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Sun in Pisces People: The Dreamers - Part Two

It took me longer to write this Sun sign article than any other and I realized that I was, in a way, communicating with the free-flowing archetype of Pisces. With my 12th House placements and Neptune aspects, I’m very tuned into this incredibly fluid, sometimes chaotic energy. However, I also have Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Virgo, which is Pisces’ opposite sign. This creates an interesting dichotomy in my nature. I can totally go with the flow and act fully on inspiration. But, the Virgo side still stresses productivity and order and getting things done.

Therefore, I was well aware that the Sun had been in Pisces for weeks and I still hadn’t written the article yet. But, I just couldn’t really come up with the words for the article, every time I thought about it. However, the Fish seemed to speak to me and tell me, “Hey, relax. What are you worrying about? It’ll get done when it gets done.” Then, all of a sudden, everything came flooding out and I rushed to my laptop to churn it all out, in a way that combines the ever-efficient manner of Virgo and the free-spirited sense of creativity that defines Pisces.

Bryan Cranston: Pisces Sun/Capricorn Moon
I always say opposite signs overlap in curious ways. So, Virgo’s sense of perfect order is reflected in Pisces’ peaceful, laidback trust in the Universe. That’s why Pisces finds it so easy to let go. It knows that everything is already perfect. And while this view is what can lead to those infamous rose-colored glasses, it is a beautiful way to look at the world. Pisces Sun folks can have other influences in their chart that makes them particularly ambitious or aggressive or even surprisingly self-serving (whoever says all Pisces are saints is quite off-base, but we’ll get to that later). Yet, that almost untainted sense of inspiration and wonderment is always going to be in there somewhere.

People of the same Sun sign can and often do behave in very different ways. However, I believe that there’s always one core characteristic that you’ll find in virtually every one of the same Sun sign. Sometimes, you have to search a bit for it, in some people. But, it’s there. And with Sun in Pisces people, there is that sense of life being a dream, which is why I call them the dreamers, of course. Now, within a dream, you can do anything. You can win a Nobel Peace prize, you can single-handedly extinguish a burning building, you can board a spaceship and fly to Jupiter and set up your own government there. But, a lot of people wake up and often remark how ridiculous their dreams are. Sadly, this is something that can be taken metaphorically and literally.

However, with Pisces Sun, dreams cannot be seen as ridiculous. They are a source of true vitality. And I’m not just talking about the person’s actual, night-to-night dreams but all of their visions, fantasies, and ideals. The former helps Pisces get in touch with its tremendous intuition, which must be developed and honed for the self-confidence to truly flourish. The more you trust your intuition and the messages it sends you, the more powerful you’ll feel. The latter kinds of dreams are what keep your faith and your inspiration alive. Our Sun sign describes what we need to feel alive. Without it, we’re just kind of dead on the inside. And when Pisces Sun people stop believing in their dreams, instead adapting too much to “the real world”, their spirit is extinguished.

Following their creativity is often the route that’s taken, as this is one of the most artistic Sun sign placements, as I’ve said before. But, it doesn’t mean that they have to use their art to become famous. Sometimes, it’s the contrary. Pisces Sun people can be just as satisfied being a community artist, getting into small-scale creative ventures within their neighborhood or city, as being world-renowned. In fact, this is sometimes the preferred route for them. Pisces is not a sign that seeks the spotlight. And even if they do and even if it finds them, Pisces can mysteriously blend into its environment in a way to where they’re giving you what you want but you don’t exactly know them, at the same time. So, for this reason, few Sun signs are less and more suited to celebrity than Pisces, both intuitively understanding and secretly hiding behind all the smoke and mirrors.

