Monday, April 13, 2015

Planets in the 7th House: Jupiter

What happens when bigger-than-life Jupiter is in your 7th House? Well, the possibilities in your personal relationships can be limitless, for better or for worse. Jupiter is the next planet I’m tackling in my Planets in the 7th House series. It’s often described as the planet of luck, which can be accurate, in some ways. However, some people can report not always feeling so lucky in regards to their Jupiter. Sometimes, Jupiter’s influence can be so benevolent that it blinds us, making us take certain things for granted. However, other times, it’s less about Jupiter being a Lucky Charm and more about it just giving you more and more of what it represents.

Since the 7th House represents relationships, having Jupiter in the 7th House can mean that there are simply a lot of people in your life; possibly to the point of excess, as Jupiter also represents. The great fortune that this planet can bring is often because it goes so big in the area it governs that you’ve got a lot of chances to get lucky. Basically, Jupiter can stay at the gambling table all night, betting and betting and betting some more until it hits the jackpot. If you have a 7th House Jupiter, this is how you are with other people. But, this can also be a big flaw, as well, as we all know just what can happen when you put all of those chips in: you can lose all of them.

Those with Jupiter in the 7th House can often place their faith too much in the hands of people who they shouldn’t trust. Jupiter wants so badly to believe. So, these people want to believe in other people very wholeheartedly. Even if Jupiter is in a sign like Taurus or Scorpio, many of the traditional reservations or cautions about their fellow man can be relaxed significantly. With this placement, because of your utter trust in others, you may leave yourself very open to being tricked or fooled by others. Your naiveté might not even be that apparent until you’re on a one-on-one level with another person. Then, you don’t hold back, which can invite many con artists your way.

The good thing about Jupiter, though, is that it bounces back amazingly well. Whatever house we have Jupiter in is where we’re very resilient and forward-moving. So, if you have Jupiter in the 7th, you can remain remarkably optimistic and positive, even when you’ve been disappointed or taken advantage of by others. Just make sure you’re learning from these experiences, too. This position gives a position a strong yearning to really learn and grow through their relations with others. People are seen as textbooks and teachers by you, so you’re going to seek out those who you feel have a lot of knowledge to offer up and can help you expand your horizons. 

Yet, you can feel flattened when you don’t receive this from others. 7th House planets operate in what I like to call tit-for-tat mode. They expect to equally get from other people what they’re giving to them, a la the planet in the 7th. With expansive Jupiter in this house, you really seek out people who are going to take you out of the mundane. You’re attracted to seekers who are always looking to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones and see more of life. This reinforces that same yearning within you. However, if you find yourself paired off with a person who strongly sticks to the same old, same old and has no desire for enlightenment, you feel very unfulfilled.

What’s going to happen then is that you’ll start feeling increasingly trapped. This is what happens to a dissatisfied Jupiter. When this huge planet is unhappy, it feels hemmed in. And this seems to only exaggerate the desire to seek out big adventures. Throughout this series, my theory has been that planets in the 7th have a way of “shutting off” when they are not getting that reciprocal response they depend on. 7th House Sun might start to feel lifeless and a 7th House Venus would feel much less at peace. But, I think Jupiter might be the exception, in this case. Jupiter, at its worst, doesn’t have an off-button. It just keeps going more and more over-the-top, to embarrassing degrees.

So, with Jupiter in the 7th, the less you feel enlightened and inspired by the people around you, the more compulsively you’re going to seek that out. You’re not going to let someone allow you to feel trapped for very long. But, once you bust out, you might have absolutely no idea where you’re going. This is because you require someone to accompany you on your journey. A 1st House Jupiter can strike out on their own excursions because the 1st House is the house of self. But, the 7th House describes what we do with others. Therefore, the other person, whether they are a significant other or a good friend, usually acts as your compass, every step of the way.

And without that compass, you can feel totally lost. But, a lost 7th House Jupiter is just going to keep going, fueled by a highly restless sense that you can’t stand still. Well, you can’t because you’re too busy running! It becomes an endless cycle. And what you’re running from is the fact that you’re basing way too much of your personal growth on other people. It’s as if you expect others to be your life coach. Instead, you have to look on the inside and listen to the life coach inside of you. People with 7th House planets gain the balance this house searches for by fully expressing that planet in an independent sense, knowing what they’re bringing to the table.

When you can do this, you’ll attract the right kind of people your way! Once your 7th House Jupiter allows you to experience a self-sufficient sense of growth and exploration, more people will want to come along and explore with you. And they’ll be just the right people for the journey. Yet, you still have this way of just totally opening up yourself to all. Jupiter jumps on any experience or opportunity available, without hesitation. So, you jump on any opportunity to connect with someone on an interpersonal level. In this way, you do become very fortunate. You never know just who you’ll meet and your total willingness to disarm, befriend, and/or romance other people ushers amazing experiences and possibilities into your life. A lot of people may be willing to help you.

The 7th House defines the ways in which we influence others in our relationships. With Jupiter in the 7th, your influence is a very generous, positive one. Your vivid enthusiasm is very infectious, as well as freely, sometimes wildly, spread around by you. Much like those with their Sun in the 7th House, you have a way of cheering people up, putting a smile on their face, and helping them to see the glory in the new day. Many might feel like nothing can ever really get them down with you around. People benefit a lot from the constant mantras and maxims you spout off, seeming to have an uplifting quote for just about every rotten situation. This can keep people from getting down in the dumps. Just make sure to not stand on a soap box while you say such things!

Romantic relationships, in particular, can be wonderful blessings but your love life might also be extremely messy and haphazard, as well. Don’t forget that Jupiter is going through a lifelong learning process. So, more than most people, for Jupiter in the 7th, relationships are about making a lot of mistakes and learning from them. But, you may be way too cavalier about this whole thing, finding yourself bouncing from one person to the next, as soon as things don’t work out. The downside of 7th House Jupiter can be moving on way too quickly, as well as falling into too many love affairs to count. You may be living in the fast lane of love and need to slow down.

Yet, you tend to fall for modern-day philosophers like yourself. So, there’s usually a lot of learning on both ends and few real hard feelings. You both just feel comforted and encouraged by the conviction that you grew a lot through the relationship and came together (as well as split up) for a reason. The dynamic in the typical 7th House Jupiter person’s relationship is very upbeat and spirited. It should go without saying, at this point, that you don’t go for the dull, unadventurous types. They need to share your mutual appetite for constant discovery. A totally honest, often unfiltered rapport also characterizes your relationships. You probably like for people to be brutally frank with you because you want to benefit from their opinion. Whether that thing that you do upsets them or that shirt is ugly, you want them to tell you! After all, you probably tell them. 


  1. Awesome interpretation of this placemeny of jupiter. Can very much relate to many of the things mentioned. Thank you for your unique and valuable insight.

  2. Great analysis! Do you think Jupiter retrograde in the 7th would have the same effects?

  3. Beautifully written! You hit in right in the nail :)


  4. It was very helpful and true. The part of over optimism in relationships was very accurate in my case. Indeed I need to slow down and perserve. I run so fast sometimes that it seems to me that my other half is stagnant, then I get up and move in search of new avenues. That's become my blind spot. Thanks for the much required enlightenment!!

  5. I have jupiter in 7th and 8th house. I am at the current on the search of being a better self and to try to lead less mistakes in my life. Thank you for the insight