Monday, June 29, 2015

Planets in the 7th House: Pluto

Well, here we are. We’ve reached the final planet in the Planets in the 7th House series and I’ve saved the most infamous one for last: Pluto. People are endlessly fascinated with Pluto. So, why don’t we explore what happens when you have Pluto in your 7th House. If having Pluto in the 1st House is like a solo trip to the Underworld, Pluto in the 7th House expects to have someone to accompany them through the fiery pit. That’s sort of like romance for those with this placement: going through Hell together. Obviously, this can become self-destructive, which is the downside of Pluto. But, it takes two to tango in the 7th House. So, who exactly is doing the destroying?

A 7th House Pluto person’s relationships can get very dark, if they allow them to. This is an influence that really makes a person want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly about the person that they’re with. And that doesn’t have to just be a romantic partner. It can be their best friend or their business partner; whoever they’re in close, one-on-one association with. In knowing all of your dark parts, they get to know all of their dark parts. As I’ve said throughout this whole series, 7th House planets reflect each other, back and forth, to a point where it might become difficult to recognize just who is doing what in the relationship.

So, there is often an (unhealthy) expectation of darkness and turmoil and drama in one’s personal relationships. If you think that a 1st House Pluto person might be hostile or feel like people are out to get them, they often don’t hold a candle to 7th House Pluto people. The 7th House is the house of other people. And if you have this placement, you constantly see the ugliness in other people. But, this can also make you constantly see the ugliness in yourself. To a certain degree, you want this and to a certain degree, you don’t. Pluto’s influence can be scarily overwhelming. And when it’s in the 7th House, your relationships can consume you and possess you and bring out a side of you that’s just terrifying. This might be why it’s easier to just resist involvement in relationships.

Persephone and Hades by Jynette Tigner

Another reason is because you give your absolute all to others. Pluto in the 7th House makes you pull out all the stops, even when it concerns casual friendships. There’s really nothing “casual” about relationships to you, even if you might have a strong Air influence. You can be light and breezy and cool about everything else. But, relationships? That’s kind of life-or-death for you. So, you want other people who are just as all-or-nothing about connecting as you are. This is what you expect and when you don’t get it, you can be really devastated and heartbroken. Others might be surprised at the reactions of a 7th House Pluto person to what they saw as not a big deal. But, for you, everything in your relationships are loaded with meaning and depth and smoldering passion.

At least, they should be. If not, you’re going to feel pretty empty. When our 7th House planets don’t receive from others what they give to them, it throws them off balance. And for Pluto, which can already be very unbalanced, if you let it, this can make relationships deeply upsetting. It’s quite common for Pluto in the 7th House people to be so selective with lovers, in particular, that they have very few of them. When you don’t get that intensity from others, you don’t feel intensely about them. And when you don’t feel intensely about them, why even bother? Pluto in the 7th House people can actually come off as very nonchalant, casual, and cool when they’re not engaged in deep relationships. You might even seem very superficial and feel that way, cursing yourself for it.

You’re not superficial, though, and you need to learn to first find those depths within. This is the mistake that Pluto in the 7th House individuals end up making. They crave intensity from others so much that they confuse upsetting, traumatic intensity with healthy passion. So, you’ll find yourself in one very dysfunctional relationship after another but believing somehow that this is okay because at least you’re feeling something! At least life isn’t boring! In fact, a strong Pluto influence in the chart, in any way, can instill this belief. But, with Pluto in this house, it can really manifest on an one-on-one level. You can also find yourself being a major source of the dysfunction, getting bogged down in unhealthy patterns because you prefer this constant turbulence over emptiness.

Instead, those with Pluto in their 7th House need to be able to heal themselves within, understanding the difference between healthy and unhealthy passion. When you do so, you know that you’re bringing a very appealing intensity to the table that is about depth not drama. And you can weed out those who just bring the drama to your life. Pluto represents healing and transformation. So, this placement indicates that personal relationships will be a great catalyst for change and heightened awareness for you. Pluto in the 7th House people will commonly report that they no longer conduct relationships the way they used to. You have the power to go from being a very destructive influence in people’s lives to someone who is a very healing, empowering influence.

