Friday, February 6, 2015

Sun in Aquarius People: The Experimenters - Part One

I’m a little bit late on the Sun in Aquarius article, part of my ongoing Sun sign series on this blog. I could apologize to the Aquarius folks who are reading this but I also know that, most likely, you don’t really care one way or the other. This sign is the opposite of Leo, which means that it contrasts that fiery sign’s often innocent self-involvement with a sort of detachment from the self that I’ll explain in further detail. Aquarius is a fascinating sign and I've come to understand it more and more as I've embraced my 1st House Aquarius North Node as well as my Ascendant, becoming more comfortable with my own Aquarius energy. It is a wonderful energy, when it's understood. 

The Sun is supposedly in detriment in Aquarius, since Leo is ruled by the Sun and is Aquarius’ opposite. But, I hate the terms detriment and fallen, as well as dignified and exalted. I just do. Not only are they parts of archaic, fatalistic forms of astrology but it’s a system that makes one placement sound more special, more gifted, more blessed than the other. That’s just not true. I noted in my Leo Sun article that the Sun is dignified in Leo because it’s a placement that’s more naturally focused on Sun-like issues: individuality, identity, personal empowerment, self-expression. And Aquarius is only labeled as being a detrimental place for the Sun because there is a lack of focus on most of these things, which doesn’t have to be a handicap. 

James Dean: Aquarius Sun/Scorpio Moon

If you were born in between January 20 and February 19, you have an Aquarius Sun. And that means that you paradoxically develop an identity (Sun) by distancing yourself from your ego (Aquarius). Aquarius people’s sense of self is dependent on not being too concerned with what others are thinking of your creative output: what you’re saying, what you’re thinking, how you dress, how successful you are, etc. It is a detachment from the self that eventually gives way to the dissolute, compassionate perspective of Pisces, so free of ego that it can easily put itself in anyone’s shoes (but that’s an article for next month).

This is what makes Aquarius the rebel of astrology. This is what contributes to those stock descriptions of Aquarius being such a weird, kooky, contrary sign. It is ruled by Uranus, which is a planet that represents revolution, innovation, sudden surprises and shocks. So, as an Aquarius Sun, your individual self is developed by being able to embody these Uranus principles. But, that does not mean that this is a terrible place for the Sun to be. There’s no terrible, detrimental place for any planet to be. All twelve placements of the Sun could possibly be in detriment, if the positive traits of the Sun sign are not embraced and developed.

What I do in this Sun sign series is deconstruct the myths of each Sun placement. So, let’s get into it with Aquarius. Now, not everyone you meet with this Sun sign is going to be an all-out oddball who dyes their hair blue and lives like a mad scientist. Far from it. There are many people with this placement who can come close to “fitting in”, in a way. You don’t want to fit in too much, though, if you have the Sun in Aquarius. The Sun represents what gives us vitality and life. So, too much conformity is going to drain your essential being and life force. However, many Aquarius people manage to balance out their nonconformity with a certain amount of social acceptability.

We should also remember that opposite signs have a way of overlapping and I can’t see that dynamic any more strongly than with Leo and Aquarius (but maybe that’s because I have the Sun and South Node in Leo and the North Node in Aquarius). Both signs are adamantly about individuality yet in different ways. Leo is individualistic in a way that can veer toward egotism, wanting to shine as brightly and noticeably as possible. Aquarius is individualistic in a way that simply doesn’t give a damn, sticking to their own thoughts and opinions, in spite of the herd. Their detachment from their ego doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t want to stand out. But, they will stand out in ways that are rather unconventional. In short, this can be a sign that acts in ways that suggest they don’t care what people think but, in a way, still does. Aquarius can just want people to think that they don’t care what others think. This makes them brave enough to go against the grain.

James Dean is a prototypical Aquarius Sun, known for his anti-authoritarian film roles and defiant off-screen persona. But, the most iconic rebel without a cause was well-known, by those who knew him, for doing outlandish, outrageous things to simply get a rise out of people. He liked to push buttons and if you have the Sun in Aquarius, as well, you will probably be able to relate to that. Aquarius has a sort of disdain for any rules that they don’t deem as logical through their intellectual, Air-sign perspective. So, this can give you the motivation to keep pushing the envelope to see how far you’ll go. Maybe this makes you a bit of a troublemaker. But, it can also mean that you push the envelope in brilliant, innovative ways.

This is the sign of the innovator, after all. And since the Sun represents how you’ll shine, it makes sense that you’ll shine by being innovative or progressive, in some way. You gain personal empowerment (Sun) from striking out and doing your own thing (Aquarius). Our culture’s history is full of Aquarians who changed the game, in some way or another. Where would we be without the innovations of Thomas Edison, who, of course, invented the light bulb? Abraham Lincoln challenged convention by pushing forward Civil Rights in his country. And then there’s Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres. Both women have been credited for helping to open America’s minds, by being black (Oprah) and lesbian (Ellen) and becoming our favorite talk show hosts, promoting more tolerance.

