Saturday, May 30, 2015

Venus in the 8th House

Those with Venus in the 8th House base their values around passion and emotional depth. The 8th House is a very intense house that electrifies whatever planet is there. So, this isn’t a Venus that’s exactly an angel but there is still a tremendous charm and appeal there. You’ll probably find yourself liking them immensely without exactly knowing why. 8th House Venus people, in the end, value these kinds of responses from people. They want you to feel very fully and wholly about them. For this reason, they don’t easily flinch when people don’t like them. Hatred or jealousy is still a response, isn’t it? But, Venus in the 8th must be careful to not dwell or thrive on these kinds of negative exchanges or a ton of drama can manifest in their lives.

In the end, these individuals can attract just as much admiration, love, and lust as they do the darker responses from people, if not more. Venus in the 8th has a high appreciation of the dark elements of people but this can turn into a complete obsession that makes them feed on drama and turbulence. At this level, they can be magnets for people’s rage and hate. However, if they release an addiction to this rapport with others, their lives can be filled with overwhelming love. There is something mysterious about their charm. You don’t know where it comes from exactly. You can’t put your finger on it but it’s very powerful. Being attractive is an innate source of power for 8th House Venus folks. So, even when they’re smiling sweetly at you, they’re grabbing you by the throat, at the same time, subtly controlling situations through their magical charm.

Everything that’s appealing about their Venus sign is heightened and expressed in extremes. If Venus in Cancer is in the 8th, they will appeal to others through their incredibly nurturing, intuitive attitude, always there to support and comfort you. This comes from a certain obsession over the things that their Venus sign enjoys. Whatever it loves, they really, really love it. So, when an 8th House Venus person is in a good place, this enjoyment can seep out of their very pores and fill up the room, which is a big part of why they’re so magnetic. There is an opportunity with this placement to create a very solid, internal value system, giving the person a generally unshakable self-esteem. But, since the 8th House can be so extreme, they might have to work through a huge lack of self-acceptance in order to get to this place. However, when they do, few people can value themselves more. Not vainly, necessarily. Just with strong, amazing integrity.

Valuing one’s sexual attractiveness (or, more accurately, learning to value one’s sexual attractiveness) is also very important with this position. And it’s not really based on their looks but the sexiness that’s coming from the inside. This is a theme that enters their life very early on. I believe Venus defines the ways in which we hit puberty and go through it, as this is when we first really start dealing with issues of attractiveness and if other people are attracted to us. And with Venus in the 8th House, puberty hits in a big way. It might have been brewing way before. They have a high awareness of bodily pleasure from an early age, even though, of course, it’s very different for children. It’s totally natural to play with ourselves and discover what feels good to our bodies then. 8th House Venus people were tapped into this in a very strong way even in the prepubescent years but how they handled it depends on if they were shamed for it or not.

But, things only got more overwhelming when they actually hit puberty. Once their sexual feelings began developing, it’s like it sent out some primal, mating-call signal to all the other kids at school. Let’s just say their classmates had some, uh, very strong responses to them. 8th House Venus teenagers usually attract the most intense kinds of crushes and admirers growing up, to a degree that might start freaking them out. It can get sort of inappropriate, extending to even teachers or authority figures making eyes at them a lot. This develops a love-hate connection to their appeal that can continue into adulthood. On one hand, Venus in the 8th House people know that they’re very sexually attractive but, on the other hand, this can scare them or creep them out just because of how strongly people react to them, in a way that’s often unwanted or unintentional.  

They don’t understand why but they can bring out the most hidden, forbidden sexual feelings and fantasies within other people. Often times, it’s when they’re not even trying to be sexy! Venus in the 8th House people just can’t help it. When they get into a certain groove, they are highly seductive. And their whole aura seems to promise a lot of things that can happen behind closed doors. But, again, this is an unconscious thing. They’re often not trying to get into your pants, which is why they can be confused when people think they’re promiscuous or think that they’re coming on to them. So, hiding this very raw sexual energy can just seem easier. It’s not because it only serves to make that sexuality even more powerful, eventually bursting out in a big way. So, 8th House Venus people must come to terms with their high sexual energy, learning how to only focus on the people they want to attract with it and how take the attention of others graciously but not personally.