Yet, the road to that empowerment will often involve some brutal honesty. 7th House Pluto people can be quite fierce when they’re relating to others, which might not be something that’s evident right off the bat. You like getting right to the core of the truth with other people, not minding if you awaken something in them that makes them uncomfortable or unsettled. Pluto in the 7th House is definitely provocative. Not in the shocking, unpredictable way that Uranus in the 7th provokes. It’s more so about stirring up deep feelings, as you know that this is the way that transformation is achieved. So, if some people have to get angry at you for it or hate you for it, you can be accepting of it. What you’re doing is not cruel, though. You just know that you sometimes have to bring painful things up with other people in order to make them stronger, wiser, deeper individuals.

You’re also really good to have around whenever someone is going through Hell themselves. This should be how your Pluto in the 7th travels through the Underworld with others. You shouldn’t take them to Hell or associate with people who take you down there. You just need to be fully present whenever they’re going through it. With your perceptive insights and strength, you’re an incredible resource for others. This is true of friendships and this is especially true of romantic partnerships. Pluto in the 7th House is absolutely going to be there for their significant other through thick and thin. For you, this is the essence of relationships: surviving all of the tough times together.

Your romances will usually start off on a pretty hot and heavy note. Passion has to be present, right from the start. Pluto is a notoriously sexy, seductive planet. So, there’s usually no shame with a 7th House Pluto if the sex happens really early. It’s about going as deeply as possible with your partner and figuring out everything about them. In most cases, this can turn people with this placement into private detectives, snooping around to learn as much about the other person as possible. The first time you visit their place, your first move will probably be to do some investigating. For this reason, Google will also be your best friend. But, you enjoy this process, especially since you’re so drawn to people who are very mysterious and have an amazing depth that begs to be explored.

Relationships progress with great intensity and your partners are usually as ferociously committed as you are. This is why it’s very common for Pluto in the 7th House people to get very serious with their partners very quickly. You might virtually move in together right away and even get married after a short period of time. But, this usually isn’t about spontaneity and impulse. It’s not a “whirlwind” love affair. It’s more so about saying to each other, “Let’s be as committed as possible. Let’s completely be a part of each other’s lives.” The one who will ultimately win your heart is the one who will not hesitate and totally throw themselves into the relationship along with you.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Born in 1989: Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn

Were you born in the year 1989? Well, you’re a part of a very special generation: one that has Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all conjunct in Capricorn. Only people born in this year specifically have this three-way conjunction because even though Saturn remained in Capricorn through 1990, it was too far away from Uranus during that year to be conjunct. Yet, 1989 was when all of these stars aligned, for the entire year. Yes, this stellium is a part of my chart, with Saturn and Neptune falling into the 12th. Whatever house the Saturn-Uranus-Neptune conjunction falls in is where the issues of the stellium are going to manifest in that life area in a very powerful, focused way. We’ve got a few more years, my fellow 1989 folks, until our Saturn Return. So, we might as well learn these lessons now, ahead of time.

Let’s take Saturn in Capricorn, first and foremost. Now, this is a dignified placement; the ruling planet of Capricorn. But, I always say that dignified placements can be, in the words of Charles Dickens, the best of times and the worst of times. They can make you really skilled in the areas of this planet but they can also make you express this planet really excessively. With Saturn in Capricorn, there can be a huge amount of maturity but this can also make for a person who is very easily stressed. I feel like Capricorn Saturn people my age were born to be stressed out. As fate would have it, we’ve all started becoming adults and entering the real world as Pluto has been transiting Capricorn, putting a lot on our plates. Pluto in Capricorn has been all about the dramas of career insecurity, unemployment, rising debt, and crowded job markets. So, of course, this is how the real world welcomes my generation in: by fully showing us just how terrible and stressful it can be.

