutely rock with your interpretations.

  6. Hi Wayne,
    I just purchased a birth chart reading from you and emailed you. Can advice how do u do my reading?

  7. Yes, I have studied astrology for over twenty years and now have a vast library and have done written charts for others and for payment and yet, in all of this time no one has told me what Venus trine Uranus in my chart really meant. Mind you, Venus is in Scorpio in my fourth and Uranus is in Cancer at the tail end of my eleventh. I am absolutely amazed by your gift.

  8. Wayman is amazing at what he does, and has a really unique approach in his interpretations. I would really recommend his birth chart reading, and already have to many of my friends.

  9. sir i am suffering from this stellium in my 9th house with another stellium of mars, mercury and sun in 4th house..sir i have severe headache everyday..unconsciousness in my mind....please help me sir..

  10. So grateful to you. Anytime I need detailed explanations about any aspect in my chart, I come here. I keep wondering - why don't you move all this posts to your own actual website and get some income through ads? I always think about this everytime I'm on here reading your posts for free. Sorry to sound like one of those random spam bots but I really think your work is very detailed, thorough and insightful - it would be great for you to get something back. Anyways I just wanted to say a big THANK U for being of service to us Astrology students!!!

  11. I agree with what "Unknown" says. Your work is meticulous, detailed, insightful, compassionate, substantial, illuminating and learned. My jaw drops every time I see your prices. Perhaps you can have a sliding fee, but I'd love to see you charge more than what you're demanding now. I feel troubled by the imbalance I see in the quality, value and care you offer and the fee you request.

  12. IS there a chance to have a skype session once the report is order? Let me know, I truly enjoyed the Pluto Sun Conj article.

    1. Hi, no, I don't use Skype. We can chat briefly, though, after the reading, if you have a question or two or just something you want to say or elaborate on.

  13. Wayman,

    Do you do children's natal chart readings and/or synastry of parent-child?

    1. Hi. I actually don't do full birth chart readings for children under the age of about 14 because I think, until then, they are just growing into their chart. So, many placements will be less relevant or accessible to them than others, especially things like the Midheaven or the North Node.

      But, you can purchase the "special consultation" and I will tell you about the certain placements that I think are relevant to your child. So, it'll be like a partial reading.

      Synastry charts are a bit different. I can do synastry for a parent and child as long that the child is at least 5 or 6 years old because, even if the child isn't expressing their full chart, if the parent's planets touch certain placements in the child's chart, the parent will be a big influence down the line in awakening those traits in the child.