Friday, May 15, 2015

Your Jupiter Return: It Gets Bigger

You know the saying “it gets better.” I feel like the motto for your Jupiter Return, which occurs once every 12 years, should be “it gets bigger.” As in, your Jupiter sign, house placement, and aspects get bigger, taking over to a larger-than-life degree. People so readily associate Jupiter with luck and good fortune. So, when a Jupiter Return hits, a person can believe that they’re going to be super-lucky. They’re going to win the proverbial lottery! Well, maybe not so much. Jupiter isn’t all about luck. It’s your belief system, the outlook that gets you through. When you’re going through your Jupiter Return, things are going to happen that require you to really reinforce that outlook. 

Jupiter’s expansion doesn’t necessarily mean more money, more success, more everything! It can. But, it can also be an expansion of your philosophies, of your higher mind, of your way of navigating this journey of life. It can expand you, in multiple ways. Yet, for some reason, the Jupiter Return isn’t as talked about; definitely not as much as, say, the Saturn Return. Why is this? Well, maybe it’s because people always expect such good things to happen when Jupiter comes back to its place in your chart and such terrible, painful things to happen when Saturn returns. So, Saturn can definitely take up the attention in astrology circles, in this sense.

However, knowing when your Jupiter Return is coming and preparing for it is also quite crucial. Because Jupiter goes so big, it can be excessive and overwhelming. It can bring such abundance in your life that you wonder, “Whoa, whoa, where did all of this come from?” You’ll be feeling the effects of your Jupiter like you might have never before but in ways that will positively change you, if you heed the lessons. Do you have Jupiter in Pisces? Prepare to be feeling a lot more artistic and compassionate, as well as so psychically in tune with others that you’ll swear you’ve become telepathic. Is Jupiter in your 7th House? You’re really going to want to relate to people, make new friends, go on dates, to the point that you might never be alone.

I’ll give you the story of my second Jupiter Return. It happened almost two years ago, in mid 2013, starting about a month before my 24th birthday in August. Now, just so you know, I have Jupiter in Cancer in the 6th, which is trine my Moon and Midheaven, sextile Mars, and opposite Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Looking back, I can see so clearly how Jupiter was taking over my life and it is just continued proof to me of how accurate astrology is.

With Jupiter in Cancer, my Return was about my emotions getting bigger and bigger. I’ve always been highly emotional but I felt more sensitive during this entire year. I had gone through some major disappointments that made me feel more vulnerable than I had ever felt. My softer side emerged really strongly and I started feeling like a more tender person. I’m not ashamed to say that I cried a whole lot, more than I was used to, not just because of upsetting reasons but because I became lot more easily moved, in positive ways. I also became so much more in touch with my true emotional needs. I started to believe a lot more that I deserved to take care of myself and that my vulnerabilities didn’t need to be hidden. If anyone doesn’t like it, that’s their issue.

Know you’ve also got to look at the aspects, as well. Becoming so much more emotionally aware was a bit challenging, as the oppositions made it a sometimes depressing (Saturn), chaotic (Uranus), or disillusioning (Neptune) experience. However, I think I started to learn how to alleviate these negative traits in ways that I hadn’t before. It made me feel more emotionally secure (trine to the Moon) and more passionate (sextile Mars), wanting to really share my beliefs with the world (trine Midheaven). I re-started this blog during my Jupiter Return and took a different approach than how I had the blog running the first time, focusing on a more compassionate, personal, and understanding look at astrology. It’s no surprise that I made my public activities bigger and better! Jupiter returned to my 5th House during this time, which set me off on a frenzy when it came to being creative. With Jupiter in the 5th, I have always been highly creative. I needed somewhere to put all of that emotional energy and channeled it into my writing, beginning a year of non-stop creative projects. 

I can see how it’s all set the stage for how I live now. I wouldn’t want to go back to how I lived and was before my recent Jupiter Return. I think the second time Jupiter comes around is when its lessons really hit home. The first Jupiter Return is when you’re just a kid and it sets the stages for the yearnings and beliefs of your Jupiter. But, you’re not totally free to embark on the journey you want at 12. Yet, when you’re 24 and older, you can go on any adventure that you want.

So, that’s what you should see your Jupiter Return: a chance to change the path you’ve been going down. Jupiter is going to assess whether or not your current life is really compatible with the moral code that it’s given you. If it isn’t, then it will push you toward circumstances that urge you to change. As I said before, these aren’t always going to be “lucky” circumstances. In fact, if you have any squares or oppositions to your Jupiter, they can result in some disasters in your life. However, Jupiter wants to teach you how to keep the faith, whether you’re in the middle of a disaster or whether you’ve just gotten a lucky break. Jupiter’s faith must not waver.

It’s also fitting that the Jupiter Return happens about once a decade. We’ll surely feel both a little bit differently yet inherently the same about our Jupiter’s beliefs in our twenties, thirties, forties, and so on. This code will keep growing and strengthening throughout each new chapter in our life, depending on the stage that we’re in. It’ll never stop guiding us through life. It’ll just keep turning us in new and exciting directions. 

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