We shouldn’t be so quick to blame, though, as it’s done nothing but emphasize our ability to be pessimistic. Even the most optimistic Capricorn Saturn folks have a horribly grouchy pessimist inside of them, always waiting to release a heavy, stressed-out sigh. Saturn represents what we worry about. And with Saturn in Capricorn, worrying is something that just fuels itself. We can worry about everything and then worry about worrying. The greater influence Saturn has in your chart, the truer this will be. For me, as such a Saturn-heavy person, anxiety is something that can just become an endless loop, if I let it. And I’ve noticed in my born-in-1989 peers that no matter what good times roll, there is this sense of us waiting for the other shoe to drop. It’s a fatalistic, fuck-my-life attitude that can end up making everything about being a grown-up just seem depressing. This either leads to you exhausting yourself by being overly responsible or veering toward irresponsibility because you feel like you’re going to be screwed, no matter what. 

After all, Saturn in Capricorn people are not flawlessly responsible. I don’t think any Saturn sign is. And I’ve noticed in myself that Capricorn Saturn can choose to be very responsible, in certain ways, in order to avoid responsibility, in other ways. Again, this all depends on the house placement. I’ve also seen this contradiction in many friends of mine: being very adult, in one sense, but still having a pretty regressive or immature side. It’s as if Saturn in Capricorn knows how hard life is so well that we just want to pick and choose our struggles, instead of embracing all of the struggles. For some, they might be really excellent at paying their bills, holding down a steady job, and being financially responsible. But, they might be terrible at dealing with feelings of depression or being fully accountable for their decisions in life. For others, they might be very internally mature and self-aware but they work on their minds and souls but much more than their careers. They may be old souls and everything yet really struggle to be a very substantial, esteemed person in society.

So, our pending Saturn Return is going to show us where we’re mature and where we’re not. For those born in 1989, the Saturn Return’s going to happen sometime in 2018. This will be a time when the effectiveness of your choices are revealed to you. Saturn in Capricorn can be way too busy seeing obstacles and setbacks in the world that they don’t see them in themselves. So, if you’re the real-world type of Capricorn Saturn, you’re going to be faced with issues that bring out your depression, your anxiety, your feelings of hopelessness. You will have to mature on an internal level, figuring out just how you can better organize your mind in ways that allow you to have more command over your life. If you’re the inner-world type of Capricorn Saturn, you’re going to be tested in outer ways. Sure, you might be very introspective and wise but can all of that hold up with other people, out in society? Are you using those inner resources to build the most effective, empowering life you can? You’ll have to stop seeing yourself as the downtrodden person that the real world keeps crapping on. You’ve got to do everything in your power to succeed.

Either way, issues around failure are going to arise, if they’re not dealt with before the Saturn Return. Saturn in Capricorn is really scared of failing, especially if the Saturn influence is strong in the chart. And that’s eventually going to be a self-fulfilling, self-defeating thing. It doesn’t help that we’re the first group to really come of age during the era of Facebook. It’s a common theory that Facebook makes people’s lives look way better than they actually are. But, the 1989-born Capricorn Saturn folks are very aware of this image that’s being projected and can constantly judge themselves against the status of others’ lives. Whether you feel like a failure because life seems like a party to everyone else and you’re secretly depressed or because everyone seems to be living like such an adult and you feel stagnant and unimportant, these are things that need to be addressed. It’s important for Saturn in Capricorn to understand that the only failure is not making an attempt.

Now, we all have Saturn conjunct Uranus in Capricorn. So, this fear of failure can come from a sense of being on the outside looking in. Saturn conjunct Uranus can bring huge worries over being a freak, of everyone thinking you’re a weirdo. Since the conjunction’s in Capricorn, this is a wider ranging thing, concerning your entire peer group and society. Everyone in this generation cares a lot what we all think but, for some of us, there can be a desire to break away from this. Going back to Facebook, the ideas of likes and friends can become a ridiculously big deal for people my age. It’s as if we’re accustomed to everything we do and say being subject to approval or disapproval. And it’s the disapproval that can be really crippling, in just about any context.

