Friday, March 13, 2015

Moon-Jupiter Aspects: The Seeker

With your Moon conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine Jupiter, you are the seeker. This can be quite an emotionally insatiable combination because the emotional needs of the Moon are combined with the yearning to expand, grow, and learn that Jupiter represents. As a result, you have an innate itch that you are constantly trying to scratch. People with a Moon-Jupiter aspect are always going to big, bold measures to seek inner fulfillment and emotional security, making you a natural adventurer. There won’t be much of a comfort zone with this position and if there is, having this aspect means that you’ll feel insecure if you’re not stretching yourself outside of it.

Since the Moon is indicative of a person’s relationship with their maternal figure, your nurturing parent is experienced as constantly broadening your horizons. Most Moon-Jupiter people have a mother who’s highly adventurous and restless, sweeping them off on constant journeys and explorations when they were growing up. Your maternal parent probably was the type who always wanted to drag you out of this house and do something enlightening with you. Therefore, this became a habitual comfort food for you. Childhood memories of your mother figure are probably dominated by all of the exciting things that you did together; rarely a dull moment.

The Moon-Jupiter person’s mother has some sort of belief system that they strongly condition the child with, as Jupiter represents faiths and beliefs. This faith could be as simple as looking on the bright side of things and moving forward. You could’ve been taught a half-full outlook that gave you great emotional security. In a lot of cases, though, this faith is an actual religion. Having a devoutly religious maternal figure is very common for those with their Moon in aspect to Jupiter. While the respective religion could’ve been something that helped keep you spiritually buoyant and strong, it can also instill habits of dogmatism and blindness of belief, not just in you but in your mother figure. The less positive Moon-Jupiter maternal parent wholeheartedly believes God (or Buddha or Allah or whatever deity) is always on their side, allowing them to justify everything that they do. This total self-righteousness is something that might end up rubbing off on you.

Whatever kind of faith you were taught in childhood, you have a powerful need to just believe in something that gets you through the tough times. Though there might be some other placements in your chart that can still a bit of cynicism or world-weariness, this placement is not a cynic at heart. Not being able to believe in the goodness of life, people, and/or the Universe is something that can cause you to cease to function emotionally. For Moon-Jupiter individuals, emotional security comes from having faith. When you’ve lost your faith, you become deeply insecure. Jupiter’s faith needs to remain pure, undeterred and unshaken by the various obstacles or hardships of life.

However, this can also be where you end up getting into trouble. Jupiter can be recklessly optimistic, as well, and when this planet is in aspect to your Moon, which operates totally on instinct, you might not realize when you’re responding in foolhardy ways. It’s a sort of rhythm that you fall into, so you can be unaware of the full extent of your naïveté. Once you’ve “prayed” about something, you see it as being in the Higher Power’s hands. However, you can neglect your responsibility in the matter, as well. This is where a strong Saturn or Pluto influence comes in handy. If not, you’ll simply be cart-wheeling through life, dangerously free of a care in the world.

Yet, there is still something inherently carefree about you whenever you feel secure in your beliefs and your philosophies. Moon-Jupiter can represent a deep, natural high on life, as if you’re a character in an upbeat musical. This is more of a mood that you can get in, when you just feel like singing and dancing and bouncing off the walls. The happiness and enthusiasm of people with these aspects is infectious and vivid, sometimes overwhelming. In fact, your good cheer might be a bit annoying to the more downbeat souls of the world. The feeling is probably mutual, though, as you don’t want to be around them for too long, either. The people who make us most comfortable reflect our Moon, so Negative Nancy’s probably just make you squirm after awhile.

