Monday, April 13, 2015

The 29th Degree: Only So Much Time Left

Many people have questions about the 29th degree, which is also known as a critical degree. All of the placements in your chart are at a certain degree, from zero to 29. So, this is obviously, the last degree of a sign before it changes into the next sign. Therefore, being born with a placement at the 29th degree is very significant. It indicates, in my view, that the expression of that placement takes on a special, driving importance.

I always like to think of the 29th degree as the last year to live for a sign. Basically, think of that sign going to the doctor and being told it has some horrible, terminal illness and won’t live past the next year. What happens to this sign is what happens to people, in real life, when this happens. Everything either takes on a sense of extreme urgency or all of the important things start making so much sense that a Zen-like calm and wise understanding is assumed.

Let’s say you have a Taurus Sun at the 29th degree. Now, on one hand, you might pursue Taurus concerns with a desperate sort of drive. When you were born, the Sun was right on the verge of moving into Gemini. So, people could’ve been rushing to soak up the patience and good sense of the Taurus Sun while they still could. And this may be an attitude that’s planted in your head. You might feel things like saving, financial security, values, possessions, and sensual pleasures must be achieved and undergone with a lot of urgency. Let’s go, go, go while we still can!

"Dying Child" by Edvard Munch

On the other hand, the last day of a Sun sign period is when all of those sign’s themes fully make sense to many people. The chapter is closed for the year and the important lessons are learned. So, you might go the other extreme with Taurus Sun at 29 degrees. You might feel very at peace with all things Taurus, to the point where you don’t really need to pursue them that aggressively. In fact, you might display a lack of attachment to the priorities of this sign, as if you’re letting everything go in preparation for a new life cycle.

People with a personal placement at 29 degrees are often times appear to be far from the typical description of that placement for the aforementioned reason. They know that the end of that journey is near and are preparing for it. In this way, they are already assuming some of the traits of the next sign. Those with 29th degree placements who are the highly urgent types usually have situations come into their lives that teach them this detachment. Their desperation might puzzle and frustrate them until they come to realize that what they really need to do is let go.

Of course, your placement isn’t really going to die. That is, not until you do (hate to be morbid but it’s true). Still, having a 29th degree placement means that the area that the placement governs is all about endings. Yet, this gives you even more of an opportunity than most to become a highly evolved version of said placement. After all, don’t most people want to make amends and answer a lot of the tough questions once they get that sentence from that doctor?

Well, this placement can, too.


  1. I have Mars in Gemini at 28.57; Saturn 29.31 and Ascendant 29.05 both in Scorpio. I hope it is about endings. I love endings! because then new things can be born.

  2. Thanks for reading, acadia! Hope your Saturn Return has been going well or, you know, relatively well. :)

  3. Yeesh...I have the sun at 29 degrees Libra. Would you say there is something accutely Plutonian about a 29 degree planet or angle? Or is that just my sun/pluto/merc talking? Definitely a critical feel to existence itself, at least for me.

    Also, I have my sun squared by a lover's Venus at 29 degrees Capricorn. I can't help but wonder if that's horrific or just intense...I don't mind intense.

  4. My ascendant ( 1st house ) begins at 29 degrees of Aquarius and ends at 15 degrees of Aries, so basically, i have 1 degree of Aquarius, 30 degrees of Pisces and 15 degrees of Aries inside my 1st house.

    Should i still consider Saturn/Uranus the rulers of my chart?

    My personality is a mix of this 3 signs?

    Shouldn´t Pisces have more influence because of the 30 degrees vs the 1 degree of Aquarius in the 1st house?

    1. No, you're an Aquarius Rising. Aquarius rules your 1st House cusp/Ascendant/chart, no matter if it's 2 degrees or 29 degrees. And I wouldn't think like about about the 3 signs unless you also happen to have planets in Pisces and/or Aries in your 1st House. You have Pisces intercepted in the 1st, which is a whole other thing. But, don't make it that complicated.

  5. I have a Cap rising (29degree) and neptune in the first house un aquarius conjunct my asc. I also have Uranus (in aquarius) in the 1st house... and my south node....

  6. what would jupiter at 29 degrees taurus indicate?? (my sun and venus are here also in my second house). thanks!!

  7. I'm seeing a guy who is sagittarius sun, taurus moon and capricorn fixed at the 29th degree in Venus, I am a cancer sun Scorpio moon with my Venus in cancer, could this work?

  8. my chiron is 29.38 degrees of pisces in my 6H. just curious if there is any feedback. thanks.

  9. I have my midheaven at 29 degrees cancer. I always have a sense of urgency regarding my career. Could you possibly interpret this placement a but more and give some solutions? Thank you :)

  10. ascendent 29º degrees cancer, and reading this took tears from my eyes lol i really wanna leave everthing about this AC behind. hope you can do a post about the 0º degrees too.

  11. 29 degree of any planet denotes the oldness and weakness of planet but it may consider as matureness!!

  12. I'm a 29th degree Aries Ascendant. I have rushed through my entire life. My chronic and life-long insomnia stemmed, in part, to a belief that 'there isn't enough tie!. Sleep was robbing me of time to do other things. I've also rushed and pushed my Self unto people.
    In my maturity (chronologically and spiritually) I'm now able to sit in the understanding that there is all the time in the world. That flow makes things happen peacefully. And that identity isn't dependent on being seen.
    peace & blessings

  13. Same as Autumn,my Ascendant is also in the 29th degree of Aries with Sun being in the 29th degree of Sagittarius also.

    I also wanted to be "seen" and accomplish something important. Of-course I was naive about the amount of work that is involved in getting up there(typical of both the Sun and Asc)

    As I get older,I know its not that important to be a "stand out". But I also am confused about the purpose of my life. What exactly am I supposed to be doing here? :(