Again, this can split us off into two different groups. There can be the ones of this generation who are so convinced that they’ll be disapproved of that no effort is made to fit in. In fact, Saturn conjunct Uranus can cause a person to do immature, irresponsible things to prove that they don’t need to fit in. This can make them really provocative or really defiant and willful, in a difficult way that makes them harder to deal with in group settings. And this can eventually limit their potential for success (Capricorn). But, you can also get the Saturn conjunct Uranus person who tries too hard to fit in, at the expensive of their more free-spirited impulses. They try painstakingly to be buttoned-up and straitlaced but it keeps shooting them in the foot. They don’t find it inspiring to live this way and it cuts them off from a lot of potential ideas, which actually makes them less accomplished and successful. Besides, that wild and crazy element of them keeps finding ways to creep out...

Come on. I'm not even a fan but I had to do it.
Saturn conjunct Uranus actually gives all of us who were born in 1989 a responsibility to experiment (Uranus) with all sorts of goals (Saturn). There is an amazing open-mindedness I’ve noticed amongst my peer group. No vision, no objective, is too crazy or too out-there for us to think of achieving, so long as we have all of the tools that we need to achieve them. And this actually gives us an inherent rebelliousness against what’s already been established, particularly regarding our parents. We’re not a group that really listens to our parents, especially if there are significant Uranus aspects to the inner planets. Sure, many young people don’t but most of those in this group certainly don’t. The advice they’re giving us is based on a path that’s already been established. But, the goal for the Saturn conjunct Uranus in Capricorn generation is to work very hard (Saturn) toward doing something different (Uranus) in the world. So, rebelling is a part of adulthood for us.

In order to do this, we’ve got to become more mature in our understanding of group dynamics. Our Saturn Return will test us to see how we’ve learned the balance in collaboration and individualism. Saturn conjunct Uranus in Capricorn means that we have to labor by ourselves to come up with unique visions for the future while also being willing to work alongside others. It has to be about teamwork and not being a rebel without a cause. But, we also have to be willing to cause some dissent and not just do and say things to remain a part of the group. This is what will allow us to push our innovations forward in more effective ways. I do believe that I’m a part of a group that can really change the world. We’ve been so raised on technology and it’s up to us to show people all the different ways in which technology can be a tool to help push movements and causes forward.

Saturn conjunct Uranus also needs to liberate us from any prejudices and narrow-mindedness of the past. We are being irresponsible, with this placement, if we allow ourselves to pass the buck of hatred and intolerance. So, a big part of our maturity process will be making sure we’re free of these ignorant judgments of others who are different from us, realizing that they're inevitably just like us. Again, this will be an issue that arises during the Saturn Return, if it’s not already dealt with. We all also have Saturn conjunct Neptune in Capricorn. This makes us a very empathetic, very spiritual generation. Yet, many in this group can be really oblivious to this higher awareness. It can seem so much easier to just adapt to a world that’s cruel and selfish and unimaginative. But, this is a choice that will haunt us with deep guilt and with a longing for something that’s beyond this world.

It’s a contradictory aspect because Saturn is about limits and Neptune knows no boundaries. So, with people my age, I’ve noticed either one or two things. Saturn conjunct Neptune can make those of this group limit themselves by living in very boring, overly realistic ways, especially since it’s in Capricorn. There can be those with this aspect with so much imagination and creativity and inspiration inside of them but who are letting it wither away by staying stuck in the little box that the “real world” wants them to be in. And this is secretly driving them more and more insane, as they’re only doing what is expected of them. Yet, there can also be those who seem to know absolutely no limits. But, they’re not nearly realistic enough, chasing after their goals (Saturn) in ways that make them seem very deluded (Neptune). As inspired as their life path may be, it can easily become aimless and disappointing if it’s not backed by anything concrete.

Therefore, our lesson with Saturn conjunct Neptune in Capricorn is to mature by making our fantasies concrete. This not only means following our dreams in ways that are practical and sensible but seeing the practicality and sense in our dreams. This is a combination that creates a generation who believes that anything can be achieved. It doesn’t matter what you want to be: if you imagine it, you can make it real. So, we have to discard anything within us that cripples us by telling us that our fantasies are just stupid daydreams and nothing to take seriously. Saturn conjunct Neptune, especially in Capricorn, is about taking your fantasies seriously. And when our Saturn Return arrives, if you haven’t learned how to do this, you’ll be forced to look at your unhappiness over it.