Rihanna brilliantly understands the illusion she’s creating through her music and her infamous presence on Instagram. This Pisces gal gives her audience the rebellious pop-star image it wants – all pot-smoking and skin-baring – while harboring a surprisingly reserved side to herself underneath that. Yes, a lot of celebrities control and calculate their image. But, it doesn’t feel like calculation with the ever-intuitive Pisces. It feels like authentic role playing; a way of reflecting back to people a piece of their humanity while retaining a part of their own. With Kurt Cobain and Elizabeth Taylor, their respective grunge-god and glamour-queen images were mere fractions of who they were, says the people who knew them best. Yet, no one could ever call them phonies because these so-called illusions were still a real part of who they are. Kurt’s angst-ridden mood swings were legendary and Elizabeth famously called diamonds one of the loves of her life.

The line between what’s real and what’s not real, regarding a Pisces Sun’s identity, gets really blurry, in this way. It’s like an actor who seems to be “playing himself” but is also stretching himself outside of his own parameters. If this is your Sun sign, you’re very hard to pin down in this way. All of the Water signs show a striking complexity, in one way or another. With Pisces being Mutable (flexible) Water, your sense of empathy can work its way into any corner of humanity, including any corner of your own humanity. There’s usually a lot of self-acceptance with Pisces energy, particularly if the Pisces person is in a good place. After evolving from the nonchalant rebelliousness of Aquarius, there’s an unconditional tolerance within Pisces’ nature, for itself and others.

Elizabeth Taylor: Pisces Sun/Scorpio Moon

This also means, however, that you shouldn’t always expect Pisces to be some saintly creature descended from Heaven, as many astrological profiles would have you believe them to be. After all, this is a sign that likes to slip into everyone’s shoes: that means the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is a quality about Pisces that isn’t often discussed and can be quite glossed over. Some Pisces Sun people are like Javier Bardem, who won an Oscar for playing a creepy, cold-blooded bounty hunter in No Country for Old Men, channeling this darkness into some creative form. But, some Pisces can express it in real life. No matter what you read, any placement can be selfish, cruel, cold, vicious, or even murderous, in spite of how sweet or compassionate or harmless it’s usually described. At the same token, placements usually described as difficult, challenging, and harsh can produce some of the most wonderfully caring, evolved, and generous people around.

I think this is the major lesson of Pisces. This is why it’s the last sign in astrology: it’s made to see humanity, through its empathic, watery lens, at 360 degrees. Pisces and Neptune energy is acutely familiar with the complete, ever-complex range of human behavior. For this reason, Pisces can easily indulge in its more selfish, self-involved impulses and desires, especially since we’re dealing with the Sun, in this article, which is the planet of ego. Pisces empathizes with every perspective. So, this Sun sign can emotionally understand the justification behind selfishness. But, it can also understand the feelings of those hurt by selfishness. That is, if they’re not deluding themselves. Sometimes, Pisces Sun can convince themselves to turn hard, cold even, because their sensitivity is too much to deal with. Always adaptive, it can seem easier to just care less about people’s feelings or, more accurately, seem to care less about people’s feelings.

But, unless there’s some sort of serious mental disorder going on, I doubt that the average Pisces Sun actually struggles with compassion. It’s more so that they struggle with how compassionate they are. The less this inner trait is avoided, the more they can confidently (Sun) use their compassion (Pisces) to make their mark. At this stage, you can get the textbook Pisces who rescues strays and does community service work and is consistently sacrificing their needs for others. Not all Pisces folks will blatantly live out this Mother (or Father) Theresa dynamic. However, in the evolved ones, it’s there. And it’s usually earned. Pisces, after all, symbolizes a kind of redemption. Since it’s the last sign, it wants to make up for lost time, repent its wrongdoings, and help heal the world while it still has a chance, before dying and being reborn, into a whole new life, as Aries.

And one last thing: let’s just clear up that whole drugs and alcohol thing. Is Pisces Sun the most likely to end up in rehab? Survey says: not exactly. It’s an astrological myth and every sign has one that precedes them. Neptune is all about transcendence and escape from day-to-day living. Now, this is what can make Pisces people have such addictive personalities. But, that addiction doesn’t need to be expressed through substance abuse. In fact, it’s often expressed through an interest in and/or participation in the arts, which allows Pisces to achieve that Neptunian transcendence it so longs for. An entire day of binge-watching Netflix can be just as fun to Pisces as going to a bar. However, I will say that while Pisces Sun is not necessarily the Sun sign most prone to substance abuse, it’s definitely the Sun sign that’s most sensitive to drugs and alcohol.  