If you have a Water Moon, you understand foul moods much better, even though you’re very quick to bounce back from them. One thing we should point out that is that you’re not always happy, of course. It’s just that your happiness is so overflowing and consistent that it seems like you are. Jupiter represents excess and when it aspects the Moon, the moods are excessive. So, when you’re happy, you’re very happy. And when you’re upset, you’re really upset. Feelings are experienced in a bigger-than-life way with Moon-Jupiter folks and usually expressed as such, unless you have a Libra or Capricorn Moon, which might cause much more decorum and restraint. In any case, whatever the Moon sign’s traits and needs are, Jupiter doubles or sometimes triples them.

With the sextile, the trine, and sometimes the conjunction, depending on the rest of the chart, they’re often more like the vivid reactions of a cartoon character; a bit more harmless. With the square or the opposition, though, as well as possibly the conjunction, if the chart’s more challenging, these gargantuan moods can be more of a problem. It might even manifest as something close to bipolar disorder. Though I once thought that Moon-Pluto would be most likely to experience life in manic and depressive extremes, Moon-Jupiter aspects could certainly come in a close second. It can feel like everything’s absolutely wonderful and lovely and inspiring. Then, bam! Something disappointing happens and suddenly the sky’s about to fall on top of you.

This is the major reason why you need to have some strong belief system in your life. You really require an anchor to keep yourself stable and consistent throughout these often over-the-top emotional ups-and-downs. And like bipolar people, you can really act out these changes in mood. It’s very common for Moon-Jupiter individuals to just break out and do a series of really impulsive, thrill-seeking things, whether they’re feeling up or down. This is why you’re the seeker. Regular bouts of restlessness kick in, especially when your feelings become overwhelming. You are comforted and soothed by just going out and getting some fresh air. Lots of people with these aspects are the types to automatically feel better when they just head out for a walk.

The Moon is our comfort zone and most Moon-Jupiter people have a comfort zone that’s outside of their four walls. On a very instinctive level, roaming the world puts you back on an even keel. First off, it gives you the total personal freedom that you need to feel emotionally secure. Do not put a person with this aspect in a cage. They won’t allow it. Second of all, being out in the world allows you to tap into everything that’s happening and why everything’s happening. Jupiter is very intuitive in this way, able to easily connect the dots in regards to all the current events. The Moon is about intuition, as well, but on a personal level. Therefore, Moon-Jupiter people get unconscious insights all the time about what’s happening to them and how they can grow from these situations.

It’s in this way that you’re able to take care of other people, which is what the Moon represents. People with Moon-Jupiter aspects can use their naturally philosophical responses to show people the light in their darkest hours. You never want those that you care about to remain down in the dumps, which is why you’re not likely to wallow in the self-pity or the anger with them. Instead, you want to uplift them, teaching them the lessons they can learn from their situation. You have a knack for doing so. Those with their Moon in aspect to Jupiter usually cheer people up far more than they realize. And it’s your ability to see the silver lining that can allow you to find the laughter in emotionally difficult situations, whether they are your own or others’. There’s an innate silliness to this position because of this, with many of these people overflowing with goofiness and giggles.

Jupiter expands everything it touches. So, the interesting thing with Moon-Jupiter aspects is that the person can easily go over-the-top with everything the Moon represents, especially those with the conjunction. You might react too much, eat too much, take care of others too much, etc. However, because of Jupiter’s expansion, you might also be the type to not really have roots (Moon). A lot of Moon-Jupiter people are the free-spirited folks who left their hometown as soon as they could and never looked back. Unless there’s a strong Cancer or 4th House influence, there’s not too much of a sentimental attachment to your hometown. For those with these aspects, home is where the body is. Naturally explorative, you can find comfort and security just about anywhere.

Something to watch out for, however, is a habit of running away. Jupiter, on the lower octave, can run far off in the opposite direction when things get difficult. So, if your upbringing was particularly dysfunctional, you might become a gypsy for the rest of your life; never standing still and always moving on, often leaving people behind. When feeling insecure, Moon-Jupiter individuals can be plagued with a deep-seated “grass is greener” attitude. You can optimistically dream and hope about the fantastic new life you could be having somewhere else, causing you to suddenly break free from a relationship, a job, possibly even an entire city. Though you might believe you’re this adventurer who can never be tied down, constantly seeking to break free from comfort zones might become your comfort zone, in the end. Not being able to be hemmed in can be a way of avoiding disappointment and keeping people at bay.