This objective is often achieved by going into the arts, in some way, as having a career as an actor, writer, singer, etc. is the perfect way to make something real out of your imagination. Saturn conjunct Neptune also benefits from playing close attention to their nightly dreams, understanding that these aren’t just random images but important messages to be listened to. They will only make you wiser. We are being tasked to go deeper into the mysterious realms of our beings and of the Universe itself. It can be quite terrifying to some people with this aspect and there is a common and profound worry about losing one’s mind. But, that can make us even more neurotic. I’ve noticed amongst my friends who are of this group, as well as with myself, that there can be really overwhelming phobias, aversions, and habits that are always popping up. It can get so random and irrational that it actually makes you look like your screws need some tightening. In the end, this is the unconscious part of ourselves that we try to control but emerges anyway. The best method is to not fight it and allow this part of your nature to enrich you and make you a better person.

Developing and expressing empathy is a true responsibility here. It can manifest in small ways like just being a compassionate ear for a friend to vent to. But, it can also be in more tangible, structural ways, like doing all sorts of charity work. That’s the perfect outlet for Saturn conjunct Neptune people because it gives us a way to express empathy but within certain boundaries. Volunteering at animal shelters, hospitals, homeless shelters, or anything else that’s healing toward other living beings will help you to develop as an adult. You harbor all of this guilt about what you’re not doing for the world. Well, selfless acts like this are the best way to overcome these problems.

As you can see, being of the Saturn-Uranus-Neptune conjunct in Capricorn generation is a really remarkable thing and I’m not just saying that because I’m in it. This stellium, when we were born, was an incredibly rare event. I believe that my peer group has something great to bring to the world. I think we’re all definitely still figuring out what that is but if we do now, we won’t have to suffer through our Saturn Return so much in a few years. We’ll just be reaping the positives that we’ve sown.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Venus-Saturn Aspects: The Antique

If your Venus sign is conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine Saturn, then you are the antique. And I know you’re probably not offended by me saying that, no matter how old you are, because you understand the importance of antiques. In fact, Venus-Saturn people often love antique items! Venus represents our personal value and Saturn is about maturing and seasoning. Therefore, like an antique, this aspect causes your value only increases with age and maturity. I could’ve called you “the fine wine” for that very reason but that would’ve been too cliché. But, this value often doesn’t come easily earned. Saturn’s influence can be tough, after all. And with it touching the planet of love, in particular, there’s little to nothing indulgent or frivolous about your love life.

This is an attitude that starts early. While puberty is generally a time of silly schoolyard crushes and superficial attractions for most adolescents, you were more serious-minded than that. Venus-Saturn teenagers usually get involved in really dedicated relationships. You weren’t just exchanging love notes after class. No, it was virtually like a marriage. In fact, this might have been the time that planted that standard in your head. Through the pubescent stage, your idea of love was beyond your years. If it wasn’t a vow, a serious promise, an unbreakable commitment, you weren’t into it. 

So, here, you can see the teenagers who end up in relationships for several years, well into adulthood. If anyone is likely to marry their high school sweetheart, it’s someone with a Venus-Saturn aspect. There’s not really a yearning to date around with this influence, even if Venus is in a sign like Aries or Gemini. And sure, you might actually date around. But, it always leaves you cold. Instead, you want to only have eyes for one person. Saturn enforces restrictions so when it touches Venus, there are some necessary restrictions in love. And this means faithful dedication, as well. Few things hurt as much to those with these aspects as cheating. How could you even think of it?, they think. You promised you would love them and only them. For this reason, it’s very unlikely to see a Venus-Saturn person in an open relationship. Things are pretty black or white with them, in a way that can rival Venus-Pluto. Either you’re with them or you’re not; either you’re in or out.

