Monday, January 5, 2015

Sun in Capricorn People: The Climbers - Part One

Happy New Year, everyone! It’s fitting to undertake the tradition of welcoming in 2015 with the traditional sign of Capricorn. The Sun in Capricorn period always takes place roughly between December 22 and January 19. It’s during this time when we move past the free-spirited excesses of Sun in Sagittarius and get down to the business of serious Sun in Capricorn. But, is it all so serious with Capricorn folks? Are they the stodgy, cold, career-obsessed individuals that you often read about in astrology articles? Of course, there’s way more nuanced involved than that and this is what these Sun sign articles are for. To find the shade of gray involved in the expression of every sign.
I give each of the Sun signs a name, throughout this series, and “the climber” seems to be the perfect one for the Capricorn Sun. It represents the dual sides of the sign. Its climber mentality contributes to the widespread stereotype of Capricorn’s prioritizing success and money before all else. The truth is that, yes, Capricorn is very focused on and dedication to its career. But, this is only because it’s a sign that sees the career as a vehicle to carry out that yearning to climb and to reach new heights. Capricorn can do this on the material plane but it can also do so on the spiritual plane as well. This is an underestimated quality of the sign. It’s not the spirituality of Pisces or Sagittarius, per se. But, it’s a way of wanting to constantly better one’s life and better oneself. It’s a need to be a success story. Whether the success is very professional and worldly or deeply personal is what defines a Capricorn Sun individual.

Alex Turner: Capricorn Sun/Scorpio Moon
So, you’ll meet plenty of people with this Sun sign placement who go against the norms of the sign. They don’t appear to be all-business and might actually be quite relaxed and jocular in demeanor, particularly if they’ve got some Sagittarius planets in the mix, as well. They aren’t obsessed with their careers and they can easily take some time off to focus on other things. Even with the ones who are more of the professional type, they don’t necessarily flaunt their ambition or what they’ve achieved. Capricorn can actually be just as humble and unostentatious as fellow Earth sign Virgo. For both signs, their complete dedication to their work is simply a pure love of working. For Capricorn, in particular, it’s working to be someone to be looked up to and respected.

It’s no wonder, therefore, that Capricorn Sun actors tend to be some of the most formidable, critically acclaimed actors around. Heavyweights like Denzel Washington, Anthony Hopkins, and Ralph Fiennes were all born under this sign. And they are all unquestionably seasoned veterans who have only become more respected as they’ve aged. In fact, Hopkins, in particular, didn’t land his iconic, Oscar-winning role in Silence of the Lambs (1991) until he was in his mid-fifties. The Sun defines how we go about finding our personal power and individuality. For Capricorn Sun people, it simply comes through aging. The aging process represents that climb that the sign lives for. It’s a steady trek up the mountain of life that only makes them wiser, more experienced, more grounded. That can be true of a lot of people but it’s a real source of vitality for Capricorn Sun men and women alike. The cliché phrase must be said: they all get better with age.

If you’ve ever seen the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, then you’ve got a pretty solid understanding of how a Capricorn Sun progresses through life. (Not without coincidence, the film stars Brad Pitt in the title role who has his Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all in Capricorn) They live their early lives as having the mentality of an old person while being very young and then gradually evolve into older people, in actual age, who have the spirit of someone who’s very young. This process might not really kick in until they hit their adolescence, which is usually when we start fully expressing our Sun sign. In fact, this new phase might hit Capricorn Sun folks particularly hard. It’s as if that carefree, fun-loving kid has disappeared and now they’re all of a sudden worried about how their parents are going to pay the bills. To be fair, many Sun in Capricorn adolescents won’t express that kind of heaviness of spirit. But, still, they begin building a sense of self, during this time, that is focused on adult concerns and interests much more than other kids their age.

Capricorn Sun teenagers are usually willing to work right when they hit the necessary age. In fact, most of them will start building a hustle for themselves earlier than that. Their growing awareness of what they need to achieve and earn is strongly influenced by their paternal parent. This is the parent who’s helped shaped their identity and plays more of the yang role in the house. This parent makes Capricorn highly aware of what it means to accomplish. The parent is often seen in either one of two ways. Either their paternal parent is seen as a total mover and shaker who has accomplished a lot out in the world and has a wonderful reputation or they are seen as a real failure who didn’t really achieve what they set out to achieve. Pressure to accomplish can result from either case. With the very successful paternal figure, there can be pressure to live up to the example they’ve set. With the very unsuccessful paternal figure, there can be deep-seated fears around turning out just like them and being a laughing stock, which then pressures them to succeed.

Marlene Dietrich: Capricorn Sun/Leo Moon
Is it any wonder, then, that Capricorn is so concerned with success? Their self-awareness develops through the feeling of the world constantly watching them. It’s not so much the self-focused need to express oneself and show off that can define a Leo Sun’s personal journey. It’s more so about the desire to build a solid reputation. Capricorn’s ruling house, the 10th House, represents how the public sees us. So, for Capricorn, their identity really rests on their reputation. That’s why Aquarius comes behind them in the astrological evolution, detaching from the reputation that Capricorn prizes so much to liberate themselves from people’s expectations and opinions. But, for Capricorn Sun, people’s opinions do matter. The ones with Aquarius planets may rebel somewhat from the beaten path but they’re only cultivating this image because they want to be seen as rebellious. Capricorn is never unaware of how people are viewing them. It’s all about the image, in one way or another.

The problems can come in, however, when the Capricorn Sun starts feeling like the image and the success are all that matter. The Sun is how we shine and through being so image-conscious, Capricorn can conduct their lives much like many celebrities do. There can be a strong emphasis on putting a certain image out there that becomes obsessive. They can get so caught up in how they’re being perceived by the world that they don’t take out enough time to nurture and cultivate their soul and their private life, two things that are symbolized by their opposite sign, Cancer. This is the way that a Capricorn Sun, famous or non-famous, can sell their soul for success: they stop caring about this aspect of their lives so much and only focus on what they’re manifesting in the world.

Basically, it takes a certain amount of balance, in this regard, to prevent this from happening. Capricorn has to root themselves in something deeper than what they’re accomplishing or what people think about them. This is what the 4th House, Capricorn’s opposing house, represents: the things that will root us and emotionally sustain us. But, we all can display overlapping traits of our opposite sign. So, plenty of Capricorn Sun people are just as family-oriented as Cancer Sun people. If they can be just as dedicated to their personal life as their career, while putting an equal amount of responsibility and emotional care into both, then they will feel more fulfilled than ever. 


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