Yet, there is also a positive side to your adventurousness, of course. This ability to feel at ease just about anywhere means that you can effortlessly disarm the most foreign of people. Often times, this is literal. There is usually a really powerful yearning to travel in Moon-Jupiter people, as you want to consume as much of the world as possible. Therefore, your first reaction to someone of a different culture or background is most likely not fear, uneasiness, or prejudice. It’s a real interest in who they are and how they live. There is usually a real cultural sensitivity with these aspects, as you can naturally respect the differences between you and someone of another background. In fact, you gain true emotional satisfaction from relationships with those who are exotic, on some level. This is another way of feeling like you’re expanding your horizons.

But, Jupiter can be as self-righteous as it is broad-minded. And since this is the Moon, this self-righteousness can be in regards to your emotions. In a conflict situation, you can blindly believe that your feelings are justifiable and right. Again, you feel backed up by some Higher Power, in this regard, and you might need to swallow some humble pie and remember that you haven’t been ordained by some deity. Yet, at the end of the day, it’s the power of your beliefs that can bring amazing luck your way. Jupiter does represent good fortune, after all. And Moon-Jupiter people regularly find themselves falling into incredibly lucky situations. You’re often much more fortunate than you realize, intuitively avoiding many dangers as well as drawing ideal circumstances your way. For better or worse, you’re a natural-born example of the Law of Attraction.

Moon conjunct Jupiter: Thank the conjunction for the fact that there’s just no getting you down. But, you also may be the most compulsively positive one of the group. Remember that it’s alright to be sad sometimes and that it doesn’t make you a downer. Then, you can allow yourself to fully relish the good times. Your sense of humor just doesn’t quit, making you a natural comedian.

Moon square or opposite Jupiter: Having the square or the opposition can make your beliefs particularly irrational, to the point where you become a total reactionary. Not only can you be overly dogmatic but you are the most likely to behave irresponsibly when things get difficult. Yet, when evolved, you have the tremendous ability to remain upbeat in a harsh, unhappy world.

Moon sextile or trine Jupiter: The sextile or the trine makes you the least preachy, even though you still have your moments. But, more so, you have an enlightened nature and adventurous spirit. Your restlessness is usually healthy and inspired. However, be aware that when feeling upset or closed in, you can find yourself darting from place to place, with no real end destination.


  1. Hello,

    This post is spot on. Aside of having good memories with my mother back in my childhood days (all I remember is her bringing me to different places and restaurants every weekend), until now, my mother always says, "make yourself happy". It's surprising she actually has Sun in 9th House. She always does her best when it comes to making me feeling comfortable (Moon-Jupiter), and in return, I feel driven to be successful by working hard (Sun-Saturn) because I think I need to balance that 'comfort' with 'responsibility' so I can estabilish "who I am" and "what I'm capable of".

    I experience those excessive moods. When Leo Moon is known to be dramatic, this aspect (together with Moon-Mars) does wonder in amplifying it. It's such a coincidence that I have mild case of BD and have taken stabilizer medication in daily basis to keep it in check (12H).

    Wonderful writing. This is my favorite one so far.
    Thank you so much for sharing it.

