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Sun in Aries People: The Trailblazers - Part Two

When a person has the Sun in Aries, there can be more of an impetuous vibe than an impulsive one. Their sense of self, which is represented by the Sun, can feel defined by this sense of being in conflict with others. Now, this can manifest in many different ways, instead of the hot-tempered, overly aggressive Aries you’re used to reading about. This conflict might just be the experience of being the one who goes against what everyone else is doing. Aries’ individualism mirrors Aquarius, in this sense. But, it’s about being an original, instead of an oddball as with Aquarius.

Unlike Libra, Aries’ opposite sign which is all about harmony, those with an Aries Sun don’t mind the feeling of not seeing eye-to-eye with another person. They tend to thrive on regular friction, even if it doesn’t result in out-and-out screaming matches. The friction can just be through their dare to do and say things others might not agree with. But, it’s actually not often intentional, either. Aries can be very surprised when these things end up creating such a stir.

Lady Gaga: Aries Sun/Scorpio Moon
Since the beginning, people have accused Lady Gaga, one of the most famous Sun in Aries individuals of our time, of doing and saying all those wild and crazy things for shock value. It’s not very likely. Aquarius is about shock value. Aries is about action, which just might lead to shock value. Therefore, Gaga just wanted to wear a dress made out of raw meat. She just wanted to be carried around in a giant egg on the Red Carpet and draw fake blood in the middle of a performance. It all just happened to shock people. Aries Sun is that simple and straightforward. It’s a sign that just does things, typically not even stopping to consider the aftermath until it happens.

But, when it does happen, they’re not likely to apologize for it, which kept Gaga pushing on through all of her controversies. Aries’ astrological mascot is the Ram. This horned animal pushes back whenever you push. That’s its first instinct. So, when you act aggressively toward an Aries, their course of action is to be aggressive in return. While this can provoke that notorious Aries temper, their plan of attack might also be to just debate their way out of the situation, especially if Mercury is also in Aries. Disagreement sounds like a challenge and the Sun in Aries person’s sense of self truly depends on being able to stand up to a challenge. So, they intend to win.

An unapologetic spirit can be very admirable, when it’s for the right reasons: not apologizing for being true to oneself, for example. But, Aries Sun folks can also be unapologetic at the wrong times, too. Many of these people (but not all, of course) rarely utter the words “sorry”; at least not in a situation where they were challenged. That means arguments, in many cases. For some, the most frustrating thing about Aries can be what seems like a determination to be free of blame. Like I said before, the aftermath matters little to the less mature Aries. So, you can have a big fight and just hours later, they’ll be speaking to you again like it didn’t happen. In less evolved types with this Sun sign, they don’t want to stop to think about what happened. They just want to get on with it. But, of course, this isn’t the most effective course of action, which is something they’ll need to face.

This “fight one minute, laugh the next” trait is quite a well-known one of Aries. However, it’s not always a sign of immaturity. It’s actually also due to the fact that Aries is all about fresh starts. So, in this Sun sign’s mind, why does there need to be tension and resentment after an argument? It’s all over, we’ve all gotten it off of our chests. Let’s just move on! While this might drive some crazy, it can actually be one of their best traits. This Sun sign is so in-the-moment that it generally has no time whatsoever for grudges or vendettas. Even if there’s a strong Cancer or Scorpio influence in the chart that might cause a harboring of resentment, this is a trait that they’ll soon outgrow.

To Aries, there’s much better things to do than hold grudges. After all, this competitive sign is living life to win it, not sit on the sidelines and complain about things. This reflects the freshness and innocence of the sign and why Aries is compared to the first several years of life. This is a time when we’re very pure and haven’t collected the insecurities, defenses, and disappointments that keep us down and keep us from moving. Instead, every day is a brand new adventure, with brand new opportunities in store. In this way, Aries is a sign that’s eternally about six years old (in both the best and sometimes the worst sense).

The energy of those with this can be inexhaustible. I don’t know when James Franco manages to sleep, as his Aries Sun has turned him into a modern-day Energizer Bunny of an actor, producer, director, screenwriter, and novelist/poet. You can feel Quentin Tarantino’s irrepressible Ram energy bursting through his famously dynamic, in-your-face films like “Pulp Fiction” and “Kill Bill”. This is a Sun sign placement that can run circles around many people, as they gain their sense of vitality from always going. But, it’s just advisable for those with Aries placements to not burn out. 

Pharrell Williams: Aries Sun/Taurus Moon

Yet, it can feel like these people are kids on a playground who just never get tired. And like those kids at recess, some with this Sun sign might play quite rough. There is a very competitive streak within Aries Sun, in some way. If there’s an area in life that they feel like they kick ass in, they will be intent on kicking all kinds of ass, even if it’s yours. It’s usually just harmless, healthy competition; the charging Ram in them, in action. But, sometimes, it can turn Aries into a total sore loser. Among some with this placement, bad attitudes or even tantrums are not uncommon whenever they lose at something. But, don’t take it too personally. These people just want what they want and that might be the lesson to overcome: to learn that they can’t always get what they want.

