Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mercury conjunct Mars: Two Steps Ahead

Mercury conjunct Mars makes for a very cunning yet very frank individual. There are two different sides to this aspect’s influence, which fuses the intellectual powers of Mercury with the assertiveness of Mars. The first is that they are very driven to tell you what’s on their mind. We are meant to really act out our Mars. This is not an energy meant to be held in! So, people with Mercury conjunct Mars are meant to fully assert (Mars) their thoughts (Mercury). The trick is being so assertive about what one thinks without being rude. It’s a tricky balance (as I can tell you, since I have Mercury conjunct Mars in Virgo) but it usually gets better with time. Eventually, this person’s raw straightforwardness becomes something that’s simply admirable and endearing.

With this aspect, a person’s words will pack a wallop. This is often a hilarious kind of bluntness, as Mercury is our sense of humor. The way these people don’t hold back, feeling free to be their candid, vulgar, spitfire selves, is usually pretty funny. But, sometimes, this response surprises even them. Remember that, with conjunctions, there is no line between the two planets. They are symbiotic. So, for those with this placement, just talking (Mercury) is a very natural way of owning a situation (Mars). Their words kick enough ass for them, which is why the idea of physical fighting is usually a truly last-ditch effort for Mercury conjunct Mars. Why fight with your hands? Mercury is clever, Mercury is smart. So, the purpose of this aspect is finding more intelligent ways to fight.

That’s the flip side of this aspect. There’s always a flip side with Mercury! And the thing is that Mercury conjunct Mars people communicate very directly but also take action very shrewdly. The bluntness is often focused on more so than the cleverness. But, Mercury conjunct Mars’ intelligence (Mercury) is truly their greatest weapon (Mars). So, this is how they will win: by out-smarting you. These are the kinds of people who consistently remain two steps ahead of everyone else. Even though they typically speak without thinking first, the contradiction is that they definitely think before they act. It might not be a drawn-out thought process; in fact, it probably won’t be, as Mercury conjunct Mars processes very quickly. Yet, if they’re pursuing a goal, they’ve already thought about the five different routes they can take to get to that goal and are always prepared to re-route themselves if one of those ways doesn’t work out. 

Unsurprisingly, they hardly ever ask for advice, as they’re so resourceful and fast on their feet that they’ve probably already found a solution. But, this is why Mercury conjunct Mars is great to have as a friend, if you’ve ever in a jam. They’ll think of options that you didn’t even think of before. Yet, this is the rather competitive thing about them, as well. Mars is a part of our masculine side, after all; the competitive, want-to-win part. And with this placement, a person is much more intellectually competitive than anything else. They get off on being more intelligent, more informed, and more articulate than the other person. So, sometimes, there can be a sense of them one-upping you in conversations by being quicker, wittier, and more verbal. They might even find themselves dominating talks with others, forever steering things toward topics they want to talk about.

Of course, this can also become overbearing or overly aggressive, if it’s taken too far. It’s sometimes better to express our Mars by being competitive with ourselves, not others. Otherwise, at times, it can get a little inappropriate. So, Mercury conjunct Mars can express this competitive drive to be intellectually sharp by doing things like Sudoku, researching random topics, or learning a new language. This keeps them from, you know, shoving their smartness down other people’s throats. It also makes mental things a real goal for them. Tackling those massive classic novels could fall under this category, making them very determined to read Anna Karenina from start to finish, as well as anything involving writing. Having this aspect myself, I understand how driven and passionate I am about writing. For Mercury conjunct Mars, the pen can truly be mightier than the sword, producing writers with dynamic voices who constantly strive to get better and better at the craft.

Still, even with these hobbies to occupy themselves with, those with Mercury conjunct Mars often can and do run circles around many people in conversations, due to the combination of the straightness of their speech and the versatility of their approach. And since Mars rules our temper, when they’re particularly angry or annoyed with you, they can come up with an argument that’s so well-spoken yet so brutally honest that you might not know what to say as a counter-argument. The sparring method for this aspect is to leave the other person either speechless or with a defense that can be easily deconstructed and proven false. They’re very much like lawyers, in this sense. And if you’ve left them speechless, then a congratulations is in order!

You’ve also probably gotten closer to getting lucky with them. Mars rules our sexual drive and Mercury conjunct Mars people most enjoy sex that’s a real connection of the minds. So, really, a bright, fiery mind does get them hot under the collar. For them, passion is a very verbal thing. Sex undertaken without words doesn’t feel passionate to them. Erotic verbal exchanges are definitely preferred but know how to do it or they probably won’t be able to take you seriously! We can also look at Mars to see how someone pursues a potential love interest. Mercury conjunct Mars people are very crafty in pursuit mode, on one hand, figuring out clever and interesting ways to get their target’s attention. Yet, they are also very honest and capable of clearly communicating their desires. So, they don’t play games and they do, at the same time. Confusing? Well, this highly unpredictable lover will keep things very intriguing in your relationship. For them, passion comes from never being bored and staying on your toes. And they will make sure you’re always on your toes!


  1. Mercury conjunct mars in Aquarius in 2nd. Yes to lots of it. Trine Pluto conjunct moon in libra in the 10th. Always picking fights with professors, usually with pretty devastating fallout, but I try to deliver my perspective with room for other ways of seeing the situation or character.

    Difficulty making friends.

  2. So very true as a Mercury conjunct Mars in Virgo too. I love anagrams/word jumbles and crossword puzzles. I love arguing/debating. >:-)