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Sun in Taurus People: The Builders - Part One

The Sun has been waiting patiently to enter the sign of Taurus, as it does all year. And it finally has, moving out of up-and-it-‘em Aries and progressing through this salt-of-the-earth sign. Taurus – and all of you born during the Sun in Taurus, which is between April 20 and May 20 – has also been patiently waiting for me to write this Sun sign profile on it. And we are now three-quarters of the way through the astrological family! Only Gemini and Cancer are left to complete the series.

I have been enjoying deconstructing all of the myths of each Sun sign, as well as confirming certain core traits. Shallow Sun sign astrology just makes me roll my eyes. But, I feel like I’ve said that too much throughout this series. So, onward! What are the stereotypes we’ll be tackling of Taurus? Well, that being born under the sign of the Bull makes you a greedy, materialistic, boring person who you wouldn’t want to fight over a twenty dollar bill that you’ve found on the street. Is Taurus this serial hoarder of lore? Do they only care about money and food? Well, of course not! 

Jack Nicholson: Taurus Sun/Virgo Moon

What is the core purpose of Taurus? I like to call this sign “the builder” because that’s what those with this Sun sign are doing. They’re building themselves. If Aries starts off our astrological wheel, all desire and action, eager to figure out just what their place in the world is, Taurus comes behind Aries to solidify their place in the world. This is a sign of the Earth element, after all, and Fixed, no less. The Fixed signs grab their Element by the throat and take firm control over it. With Taurus, they are taking control over all things material. So, the idea that being a Taurus Sun makes you a Material Girl or Boy is not exactly off. It’s just interpreted one-dimensionally.

Many people associate Taurus’ preoccupation with the material as being about money, food, and clothes. But, this is just a small fraction. It’s also about the body, which is why Taurus is so notoriously sensual. With this Sun sign, you feel all five of your senses so keenly and this is how you are developing and owning your identity. You taste it, touch it, hear it, feel it, see it. And this is how you gain the self-confidence, which is what the Sun represents, to deal with the world. Can you taste, touch, hear, feel, and see it? If so, then you are in your Element, pun intended.

It’s also for this very reason that Taurus represents values and self-esteem. This is the agenda of this Sun sign that isn’t so often reported. Taurus Sun people are gaining the self-assurance to really feel good in their own skin; to feel right at home. Yes, we all are, on some level. But, with the Sun in this value-setting sign, it becomes a very powerful and particularly important part of one’s life journey. In a sense, as a Sun in Taurus individual, you are coming to see yourself as the most valuable possession of all! This kind of personal pleasure is the source of your vitality. You come alive whenever you’ve placed quite a considerable price tag on yourself. It’s like Taurus Suns are putting themselves on a shelf and asking, “Can you afford me?”

That’s why the stereotype of Taurus being the gold digger isn’t really accurate; at least not the Sun in Taurus. I’ve found that Moon in Taurus people are often much more concerned with getting their hands in their honey’s pockets, as the Moon is often about dependency and what you need from someone else. Taurus Sun individuals, on the other hand, are usually much more financially independent, simply seeking someone who can keep up. But, beyond the practical necessities, money isn’t terribly important to many Taurus folks. To pay their bills and put food on the table? Sure. They’ve got to maintain and stabilize. Other than that, their sense of security is physical in a very wide-ranging sense. It just means being secure in all that’s in their grasp, including themselves.

It’s clear, then, why they are the opposite sign of Scorpio, the destroyer. Scorpio is all about tearing down to rebuild. Taurus, on the other hand, is all about building up to the point where one doesn’t have to be torn down. This is why people with this Sun sign are so famously level-headed. They aren’t going to gravitate toward anything that can send that two-story home they’ve spent their entire lives building – aka themselves – crashing down. Of course, there are some select self-destructive Taurus folks out there but they’re often times the exception.

Just take a look at one of popular culture’s most prototypical Taurus Suns: Katharine Hepburn. Born with her Sun conjunct the Moon in Taurus, Kate Hepburn was a certifiable brick wall of the film industry, with an acting career that spanned seven decades and earned her four Academy Awards. It comes as no surprise that she still holds the record for the person with the most Oscars. Being a double Taurus motivated her to build herself up, with such steady hard work and unflagging perseverance, that she became an institution that no one could ever knock down. While most of her contemporaries withered, burned out, or crashed in flames, Hepburn proved the old motto that slow and steady does win the race (that tortoise in that famous story probably was a Taurus!).

We can see modern examples of this formidable Taurus staying power. Cate Blanchett, who, without
Cate Blanchett: Taurus Sun/Aries Moon
coincidence, won the first of her two Oscars for playing Katharine Hepburn in The Aviator, has used her lengthy filmography to prove herself as one of our greatest living actresses for the past three decades, patiently defying those ideas that parts for women must shrivel up as they enter middle-age. Daniel Day-Lewis, on the other hand, who is actually one of three men to win the Oscar three times, is more quality-over-quantity. But, he is also obviously worshipped as an unshakable standard to look up to for all actors today. As Hepburn did before them, Blanchett and Day-Lewis have dug their heels into the entertainment industry and refused to dig them out. And like anyone who knows a Taurus Sun will tell you, once they dig their heels in, it’s game over.

