Saturday, February 7, 2015

Leo Rising

Emma Stone: Leo Rising
Let the sunshine in! That’s the impression people get whenever your presence is felt because, as a Leo Rising, you certainly have presence. This Rising sign rivals Sagittarius for the hardest one to ignore because the Rising sign is how we make an impression and Leo is all about making a noticeable, colorful impression. It doesn’t mean that you’re the attention addict that you’ve read about, although that might be a bit of a problem when you’re younger. But, you just readily assume the role of the person who brings life and entertainment to any given situation. It’s like things are in black-and-white before you arrive. When you arrive, they’re suddenly in vivid Technicolor.

As a result, people fully appreciate your force of personality. Emma Stone has Leo Rising and she definitely brings this lively, lovely personality wherever she goes. In her interviews, she is invariably warm, easygoing, humorous, and spontaneous with people that she doesn’t even know. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s got the glamour girl looks to go along with that colorful persona. Leo Rising people just come off like superstars, no matter if they’re trying to or not. You’ll have a difficult time just blending in with the regular people, seemingly unable to fade into the crowd. Your light just shines too brightly, personality-wise and presence-wise. Therefore, you have a knack for attracting admirers and gawkers wherever you go, even when you’re not trying to draw attention. You have to constantly get used to these metaphorical paparazzi, but you do so with grace and style.

There is something innately fabulous about the bearing of a Leo Rising. You have a skill for making an old jeans and t-shirt look like a couture ensemble, just through the sheer confidence that you project. This self-assurance defines your aura, right down to your Red Carpet-worthy walk. But, a lot of people with this Rising sign also know how to exude confidence without it coming off as arrogance. If there are any planets conjunct your Ascendant, they will be expressed with admirable sureness and strength of will, even when you’re feeling insecure. Something noticeably theatrical also defines your demeanor. Even if Emma didn’t grow up as a theater kid, she’d still have that highly expressive way about her, thanks to her Rising sign. Leo Rising people behave like they’re a character in a movie or a stage play, complete with the vivid facial expressions and dramatic verbal flair that defines a great actor. Because of this, they draw a mesmerized audience to them.

From the moment that you meet someone, you know how to entertain them, holding them right in the palm of your hand. This isn’t a shy Rising sign. Even the more introverted ones still have a graceful, assured ease with new people. Leo Rising treats everyone they come across as a potential fan, thereby seeing a first meeting as a chance to spread some love. You are immediately warm and open with others, to the degree of making them feel like they’ve already won your heart. You put your heart right out there while breaking the ice, with the guileless, unself-conscious quality of a child. This, in turn, makes people give their affections to you very easily. Therefore, the first impression you make on others is usually one of falling in love, in many different ways. Leo Rising is typically an instantly lovable placement. It’s hard not to adore them right away.


  1. Hey Wayman Stewart. I love your articles, such an in depth and intuitive yet accessible and interesting perspective on astrology! Its such a pleasure to read these. One thing I noticed for the rising sign series, you forgot to do Virgo Rising!! Of course being a Virgo rising, I picked up on that detail right away lol. Hopefully you'll have time do it soon! Thanks ☺

    1. Hi, thank you. But, I definitely did not forget to do Virgo rising. My own Virgo placements would never allow such a thing! All you have to do is search under February 2015 and you'll see it. They're listed in order.

    2. Oh lol. I must have missed it. I was using the mobile version. Thank you!! I'm excited to read it.

  2. I love this description! The only thing that makes this a little harder for me to relate to is, I think, since I am Pisces Sun Cancer moon, I feel as if I'm not as openly friendly right off the bat. It takes quite a bit for me to warm up to somebody and I have been told I come off as "uninterested" upon meeting me.

  3. How would a Leo rising be affected by Saturn in the 5th house?