There can be some dramatic, star-crossed element to their love affairs, at a less mature level. It’s a toxic trap that those with this placement can fall into: getting too attached to partners that are either no good for them or that they can’t have (often times both). Love can be intermingled with pain too much, just because of the intensity this dynamic brings (which they love so much). So, relationships might become dysfunctional, upsetting, even abusive. Their feelings for someone else can also become unbalanced, if they’re not careful. As much as Venus in the 8th House might be obsessed over and stalked, they can become obsessive stalkers, as well. This just happens when they’re wasting their time on someone unavailable. Again, focus on the people who are going to be good for you and who value you right back. At the more evolved stage, this all gets much easier.

8th House Venus folks are highly committed to their relationships, whether it’s romance or friendship. They value this sort of all-in dedication, having no time for the flaky, the insincere and the inconsistent. However their Venus sign does relationships will be acted out with fierce commitment. So, an 8th House Leo Venus would be very, very dedicated to having a good time with their partner and living an exciting life with them, to an all-or-nothing degree. This might scare some people off but they often think, “Good.” Venus in the 8th House people have a very acute radar for who they should be letting into their intimate sphere. They’re highly intuitive and will assess all of your nuances and motives first. And you won’t really know you’re being tested and that you’ve passed or failed until you’re either inside or outside of the sanctum.

Again, there is a subtle dynamic of control at play here. But, it should not go too far because Venus in the 8th can indulge in the control games to a destructive level. They need to just allow things to unfold in the relationship and not spend so much time testing and prodding. Once they pass the first test, relax! Relationships can come with an in-built fear of being abandoned, betrayed, or deceived, in some way, with this placement. And when that does actually happen, well, things don’t progress in a pretty fashion. Many Venus in the 8th House folks can flat-out seek revenge on a cheating, lying, and/or jilting partner but never let you know that they’re doing it until you’re in the middle of their trap. Not all of these people will go that far, though. But, their treatment of exes can be quite “love or hate”. If it ended well, you might remain in their heart forever. If it ended badly, they may never speak to you again, as if you don’t even exist anymore. However, just know that this is often just a reaction to being hurt and that you’re still somewhere in their heart.

The 8th House represents transformation and Venus here really enjoys transformation. Relationships often unfold in this way, in which one or both people are forever changed by each other. Hopefully, in a positive, empowering way! Venus in the 8th House people have such a skill for knowing all your psychological nooks and crannies and this is something they should use to heal you, strengthen you, and make you more emotionally aware. Friends of those with this position can feel amazingly renewed after a talk with them, as they can shed light on everything you’ve been in the dark about. As a result, Venus in the 8th House people usually find themselves in romances and friendships with those who are passionate, perceptive, intense, and like to discover the gritty truth. They value these things and the relationships they truly enjoy are with those whose waters run deep.

Venus in the 8th House has the most appreciation for art and creativity that is really emotionally moving and evocative. That fluffy, silly pop stuff playing on the radio might make their heads hurt. Give them something soulful and rich, often even quite dark. If they are artists themselves, they dwell in the dark stuff very easily. They are much less interested in doing really light creative material on a regular. Even if they do lighter work, it’s colored with a bittersweet or painful edge. Their creative sensibilities are geared toward things that are brutally honest and will have a powerful emotional impact. They also love to transform through art, as well as through clothes. Venus represents our sense of style and with Venus in the 8th, dressing up is a real transformation. Each new piece of clothing can make them feel very different, affecting them from the inside-out in a deeper way than most. So, radical changes in style and look come very easily and often, which can make them seem like a completely different person with just a different shirt on or a new haircut.

