Sunday, March 29, 2015

Planets in the 7th House: Mars

My last article in my 7th House planets series was Venus. So, it seems appropriate for me to now tackle Venus’ feisty significant other, Mars. These two planets are like sugar and spice. If Venus is everything is nice, then Mars is, well, a bit of a handful. What does having Mars in the 7th House mean, then? Well, as I say in all of these 7th House planet articles, my personal theory on planets here is not exactly that they make the person co-dependent. It’s just that the person often can’t fully express that planet without receiving that same energy back from the other person, whether it’s a romantic partner, a friend, a relative, a co-worker, whoever else.

So, with Mars in the 7th House, that back and forth can become like a sparring match, for better or for worse. Planets in the 7th define our influence on people in one-on-one relationships. So, those with a 7th House Mars have a social influence that’s sort of like a punch on the arm. In fact, these people might frequently punch you on the arm. Mars is energizing, invigorating, passionate. It’s like a shot of adrenaline. Therefore, this is what these people are like in their relationships. They force you to go toe-to-toe with them, putting your money where your mouth is.

Now, this can go one of two ways. With some 7th House Mars folks, this might be perfectly harmless and good-natured. These people are energized by other people. When you’re around them, they want you to bring out their aggressive, competitive side. This is just the way they relate to people. So, that member of your family who suddenly lights up whenever the games get pulled out after Thanksgiving dinner or the guy at the college party who is the most enthusiastic about playing beer pong might have Mars in the 7th House. They want to be able to prove themselves against you but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want to rip your throat out.

On the other hand, Mars can represent how we can get too aggressive. So, it’s not uncommon for those with Mars in the 7th to be too pushy, too competitive, or too hot-headed with other people. It’s very different from a 1st House Mars, who usually just attacks new situations or their environment, in a way that only concerns themselves. 7th House Mars, when unbalanced, can have a habit of attacking other people. But, the kicker is that they also might be very likely to blame it all on you. After all, you made them mad. You made them do it! Mars also symbolizes what pisses us off and when you have Mars in the house of relating, other people can just easily piss you off.

And this is where the 7th House becomes a funhouse of mirrors. Since planets in the 7th often demand other people to be that planet, the blame can get shifted to the other person. Nowhere is this more visible than with Mars, as the 7th House doesn’t typically like conflict. So, a person with this placement can believe that everyone’s pushing their buttons all the time. Yet, they might not also realize that their aggressive behavior is what’s pushing people’s buttons and those people’s responses end up pushing their buttons. Confusing? Of course. Mars isn’t typically comfortable in the 7th House, often times because it can’t assert itself as freely as in other houses. It’s not a hopeless placement, though. But, it’s often a placement that symbolizes lots of displacement.

With Mars in the 7th, you might depend on the aggressiveness of others in order to be aggressive yourself. Therefore, keeping company that is passive, inactive, and non-competitive can really stifle the expression of your dynamic spirit. You are encouraged by the expression of other people’s Mars, allowing your Mars to rise to the surface. Yet, you feel rather depressed around those who don’t measure up. This is a placement that might often judge other people for not being strong enough for them. But, while lacking someone who’s strong and dynamic themselves, you might not seem all that formidable, either. So, just who is the weak link in the relationship?

Basically, you have to tell a planet in this house that “you complete me”, instead of looking for someone else to complete that planet. Since we’re talking about Mars, you have to develop an independent sense of your own drive and aggressiveness. Much like Saturn in the 7th, those with Mars in this house can sometimes feel lost and unmotivated without a strong, goal-oriented person in their life. So, you have to know what you’re bringing to the table, first and foremost. You have your own goals, desires, and passions. Just follow them completely and trust that you’ll attract likeminded individuals your way.

At this level, you can be quite a force to be reckoned with in your relationships. 7th House Mars people hold a sway over others that is rather dominating, even in a positive sense. You can dominate them with your motivating, exciting energy. Things get going when you’re around. In fact, you might not be very fond of just sitting around and doing nothing with other people. You may not have a problem at all being by yourself and doing nothing. However, when you’re with someone else, you want to be where the action is. Relationships are seen as opportunities to tackle challenges and just do things, though the nature and intensity of these activities will depend on the Mars sign.

You can run a marathon, so to speak, much better with someone by your side. Still, you don’t want to be the one doing all the legwork. The 7th House is all about balance, after all; a tit for tat kind of exchange. So, you want someone who can sweat and labor just as much as you do. In fact, Mars in the 7th House is usually going to test the other person and see how they can stand up to them. If they can’t push back effectively, you’re not interested. But, if they give as good as they get, then you’re in. For this reason, you enjoy some healthy arguing in your relationships. Maybe not to a dysfunctional degree. But, you don’t see a need to relate to people in such a super-smooth way. Unlike Venus in the 7th, always being nice and getting along doesn’t exactly satisfy you.