Throughout your adult years, your love life can unfold in one of two ways. The first kind of Venus-Saturn individual is one who hasn’t been single since they were about 15. They are always in a committed relationship and it’s sort of like a hard-earned prize to them. Saturn is about achievement, after all, and Venus is relationships. So, you will often find a Venus-Saturn person who proudly keeps track of how long they’ve made it work with their lover. Saturn is also Father Time and these people can constantly feel Him hanging over their relationships. They are always reminding themselves, and their partner, of just how much of their life they’ve spent together.

But, there can be a potential downside to this. As hard-working and dedicated as the commitment-junkie type of Venus-Saturn person is, there can be a saddening sense of time sort of passing them by, especially in youth. It’s very common for these people to totally miss out on the whole “fun, free single person” phase of their twenties. They might not make a big deal out of it but there can be this secret haunting feeling that their long-term relationships have robbed them of their youth. With the sextile, trine, and even the conjunction, this may be less bothersome. But, those with the square or the opposition are more likely to get this nagging feeling that they’re missing out on something. Or maybe they don’t and they’ve given up on living out that part of their life. Saturn aspects can indicate how we mature a bit too quickly. Therefore, with Venus in aspect to Saturn, your investment in your love life can cause that typically carefree phase to wither somewhat.

Still, it’s not like you’d complain because you love commitment so much. However, this brings us to the second kind of Venus-Saturn person: the one who really deeply avoids commitment. Saturn can, after all, represent our greatest doubts and worries. And it does take a truly mature person with this influence to get seriously involved. Sure, everyone needs to grow up in order to commit. But, with the less evolved Venus-Saturn individuals, it can be really crippling. It can be difficult for them to make relationships last beyond a few weeks or months, as their persistent fears will cause them to inevitably sabotage the relationship, in some manner.

Unlike the perennially settled down Venus-Saturn person, who might grow up very fast by always playing house, the perennially single Venus-Saturn person can feel unable to grow up because they’ve never played house. There can be very deep feelings of rejection and loneliness that they harbor because of this status. This is something that usually happens when Venus is square or opposite Saturn, although, as I said before, these aspects can also produce excellent long-term partners, as well. There is something about being single that really affects these people’s self-esteem. It might be because they’re rigidly seeing relationships as an objective to be achieved, a goal to be won, which prevents them from getting what they want more and more.

No matter what your love situation is, this can be something that needs to be overcome. Saturn likes to set rules and structures. So, your expectations of relationships can just have way too many guidelines. And because of this, you might find yourself seeing rejection or fault where there is none. Venus-Saturn people need to be careful to not follow too much of a script when it comes to relating to others. You can even be guilty of this regarding your close friends and anyone else, as Venus also rules our relationships with all people. Those expectations can just be so high that no one can meet them, not even you! And this sets yourself up to constantly see yourself as “failing” when it comes to relationships. But, that’s only your negative perception.

In the end, you are the antique because it might take a long time for yourself to realize your own personal value. This aspect can be seriously guilty of letting themselves accumulate dust for too long in the corner, instead of realizing your full potential. Many with these aspects can report serious issues with self-esteem. However, this can also be an aspect that creates an amazingly solid sense of self-worth. Venus in aspect to Saturn makes for a person who can take things like affirmations and changing your unconscious scripts very seriously. Once you figure out how you’ve been sabotaging yourself through negativity, you can work your tail off to change these attitudes.

Now, if you’re at an unevolved level, I’m sorry to say that you won’t be nearly as attractive as you could be. Your overwhelming self-doubt will end up severely limiting your prospects. But, only because that’s the script you’re following; “the unlovable self”. And the cycle will continue! However, Venus-Saturn people can also be highly attractive, just like anyone can be highly attractive. Venus represents what’s appealing about us and the thing that’s most appealing about those with Venus touching their Saturn is a real sophisticated elegance. When you mature and embrace a very healthy self-image, you exude something really classy and timeless, like those beautiful antiques. And it’s more than enough to get people bidding on you, left and right.

