Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sun-Mars Aspects: The Winner

If your Sun sign is conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine Mars, you are the winner. Well, at least, you have a powerful motivation to be a winner. The worst thing for those with a Sun-Mars aspect is to feel like a loser. You must feel like you’re out there, kicking ass and taking names! This is a highly driven combination, as it combines the two “yang” personal planets. The Sun is the part of our masculine side that is self-assured and self-actualized. Mars, meanwhile, is the other half of our masculine side: competitive and driven, with a yearning for action in all senses of the word. Combining these two forces can result in a powerhouse individual but the issue of how to assert oneself and dominate a situation best can be a hurdle to get over.

When we’re living out our Sun, we are discovering and defining our personal identity. So, with a Sun-Mars aspect, the process of defining yourself can be rather aggressive and bold. It pretty much has to be. But, it’s up to you to decide just how this aggressiveness is being expressed. There is healthy aggression and competition. Then, there is overly selfish, cutthroat, and insensitive competition that makes you just want to run over the other person to get what you want. Sun-Mars people are, therefore, dealing with the issue of pursuing their desires (Mars) in a way that reflects well upon themselves (Sun). They must neither overcompensate nor underdo it.

The latter option can be just as common amongst those with their Sun in aspect to Mars than the former. Sometimes, these people might not be selfish enough, especially if the Sun and/or Mars are in a Water sign. This is also common with those with the square or the opposition, who might have trouble knowing just how assertive and competitive to be and when. So, they may pull back when they should be pushing the pedal to the medal. Those with the sextile and the trine tend to have more comfort tapping into their inner beast in a healthy way, while the ones with the conjunction can be so overwhelmed by this beast that they turn into uncontrollable bundles of rage.

Ah, yes, rage does rule Mars and this is another thing that needs to be marshaled properly. Again, we might get too much of one or the other with a Sun-Mars person. With this aspect, you might either identify (Sun) as a person who almost never gets mad or a person who’s always heated up about something. That feisty fireball who’s always going off about something, as if it’s their paid job to regularly give someone a telling off, could very well have a Sun-Mars aspect. On the other hand, this might be a person who is just personally too uncomfortable with expressing their anger. And it becomes that classic explosion that just builds and builds until they let loose out of nowhere.

And it’s this attitude that prevents you from winning at life like you’re so motivated to. Not getting pissed off not only inhibits you from standing up for yourself the way that you should but from gaining the fuel needed to tackle whatever’s in front of you. Anger can be a healthy motivator and this is a lesson for many Sun-Mars individuals. Assertiveness classes may help or making a habit of consciously acknowledging what’s pissing you off. The Sun doesn’t come automatically for most people. It’s something that we grow into, with confidence. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that, with this placement, you can be growing into (Sun) being comfortable with your anger (Mars). You must learn what pushes your buttons and develop the self-assurance to voice these concerns.

On the flip side, the Sun can be too cocky and overbearing. So, if you’re a walking time bomb, you’re going to need your ego checked. These kinds of Sun-Mars people will benefit from the opposite side of the fence: patience. This will be especially true if either the Sun or Mars is in a Fire sign. You’re going to have to learn how to slow down, count to ten, and recognize that you can’t always get what you want! Oh, yeah, and that everyone doesn’t need to know your every annoyance. Mercury-Mars individuals can, at their worst, be just as bad. But, they don’t usually have the sense of entitlement that you can have when you’re going off on one of your rants. Just tone it down, sometimes, and channel that anger toward something productive.

Once the right balance is achieved, you can become a true force to be reckoned with! Those with their Sun sign in aspect to Mars can come to exude a lot of passion and determination. You can just develop this personal presence that says you’ve got things to do and that you’re burning up with the desire to do them. Our Sun sign represents our relationship with our paternal parent. This is the parent who helped shape our identity in some sense. So, this is the way that the paternal figure was perceived and experienced while growing up. Many Sun-Mars individuals have a father figure who is highly self-made and respected as someone very successful and driven. You may wish to follow in this parent’s footsteps but filling these shoes might be quite intimidating, in some cases.

But, I don’t think the purpose of a Sun-Mars aspect is to follow anyone’s footsteps. It’s to make your own! One of the major problems you might have faced with your paternal parent is feeling like they pushed you too much. As a child, they may have made you feel like your whole identity was based around what you accomplished and conquered. So, you were always jumping through hoops for them. When you came out on top, then great! You got their approval. But, when you fell short, you might have felt like you were held in less higher regard with them. This kind of competitive pressure is quite common in parenting. Yet, it could’ve felt significantly more intense with you, like you were always sweating and breaking your back to get a coveted high five from this parent.