All three Bulls have also shown remarkable humor and ease in their off-screen personas, in contrast to the intensity that their roles require of them. This brings me to another point: Taurus is not as boring of a sign as it’s reported to be. In fact, being ruled by pleasure-loving Venus makes Taurus Sun people all about good fun. They may be calm and un-dramatic and unflashy in how they have their fun. But, they will still have a good time. This is evident in Jack Nicholson, the second of the three men with three Oscar wins (seriously, is Taurus all about setting records?). Off-screen, in his prime, he was a massive party boy. And even onscreen, we still felt that amazingly fun energy surging out toward the audience, infecting us with that wicked laugh and smile.

It’s as if Sun in Taurus people want to sweep you away toward some Paradise on Earth. They are similar to Libra and Pisces, in this way: peace bringers. However, Libra does it in an intellectual, social way and Pisces does it imaginatively and empathically, taking you somewhere that’s not on this planet. However, since Taurus is so grounded, having this Sun sign means that you can show people all of the joys and the pleasures here in the now. This is why you are often so calm because you can realize the reasons why there is no need for worries or for rushing. At the same time, your primary problem can be that you don’t worry or don’t rush. When quicker or more urgent responses are required, it might take serious prodding or pushing for you to pick up the pace.

Since our Sun sign represents our relationship with our paternal figure, there was probably a sense that you had to be the one to ground him. With our paternal parent, our Sun sign emerges out of having to claim our individual self around them. We gain our first sense of being independent and a separate person around them. So, with the Sun in Taurus, you might have felt more stable or more grounded than your father figure, on some level. You potentially had to act as their center of gravity because they were all over the place and potentially even unpredictable. The Sun represents our will and this is where your will to bring everything down to earth came from.

In more dramatic examples, your paternal figure might have been so unpredictable that you became determined to hold on tightly to things as much as you could because you always felt like things could be up in the air. But, there was also still a predictability to this parent’s unpredictability, as you always knew their next move, even if it was crazy. More positively, this parent could have shaped your identity by giving you the confidence to go at your own pace and stick to your own choices. As you grew older, though, you grew more and more stubborn, to the point where your very easygoing parent probably couldn’t do much to change your mind. Instead, they probably indulged you. Maybe they just admired your strong mind and encouraged this stubbornness. So, you became used to absolutely staying the course, not altering or compromising your path for anyone else.

The obstinacy of Taurus is legendary and for a reason. One of the toughest things for you to do is probably to embrace change. Instead, you would prefer everything to remain exactly the way that it is. As the builder, change seems to threaten your entire blueprint. You don’t want those floor plans to be entirely turned upside down. However, the lesson for those with the Sun in Taurus is to learn that they will often need to be changed and turned inside out. This is the only way that you can become more solid as an individual: through changing. If not, you will fail to realize when the world around you is crumbling, either too convinced that what you’ve built will last or too determined to not face up to the idea of the unfamiliar. But, when you get used to it, you will become more strong-willed and persistent than ever before. 

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  1. No one Taurus left the comment so far? Such a slow folk :)

    Great article. Have enjoyed it. Thank you,Wayman

    I have Taurus, Moon and Ascendant ( Sun conuction Moon). I would like to add, that Taurians are indeed the most easy going people. I also believe, the most misunderstood.
    The majoity of people are out of touch with themselves. Taurians are very in touch with their senses. Everyone of us has the taurian influence in their chart. I would say : Pay close attention to that part of the chart first. The rest will follow. Like, stop, enjoy the flower, smell it, take your time to say "hello" to the flower, wait to hear the 'hello' back to you. In this times we are living in to stay sane do your best to come back to common senses of life first. First Law of Common Sense: Do not do, what does not feels good. But first take your time to feel, realy feel how something, someone feels like. If something/someoe felt all right at first, and then suddenly after the process of dippening of the experience you feel like ' yuck' just stand up and walk away. Easy? Yep. Common sense? Yep. Do a lot of people doing it? Just walking away without explanation, when someone, something is simply ' yuck'? Not horrifying, not abusive, just ' yuck'. With this kind of effective response you will spare your time, got your dignity back, will regain common sense, will make those involved in yuck-situation think. You will start to feel the world and not running after or away. Just allow yourself to walk away right the way from what does not feels right.
    Running behind and not walking hand in hand with your senses, forgetting to ask yoursels on daily basis: Hello, how am i feeling? - it is a dangerous negletful pattern in many of us.
    Do not taking feelings in to consideration, it is relevant to dying. You do not feel, or get too much absorbed by Yuck-feeling, then your mental-emotional and accordingly physical body will go in to dis-ease. A lot recovering to do, - mentally, emotionally and fysically will take the time, precious time of enjoying life instead. That is what i have learned, as a Taurian.
    Taurians are sometimes misundestood. They have very effective approach. Speak, act directly to the core of situation. If something does not make sense they just show you. So to people, which prefer 'nice', it might feel militant or rude.
    Also they might appear slow, they are not. They do not waist their time on nonsense, because, it will rob the time for true relaxation.
    So, that was my knowledge , my conscious down to Earth awareness, my contribution to
    more pleasure in life, to everyone with taurian influences.
    P.S. If you in love with Taurus- to give the impersonal treatment is the red flag.