  2. Like the comment above, my Mum also has her Sun in the 9th house. My Mum and I had a Gypsy life when i was growing up. I lived in over 30 different houses, hardly went to school but when i did i went to 11 different ones and we just lived by our own rules. Now i am very much a free spirit and don't like being told what to do. I am very emotional and always looking for the silver lining in everything. I have had many heart aches but they have all taught me the most valuable lessons and i am grateful for all my pain. I almost embrace pain now because i know that there is always value in every experience. I create my own happiness and it brings me joy to expand my mind and help others see the higher perspective too. I am gullable, alwasy believing in the best of people, and i will never change this! I love everybody and i can see their true beauty shining out of them. I depend on joy so much that i have learnt how to create joy in every moment. It is all in our perspective, you can even be joyful while cleaning, in fact that is something i take pride in, my ability to have fun doing the most boring tasks. Life is what you make it, so what are you making of it? I also live by my own self made philosophies such as "if it brings you joy then it must be good for you" and "there is beauty in every moment, the trick is you need to be looking for it in order to see it" .... awesome article. I REALLY enjoyed reading it THANK YOU.

  3. Jupiter aspect on moon in 6th house in tauras
    Is is good ??

  4. Jupiter aspect on moon in 6th house in tauras
    Is is good ??

  5. Moon and Pisces trine Jupiter in Scorpio this definitely describes me. I also have Saturn conjunct my moon which made me think that it would dampen the apscts of Moon-Jupiter but this article showed me how helpful a saturn influence can be with this which I am thankful for because I definitely exemplify both placements I feel. Ditto with the Scorpio in your chart I have more of that in me than anything. Great article

  6. Lord! Lmao!!! 😃 this article is to the T me. My moon is in Aries trine my Jupiter in Sagittarius. Other aspects in my chart are Moon in Aries sextile my Venus in Gemini, Mars in Virgo 8th house square my Venus in Gemini 5th house, also Jupiter in Sagittarius oppose my Venus in Gemini. Lol one of the things I always do is do a quick prayer before driving (I tend to drive fast curse my Aries moon) if I don't pray I have the feeling that I may get into a crash. Yes I believe in God but am not dying if I don't go to church either. Yes when I was young me and my mom and my sister tend to move a lot, my mom is a Sagittarius sun with Aries moon so she ain't helping the cause lol. Also, my grandma who is an Aries sun lady made me baptize at her church. Both my Sagittarius mom and Aries Grandma made both very clear in my mind that drugs are a huge no and so is getting pregnant out of wedlock. As for the cheerfulness this is true as well, in fact in high school I used to talk a lot and my biology teacher hated me because I was always in an upbeat mood and she was the one sucking the fun out of me. She used to call me Skipper. And yes I can't wait to see the day when I leave my city that I find dull and boring. (I have nothing aspecting my 4th house or any strong Cancer placements, my 4th house is ruled by Taurus, an empty house), yes when I get upset or sad I feel like it's my last day on earth but at the very end I cling to hope and get optimistic and get a sense and strong feeling that everything is going to be ok and there is always hope and I can do anything in mind. Capricorn rising with Uranus and Neptune conjunct my Ascendant in 1st house. Last degree Gemini sun.

    1. Hello,you have the aspects like me,have you been born on 20 june 1995?

  7. this is absolutely so spot on and validating for me! gives a really beautiful balance to my other more deep and dark aspects~~ and makes the most sense of almost any other explanation out of all my chart, overall. it feels so fundamental! beautifully written and clearly very well researched. Bravo!

  8. Wow this is scarily accurate! I have a Pisces moon which is part of a grand trine of water with Pluto in Scoripio and Mars in Cancer and opposite my Jupiter in Libra. I was raised fundamentalist Baptist and my mother is very religious. Also, my fondest memories of her are going to get milkshakes at midnight or driving an hour to our favorite restaurant for lunch on a whim. I was also incorrectly diagnosed with bipolar disorder for years. Thank you for the very informative article.

  9. I haven't yet succumbed to the wanderlust that my conjunction supposedly brings, but recently a guy I know who also has the conjunction moved to a big city on a whim and it's inspiring me so much. I love this aspect.

  10. I'm curious, how does this apply to women? Since Jupiter is the husband. ....I have my moon in the 5th square Jupiter in the 8th.'s a square. .. Wondering if that means issues between the two or something ?