It’s a really common pattern for Venus-Saturn to end up with not only partners older than them but good friends who are older, even if it’s just by a handful of years. But, our Venus shows what others appreciate about us and with these aspects, it’s often the people who are older who can appreciate you more. You’d think in these kinds of relationships that you’d be sort of behind them. But, that’s usually not the case. You are often a step or two ahead of your years, in terms of your life stage. When you’re 25, you enjoy (Venus) the things 35 year olds do. And when you’re 35, your tastes are of a 45-year-old. So, it’s no wonder that you associate so much with those who are older. You’re usually right in step with them.

And you might even be able to teach them a thing or two! With Venus-Saturn, it’s your earthy wisdom that draws people to you, especially as you age. Many of your friendships are conducted on advice-giving, often on your end. In truth, you really love giving people advice, feeling a boost in your own worth from being able to make someone wiser and more developed. However, just don’t indulge too much in this. Some Venus-Saturn people can become like tiresome parents with their friends, even those with the easier aspects, dishing out advice even when it was never asked for. But, you make a wonderfully loyal friend, just as dedicated to your long-term friends as your long-term lovers. You pride yourself on those really solid friendships that last for years and years.

Friends can readily come to you for advice on style, as well, because you have pretty distinctive taste. Saturn is quite status-conscious and reputation-aware while Venus indicates our aesthetic tastes, which includes fashion, of course. So, with a Venus-Saturn aspect, you are well-aware of how what goes on your body will affect your personal image. And this is an influence that can allow a person to clean up very nicely. Formal wear is a real love for most people with this placement, whether it needs to be worn at work or at a fancy event, as you actually enjoy having expectations of what to wear. When there are guidelines, then you can really put something special together. That air of class shines through in that suit or that little black dress, setting you apart.

Your tastes in creativity can be just as distinguished. Most Venus-Saturn people prefer music that isn’t of the present day, valuing the throwback stuff to what’s playing on the radio now. The same can be said of movies. In fact, your taste in film and music can go far before your generation. Anything that’s before your time (Saturn) is very valuable (Venus) to you. There is a taste here for something in its own league. Venus-Saturn also often has a deep love of classical music. It may be latent but once it’s awakened, it’s a powerful thing. If you’re an artist yourself, you love being creative for the permanence that it can bring. You’ll be an ambitious artist yet you will also succeed because you manage to seem so beyond most of your peers. Venus-Saturn artists usually have creative sensibilities that come off as belonging to someone much older than the age they are.

With these aspects, you have sexual feelings that are purposeful, goal-oriented even. To be blunt, there are some calculating Venus-Saturn types who can seduce others as a means to an end. Sex can have an opportunistic value to them. But, of course, that will not always be the case. Instead, you’re just turned on by the process of sweating and rolling around with someone else toward a mutual goal. And, yes, the sexual satisfaction has to be mutual for Venus-Saturn people. Otherwise, what’s the point to them? All that time in bed will have felt like a waste! Business is also erotically mixed with pleasure here. So, let’s just say co-worker or employee relationships can easily get complicated if you have a Venus-Saturn aspect. Few things are hotter to you than hard work.

Venus conjunct Saturn: With the conjunction, you definitely work hard in love, to the point of breaking your back. The thing is that all that work can easily just start feeling like work and suck out the joy. Remember to not take the relationship too seriously. But, your tireless dedication is ever-appreciated and many will find your wise, salt-of-the-earth quality wildly appealing.

Venus square or opposite Saturn: The square or the opposition can make you either deeply hesitant about commitment or very dedicated but really trapped because of it. Maybe you alternate between both. Yet, you can make for a very reliable, steady partner. You just must get over all of your various anxieties about love. Then, you’ll actually find intense joy in the act of being tied down.

Venus sextile or trine Saturn: It’s relatively easy for you to settle down without too much heaviness because of having the sextile or the trine. You’re capable of consistently working on your relationships and being a real rock for others. Yet, you might just have to work on occasionally slipping into opportunistic patterns and picking lovers or friends out of convenience.