A night out of drinking or even a brief experimentation with drugs can be more intensely overwhelming for Pisces than any other Sun placement. The high of drugs and alcohol opens up a lot of psychic channels within Pisces that sometimes produce sheer bliss and sometimes create the kind of experience where one can hear the walls talking to them and the trees singing. Pisces can not only have these hallucinatory moments when using marijuana, for instance, where it’s much more expected, but even while drinking alcohol. It’s this intensity that can make some Pisces people strictly calibrate their drinking or pot use (channeling some of opposite sign Virgo’s self-discipline) and make other Pisces people freely seek out those otherworldly heights, leading to an addiction. So, regarding Pisces Sun’s potential for substance abuse, it’s definitely there but it all depends on their level of self-control and self-awareness, like everything in astrology.

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Aries: You’re often na├»ve and shortsighted, capable of only seeing what you want and racing off to get it. But, while you’re not entirely realistic, you’re headstrong and driven enough to succeed. You’re very easygoing and good-hearted but can also fiercely fight for others.

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Taurus: One could call you a grounded Fish, as if you like to sink down to the ocean floor and stay there. You’re way more stubborn than some realize, as it can take a tsunami to get you moving. However, you’re an appealing mix of no-bull firmness and patient compassion.

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Gemini: “Changeable” should be your middle name, as you have so many different colors that it’s like you’re a kaleidoscope. This makes you totally interesting and totally tricky, at the same time. You seem to always be telling people to catch you if they can.

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Cancer: Your deep sensitivity gets you into trouble when you either get utterly lost in your moods or take care of others to the total neglect of yourself. Yet, when it’s directed well, it makes you one of the most nurturing, creative, and intuitive people around.

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Leo: It’s typical for Fish people to end up in the arts but you’re even more likely to. Everything is lived out, to you, like it’s a scene from a moving film, whether it is or not. If you don’t get too swept up in a need for drama, you’ll be an incredibly generous, loving individual.

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Virgo: You’re the perennial volunteer, constantly bending over backwards in your endless desire to help. But, this can be the source of a deep-seated resentment or guilt. Find a nice balance, as you’re capable of effectively teaching a man how to fish but with sincere empathy.

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Libra: Acting as a reflection for other people and just telling them what they want to hear can be your biggest problem. You’re a real lover at heart, not a fighter. There’s a profound love of art within you, as you strive to constantly emphasize the beauty of the world.

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Scorpio: You’ve got a steely resilience that allows you to survive any hurricane that comes your way. Just don’t develop a masochistic addiction to pain and chaos. You also have amazing psychic and regenerative powers that you must develop an empowered trust in.

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Sagittarius: It’s all about keeping the faith for you, even when things get grim. In fact, the problem may be that you don’t realize they’re grim and need to face the harsher facts. Yet, few people are more inspirational and uplifting, touching everyone with your high ideals.

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Capricorn: You probably show a resigned acceptance to your suffering in life that can become downright depressing. However, you also know how to get on with it, when needed. You can display a firm dedication to higher causes in society or in your profession.

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Aquarius: It’s sometimes as difficult for you to understand yourself as it is everyone else. But, you also just totally going with the way that you are and you treat others with the same incredible tolerance. You see everyone as human beings worth kindness and compassion.

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Pisces: Your inner world is a complete Universe onto itself, which you can either get almost desperately lost within or use to live out all your dreams in the outer Universe. Avoid being a victim. Remain the co-creator and creatively direct all of your inner depths.

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  1. Thank you!! As a double piscean this is like heaven to read. All you say Is true and this is how I feel and always felt about like!