Friday, May 8, 2015

The Self-Limitations of Saturn

Saturn’s often negative reputation in astrology comes from the fact that it’s “the planet of limitations.” But, this is more of a complex phrase than some people think. Some hear it and believe that Saturn is where we will be continually screwed over. There can be a sense of fatalism attached to this planet for that reason, as if it’s a source of bad luck and obstacles. But, the limitations of Saturn often come just as much from our own negative thought patterns, if not more.

Our Saturn sign and house placement represent the things we can worry about, while aspects to Saturn symbolize how those worries are expressed. This is where we want to have control. Not the power-based control that Pluto focuses on. It’s a control that is geared toward structure and duty. It’s how we feel like things have to happen; our overall plan of life. But, if this plan gets too rigid, it obviously becomes self-limiting. We become too cautious, pessimistic, or self-defeating. Or maybe we go the other way and become too irresponsible, unable to handle the pressure. 

So, Saturn can send hard times our way, time and time again, in the concerns regarding its sign and house until we learn to deal with its limitations in a positive way. We must take on the responsibility of our Saturn without the excessive worry or debilitating doubt that we might respond to that responsibility with. It’s an area of our chart that has the potential to be a promotion. But, if you immediately respond to getting promoted with worries and fears over your capability, you’re not going to succeed. The more you worry about not being successful at Saturn, the least successful you’ll be. But, if you can take on this job with perseverance and a positive attitude, anything can happen. Gaining a mature balance over your Saturn sign, house placement, and aspects are what can bring a significant amount of success and personal development your way. And whenever your Saturn Return happens, you’re being tested on how well you have or haven’t learned these lessons.

These descriptions are for both Saturn in a sign and Saturn in that sign’s house. I’ve found that, generally speaking, such placements operate in very similar ways. You can combine the specific description of your Saturn sign and Saturn house placement to get the more nuanced interpretation of your Saturn and the best way to work with it.

Saturn in Aries and/or Saturn in the 1st House
Starting new projects or endeavors can instill tremendous doubt within you, as you are always worried that you won’t be able to pull it off. Making mistakes, in particular, can feel intolerable to you. If you can’t make an impression of doing something awesome and worth recognition, you might not do it at all. But, you must see life as a learning process and roll with whatever punches come your way. You’ve got to develop a thick skin because you are being called on to put yourself out there and be an example. For you, maturity is expressed through courage and initiative.

Saturn in Taurus and/or Saturn in the 2nd House
You might constantly worry about your resources, plagued with an endless poverty-consciousness that makes you feel like you never have enough. So, you might become particularly stingy with your money or a hoarder of the first degree, always preoccupied with what you have and what you might lose. So, obviously, truly enjoying life can become difficult. Your task, then, is to make your money and not let your money make you! Your expression of maturity is through resourcefulness, capable of making a dollar out of fifteen cents and realizing that security is more of an inner state.

Saturn in Gemini and/or Saturn in the 3rd House
Communicating in clear, witty, and interesting ways can be such a rigid agenda that you monitor your speech way too much. You can fear being boring or being seen as stupid, making you too calculating in your conversations with others. You feel like you’re always being tested and must always know the right answer. So, your primary responsibility is to be able to find other people interesting! You must learn that the more genuinely engaged you are, the more connected and interested the other people will be. You mature by learning the fine art of listening.

Saturn in Cancer and/or Saturn in the 4th House
You intend to be very responsive and caring but might worry too much about your caregiving skills, feeling guilty about not being supportive or emotionally available enough. You also feel such a duty to take care of others that you don’t want anyone taking care of you, shutting yourself off from fully sharing your vulnerabilities or true feelings. Therefore, your task is learning how, when, and from whom to seek out the support you need. You express maturity by establishing truly intimate, emotional connections, doing away with those who will deny or dismiss your needs.

Saturn in Leo and/or Saturn in the 5th House
Worries over disapproval or a lack of applause from others can cripple you. It’s as if you are constantly trying to control your audience, wanting them all to love your performance and tell you that you’re great. So, doubts over the reception of your creative efforts can be enough to make you feel creatively blocked or stage shy. Because of this, you have a responsibility to give yourself enough applause to allow the show to go on. The more mature you become, the more you’ll be able to accept that you can’t always be popular yet also realize how to maintain your loyal fans.

Saturn in Virgo and/or Saturn in the 6th House
You can be a real hypochondriac, worrying so much about your health that the cold you swear you have ends up truly manifesting in your body, creating an unhealthy mind-body cycle. You might also be far too picky for your own good, criticizing and rejecting so much that comes your way that you end up with very little. So, you have a duty to learn how to be as constructive as possible. Find a solution for your problem, execute it, and then direct your practical energies elsewhere. Your maturity depends on developing high standards for health and work that are still attainable.

Saturn in Libra and/or Saturn in the 7th House
Relationships are a source of deep doubt and fear for you, as you can endlessly worry about the state of a relationship, particularly a romantic one, and if it’ll work out. Signs of disharmony or incompatibility can feel like signs of doom, leading you to either try too hard make it work or quickly head off in the other direction. Therefore, you are being challenged to learn how to balance things out in your relationships by truly taking responsibility for your share, without projecting it on to someone else or taking on someone else’s share. You mature through a solid sense of equality.