Another interesting thing is that Mars also rules the sexual drive and desires. Now, how is this going to affect your personal relationships? Well, when it comes to romance, in particular, if there’s no regular sex, there’s just no deal for you. You’re horniest when in a relationship, ironically, and when a physical disconnect kicks in, you’re not going to be a happy camper. But, even outside of romance, there’s still a certain sexual charge in many of your relations. While I believe 7th House Venus people merely like to flirt with and sexually tease many of their friends and associates, you’re more likely to just go all the way. Now, that’s not to say that you’re sleeping with everyone that moves. But, if you’re horny and the other person’s reasonably attractive and up for it, you probably won’t hesitate (and yes, of course, that goes for both men and women with this placement).

The logic behind it all is that you’re so eager to act on your sexual desires (Mars) with another person (7th House). That sounds like an obvious statement. Sure, most people are. Yet, your sexual side doesn’t feel complete while enduring a dry spell. Prolonged periods of not getting laid can be downright painful for a lot of 7th House Mars people, making you worry if you still even have a pulse. So, when the opportunity arises in a relationship, you’re very likely to just jump on it, pun intended, unless some strong Virgo or Scorpio influences are emphasizing discernment or self-control in your nature. Still, Mars is our masculine side; the side of us that just wants to “get it.” So, Mars in this house consistently needs a roll in the sack with someone or it feels out of whack.

For this reason, romance relationships might not start off very sweetly or sentimentally for people with this placement. A romance might usually begin with that morning-after breakfast, which is often fine by them. A hot collision of mutual passion is the best way to begin a love affair for a 7th House Mars person. But, it needs to stay passionate. This is why these people tend to end up with forceful, assertive, dynamic partners. The relationship needs to stay exciting and challenging, as well as remain a little heated, as well. Why? Because of the awesome make-up sex, of course.


  1. Hi Wayman,
    I have mars in scorpio in the 7th conjunct venus in scorpio in the 7th. I also have jupiter in scorpio in the 7th conjunct neptune in sag in the 8th. How does all these planets work together in the 7th house? Does venus balance out my mars? Thanks

    1. I'd imagine your Venus would balance out Mars and make you more harmonious and peace-loving. Jupiter could end up exaggerating both the traits of Venus and Mars, making you both a total people-pleaser, sometimes, and highly aggressive, at other times.

  2. Hi Wayman,
    So I have mars in the 7th house in Libra which opposes my moon in Aries in the first house. I feel so conflicted, I have Moon Saturn conjunction in the first house. like I know pretty damn well that I'm aggressive, but have either a hard time expressing it to others and making it seem like like I'm soft, weak-willed person, or very easy with family. I have no idea how to balance it out. or is it other squares in my chart? I'm Capricorn Venus While being libra mars and aries moon they are squared to each other. it's frustrating.

    1. Hmm, that's interesting. It's a total contradiction because the Moon is sensitive but in an aggressive sign (Aries) while the Mars is aggressive but in a softer sign (Libra). I think, because of that, the signs are probably expressing themselves stronger than the planets. Saturn conjunct your Moon in Aries probably also makes your demeanor less fuzzy and cuddly than the typical 1st House Moon, even though people will know that you care and are there for them. And Libra Mars in the 7th might cause you to be easier on those you actually personally know, even though you want to be tougher with them. I'd personally embrace it because 7th House in Libra people actually need that peace and that softness in their relationships. But, things won't get too soft since Mars is there. Mars in Libra can be an iron fist in a velvet glove, when used right, so you can really dominate things and get your way by being really sweet and charming.

    2. Thank you for answering that!
      It's interesting on that "Mars in the 7th might cause you to be easier on those you actually personally know, even though you want to be tougher with them" because that's actually the opposite. I'd wish I was softer with people that I know very well, I'm much more nicer to stangers( and I'm not the the nicest person on earth) they somehow don't see me as the strong person. Although people closest to me, know that I'd a lot for their good being. I'm aires dominant personality, while at the same time being mars dominant( which is in it's detriment). Saturn and Mars are the dominant planets of the whole chart. No wonder I'm such a conflicted person.

    3. or it's the venus square saturn?

