Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sun in Aries People: The Trailblazers - Part One

It’s funny but I have realized that the writing process for each of these Sun sign profiles has mirrored the Sun sign itself. When I wrote the Aquarius Sun article, all of my ideas for it hit me out of nowhere, right when I wasn’t expecting it to. When I wrote the article on Pisces Sun, I allowed myself to drift and drift until the writing just poured out of me. Now, with this profile on Aries, I’ve been feeling very impatient with myself. I planned on writing this three days ago and, ever since, I’ve been hearing this little voice say, “Come on, come on already! Why haven’t you done it yet?” (Therefore, expect me to take forever to do the Taurus Sun article next month!)

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Aries Sun/Pisces Moon
I’m sure that little voice is just my way of channeling the driven spirit of the current Sun in Aries. It’s a period that takes place from March 21 to April 19, each year. And I would venture to call it our Astrological New Year, as Aries symbolizes a new beginning. I talked about how Pisces, as the last sign, symbolizes endings. Well, Aries is the first sign and is all about fresh starts. It’s no surprise that the first day of spring occurs when the Sun is in Aries. We shake off the cold, the bees begin buzzing and pollinating and we feel a major shift in the air. That’s why we do things like spring cleaning. This is a time where everyone feels the opportunity to start over.

This is an energy, then, that runs very deeply within an Aries person’s being. I’ve been deconstructing all of the myths and stereotypes about the twelve Sun signs. So, what is Aries’ stereotype? Well, that, if this is someone’s Sun sign, they’re a gruff, rough, rude, and inconsiderate person. That they are selfish, could care less about the consequences of their behavior, and behave like two-year-olds when they don’t get what they want. Of course, it’s a sweeping generalization. A lot of Aries Sun individuals are not this immature and insensitive. Many of them are even not so impulsive and temperamental. I’ve found that Aries Moon people live on their impulses much more. Aries Suns are the ones who can conduct themselves with more control and forethought.

Yet, you will find an irrepressible urge to just do something in even the more reserved or mild-mannered Aries people. This is why I call this sign “the trailblazer.” Since Aries start off the astrological wheel, it is an inherent part of their nature to start things. Most of the Aries Sun subjects you meet will always have a few irons in the fire. There’s always talk about doing this, trying this, tackling this new hobby, reading this new book. Often times, they work in fields that allow them to initiate some sort of creative venture. The Sun is what makes us feel alive and Aries Sun feels alive through the rush of enthusiasm that comes from jump-starting something.

However, there’s typically less of an urge to finish. When you blaze a new trail, you never know where it’ll lead. This is why Aries usually has an amusing habit of not finishing what they start. That book goes unread after page 56, they get quickly bored with that hobby, or they somehow forget they were doing the laundry just an hour ago. And if you’re working together, they might seem to hint in so many ways (or maybe not so subtly) that they expect you to finish it for them. Now, if they have their other personal planets in the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius), then this is less likely. But, even if they drag themselves to the finish line, that trait is still there. For just about every Sun in Aries person, the core trait is that the excitement and passionate allure of starting something doesn’t take very long to wear off once the fire has been lit.

Let’s take one of the most textbook Aries Suns for example: Marlon Brando, who actually has the Sun and Moon conjunct in Aries. Back in the 1940’s and 1950’s, via his electrifying stage and screen performances, Brando started something new: what we now like to call the Method. Pre-Brando, actors were histrionic and theatrical, whether on stage or film. Performances felt like performances, instead of organic, subtle slices of life. But, when Brando burst on to the scene, everything changed. He blazed a trail with his incredible naturalism and grounded emotional power; a trail that actors are still following several decades later.

Yet, in true Aries fashion, it didn’t take long for Brando to become bored with what he started. He was famously dismissive of acting, in spite of being called one of the greatest actors who ever lived, not interested in carrying the mantle. Aries is often described as a leader but I don’t think this is accurate. Leo, Aries’ Fire sign cousin, is the leader, happily taking responsibility for their followers. Leo willingly wears the crown, taking the worship that comes with that, while Aries isn’t interested in leading anyone but themselves. Follow them, if you want, but they don’t really care. They’re too busy doing their own thing and usually quite boldly and brilliantly.

