Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sun in Taurus People: The Builders - Part Two

My process for writing this Sun sign article has probably been my most deliberate yet. I wrote the first part and then let it sit for a few days and then, once I felt ready, I wrote the second part. So, it never ceases to amuse me as to how the current Sun sign controls the process of me writing an article on it. If the Aries Sun made me rush to the laptop last month, the Taurus Sun has been putting molasses in my veins! This is how many Sun in Taurus people, of course, go about their lives. It’s all about easily taking things as they come for you, if this is your solar placement. 

Penelope Cruz: Taurus Sun/Cancer Moon

In the end, this is where that “slow and steady” description comes from. It’s probably one of the first things I spout off whenever talking about anything in Taurus, to be honest. But, it’s so associated with the sign for a good reason. As I said in the first part, this is a sign that is all about the senses. So, since its ruling sign Venus is all about pleasure, Taurus wants to fully enjoy anything and everything that comes from their senses. That’s why Sun in Taurus folks are about slowing things down. It’s also why they are some of the most aesthetic and physical people around.

William Shakespeare is one of the most legendary Taurus Suns of all time and it’s funny thinking about it because you can never rush through reading a Shakespeare play. Hamlet, Othello, or Twelfth Night can’t just be skimmed through. You must truly immerse yourself in these texts, taking everything line by line, word by word, which is probably the way the Bard wants you to, with his Sun in this sign. Only then can you fully understand them. The sensuality of his Sun also powerfully comes through his texts. It’s as if you can taste the words or see them taking place right before your eyes. “What light through yonder window breaks” might sound like the kind of thing people always said back in his day. But, actually, people have proven that Shakespeare’s language was actually much flowerier than the way most people from that era spoke.

He proves that Taurus’ grasp of the senses can have a very powerful affect. Daniel Day-Lewis and Cate Blanchett are renowned as highly physical actors, capable of transforming themselves with an acute body awareness. It even extends to their voices, as they display a high level of control over how they speak through a character that makes them excel at accents. Taurus does rule the throat, after all, and you’ll find many a Taurus Sun with an appealing bedroom voice: rich, deep, resonant, and soothing. You’ll also find many Taurus individuals who are excellent dancers, as being able to move to the rhythm well comes from being so attuned with your own body. Janet Jackson is an excellent example of this. The pop superstar was so well-known for her impressive moves back in the day that she named one of her highly successful albums “Rhythm Nation.”

With a Taurus Sun, you can be quite a natural in the arts. Not in the showy, self-expressive way like Leo and not through the need to escape that characterizes Pisces. It’s more about just being able to put things together. You are the builder, after all! So, whether it’s a piece of writing, music, a character, or a painting, you will put all of the pieces together, step by step. The good news for you, also, is that if you choose to embark on the risky road of becoming an artist, you are very likely to stay the course. Taurus is not a sign that gives up. And while the instability of the pathway to the visual or performing arts might throw you off, sometimes, if you’re a true Taurus Sun, you’re not going to throw in the towel until what you set out to do is done to completion.

I guess that leads us back to the other Taurus stereotype: stubbornness. Well, it’s not really a stereotype! Taurus is very stubborn. There’s just no getting around that. But, I will say that this doesn’t have to make you pigheaded, impossible, or a stick in the mud. People with their Sun in Taurus are often being stubborn for the right reasons. Since you are so practical and reasonable, the things you’re stubborn about are usually things that either make sense or don’t have much of an effect on anyone else. In this case, it’s just about the other person trying to persuade you to do what they want you to do. Well, they can save their breath. Taurus is not easily influenced, which is probably why Gemini, which is typically very easily influenced, succeeds it in the astrological wheel.

However, you’re not a saint. There are times when you are being stubborn for the sheer sake of it. So, you must be able to tell the difference. Most of the time, though, you just want to be left in peace and others need to heed this warning. Taurus is the Bull for a reason. I like to think of it as people constantly waving some sort of red flag in front of you. They’re like the bullfighter, taunting, aggravating, or manipulating you with their demands, expectations, criticisms, or judgments. And it can be fine for a while and for a little while longer and a little while longer. Then, all of a sudden, you’re sick of seeing that red flag! And you’re seeing nothing but red, at this point.

If you are well acquainted with a Taurus Sun, you definitely don’t want to put your Bull in a china shop. You’ll end up with a massive mess on your hands. Taurus’ fuse is really long in both its buildup and its release. Just like you move slowly through positive sensations, you can take your time just as much through the destructive sensations, as well. You always need a lot of time to let everything sink in. So, whenever you’re mad, you feel yourself burning up and want to feel that to the fullest. Taurus can truly savor their anger as much as they savor their peace, even though the rage likely hits you much less often than the peace does. This is why you can potentially be as destructive as your opposite sign, Scorpio. Not out of feelings of revenge or power-seeking but just because it’s hard to stop being pissed once you are. It’s a bodily sensation that must live out its course, just like all of the other ones.