It may not have been that bad, though. Maybe your paternal figure was so ballsy and goal-oriented that they gave you a hearty push in a good way, urging you to take on any challenge and pursue any goal, no matter how daunting it seemed. Whether you had the motivational paternal parent or the pusher paternal parent, you are being challenged to go your own way. In the case of the pusher parent, you must learn to give yourself a high five, instead of waiting for their approval. Sun-Mars is all about gaining a high self-awareness (Sun) about one’s own desires (Mars), as well as having confidence in one’s own achievements, whether or not someone else agrees. And that goes for your parent, as well. Now, if you had the motivational parent, they’re going to teach you this directly.

Therefore, you will really find yourself by chasing after things that would deter or daunt many people, including yourself. In fact, evidence that it scares you means that you pretty much have to do it. More than the average person, a Sun-Mars person will not be able to build a strong identity without facing their fears. And no one can hold your hand while doing it. A solid sense of independence and self-reliance is needed here. Sure, everyone needs help, from time to time. But, you need to develop the kind of inner strength to not always look to others for help or flail about when you’re faced with an obstacle. You’ve got to show that obstacle who’s boss!

At their best, those with Sun-Mars aspects take charge of their lives just like a boss. This can obviously yield some interesting results for the women with this influence. Because the Sun and Mars are both yang, this is a purely masculine energy. But, of course, both men and women have masculine sides. That should go without saying. So, a Sun-Mars female might live her life as quite a tomboy, especially if she has the conjunction, square, or opposition. Of course, she can also have a deliciously feminine side to her. Yet, the social games that being a girl require will probably bore her. Since the Sun is the self and Mars is assertiveness, this is a bracingly direct, what-you-see-is-what-you-get lady who, forgive the cliché, can hang with the fellas just perfectly.

Most women with Sun-Mars aspects end up having a lot of guy friends, as a result. Yet, let’s not stereotype these ladies as the kinds who can’t hang with girls, either. Issues like that usually come from difficult aspects to one’s Moon or Venus. Even then, this isn’t always the case. So, they can get along with girls just as well. They just know how to tap into the male side of their psyche more readily than some females and gain quite a feminist sense of self in doing so. These women do not identify with the passive damsel archetype. Instead, they do a lot of the rescuing! It’s not a coincidence that many of them, if heterosexual, end up with men who are rather gentle or retiring. Those gender-role scripts can get flipped very easily in their relationships.

Now, with the men with these aspects, things can manifest somewhat differently, due to the expectations of our society. While the females can grapple with disapproval or discomfort with their aggressiveness, the men can feel all too put upon to be aggressors; basically, the traditional male ideal of our culture. In this sense, you can catch some Sun-Mars men trying just a bit too hard. For many men, not feeling like they’re living up to the macho standard can be quite a blow to their ego. But, that’s even more so with these aspects, as their ego (Sun) is definitely connected to how rough and tough (Mars) they’re perceived as. So, men with this influence who are more sensitive can suffer from overwhelming insecurities, in this area, that need to be overcome.

For these males, their confidence can be stabilized by defining their own sense of what being a man is. This is the best way that they can claim their identities. If not, they will simply be locked into a perennial contest of manliness, sometimes to a degree that might appear to be quite pathetic and transparent. The man with a Sun-Mars aspect, then, needs to be assured in his own unique brand of masculinity. There isn’t just one kind of man. There are all kinds, from rugged to sensitive to intellectual to funny, and these traits are all strengths! Your particular style of masculinity can be gained more so from tapping into your Mars and integrating it into your personality unapologetically. In fact, at their best, these are men who are so comfortable in their masculine side that they don’t need to try hard to prove it. They have nothing to prove and that, of course, is wildly appealing.

Yet, for both sexes, there is this switch that’s flipped whenever one is challenged. The more a Sun-Mars individual develops their self-awareness, the more they know that they can’t resist backing down from a challenge. Do not dare these people to do something. They will do it because that’s just who they are (Sun). Such a ballsy nature is good when it’s helping you achieve. But, it’s not helpful when you’re just causing trouble. Speaking of getting into trouble, Mars does rule the sex drive. So, your personality can be particularly revved-up with lust, as well as worked-up when you’re not getting any. In fact, you might not even feel like yourself when you haven’t gotten laid in a while! Most people with this placement have raw sexual energy and an innate ability to really take the lead in the bedroom. It’s just advised that your partner meet you at the finish line!

Sun conjunct Mars: Due to the conjunction, you are the most aggressive of the group. You’re such a go-getter that you’re always convinced that you’ll get what you want. Issues can arise during those inevitable times when you don’t. So, watch out for too much selfishness and willfulness. Still, people could learn a thing or two from your level of gusto, as you have a fire that never dies.

