Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mars-Jupiter Aspects: The Gambler

When your Mars sign is conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine Jupiter in your chart, you are the gambler. This is a highly adventurous combination, blending the action-taking principle of Mars with the yearning for expansion and discovery of Jupiter. Therefore, as a Mars-Jupiter individual, you are always willing to broaden your horizons. This is your way of feeling energized and passionate, of getting things done. You are motivated by rolling the dice, not knowing how things will turn out but having faith that they will turn out in your favor. Like all gamblers, this could lead to either riches or disaster. So, you do have to learn the art of knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em.

It’s all about possibilities for Mars-Jupiter people. While other people hesitate and shuffle their feet, worrying too much about how things could negatively turn out, you throw yourself right into the situation. The chips will fall however they may! Because of this, you can often strike people as very reckless and naïve in your actions. It seems like you’re just freewheeling through life, at times. In more extreme cases, without any sort of solid Saturn influence to structure you, there might be a flagrant sense of irresponsibility. You can even be this way when you lose big, like that guy at the blackjack table who lost virtually all of his money but still wants to bet the last of it.

Actually, Mars in aspect to Jupiter can be an indicator of a gambling problem or addiction, particularly if the person has the square or the opposition. The conjunction can, too, be sometimes overwhelmed by this drive (Mars) to put it all on the line (Jupiter). Having the sextile or the trine can make you more level-headed but still at risk for simply acting foolishly. Sometimes, it’s all a matter of bravado. Those with a Mars-Jupiter placement have tremendous bravado, since Mars represents how we express our courage and Jupiter can be grandiose and over-the-top. So, you can easily make choices in order to show everyone that you’re not scared and that you have a great, optimistic attitude about whatever can possibly happen. You conquer fear with a grin and a laugh!

In the end, this is the wonderful thing about you. It’s just important for you to learn how to do a necessary risk assessment whenever you’re making a particularly bold choice. Just what do you have to gain and what do you have to lose? If you’re alright with potentially losing whatever it is that you can lose, then go for it! If not, step back and weigh things a little bit more. Mars-Jupiter eventually should learn to become a bit more calculated in their gambling. This will probably be easier for you if you have Mars and/or Jupiter in one of the Earth signs. Sometimes, you need to ask yourself if the risk is really worth it.

However, you’re never going to cease being a risk taker! In fact, a lot of Mars-Jupiter individuals do things through an attitude that says “I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!” Usually, you deal with losses and disappointments in ways that are highly positive and good-humored. This influence makes you bounce back very quickly, sometimes remarkably so. With Moon-Jupiter people, this resilience is more so on an emotional level. With you, it’s on an aggressive, active level. You don’t want to spend too much time sitting around, dwelling on your failures, defeats, and let downs. Instead, you will go out and seek more opportunities. Jupiter does want more, more, more, after all. And this is usually your attitude whether you win or lose (again, which is where the potential for gambling addiction comes in). Whatever you accomplish, you’re going to want more of it.

Any planet that Jupiter touches, it can massively overdo. Jupiter, at its worst, doesn’t really know the meaning of restraint or subtlety. So, with Jupiter in aspect to Mars, you can easily become excessive in all things Mars. You might express such overwhelming desire and motivation that you come off as selfish or desperate, chasing after what you want in a startlingly overeager way. This is more likely if your Mars is in Aries, Leo, or Capricorn. If you happen to have Mars in Virgo, Aquarius, or Pisces, then your desires can be to help others but still expressed in ways that overwhelm them or hit them over the head. Mars is how we assert ourselves. So, you might assert your desires and plans with the delicacy and subtlety of a bag of hammers.

The best phrase for Mars-Jupiter would probably be “blunt force.” You don’t want to hold back when it comes to what you want. So, you are usually very straightforward about it. Now, people can also deny their Mars, just like people can potentially not express any placement to its fullest. Therefore, if you have a Mars-Jupiter aspect and you’re not going after what you want with this bracing bluntness, you aren’t going to be a happy camper. We become depressed when we deny our Mars. So, it’s quite depressing for you to not be able to be very upfront about what you want. Because of this, you must always make sure that you’re being totally honest about your desires!