  3. Hi, awesome article! I totally agree with most of it, especially the part about sex. I have Mars in Aries in 7th, opposed to Moon in Libra in 1st, which results in wanting and seeking agressive/energetic partner with strong sexual drives, yet it hurts the sensitive Moon. Huge conflict.. Together with Venus in Leo squaring Mars, and both connected by sextiles to Jupiter, sex is a major topic with little limits, even though for a woman...

  4. Hi, I have Mars in Cancer and Venus in Cancer in the 7th house. Not Conjuncting. But my Venus and squaring my Moon.

  5. Why do people always make 7th house placements only about romantic relationships? The 7th house is about all types of relationships in my opinion. As someone with Sun, Mercury, and Mars in the 7th house, I always feel extremely irritated when I hear that people with lots of 7th house planets are "push-overs" or clingy, because, I know I sound selfish here, I don't see myself acting like that at all. And I'm an introvert, so alone time's perfectly fine by me. Weirdly enough, I think I act very different from the average descriptions of the three placements mentioned above because I have Uranus in 1st and it opposes all three of those planets. And yeah, Uranus is not a planet I would call "compromising" or "soft".

  6. I have Mars in Aries in my 7th
    sometimes i need sex so bad i feel like im going to die(im still living the hell know as the dry spell probly why i am read my star pattern to start'''
    i'm competitive and challenge everyone even my own mother
    with mars being my 7th and Virgo my rising makes this so conflicting
    so i wanna help every one and beat everyone up
    i am a super awkward Gemini >_> Aquarius moon ughh fml
    Jupiter in the good i got this the worlds mine
    i don't like to talk to people i havnt scanned super shy kinda a voyeur who likes to jump in from behind and start humping ,kz the mar's in me is like i can do better then that get the hell out the way

    1. so hows does a mars in aries
      work with Chiron 15°48' Cancer, in House X
      Noble, righteous, and helpful character. Ordeals and obstacles are numerous and varied, but easily overcome. However, gentle manners must not to be mistaken for weakness because one is endowed with great physical, intellectual, and moral strength. People would be well-advised not to try and pick a quarrel with this person.
      it says i shouldn't be challenged but i'm obsessed with being challenged

  7. I have Mars in Leo in 7th house conjunct my Venus in Virgo in the same 7th house. Lord of 7th house is Leo in 6th house, my sun is conjunct my Mercury in 6th house.
    I'm very sad since I found out those make my marriage in the future very bad, could cause my husband to be dead, or divorce.
    I also have Jupier sextile my Mars and Venus, and no hard aspects from Saturn or Pluto to 7 house or Mars or Venus.
    Venus Conjunct Mars 
    Venus Square Midheaven 
    Venus Trine Neptune 
    Venus Trine Uranus 
    Venus Trine Saturn 
    Venus Sextile Jupiter 
    Mars trine Saturn.
    Moon trine Mars.
    Venus sextile Jupiter.
    Mars sextile Jupiter.
    Jupiter in 5th house. gemini
    I don't know if they could help my Mars conjunct Venus in 7th house better?

  8. Sex appeal is important to attraction for Mars on the Dsc. Well atleast in my case. You gotta "look" sexual..

    I am drawn to sexy guys a lot. Not to say that most people are not. But with me it seems that the body plays a huge role in my being attracted.

    Don't care for a perfect face, but you gotta have a slamming body. Not necessarily all muscles. But its gotta look like its being mantained/ taken care of.

    Most of my exes are physically athletic types. And even my current is into physical sports.

    My Asc is Aries. I am quite buff and physically appealing too as Mars is the apex planet to my natal T-square.

    Does Juno is Aries opp Mars suggest I will marry an athletic type? I wouldn't be too suprised if it happens actually.

  9. Hey,
    SUN Gemini 21� 03' 28" Tenth House
    MOON Aquarius 3� 58' 46" Fifth House
    MERCURY Gemini 0� 25' Ninth House
    VENUS Taurus 15� 00' Eighth House
    MARS Aries 8� 43' Seventh House
    JUPITER Cancer 15� 12' Tenth House
    SATURN Capricorn 24� 13' R Fifth House
    URANUS Capricorn 8� 17' R Fourth House
    NEPTUNE Capricorn 13� 48' R Fourth House
    PLUTO Scorpio 15� 28' R Third House
    CHIRON Cancer 15� 44' Tenth House
    NORTH NODE Aquarius 8� 04' R Fifth House
    SOUTH NODE Leo 8� 04' R Eleventh House
    ASCENDANT Virgo 18� 56' First House
    MIDHEAVEN Gemini 18� 10' Tenth House

    What does it mean????

  10. I have a venus mars conjunct in leo. Does it make me more martian or venusian because of the sign it falls on.