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Planets in the 7th House: Uranus

Wild and zany Uranus is the next planet I’m tackling in my Planets in the 7th House series. Only Pluto and the Moon are left! Uranus in the 7th House is definitely going to be an interesting influence in a person’s life. If you have this placement, you strive to keep your relationships very interesting. Never should they become boring or predictable. Planets in the 7th define what we expect from other people in our one-on-one bonds. But, if we expect too much of this without being able to give it back, these planets go out of whack. The 7th House is all about balance, so any planet here must be given as much as it is received.

Uranus in the 7th wants a strong friendship, above all else. And it doesn’t matter if the relationship actually is a friendship or if it’s a romance. They need to be your buddy. Even in business partnerships, those with this position want a more casual, laidback rapport. Uranus does not put on airs and does not treat anyone differently than the next person. So, a 7th House Uranus person does not see why they have to treat their significant other differently than they treat their friend. And they will want the same thing back from you, in that they don’t want you making too many demands on them that you don’t make on anyone else.

There is a real paradox at the heart of this placement, as uber-friendly Uranus can also be a loner, at heart, and the 7th House is about other people. So, its placement here can make a person feel oddly separate and detached even while in a committed relationship. And this interestingly makes for what is probably the least dependent 7th House placement; at least, on the surface. But, they are very dependent on independent people. Make sense? Basically, Uranus in the 7th House really wants someone who gives them plenty freedom and space. And it’s when they don’t get that freedom that they can start malfunctioning.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

The worst thing you can do to Uranus in the 7th is make them feel as if they cannot breathe. The less independence they feel in their relationships, the less their Uranus comes out to play. 7th House planets, as I’ve been saying throughout the series, can sometimes feel like they’re not even there without being reflected back by another person. So, Uranus in this house has a tough time feeling as free-spirited and nonconforming as possible without someone who is free-spirited and nonconforming by their side. People who are quite square make them feel square! If a Uranus in the 7th House person finds themselves in a relationship with someone who is dull and colors inside the lines all the time, they can be horrified to find themselves doing the same thing. “When did I get so boring?” can be their thought, when mismatched with a very un-Uranus-like person.

And this is the kind of thing that can make them avoid relationships altogether. They are more able than others with planets in this house to establish an independent sense of this planet. But, it is still prevents life from being as enriching as it could be. So, they are real contradictions. Uranus in the 7th House people need to be someone’s best friend. But, they need to be the best friend of someone who is exciting and keeps them on the edge, as well as who gives them the space that they need to breathe and be an individual. It’s a constant dance between independence and dependence that 7th House Uranus folks will get better at with time.

This need for a best friend doesn’t just manifest in their romances, of course. It manifests in their friendships. In fact, good friendships might be all that those with Uranus in their 7th House really need. They may remain single for long stretches of time. But, going without friends? Never. And these friends need to be very accepting, tolerant people who can get weird with and not worry about being judged. Though Uranus is such a nonjudgmental planet itself, these are not people who can handle the super-judgmental for very long. They can be friends with anyone and everyone, so long as they have an open mind and don’t tell them what to do. Giving unsolicited advice to your 7th House Uranus friend about who they should date or what they should wear is a good way to be on the outs with them. They probably don’t do that to you, so don’t do that to them.

Besides, no one could ever really give these people love advice anyway. We are constantly told to follow our hearts in love. These people follow their heads when it comes to their relationships, as they enjoy a dynamic that is an intriguing intellectual connection. So, if they’re interested in their significant other, who is someone else to tell them not to date them? Wherever Uranus is, this is the life area where we think outside the box. Therefore, 7th House Uranus people definitely think outside of the box concerning relationships, in more ways than one. A major way is that they don’t care if you approve of their choices in mates, which is quite different from how a 1st House Uranus person doesn’t care what you think about them. Uranus in the 7th’s nonconformity more so extends toward who people expect them to end up with. If their family has very critical or, even worse, bigoted standards about who they should be with, they’ll be more than happy to bring that “unapproved of” partner home and dare them to judge.

Uranus is quite a shocking energy and those with this placement can get off on shocking (Uranus) other people (7th House), especially if in aspect to Mars. Planets in the 7th House define our one-on-one influence. And Uranus in the 7th House people have an influence like electricity: they can shock you and illuminate you, at the same time. With Uranus in the 1st, this more so happens immediately, whenever they’re faced with new situations. It might take some time for the erratic side of a 7th House Uranus individual to come out but it’s often once you’ve gotten to know them more. When they really become your friend or your lover, they will take you on a wild ride. They see this as a social influence they must uphold, as things can often get so boring without them.

They are highly unpredictable with people. You never know what they will do. If your Uranus in the 7th House buddy is always canceling on you, don’t worry. Just hold out for that inevitable moment when they suddenly come up with something awesome for you to do. Keeping people on their toes is their agenda because it keeps themselves on their toes. Uranus has a mad brilliance to it and these folks do feel more innovative around others. This leads to a lot of crazy ideas for things that you two can do together. Whether or not you can go along with their madness is going to be the test! Uranus is a planet of progression and they are often urging you to progress, by throwing out the rule book, trying something unusual, and not caring what people think.

But, their craziest partner in crime is often their romantic partner. I should use the term “romantic” sparingly here as this won’t be the most lovey-dovey of partners, even if Uranus is a passionate sign in Leo or Scorpio. They actually prefer their relationship to begin without much sentiment. The perfect situation for them would be starting out as friends and gradually becoming romantic partners who are still, as I said before, virtually like friends. Their significant other must be someone who brings a cutting-edge, eccentric excitement to their lives. After all, they do the same for them! When it comes to dates and couples activities, anything can and should go and I mean anything. No cookie-cutter old “dinner and a movie” scenario will hold up for long in this union.

7th House Uranus people can also be big fans of unconventional relationships; anything that promotes freedom and prevents too much possessiveness. This can mean open relationships, long-distance relationships, or long-term commitments without marriage. Uranus in the 7th House can actually be very opposed to marriage which doesn’t, as I’m sure they’ll tell you, mean that they are opposed to commitment. They are just forever thinking outside of convention (Uranus) when it comes to relationships (7th House). So, why do they need a piece of paper to be committed to someone? Their ideal partner feels the same way.

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