Monday, May 11, 2015

Planets in the 7th House: Mercury

I realize that I’ve slacked off a bit on my Planets in the 7th House series. So, let’s continue! We only have a handful of planets left and I figure now is a good time to tackle Mercury in the 7th House. What happens when you have the thinking planet in the house of relating? Well, as I’ve been saying throughout this series, I do think that 7th House planets can be quite dependent. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean that if you have planets in the 7th and you’re not in a relationship, you’ll be lost (however, that can be the case for some). It just means that if you’re not receiving the energy of that planet back from others, it might seriously throw you off balance.

Mercury is the planet of intellect, comprehension, and observation. It’s what gets our mind racing. So, it makes sense that if you have Mercury in the 7th House, you are looking for other people to get your mind racing. While a person with a 1st House Mercury is a stimulation-junkie in a generally self-reliant or self-generating way, independently seeking out interesting stuff in their environment, a person with a 7th House Mercury sees the other person as their stimulation. Therefore, you want them to talk, talk, talk. You want to be able to pick their brain and for them to be quick enough and interesting enough to be able to pick your brain.

This is the planet that rules our conversation skills. As a result, Mercury in the 7th House people are usually amazing conversationalists. Why? Because planets in the 7th are always taking the other person into consideration. These planets want to constantly bounce off of someone else, whether it’s a friend or a romantic partner or a co-worker. And 7th House Mercury is going to love bouncing off of other people. If you have this placement, you might actually feel smarter around others or you may feel like you think much more clearly around someone else. This will be especially true if your Mercury is in a sign like Libra or Pisces.

So, you expect the other person to open your eyes, to turn on the light bulb for you. After all, this is often what you do for them! With Mercury in the 7th, you are always bringing interesting, clever ideas to others. Therefore, you expect the same in return. 7th House planets are always looking for that tit for tat. When they don’t get it, this is when they’re quite unhappy. In your case, whenever someone isn’t very mentally stimulating or isn’t a great conversationalist, it might put a damper on your own verbal skills. The more someone goes along with the verbal flow, the easier it is for you to do the same! But, when cat’s got their tongue, you might be at a loss for words, as well.

Planets in the 7th are truly like mirrors in this way. Mercury also rules humor so you’re often at your wittiest when you’re around people who are everyday comedians. You thrive on the laughter you’re able to get from others because this is them reflecting that same amusement back to you. However, when someone doesn’t get your jokes or when the other person just isn’t funny, expressing your own sense of humor can be particularly awkward or difficult. 7th House Mercury individuals are great barometers; not necessarily emotionally but just in regards to what state of mind the other person is in. You know when your audience is in sync with you and when they’re not, it’s like you’re a comic who decides to run offstage to save face, too afraid they’ll bomb to perform their set. 

Actually, I don’t think a comedian would ever do that, even if the crowd is tough. And let that be a lesson to you! People with Mercury in their 7th House must learn how to be their observant, chatty, witty selves, no matter who is on the receiving end of it. You must also gain an independent sense of your own intelligence. Yes, two heads work better than one but this doesn’t mean there’s nothing in your head! There’s quite a bit. It’s pretty safe to say that the interpersonal intelligence of 7th House Mercury is generally strong. Whatever house our Mercury is in, that’s what’s most comprehensible to us. So, with your Mercury in this house, what do you understand the easiest? People! You are a true people person with the social skills to get along with just about anyone.

It’s all about observation for you. Mercury in the 7th is always intellectualizing and making mental notes about the people that they know. (If your Mercury is also in Virgo, let’s just say that your brain is like a file on everyone that you’ve ever met!) When I said that other people stimulate you before, this doesn’t necessarily have to mean that your stimulation is dependent on others. It can just mean that you are stimulated by observing and watching and trying to understand people. And the world provides you with endless opportunities to do so! 7th House Mercury loves people watching, as it constantly gives them someone new and fascinating to analyze.

This is the best way to express your Mercury with self-reliance. Be as interested in everything and everyone around you. When we know that we’re bringing our 7th House planet’s traits to the table, then we can attract those who can bring those same qualities more powerfully and more effortlessly. Interested people are interesting, right? And they will inevitably draw people who are just as intrigued by their surroundings. Therefore, friendships and romantic relationships, for you, are often like the meeting of two scientists or two detectives. One person is Sherlock and the other is Watson (you get to fight over who’s who!) and together, you two can crack any case.

And that brings me to another interesting quality about this placement. Mercury is a planet that is known for its duality. After all, we have a left brain and a right brain, don’t we? So, there’s always two sides to Mercury and one is often crazier and more chaotic than the other more sensible side. With Mercury in the 7th, this is an energy you bring into your personal relationships. You influence people by being rather unpredictable. It’s not exactly in the erratic way that Uranus in the 7th can be unpredictable. It’s more so about constantly having a flip side to you that other people don’t know when is going to pop out. But, hey, at least it keeps things exciting!

The thing is that you will probably attract people who are just as dualistic. You feel stimulated and electrified around those who are just as changeable as you are. Options need to be kept open and both of you need to be kept on your toes! If Mercury is in Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio, you might be more stable. Yet, there is still that impish quality to you that wants to catch people off guard. You feel like you must influence people by making them think. And if you keep doing and saying the same things all the time, then they’re getting too mentally comfortable. So, on a regular basis, you will do things that make them go “hmmm” and analyze the situation. But, maybe you will make people think in a more literal sense. 7th House Mercury people often love introducing their friends or significant others to books or writers or concepts that they haven’t even heard of before.

In romantic relationships, in particular, this can be a strong dynamic. Your partnerships are truly a meeting of the minds. The best way to start off a romance, for you, would just be to go out for coffee and be able to have a lengthy conversation about anything and everything. This would be the test for your would-be lover: can they keep up with your mental pace? Do you share interests? Do they get your random jokes? If so, they’ll be getting a second date and more. Go see one of those arty movies that really make you think or, on the flip side, see an outrageous comedy that makes you laugh until you can’t breathe. After all, your ideal partner is constantly two things at once: buddy and lover, serious thinker and crazy comic, angel and devil. A true partner in crime!


  1. Hi, I was wondering about mercury conjunct descendant. Actually, what do you make of Mercury rx in the 7th or conjunct descendant, and the sign is capricorn? Thanks, love your site!

    1. Mercury conjunct the Descendant will basically be this description times two, especially if Mercury is in the 7th, as well. Some people have 7th House planets far from the Descendant and in a different sign. But, when it's actually conjunct, in the same sign, it makes the dynamics even more powerful. If Mercury is in Capricorn, the people who are most stimulating to the person are those who always seem to have something very important and useful to say. Lots of dry wit will be tossed back and forth.

    2. What if Mercury is conjunct the Descendant but is in the 6th house?

    3. It'll basically be the same but it being in the 6th means that you feel like you have to really work hard for a stimulating relationship, instead of just automatically expecting it to come to you.