That’s why it’s not only very easy for you to get “stuck” but it’s very easy for you to not realize that you are getting stuck in a feeling, a grudge, or a pattern of behavior. You are an absolute creature of habit and this is why you must be conscious of the habits you’re allowing yourself to develop. As a Taurus Sun, you do crave habits and the same old, same old, as uneventful as that might seem to other people. But, your will is expressed through establishing this sort of sameness in your life. It makes you feel strong. Even though everything else out in the world might be crazy and all over the place, you’ve got your own little world locked down. Just don’t get too locked down!

George Clooney: Taurus Sun/Capricorn Moon
This predictable way of living encourages your innate simplicity. Taurus is, in the end, a very simple sign, which shouldn’t be confused with simple-mindedness or anything. In fact, it’s this simple perspective that can end up bringing pleasure and ease into other people’s lives. There are many influential comedians with the Sun in the sign of Taurus, including Stephen Colbert, George Carlin, and Jerry Seinfeld. With his groundbreaking television show, appropriately named after himself, Seinfeld managed to break down some of the most complicated concepts into plots that were so simple that they were startlingly original, insightful, and funny. While other people are busy talking in circles or making a labyrinth out of life, as a Taurus Sun, you take the straightest, most common-sense route to your end destination.

One last thing I should mention: sex. With the Sun in Taurus, you are likely to be very comfortable with sex and the expression of your sensuality. Now, I’ve been using sensuality very frequently because it’s more of an umbrella term that some people realize. Sensuality regards many different things, including sex; basically anything that engages the senses and, often, bodily pleasure. So, sex obviously falls into that category. When self-aware and confident, Taurus exudes a powerful yet all-natural sexiness that just rolls off of them. Check out Bulls like Penelope Cruz, George Clooney, and Uma Thurman. They promise a good roll in the hay and hope you can deliver on that promise as well. But, again, this isn’t a complicated demand. Unlike with Scorpio, they aren’t being sexy to gain power, transcend, or profoundly connect to someone else. They are being sexy to engage in a purely physical act. As romantic and affectionate as Taurus is, sex is mainly about the body for you (although your Mars sign adds another side to that).

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Aries: You let off a lot more steam than other Builders and people should be careful to note when it’s coming out of your ears! You’re extremely headstrong, sometimes to your detriment, but your blend of fearlessness and perseverance gets you what you want, in the end.

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Taurus: Extremely grounded, centered, and patient, it takes a tremendous amount to throw you off-balance. But, once you are thrown off, you can bring the whole building down! People look toward you as their Rock, as you can bring a calm to the midst of any storm.

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Gemini: Everything has the potential to become a fun little game to you yet this same quality can make you indulge in your every whim too easily. You can have focus problems when something is dull but fully dedicate yourself, with great ingenuity, whenever it interests you.

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Cancer: Few of these Builders are as security-conscious, as you. Life constantly has to be nice and cozy, making you terrified of anything out of your comfort zone. The good thing is that you’re tirelessly supportive and know just how to put others right at ease.

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Leo: You believe that life should be utterly enjoyable and fabulous. You want to not only live the good life but show others that you are, which can turn you into a materialist. Yet, you’re also wonderfully warm-hearted and very generous with your resources.

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Virgo: The day in, day out quality of life doesn’t bore or bother you at all. Instead, you have a problem with the unplanned, which is why you have to cultivate true adaptability. But, such a knack for routine makes you one of the most reliable people ever.

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Libra: You are a very sweet, harmony-loving Builder, though you might sometimes pour on the charm a bit too thick. You just want to make sure everyone gets along! Being able to regulate the good vibes in the air so well makes you a dependable mediator.

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio: You’re definitely not as calm and collected as you appear but being able to contain your intense feelings is a great skill. You can relentlessly channel your passion toward any goal. Yet, if that goal is a person, you can become incredibly possessive of them.

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Sagittarius: You’re totally straightforward in your approach but such simplicity might cause you to miss important nuances or complexities. You’re also very resolute in your beliefs, knowing exactly where you stand on things and not wavering in your convictions.

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Capricorn: An innate poverty-consciousness can torment you, as you can forever be concerned with not having enough. But, someone as hardworking and committed as you is bound to manifest a lot of rewards. You’re a very sobering influence; a true voice of reason.

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Aquarius: Highly laidback and unattracted to emotional drama, many will want to befriend you for your easygoing air. You let people do their own thing but you’re also a stubborn eccentric. So, as open-minded as you are, you’re very unwilling to change for others.

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Pisces: You’ve reached Heaven on Earth, as you can access an inner peace that many can only dream of. But, this often requires rigidly sticking to your vision of things. And since you’re so sweet and compassionate, many underestimate how unyielding your outlook is.


  1. It seems like you don't like Leos and Scorpios. Is that true? Though to be fair, I haven't read your briefs on those two signs, but from your briefs on other sun signs/ascendents, you appear to have an aversion with them.

    1. Uh, well, I have the Sun in Leo and Moon in Scorpio. So, if I did, I would be disliking myself! Haha. I actually really like those two signs. I don't know what would make you think otherwise. Every sign has flaws, though, and I'm quite honest about that.