Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Planets in the 7th House: Venus

As a continuation of my Planets in the 7th House series, let’s see what happens when Venus is in the 7th House. Many people would consider this a very beneficial position, as Venus is the natural ruler of the 7th House (as well as the 2nd). So, if you have Venus here, this can bring out the best in your 7th House. However, what people don’t often note about “natural” placements like this is that they can be both the best of times and the worst of times. The negative elements can become just as amplified as the positive ones.

When you have Venus in the 7th House, you are a tremendous charmer and you probably know it, too. 7th House planets define the influence that we have in our one-on-one relationships. So, with a 7th House Venus, you know how to charm, cajole, flatter, and disarm the hell out of people. This usually produces the people-person bar none, often even outdoing the Sun or Jupiter in the 7th. Even if Venus is in a more reserved or subtle sign, you still exert a huge awareness of your effect on other people. But, this is because Venus is about reflecting, particularly when we’re dealing with a 7th House Venus. This planet is notoriously vain, ever-concerned with its attractiveness. So, with this placement, people are constantly reflecting your attractiveness back to you.

It’s as if you’re playing a constant game of “mirror, mirror” with others. Venus in the 7th House will pick up on a lot from the other person but not necessarily about the other person. Instead, you pick up on the body language, facial cues, and other little signals that tell you what they’re thinking about you, as well as the level of harmony between the two of you. Venus is a peace-lover, after all, and people with Venus in the 7th House are always striving to make love, not war. So, you can be quickly responsive when you sense any sort of tension, displeasure, or awkwardness. Let’s face it: you’re a people-pleaser and that doesn’t have to be a terrible thing.

But, what I find most interesting about planets in the 7th House is the way that they require the same sort of energy back from the other person. It’s a tit for tat kind of expression that’s sought out. So, having a 7th House Venus not only makes you a people-pleaser but it makes you insist on people pleasing you. Just as you are ever aware of their happiness, you want people to be truly concerned with your happiness, as well. Okay, we all do. But, those with Venus in this house are a lot more bothered than the next person when someone behaves in ways that are unpleasant or selfish. It’s very difficult for you to just brush that off.

So, when 7th House planets aren’t receiving the energy they’re giving, they can feel out-of-balance and oddly go into hiding. They can operate rather dependently, in this way. Venus in the 7th House, therefore, is often dependent on other people being nice to be nice. That’s why it might be quite surprising to others when your sweetheart self suddenly becomes angry or mouthy when faced with a particularly rude or aggressive person. Such behavior throws you off and makes it hard for your Venus to shine through. I think, more than any planet in the 7th, Venus is the most intent on equality in their relations with others. So, if others are kind and respectful, you’re kind and respectful. If others aren’t, then the less pleasant parts of your chart will take over.

Another way you can be seeking this back and forth is just through simply being in a relationship. 7th House Venus people are supremely relationship-focused. There’s no other way to live to them. If you have this placement, you’re most likely that person who can’t remember the last time you were single. Having a constant companion is what makes your particular Venus happy. It gives it the reflection that it’s seeking. It reassures this love-seeking planet that you are attractive and appreciated. Your self-esteem can seem to be quite solid when you’re someone’s significant other. But, when you’re single, look out. Your sensual, self-loving Venus suddenly allows you to let yourself go, eat a ton of ice cream, and wear sweatpants all the time. This phase is usually much more powerful for a 7th House Venus than other people. You have a very hard time valuing yourself while not in a relationship and this is the central thing you have to work on with this placement.

If not, you can become dangerously co-dependent, which, in the end, isn’t helping your self-worth. Venus in the 7th House can fool itself into believing the “happiness” they find in love is truly fulfilling. But, as the cliché goes, you won’t be able to find true happiness until you find it within. You need this motto etched in stone somewhere, with this placement. You’ll be surprised when you find yourself becoming much more attractive by radiating this inner sense of contentment and acceptance. 7th House Venus has to learn to become its own partner, first and foremost. Self-love is your ticket to inner balance and the road to making your Venus’ expression much more solid. When you acknowledge your own attractiveness, you can draw much more satisfying love your way.

There is something very relaxing about being around people with their Venus in the 7th House. Those with a 7th House Moon can be similarly disarming. But, with Venus placed here, you relax people just by letting them know that they’re valued and allowing them to have a good time. You completely put them at ease. Venus has a very fun-loving side, as it’s a planet that’s all about personal pleasure. So, people usually find it a real pleasure to relate to you. There’s something very easy and laidback about your ways. If your Venus is in a more intense or serious sign, you can express those qualities in a style that’s free of heaviness. You never want to be a drag.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that your highly likable ways can end up making a lot of people fall in love. Some use this phrase more figuratively, as they love being around you so much and find so much in your personality to enjoy and appreciate. But, others can mean this literally. 7th House Venus folks can collect a non-stop string of admirers. This is quite different from the way a 1st House Venus can draw crushes, often from an appreciative distance or just because of their appearance. With Venus in the 7th, you draw crushes once people get to know you and spend quality time with you. Therefore, it’s very common for those with this placement to have many friends who are eager to be more than friends with them. A blessing and a curse, you could say.

However, you probably don’t do much to stop it. You just love those kinds of responses from people. And, truth be told, Venus in the 7th House has a way of being attracted to lots of people they know, as well. But, this is because you can see the beauty in those who you relate to. So, naturally, you have no problem with them seeing the beauty in you. You’ll even go to significant lengths to play that up with your appearance or with what you see as friendly flirting. So, the sensual element in your exchanges with others can be highly emphasized. With a 7th House Venus, you will take the loving wherever you get it. Not exactly in a desperate way. Just in a way that appreciates their appreciation. But, this is where that thing called “teasing” can come in, with both the men and the women with this placement causing some confusion and possibly even heartbreak with a free return of affection that might not mean the same thing on both sides.

When you’re in a relationship, though, you’re more likely to behave yourself. Still, your significant other might just have to get used to your flirtatiousness. People with Venus in the 7th House usually end up with very sweet, accommodating partners and can be just as sweet and accommodating in return. But, be careful that the relationship doesn’t turn into an endless round of “What do you want to do?” “I don’t care. Whatever you want to do.” The romantic element of the relationship needs to be very strong. If you’re not regularly having dinner by candlelight or sweaty bouts of lovemaking, you’re not going to be a happy camper. 7th House Venus people often swoon very hard for artistic types and tend to be very artistic themselves. So, love affairs can involve songs or poems written about the other or some sharing of creative interests and activities. You are happiest with someone who you can make beautiful music with, literally or figuratively.


  1. Unless you have a stellum in Aquarius and Venus in Capricorn. Then you are definitely NOT a people-pleaser and you certainly CAN stay single for many years. Greetings :)

  2. This is true for me. I have Venus in Gemini in the 7th house. Thank you for all your posts.

  3. Mars in Leo 1st house - Venus in Aquarius 7th house, I don't need no one to feel completed though I always enjoy a company of nice people.

  4. "But, what I find most interesting about planets in the 7th House is the way that they require the same sort of energy back from the other person.(...) So, when 7th House planets aren’t receiving the energy they’re giving, they can feel out-of-balance and oddly go into hiding."

    Nice post!

  5. Great post! Venus in leo in 7th house... I certaintly can relate with some points! :)

  6. Venus in Pisces in first house inconjunct Saturn, Jupiter in libra both in 7th house...I was very lost for a long time and lost my appearance for some years but when I caught back on to "the game" I felt beautiful and became beautiful all over again...Jupiter and Saturn sextiles my north node in leo....what a beautiful feeling... thanking the universe so much for my life path....