However, that attitude is an example of their innate simplicity and straightforwardness. Even if there are more secretive or complicated placements in the chart, Aries Sun is generally going to be upfront about its desires. Aries is ruled by Mars, after all, which is the planet of desire. So, this is really what their self-awareness centers on: what they desire. Again, it’s this kind of outlook that gives them their reputation as selfish. However, as many people with a strong Aries influence can show us, there’s sometimes nothing wrong with selfishness. Some psychologists use the term “healthy selfishness” for the process of defining your true desires, saying ‘no’ to others, and focusing on your personal goals. When someone is very attuned to their Aries Sun, they don’t have much of a problem saying ‘no.’ Now, you telling them ‘no’, on the other hand…

Speaking of desire, Mars not only rules personal goals, challenges, and accomplishment but the sex drive, as well. So, Sun in Aries people channel this aggressive planet by really pursuing what they want in this arena, too. I might be wrong about this but I suspect we got the term “horny” from in-pursuit animals like the Ram. If not, then, we should have. There is little that Aries enjoys more than the chase. Therefore, let me spare you some trouble, if you happen to be interested in an Aries Sun man or woman. If they find you hot, then they aren’t going to leave any room for guesswork. They’re going to go for it. Shy or reserved Aries do exist but even these types send out all kinds of crazy-obvious signals. Subtlety, when it comes to their passion, is just generally not in Aries’ bags of tricks. So, if they’re not biting, they’re not interested. Period.

No game-playing is allowed with Aries. But, they do enjoy the thrill of making you their conquest. Yes, these men and women see you as the notch on their belt. Aries Sun women channel the masculine Mars energy in a way that prevents a lot of them from being prissy or prudish about sex (though the actual Mars sign also matters). I’m sure your Aries woman really loves, admires, and respects you. Yet, in the back of her mind, you’re also her hot piece of ass. She loves you for the sex as much as she loves you for everything else, sometimes a little bit more. Just accept it.

While Aries women are often more subtle about being players, the men are often more open about it because, unfortunately, that kind of behavior in men is still more approved of. And they probably don’t have a shortage of candidates, as many Aries men are dripping with testosterone. Is it any wonder that Brando and Fassbender turn people on, of both sexes and all orientations, in such a powerful way? Something about them just says, “I want to do it.” You shouldn’t leave a Ram of either sex hanging, in any part of the dating phase. There’s only so much “hard to get” they can put up with before you end up getting nothing, just watching them shoot off in another direction.

Sun in Aries, Moon in Aries: You are the most explosive, spontaneous Trailblazer of the bunch, forever flying by the seat of your pants and not giving a damn. You’re a hothead and a daredevil, with your flair for living on the edge serving as your biggest strength and biggest flaw.

Sun in Aries, Moon in Taurus: More firmly determined than your other fellow Trailblazers, once you set off on a path, there’s no deterring you. You’re very at ease in your own skin, never changing your values for anyone. But, remember that compromise can sometimes be a virtue.

Sun in Aries, Moon in Gemini: There’s always a million things you want to do and you not only do them but find a million more to do. Just don’t wear others out with your totally restless pace. You are effervescent and full of rapid-fire wit, capable of bluntly saying just about anything.

Sun in Aries, Moon in Cancer: Your actions always depend on your mood, which sometimes means that you can totally act out. You never filter your reactions and are very honest emotionally. You’re very sensitive yet a fighter, able to aggressively defend yourself and loved ones instantly.

Sun in Aries, Moon in Leo: You’re driven to be a winner but don’t let your ferocious pride turn you into a sore loser. Remember that those who are truly great can recognize greatness in others. When you live by this code, your warm-hearted, enthusiastic, childlike spirit brilliantly shines through.

Sun in Aries, Moon in Virgo: Things sometimes need to be too specifically your way, which can make you critical of others’ methods. So, learn to not be so quick to judge. You live your life with bold self-sufficiency, seeing yourself as totally whole unto yourself. No one completes you but you.

Sun in Aries, Moon in Libra: You can sometimes get too thrown-off when people don’t give you what you’re expecting from them. So, learn to find what you want on the inside, first. Agreeable and a strong team-player, you innately understand that two heads are much better than one.

Sun in Aries, Moon in Scorpio: Being the most intensely passionate Trailblazer can lead you to burn down the whole forest, for better or worse. You are highly intuitive, with dead-on instincts you must learn to trust. You’re definitely fierce and fearless but more sensitive than most people know.
Sun in Aries, Moon in Sagittarius: Every new situation is an opportunity for exploration for you. This can drive you to great things as well as make you too easily bored and irresponsible, at the same time. You’re brutally honest but generally loved for your fiery, unfiltered straightforwardness.

Sun in Aries, Moon in Capricorn: You take your goals and achievements seriously, believing that all of your time should be used wisely. You’re a workaholic, finding it pretty excruciating to just do nothing. But, you’re a certified go-getter and people admire your highly enterprising approach.

Sun in Aries, Moon in Aquarius: A nonconformist of the first order, you will never be placed in a little box. You’re defiantly weird, not realizing when you’re pushing buttons and not caring when you do. Yet, you are known for your very independent mind and ability to just let people be themselves.

Sun in Aries, Moon in Pisces: You’re a tenderhearted dreamer but also have the courage to act on those dreams. Your view of life can be totally myopic and na├»ve but it’s inspiring nonetheless. And whenever someone’s hurt, your deep empathy compels you to swoop in and save the day.

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