And when you do allow what you want to be known, people will know it from a mile away. Jupiter’s influence is hard to miss, usually because it’s so candidly expressed. You will let anyone within shouting distance know of your goals. This is a combination of irrepressible ambition and a huge thirst for achievement. You are going places and everyone around you should wise up to that! Often times, you literally are going places. Mars-Jupiter folks are going to be very restless. It’s de-energizing for you to remain stuck at the house all day. But, at the same time, it can be just as dispiriting for you to remain stuck at the same job or in the same city or in the same mentality. You are always striving to stretch beyond limitations. Personal growth is your constant goal.

This is why many with these aspects develop a real passion for traveling, whether it’s through the States or abroad. Nothing’s more exciting for you, Mars-Jupiter, than to discover some place new. Uncharted territory whets your appetite, often times because it provides you with an opportunity to learn something new. You get off on the kind of knowledge that you believe will enhance your spirit. This is usually easy for those with the conjunction, sextile, or trine. Meanwhile, having the square or opposition might mean that you really do yearn to grow and know more but something keeps holding you back. You want to move outside of what’s familiar but can’t bring yourself to, which can eventually make you so restless that you become more reckless and excessive than you would otherwise. So, keep giving yourself the open air and new possibilities your free spirit desires.

We can’t forget that Jupiter is also a spiritual, philosophical planet. Therefore, a gravitation toward some sort of strong belief system is characteristic of having a Mars-Jupiter aspect. It doesn’t have to be religion, either, as Jupiter is so often associated with. It just has to be something that you can identify as your religion; some belief that gets you through every day and keeps your sense of hope alive. However, this also brings us to the potential dark side of Jupiter: self-righteousness. Jupiter aspects can indicate how we don’t know how to get off our high horse. So, with Jupiter touching Mars, you might be self-righteous in the sense of believing that your actions are totally justified and aligned with the Universe. You believe (Jupiter) so much in your desires (Mars) that you can be overbearing in them. You can be aggressively preachy, if you’re not careful.

Mars is how we fight back with others; our sparring technique, if you will. And having this placement can make you sound like a fundamentalist or an evangelist in the middle of an argument. You will shout your beliefs from the mountain top, not wavering whenever you’re challenged by a “non-believer.” If someone is not on your side of the argument, you will do whatever you can to persuade them to that side of the fence, to the point of going overboard with it. The important thing for those with this placement to remember is that everyone has their own opinions. You can all too easily strike back with your own biases, instead of objectively listening to what the other person has to say. However, it should go without saying that being as fiercely opinionated as you are does allow you to win more than a few arguments. You definitely know how and why you’re taking a stand!

But, what also allows you to win is the fact that you’re so straight-up. Mars-Jupiter individuals are not natural bullshitters. So, you are certainly not at your strongest when you’re just telling people what you think they want to wear. Whatever issues there are between you and the other person, they will most likely be addressed very honestly. There’s something very guileless and even innocent about how frank you are. It has a disarming effect on other people. Since you display such unblinking, unfiltered candor, as well as an often carefree humor, in your way of handling conflict, it usually pushes other people to be more honest, open and good-humored themselves.

However, if they’re not being honest, they are often pushed into an embarrassing corner to just tell the truth. Since your way of asserting yourself is so candid, you can prevent people from hiding or evading things before they even do it! But, this tends to be quite accidental on your part. You might make a simple observation about the other person seeming tired that prompts them to drop the act they were going to assume about not being tired. Again, this is a quality that many can find very refreshing. At the same time, it often leads you into some messy situations. You may end up impulsively declaring that the Emperor has no clothes when it was all supposed to be kept a secret. But, you’re also downright hilarious when you’re “telling it like it is.” People can find your bluntness very funny and you thrive on being the silly clown for others. You can act foolishly in positive ways!