Saturn in Scorpio and/or Saturn in the 8th House
Powerlessness is your greatest worry, which can make your striving for power more and more overbearing. You can become the classic control freak, to the point of even wanting to pull the emotional strings of others. If you aren’t in command of the situation, it might seem to be unbearable. So, you have a duty to learn what power and control really mean and how they should be exercised with light, not dark, intentions. You can develop a command over situations that displays your maturity, capable of using your insights into others to help and heal them.

Saturn in Sagittarius and/or Saturn in 9th House
You often seriously doubt that you’ll be able to get past your own backyard. Your biggest worries are over not living an inspiring or adventurous enough life, instead trapped in a mundane existence. And you can act out this frustration in totally dogmatic ways, seeing others’ beliefs as ignorant and wrong while your viewpoint is right. However, you are being called upon to share these beliefs in a way that will truly inspire others. Your maturity is expressed through realizing that we’re all on our own amazing path and to discover more exciting things on your path that you never saw before.

Saturn in Capricorn and/or Saturn in the 10th House
Your worries and doubts can truly feed themselves, as you live with a high awareness of difficulties and challenges. But, the more you focus on life being tough, the tougher it will be. This attitude also makes it harder for you to achieve what you really want, which brings out that tremendous fear of failure that you harbor. So, your main responsibility is to find a way to embrace challenges without becoming negative or fearful. The more mature you become, the more you see the sheer act of meeting and pushing through challenges as a success and that the only failure is quitting.

Saturn in Aquarius and/or Saturn in the 11th House
Fears of being misunderstood can loom so large that you act out in defiant or bizarre ways as a pre-emptive strike. You can feel crippled by your own loneliness, whether you’re with a group of friends or walking your path alone. So, you might behave in many self-defeating ways that limit your friendships or your involvement in organizations and causes. As a result, you are being called on to use your solitary perspective to bring something important to the group. You mature by seeing bringing about progress and opening up others’ minds as a personal responsibility.

Saturn in Pisces and/or Saturn in the 12th House
You can feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, worrying way more about the problems of others than your own. On the other hand, being so easily overwhelmed leads you to worry about losing yourself too much in chaos. Therefore, you may blind yourself to suffering, as well as feel uneasy with things relating to the spirit or fantasy realm. So, you must see it as a responsibility to surrender yourself, in service to something much bigger than yourself, like charitable work, spirituality, or art. You develop maturity through becoming truly egoless and compassionate.


  1. Hello,

    Saturn is my chart ruler and by far the most-aspected planet in my natal chart (all planets excluding Uranus and Pluto). I look up at Saturn as a big, respected teacher, who already went numerous hardships, and expect you to work hard if you wish to gain success because for him, things that last long need to be earned with hard-work. Sometimes he gives you tests, intentionally make you fall flat on your face when you don't make progress or when your head gets big, and then unexceptionally will punish you when you fail to do well enough. But when you're finally succeed, you'll feel honored to accept his gifts since you worked hard for it, and since he doesn't give it for free. The best thing is, his gifts indeed last longer than Jupiter's generous gifts (which won't be given continously unless you have trine/sextile aspects).

    When you observe him bit more carefully, Saturn's limitation actually is meant to give structure and boundaries for other planets so they won't go beyond control. For example, I have strong Jupiter influence (equals Saturn's, but not as versatile). Since (Sag) Jupiter tightly conjunct Mars (less than a degree) and both tightly trine (Leo) Moon, I'm a big spender and gambler whenever I feel like it. It went like this: I was going to buy things I wanted, but in the way to the store, Saturn (that squares Jupiter) suddenly reminded Jupiter (in that pessimistic yet thoughtful manner) not to spend money recklessly (for example to buy expensive perfumes). I didn't listen to Saturn's warning and later, I felt extremely guilty because actually, I could use that money to buy a printer instead so I could save both money, time, and energy for my college neccesities.

    Saturn may worry and get all pessimistic about everything we'd happy to do at the given moment (Jupiter thinks he rains on his parade), but we'd thank him later because he would rather having us getting long-term happiness (satisfaction in career, well-estabilished family; all gained by hard-work Saturn would gladly provides) even it means we have to give up on our short-term happiness. But remember not to let him worry too much by using positive and jovial energy Jupiter provides (let him massage those stiff shoulders of Saturn's by giving small strokes of "happy-time"). Although in my chart they're at odds (square aspect) and need conscious yet continous efforts to make them understand/respect each others' qualities, they're simply like Yin and Yang, in which balance is the key.

    Another great writing you post here. I can't help but write down my thoughts because like I said, your writings are thought-provoking. I'm definitely checking out more of your posts.

  2. I survived Saturn in Scorpio in my 7th House...approaching 60 on Aug. 3....August 4, going back to school to get a doctorate in education...LOL

    Moon in Cancer, Rising Sign---Sagittuarius....Pray for me!!! ;)
    Mars in Pisces

  3. Saturn in the 12th in Gemini. No matter what I do, I always end at square one. And everytime I end up there again, my problems are always bigger. I'm Sysiphus with a twist, my stone gets bigger everytime I climb the hill.
    I'm staying in the valley now, makes no more sense doing or trying anything, things only get worse. My grandfather on mother's side died when he hit his head on the curb, drunk as fuck. I hope this happens to me asap. What a fantastic way to go out and an ultimate flip the bird to this insane planet where I'm not supposed to be. Born under a bad sign.