But, above all, they must feel very sexy in what they’re wearing. For this reason, Venus in the 8th House people feel a lot better in clothes that are either more revealing or more form-fitting. This is one Venus that generally doesn’t mind wearing things that are pretty provocative, making you think of other things instead. Again, the purpose of this placement is to enjoy one’s sexual power, through many different means. Sex itself is obviously one of those but this placement goes beyond actual sex. In or out of the bedroom, clothed or unclothed, they fully appreciate all of the sexual tensions and dynamics and expressions of human behavior. But, 8th House Venus is most turned-on by intense passion and deep connection. So, it cannot be served up lukewarm!


  1. I love how in-depth this is, most articles or blogs follow a basic protocol stating the basic themes of the house and planet but I love how this really paints a picture of the action despite being mostly about the sexuality/relationship side rather than the death/finances part. Great job!

    1. exactly, and most of them ahve the same copy pasta stuff, this one had different views and kinda true views

    2. I have to admit that I love looking at other people's personal lives on social media at a safe distance, although I try not to get obsessive about every little things they do #IDontNeedAGPSToTrackDownPeople #JustNo!!! *stalking* *wink* *wink*. I have a friend who initially added me on one of my Facebook accounts (he happens to be my High School crush LOL! Fuck that bitch!!! Nah, just kidding!) and he blocked me shortly after. I was confused as in 'Why would he do that to me? What did I do to cause him to block me?' I could look at his profile page on my additional Facebook page. He also has Instagram, but I was very cautious not to follow him (not because I hate him with a passion, but because I want to give him the space he really deserves) and I don't add him into my friends list in my other Facebook account him. Again, I do the same with him. I simply look at his page from a safe distance. No need to hassle over him but love him still within! ♡♡♡. This guy is Korean, tall in stature (6'2" tall from what I remember), slim in frame and has wavy hair.

  2. Great article. I've always felt that in terms of astrology there is something scorpionic about me. But only Pluto is in Scorpio. Until I found out that my venus is in the 8th, opposing Pluto. It explains so much and this article is just spot on...when I'm attracted to someone, it scares me...because my feelings are overwhelming. When I talk to them, observe them, stare into their eyes - I become shy and scared - of how they feel about me and my own strong feelings, feels like fire, painful and sends me into daydreams and obsession over this person. I wonder what other 8th house venus people are terms of love, lifestlye and all.

    1. I feel the same way. I have Venus in Leo square Pluto in Scorpio. Venus rules my 1st and 8th house. When I change my looks it is always a sign I tranformed some part of me. Also, when that happens, I stop obssesing over a person. I just wait till I meet somneone new XD Kidding, but, you know, not really...Definetely not an easy energy to live with..

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  4. Venus in 8th, Pluto in 7th and scorpio in 8th house cuspid 👍😎

  5. I've got my Venus in Pisces and in eighth house. It trines Pluto as well and adds more Plutonic vibe to Venusian qualities.

  6. This article is one of the best I've read in a long time. So thorough and so full of facts. Cheers to venus in the 8th house babes.

  7. This article is sooooo spot on. There were so many things that directly related to experiences in my life. I have venus in Virgo in the 8th, no aspects. Ppl are definitely attracted to my mind and I am intellectual.

    A woman at I met at a training said to me on the 2nd day when I wore my hair up and not down that I was like a totally different person.

    When I was 11-12 going thru puberty I remember my brothers friend probably 14 or 15 gave me a hug and touched me on the butt and made some creep comment and I remember I immediately went in the house, and changed into some baggy clothes and that event always impacted me. I wore baggy clothes all the way until college.

    I was literally just telling myself I always want the people I can't have lol

    This really just sums up my love life lol

  8. I have Venus in eighth quintile Pluto and this describes my love nature to the very letter. I recently saw a clairvoyant who picked up on a one sided relationship again the pain of it can become an addiction in itself.
    I love your advice about harnessing magnetism to attract what is going to be good and only attracting what's healthy as it's a lifelong habit of mine to attract unavailable partners and to ache for the bitter sweet irony of them. Still doing it to this minute. I crave depth passion and intimacy and to this day find that in unavailable sources.