Friday, February 6, 2015

Sun in Aquarius People: The Experimenters - Part Two

With the Sun in Aquarius, finding yourself really consists of going off the beaten path and discovering something new. This is why I call Aquarius “the experimenter” because it’s a sign about trying things that have never been tried. It’s about going where no man has gone before. Unless you have an Earth-heavy chart, you’re probably not going to be someone who wants to lead a conventional, 9 to 5 kind of life. And even if you do lead this kind of life, there is going to be some element of your existence that’s just… different.

And since you’re focused on the collective, rather than just on your individual self, these choices are often going to be something that you feel advances and helps mankind. It might be in a small way or a big way, but Aquarius Sun people are driven to promote some sort of change in their world. It’s interesting that this sign’s symbol is the Water Bearer. It’s certainly not a Water sign, especially because you don’t get bogged down in sentimentality or irrationality. But, there is a compassionate element to Aquarius that is rather unencumbered and rational. After all, the Water Bearer can simply put that jug of water down, whenever he likes. He wants to bring compassion to the world but he’s not drowning in it himself. This defines the interesting paradox of Aquarius.

Christian Bale: Aquarius Sun/Aries Moon
Sometimes, this can be a lonely placement, even when surrounded by the massive network of friends that you’re likely to amass. You just have a perspective of looking at and seeing the world differently than most other people, especially if you happen to have Mercury in Aquarius, as well. Aquarius can sometimes be an ill-adjusted placement, particularly with the Sun involved, as the Sun requires a certain amount of self-confidence and self-awareness to be healthily expressed. Without this self-confidence, you can just think that your unconventionality makes you a freak. And that can compel you to act out in rather off-color, shocking ways.

I’ve already notified you of your tendency to be a button-pusher. But, sometimes, there is a deeper sense of misplacement that is driving that behavior. You might feel resigned to being the weirdo, the village idiot, the one that everyone just doesn’t understand. So, you can be rebelling and provoking out of deeper feelings of being misunderstood. And since Aquarius generally doesn’t deal with feelings all that easily, this can be a struggle for you to overcome. In the end, you must gain self-respect and empowerment from the fact that you think so differently. It doesn’t make you a weirdo. It just means that you have an interesting mind that is made to make a difference.

Yet, your behavior can still be off-color and shocking, even when you’re in this better, more evolved place. That is, it can be shocking to those who are used to things being more prim and proper. You have the kind of confidence to pull that tablecloth right off. But, this is your way of making a difference. Aquarius Sun people can be living proof of one voice being able to change the world. Your personal purpose (Sun) is to ultimately impact the group in a progressive way (Aquarius). And you will often do so with opinions and ideas that go against the grain. The more confidence an Aquarius gains, the less problem they have with standing alone in their beliefs.

The irony is that this is a sign that’s linked with popularity. You’d think such an avant-garde, ahead-of-it’s-time sign would be one of the least popular. Think again. Mainly, this is because of your complete lack of pretense. Like I said, you treat everyone the same. So, having the Sun in Aquarius makes you the least prone to showing any sort of snobbishness over someone else’s social or worldly standing. That matters very little to you. You’re very interested in the person that they are, not the image that they have. Aquarius is a sign that truly stands for the common man. You are the kind of person that all types of people can easily imagine being friends with. It’s no wonder Justin Timberlake went on to be the most popular NSYNC member. It’s not just because he was the heartthrob lead singer. His Aquarius Sun gives him a relatable free spirit that easily connects with others as well as the total lack of airs that allowed him to famously send himself up numerous times on SNL. Also, ever wonder why the most famous friend from Friends is Jennifer Aniston? She's an Aquarius and, therefore, the easiest to fantasize about being besties with in real life.

Kerry Washington: Aquarius Sun/Cancer Moon
Aquarians are the kinds of people who know everyone, making friends wherever they go. It’s not just because you’re uber-friendly. You’re also an anthropologist of sorts, studying the human behavior of everyone around you. This is where the detachment comes in, again. It’s as if you’re standing back, observing the rest of us from an arm’s length, insatiably curious about what makes us tick. Christian Bale’s Sun in Aquarius is what makes him such a fascinating character actor, eagerly willing to take on just about any role along the spectrum of the human condition. But, the thing about Aquarius is that you don’t want to be analyzed. Just everyone else. This sign is sort of like Scorpio in that sense (and if you are an Aquarius with a Scorpio Moon or Rising, then this aversion to self-scrutiny from others is doubled). But, while Scorpio does so out of secrecy, you do so because you’re not that interested in yourself and don’t want others to be, either. You’re like that actor who just wants journalists to focus on the work, the character, anyone but them.

