Friday, January 9, 2015

Trust in the Universe with Jupiter

The Jupiter sign in a person’s birth chart is one of the outer planets, so it doesn’t really represent someone’s personality. The outer planets, I believe, are expressed most strongly through their aspects to the inner planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), as well as if they are placed in the angular houses/conjunct one of the angles. (Also, of course, the house that the outer planet's in really influences its expression). If your Jupiter doesn’t make many aspects to these five core planets, then it might be harder for you to channel its energy. If your Jupiter is in aspect to two or more, then you might be more in touch with it. Either way, we all must find ways to express our Jupiter. We do so by using it to trust in the unfolding of the Universe.

Jupiter is about personal growth and expansion; the attitudes and beliefs that assist us on our way through this big adventure called life. Embracing these beliefs will allow us to grow as people, as well as to attract good fortune and abundance into our lives. People with a strong Jupiter influence can seem to be the lucky ones, catching one good break after the next and living life with a constant smile on their face. However, we all have the potential to benefit from Jupiter’s golden touch. Jupiter also rules religion but it doesn’t necessarily make you religious or not. We should just see this as a metaphor. Our Jupiter sign describes the “God” we must pray to, in a way, asking for guidance on our journey as well as to be blessed with good things in our life.

Also, Jupiter is whole-hog. So, you can’t just express your Jupiter sign’s faith with a half-hearted sense of belief. Like many people with their religion, your Jupiter’s beliefs need to be something that no one and nothing can talk you out of. You must be totally devoted to them. 

Jupiter in Aries
You must trust in the process of starting new things and embarking on challenges, no matter how daunting or frightening they might be. With Jupiter in Aries, you grow as a person by internalizing the lesson of having no fear except for fear itself. You need to develop the faith to live and act without a net. In doing so, the gutsy risks that you take will consistently end up paying off.

Mantra: “If I fall on my face, I can always get back up.”

Jupiter in Taurus
Your sense of faith is built by believing that slow and steady does indeed win the race. Any sort of impatience or impetuousness needs to be mellowed and calmed. Jupiter in Taurus must believe that they’ll get there eventually and that there’s no need to rush. Being guided by this sense of calm is ultimately what allows you to manifest a bountiful harvest of rewards and riches into your life.

Mantra: “Everything happens when it’s supposed to happen.”

Jupiter in Gemini
You must find personal guidance in the wide breadth of ways that there are to respond to a situation. Jupiter in Gemini develops faith by looking at every situation from every point of view, capable of finding levity and light in difficult times. Your clever wit and ability to freely converse with anyone about anything is what makes you lucky, bringing a multitude of opportunities your way.

Mantra: “There’s always another way to think about this.”

Jupiter in Cancer
Personal faith, with Jupiter in Cancer, stems from fully believing that others care for you, as well as believing that it’s important to care for others. In doing so, you establish an infinite support system in your life that allows all of your needs to be met. You are guided by your intuitive sense of other people and the events around you, constantly flowing with the shifting tides.

Mantra: “I am taken care of and will do the same for others.”

Jupiter in Leo
Your Jupiter in Leo provides personal guidance by teaching you how to allow yourself to be an individual and shine like a star. You are meant to develop faith in yourself, first and foremost, and trust in your abilities as a strong leader for those around you. In doing so, you can end up living a life full of a certain fame and popularity, attracting numerous fans and followers your way.

Mantra: “I am special and the world will recognize this.”

Jupiter in Virgo
You are learning how to develop faith in your ability to work hard and provide useful services for other people. This belief can cause you to become amazingly helpful toward others, receiving an abundance of appreciation, as well as success, in return. With Jupiter in Virgo, efficiency and common sense guide you along the journey, showing you the most constructive route.

Mantra: “I will roll up my sleeves and tackle the task at hand.”

Jupiter in Libra
You personally grow by embracing the concept of fairness, being guided by a decision making process that’s just for all involved. Jupiter in Libra has to develop faith in the innate beauty and harmony of the world, as well as other people. By fully believing in the importance and existence of peace, your life becomes wonderfully peaceful, with truly satisfying, balanced relationships.

Mantra: “We must treat each other how we wanted to be treated.”

Jupiter in Scorpio
Jupiter in Scorpio guides you through life by teaching you how to accept the natural cycles of life, death, and rebirth, both literally and metaphorically. You must trust that endings only give way to new beginnings and that the shadow side of life is nothing to fear. In doing so, you develop the inner strength and survival instincts to get you through Hell and back without a scratch.

Mantra: “Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.”

Jupiter in Sagittarius
Having Jupiter in Sagittarius means that you are always looking to grow personally and to expand your horizons. Your personal faith is developed through pure optimism, believing that the darkest cloud always has a silver lining and that everything truly does happen for a reason. When your faith remains unshakable, you manage to manifest the most boundless abundance into your life.

Mantra: “I will always see the glass as half full, not half empty.”

Jupiter in Capricorn
Your personal faith stems from developing a long-term plan for your life and fully dedicating yourself to it. Jupiter in Capricorn means that you must trust in the belief that you can achieve anything if you work hard enough. Therefore, you get lucky by becoming that “overnight success” who toiled away tirelessly and never gave up. You constantly succeed even when your odds look grim.

Mantra: “I will persist and work hard for good things to come my way.”

Jupiter in Aquarius
You will find personal guidance through veering off the beaten path and embarking on your journey in an unconventional way, due to having Jupiter in Aquarius. You must develop the faith to go out on a limb and act on your inventive ideas, no matter what anyone thinks. By keeping this faith, you will attract many opportunities your way in which your left-field thinking leads to wild success.

Mantra: “I'm willing to experiment and travel a different path.”

Jupiter in Pisces
With Jupiter in Pisces, you need to fully believe in the oneness of humanity and that everyone must be unconditionally accepted. Your widespread empathy will then come back tenfold, causing you to be enveloped in everyone else’s love. You are guided by acute psychic powers as well as a deep imagination, causing you to live out your journey as a brilliant artist or a bohemian free-spirit.

Mantra: “There is a part of me in every human being and vice versa.” 


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  2. Thank you for the post. I was wandering since i have jupiter in pisces conjunct the sun and the midheaven if i am to interpret jupiter in leo too. Thank you.