Yet, there is also something very unfiltered about you when it comes to the expression of your temper, which is what Mars governs. Mars-Jupiter people are often infected with foot-in-mouth disease whenever they get angry. Brutally honest things all come rushing out, once your buttons have been pushed. But, the thing is that you probably won’t realize how hurtful or shocking such truths are, unless you have a strong Pluto influence. Even then, you might not think the things you say are as offensive as others take them to be. Those with Mars-Jupiter do not mean to offend when they’re angry. They’ve just got to get all of that off of their chest! The great thing is that you can usually find a way to learn from your outbursts, as well as from any situation that riled you up. But, it’s important that you take responsibility for your anger! Don’t just let it run wild.

Mars is also our sex drive and how we have sex. And with Mars in aspect to Jupiter, one’s sexual appetite can have no limits! Like I mentioned earlier, Jupiter can always want more. Enough said. While this might lead to promiscuity, unfaithfulness, or even sexual addiction, on the negative end of the spectrum, it can also mean that you just can’t get enough of your sexual partner. Mars-Jupiter people can go all afternoon, possibly even all day. Not necessarily in a stamina way like Mars-Saturn. More so in a “let’s do it again and again” way. Sexual experiences must also be varied and adventurous for those with this aspect. You are down for anything, open to doing it anywhere and anyway. Sex, like everything else, always poses something new for you to learn.

Mars conjunct Jupiter: Having the conjunction makes you the biggest better of the group, either putting all of your chips in or none at all. You take charge in ways that constantly leave you teetering on the edge. But, don’t think you can’t fall off because you can and often will! Still, your carefree style and desire for living the high life has an uplifting effect on others.

Mars square or opposite Jupiter: Since you have either the square or opposition, it’s often tough for you to know which risks to take and when, which can lead you to constantly overdo it! Your desire to roam free is often frustrated, making your restlessness very pent-up. Remember that you can walk out that cage anytime you want! When you do, your intensely positive attitude shines through.

Mars sextile or trine Jupiter: Your easygoing, easy-laughing attitude, stemming from the sextile or the trine, makes your experiences breezy whether you win or lose. It’s all about seeing your glass as half-full! This is an optimistic wisdom that you readily spread around. Yet, you can also become susceptible to naïveté, especially when you’re not stopping to really learn from your mistakes.


  1. So what adjectives would you use to describe a person with the following aspects? Optimistic, idealistic, individualistic?

    Venus Sextile Jupiter (Orb 3°39′)
    Venus Sextile Mars (Orb 0°09′)
    Mars Conjunct Jupiter (Orb 3°48′)
    Sun Trine Uranus (Orb 3°28')
    Sun Sextile Pluto (Orb 1°27')
    Mars Conjunction AS (Orb 10°29)

  2. Wow very accurate description I love your informative creative writing style. I have mars opposition Jupiter and sun quincunx Jupiter. I'm Scorpio with a singleton Jupiter!

  3. Wow very accurate description I love your informative creative writing style. I have mars opposition Jupiter and sun quincunx Jupiter. I'm Scorpio with a singleton Jupiter!


  4. I came across your blog by accidental will.
    I have had three big lottery wins in the past, and I know the dates.
    Is it possible to determine my next big win using astrology?

    Harry N

  5. I got mars conjunct jupiter in cancer in the seventh. I got unaspected to the two but to pluto also moon in cancer in the 7th. I had huge issues with narcissists and i had always best friends very far away in other continents or countries or online. I had as very young a phase of one night stands ( after a story of a rape) and i 'prescribed' to me a steady bf then bc i feared for getting an illness or just being grossed out by these one night stands just to still my sex drive. I got a stellium uf saturn, venus, mercury and sun in both leo and virgo in the 8th. So one of these men i once was in a short relationship later became a pimp of an escort service. And he wanted stuff like us having sex in front of others and at the same time and same place with another couple and i just went along. So this all was scary and it was best when i was in a steady relationship. Unfortunately, that man and me didnt end up having a family even though everything was indicating we should.

  6. ...and i was always letting others still their sex drive on me... maybe for me it was actually totally so. I never haf an orgasm by a man ever in my life up til today bc even i never was afraid of sex i always never asked my lovers to satisfy me but sex was always about the man to cum not me

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