Sun square or opposition Mars: Struggles with being too assertive or not assertive enough are common with the square and the opposition. Not “growing a pair” or being overly in-your-face will only end up making it harder to fulfill your desires. Find a nice balance between easing into things and grabbing them by the horns. Then, you’ll be consumed with an unstoppable motivation.

Sun sextile or trine Mars: Most people simply respect you as a driven straight-shooter, since you have the sextile or the trine. You can come on strong yet don’t force yourself on to people. But, you’re still guilty of being trigger-happy, at times, as you jump into challenges so readily. You always want to show what you’re made of. Just remember to recognize that yourself first. 


  1. So glad you wrote about this aspect, I have sun opposition mars.

    Spent 18 years of my life being a tomboy check, have ridiculous amount of guy friends check, chased all my baby boys check, always attracted the moody feminine retiring male check, can never walk away from a challenge check, being overly-assertive and overly-unassertive check...

    Is there anyway to make oppositions easier to deal with?

    1. Oppositions feel like crazy imbalances until you find a happy medium. So, with Sun opposite Mars, you may veer from being very egotistical, acting like the queen of the castle with nothing to prove eventually though you're actually really scared to compete or get in there, to being overly competitive, desperate to beat out your competitors or anyone else who's a threat to your status. Eventually, you can learn to find a balance between wanting to challenge yourself and be assertive while also having enough confidence to know when to hang back and let your greatness speak for itself.

  2. I'm a female (redhead) with the conjunction (and both trine Jupiter). These are my favorite energies :)

  3. I'm a female with Sun square Mars and choosing the right assertion at a point, a brash, blunt and attention-seeking attitude have been my lifelong issue. And the masculine touch, I actually gotta work into learning the feminine side of mine, learning guys wouldn't want to be with with a 'female' like me, but I have no problem dealing girls either, but they made me feel like I'm a guy somehow. And the more restricting a challenge gets, I'm drawn more to feel the fire, (even if it takes toll on my water Sun personality). Who wouldn't like winning anyway? My confidence, well nobody believes me when I say my healthy confidence came from the very opposite of it. Well, I'm bold because it's me.

  4. This is a great review on the aspect. After many years of grumbling about a badly affected Mars I'm beginning to understand the strength of it.
    My Mars is debilitated in Libra & in 7th. Totally wrecked when it comes to assertion vs pleasing. Furthermore it's conjunct Saturn tightly, leaving no breathing space for assertion.
    I have always been short tempered and over board with what I wanted. But my will was thrawted and I always struggled with timings and lost many battles. I literally gave up on wanting to do anything in life.

    It's true..I love competition. Even with friends I lik friendly competition but applaud for them as much as for myself. Secondly, tomboy was very true. I never had a problem 'looking like a girl (excess water in chart) & acting like the fellas.'

  5. Hi Wayne. Wow thanks for your massive effort in writing all these explanations, not only are they spot on-amazingly accurate it feels suited to my personally. I'm trying to find out how two people with aries north node and libra south node get along, I can't seem to find it anywhere-or at least are we there to teach each other something. Both have Aquarius moons, with piscies vertex and the other scorpio. Not sure if you can help me, but I would very much appreciate it. I'm a libra sun scorp-merc, he is a cancer sun gem -merc.
    Anyway, either way, THAK YOU:))

  6. I don't seem to fit the description that much, maybe because my mars in leo is retrograde, and depending on the system used, it's intercepted. Also , the pluto squaring my sun and mars could have an influence, but i'm not sure. I do recognize however the part about the parent.

  7. I'm a female with a dissociate (out of sign and out of house) Sun/Mars conjunction. I don't think my conjunction is as obvious to others initially or for quite a while as it is with fx. my husband who has the conjunction in the same sign and the same house; what we traditionally consider a conjunction. The conjunction is inspiring and energizes my husband who also has it in a Fire sign. I have Earth Sun/Fire Mars and I often stress, frustrate and overwhelm myself.

    I tend to get along alright with other females as long as I don't try to become friends and we just chit-chat from time-to-time but I have many misunderstandings and conflicts with women whom I can avoid and have to deal with on a regular basis - I also have Moon sq. Pluto. But I've noticed that a lot of women pull away from me so I rarely have confrontations with other women. Maybe I've been fortunate or maybe I just surround myself with self confident and mature men, because men easily accept and respect me. Sadly, I've heard from Sun conjunct Mars women that men often find them intimidating and they have lots of conflicts with men.