The last three Aquarians are examples of this sign’s overriding motivation toward equality and egalitarianism. You’d be hard-pressed to find a prejudiced Aquarius, as these people will be friends with just about anyone. Friendship is a symbol of Aquarius energy and they treat everyone like their friends. But, the thing that can be confusing for some people is the fact that, well, they treat everyone the same, with an impersonal kind of touch. Aquarius people with strong Water influences are significantly less detached and often complain about such stereotypical profiles. The truth is, though, that almost all Aquarians are just as distanced from your ego as they are their own. So, they aren’t anxious people-pleasers and often don’t understand or know what to do with people’s complaints that they are aloof or cold or hard to reach. It makes it sound like you want special treatment, via sentiment or flattery or exclusive attention, and that’s anathema to Aquarius.

That’s just something that you have to understand and not take personally when dealing with people of
Oprah Winfrey: Aquarius Sun/Sagittarius Moon
this Sun sign. In fact, “don’t take it personally” is probably the catchphrase for Aquarius. This dynamic characterizes your relationship with your paternal figure, if you have this Sun sign. The paternal parent of an Aquarius – the one who helps shape their identity and their sense of themselves; often the father, particularly in opposite-sex parent households – usually feels quite removed, in some sense. Parent and child have a distant yet understanding relationship. The emotional ties between you and this parent are not suffocatingly close. But, this might be a bit of a problem, sometimes, as it can make the paternal figure seem to be off somewhere in outer space.

This may be because this parent is a rather unemotional person, instilling the Aquarian objective to not get too swept up in feelings. But, maybe it’s because the parent is something of an eccentric character themselves, wrapped up in their own head. There is a very common bond that’s established with the paternal figure, in some way. More than most people, the similarities between an Aquarius Sun and this parent can be striking. They can share similar eccentricities and quirks. It’s like a meeting of true equals, in this sense. Maybe the independent-minded parent realizes how much the child is a chip off the old block and just gives them the freedom to be an individual; which is what the parent would want themselves. Sometimes, you get a case where the parent is quite strict and leads the child to constantly rebel against their expectations. In either case, total freedom is emphasized in the relationship with this parent.

Because of this, as an Aquarius Sun, you desire as much freedom as you can, which can make personal relationships seem rather binding to you, at times. You must resist the temptation to be too emotionally removed from your relationships with others, though, as well as too prone to pushing people’s buttons just out of defiance or perversity. You must become comfortable with the fact that you’re not going to lose too much of yourself in getting close to someone else (Pisces, your succeeding sign, seems to overcompensate for this compulsive need for space with an equally compulsive need to merge and be boundary-less). When you do, then all of these various “friendships” of yours can significantly improve and become more fulfilling.


  1. I have a stellium in 9th house, Aquarius, with Sun, Mercury, and Mars, *squares* Uranus in the 6th house of Scorpio. I am pure Uranian but also Plutonian. The Uranus in Scorpio is the only water element in my natal.

    I find research and detective work very easy and a second nature: with the help of Aquarius stellium, I am very scientific and logical too, the only detrimental with this combination is my streak for independence and my strong distaste to be categorized. I always change my strategy and how I go about things, if I sense a pattern in my ways. My stellium sextiles my Sage Neptune, I find creative solutions to problems quite easy.

    With my Gemini ascendant and Pluto in 5th house creating a trine to the stellium, I am quite blessed with anything that involves technology, communication, and research.

    What do you think?

  2. Hello brother
    Thanks again....
    Finally l read something right about that ..detriment fall shadow....l always hated it
    And it s so beautiful how u set it..sun and ego distance true...
    Aquarius as th pre vious step towards th spirit, piscis, or ascension, is a step to take distance from th ground..climb to th top of th mountain and try to understand!
    then it s more probable to empty onself from identification, and hear th piscis do when they surrender th ego, and fuse with th divine!
    I v just heard about th 13 th sign, Ophicius ...between scorpio an d sagitarius...
    It s interesting..
    At least it would create a new reason to change all our rigid mindset
    Thta s what truth is all never settle down anywhere! Thta s th magic and th ongoing adventure of consciousnes....
    Be it 13 or 23...we can create , or see th menaing, to as many signs and stars as we many individuals there are...
    Th day everybody becomes conscious it d be th day when each individual is a world on its own...all knowing...ever

  3. But 13 makes there are 13 full moons in a year...
    It also used to be th Goddess number...we all know th story
    This constellation Ophicius, and Orion..and th snake to be ware of...etc
    Th snake might reperesent th illusion of flesh and senses, and how we kick out consciousness as soon as we take over command of life with our minds!
    We even forget sometimes that we re merely livers ...that owners, not even of th atoms of this body