It’s no coincidence, then, that this combination of fiery fearlessness and ballsy disregard that makes people
Michael Fassbender: Aries Sun/Virgo Moon
look up to many Aries Sun male actors as the embodiment of cool. From Brando to Gary Oldman to Michael Fassbender, all seen as some of the best actors of their particular generations, Aries men have a way of owning Hollywood but giving Hollywood the finger, at the same time. Oldman and Fassbender, both only nominated for Oscars once, to date, despite consistently giving incredible performances, are widely admired without fully playing the game.

However, it doesn’t just extend to the men, of course. Women with an Aries Sun are just as ballsy, if not more, seeming incapable of sticking to the “damsel in distress” script. These women seemed to have invented feminism, as there’s all sorts of empowering examples of strong, take-charge Aries women in our culture. Look at Sarah Michelle Gellar’s iconic part of as the titular, demon-butt-kicking super-heroine in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” as well as Sarah Jessica Parker’s sexually confident and upfront Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City.” Aretha Franklin asked for a little respect, Diana Ross practically invented the word diva, in the positive sense, and Gloria Steinem represented for fierce, intellectual women everywhere.

I guess this might be where Aries gets its reputation for selfishness from. This is a sign that always seems to just have something to do, some mountain to conquer, and they can be so wrapped up in it that they forget about you. Even the ones who are more Water-influenced can display these traits, sometimes. But, Aries often just doesn’t know that they’re doing it. Think about it: whenever you get sucked into work or something, all other distractions, ideally, fall by the wayside. You are just focused on doing what needs to be done. So, action-oriented Aries is just so absorbed in whatever “task” they’re caught up in that considering others can sometimes feel distracting.

This is a dynamic that’s usually reflected in the relationship with the father figure, which is what the Sun represents. And it’s interesting because I’ve found that people with their Sun in the Fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) can sometimes have the most challenging relationships with their paternal parent, in some way. Even if the parent is a wonderful person, he or she doesn’t give the child much to work with, as far as encouragement or feedback or direction. But, this is often the point, as the Sun is most dynamic and powerful in the Fire element. Therefore, Fire Sun people have to learn how to tap into their own inner fire and keep it burning, without reinforcement.

So, with an Aries Sun, I believe that the child is going to have a father figure who leaves them to their own devices a lot, maybe sometimes a bit too much. They might not be given much direction by this parent and expected to figure out a lot on their own. In some cases, the father figure is a very weak presence, either a very ineffectual or very absentee person. In other cases, the paternal parent might be a very strong, reliable person but just seems to have a ton of stuff going on for that very reason. They may not have the time or the patience to hold their child’s hand through life. Whatever the case may be, the Aries son or daughter feels very much on their own.

It’s generally not a lonely or self-pitying feeling. It’s more so a sense of being a pioneer, always embarking on things solo. Yet, this can also instill a lot of fears. In the early life phases, this inner sense of independence is more terrifying than empowering. Sun in Aries people can constantly feel like they have to tackle some big feat, with no one else to rely on. The Sun is known for being exalted in Aries and I would say this is why. The personal development of an Aries Sun is learning how to approach things independently, without anyone holding your hand or approving of your every move. You’ve just got to make a move and trust in your instincts.

So, believe it or not, Aries often does not feel as bold and self-assured as it likes to convey. There is a saying that sums these people up: “It’s not courageous unless you’re scared to do it.” Therefore, Aries can go through life feeling like a giant chicken, even if they never show it, which is why they’re building their self-confidence by facing their fears and conquering challenges. More than most, they feel empowered by pushing through any sort of situation, no matter how scary, and being able to look back and pat themselves on the back for just doing it.