However, another contradiction in your nature is the fact that you do still inherently know that you’re not like everyone else. You see the commonalities between you and other people, while also essentially experiencing yourself as being the one that sticks out. You’re a part of the group and not a part of it, at the same time. Aquarians are invariably the wild cards of their families, always the one who can come in and shake things up with their lovable weirdness and contrariness. You might even be seen as a bit of a loose cannon, going off at unexpected times and intervals. It’s sometimes just as hard for you to predict your next move as others. After all, that genius inspiration hits you unpredictably, so you never know when you’re going to end up veering off on some tangent or running with some wild new idea. But, hey, it makes life exciting, doesn’t it?

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Aries: You are one of the most independent-minded Water-Bearers, which is definitely saying something. No one should ever tell you what to do, as it will only motivate you to do it harder and more in-their-face. You’re wildly daring, always willing to take some crazy risk.

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Taurus: The true definition of “chill”, you don’t see the need to get caught up in drama. But, you can end up causing conflict through your impossible stubbornness. Once your mind’s made up, that’s it. On the plus side, you are winningly approachable and laidback.

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Gemini: Full of an endless stream of ideas, you love having your finger in lots of different pies. It’s better than boring, right? A classic free spirit, you insist on being able to exist as freely as possible. If feeling confined, a flip side comes out that makes you rather erratic.

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Cancer: Some might call you a bit of a crank, as you can definitely behave strangely, even crazily, when you’re in a funky mood. When you’re feeling good, though, you’re very accessible as a person. Incredibly inclusive, you know how to make total strangers feel welcome.

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Leo: You are a unique being and nobody should forget that. You are more prone to chasing the spotlight than your other Water-Bearer brethren. But, you are very generous and friendly with your various fans, touching each and every one of them with warmth.

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Virgo: Your different experiments are successful because you’re an excellent hypothesizer, using your reason to come up with the best solutions. Highly unassuming and unshowy, you often avoid touchy-feely vibes like the plague. But, you’re a dedicated friend.

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Libra: The fact that everyone should be treated equally is something that you’re very insistent on. You’re extremely reasonable and fair but can stir things up at times with some old-fashioned Devil’s Advocating. Still, you’re totally charming and make friends very easily.

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Scorpio: The feeling of being an outsider can really haunt you and might cause you to develop a chip on your shoulder. But, you can exert a very powerful impact on the group when you heal this attitude. Your understanding of people’s inner workings is uncanny.

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Sagittarius: A fear of being tied down can be an issue here and propel you to keep running away, in some sense. However, you’re very enlightening and fun to be around. You can teach people how to think outside the box, expanding their horizons in the process.

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Capricorn: You are a very practical innovator, always seeking for your various ideas and projects to make a solid, tangible impact. You may seem a bit emotionally unavailable, as you’re so focused on your objectives. But, you’re there for everyone when it counts.

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Aquarius: Whatever path you take is difficult to say as you’re the most out-there and unconventional of the Water-Bearers. This may mean that you have to watch out for becoming a rebel without a cause. But, when you find one, you can change the world.

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Pisces: You are on another wavelength that is difficult for others, and even yourself, to comprehend. Your intuitive sense of other people is remarkable. But, you’re often so overwhelmed by your identification with your fellow man that you can end up isolating yourself.


  1. Such a feel good article ! I guess I'm just shy to admit that this is all true ;)

  2. Is it possible for an Aquarius to really be IN love?

    1. Of course it is. You're a human being! Anyone is capable of being in love.

      Some Aquarians are so logical and "cool" that they find it hard to admit their feelings. But, other Aquarians are more Watery or Fiery, so they're more emotional or passionate than the stereotype.

  3. Wayman: I am going to quote what you wrote up in your article. You said, "But, the thing about Aquarius is that you don’t want to be analyzed. Just everyone else. This sign is sort of like Scorpio in that sense (and if you are an Aquarius with a Scorpio Moon or Rising, then this aversion to self-scrutiny from others is doubled). But, while Scorpio does so out of secrecy, you do so because you’re not that interested in yourself and don’t want others to be, either."

    What if someone has Sun in Aquarius, Scorpio rising, and VIRGO moon (they dislike being criticized? Would they dislike other people analyzing them even more so with that Virgo moon? How would you gauge that?