Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sun in Gemini People: The Messengers - Part One

This is my second to last two-part article in the Sun sign series! It’s been so great doing all of these articles. I do think that, despite what some may think, one cannot play favorites if you’re going to truly understand astrology. You have to be able to understand every sign in an unbiased, empathetic way. Getting the chance to break down every Sun sign has allowed me to put myself in each of their shoes. Now, I’m on to Gemini, as the Sun has been in Gemini since May 21. This will continue until June 21, when the Sun moves into Cancer. So, we’ve now gone from the easy stability of Taurus to Gemini, a sign that is constantly bouncing off the walls and dancing on the ceiling.

The innate restlessness of Gemini is what has given this sign the reputation of being quite a busybody. And let’s not pull any punches here. I like to rattle off the stereotypes of every Sun sign, so we can break them down. And to the astrologically prejudiced, those with their Sun in Gemini are a bunch of unreliable, insincere, two-faced, scatter-brained big-mouths. But, is this true? No. There is some truth, though, in the fact that Gemini individuals really live in their heads and in their mouths. This is why I call them “the messengers.” Gemini is an Air sign and a Mutable Air sign, at that. Mutable signs are all about adapting, changing, shifting. Air is about thoughts. So, put those together, and the thoughts and words and ideas of Gemini Suns are always changing. 

Lenny Kravitz: Gemini Sun/Sagittarius Moon

I think the best way to understand Gemini is to think about how the mind works. Gemini is truly the sign of the mind, as it’s ruled by Mercury, the planet that represents our thought processes and communication skills. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, as well. But, the Virgo-side of Mercury is more so about these thoughts and words being put into practical use somehow. The Gemini-side of Mercury, however, is often pure thought for thought’s sake. The way this sign operates is much like your brain. Can you think of how many thoughts you have a day? How many random, insightful, clever, silly, ridiculous things bounce around your head each day?

It’d be very difficult to keep count. That’s why it’s sometimes very difficult to pin Gemini down to one way of thinking. Imagine if your brain just had one thought, the same exact thought, all throughout the day? You’d think something was wrong with your brain! So, before we crucify our Gemini Sun brothers and sisters for being so inconsistent, maybe this is the way they’re just supposed to be. Understanding a sign’s ruling planet can help us to have show more acceptance toward them. And since we’re dealing with the Sun here, which is a person’s basic identity, those with their Sun in Gemini vitally depend on being something of a talking head.

Now, you also won’t always find those with this placement who are total chatterboxes. Yes, there are Gemini Suns who can be rather quiet and not all that sociable. But, don’t think that there’s not a lot going on in their head and that they’re not finding some way to get it all out. Because of this, Gemini individuals – of any placement, actually – can sometimes be divided into two categories: those who talk it out and those who write it out, as writing might be the preferred form of communication for them. And the quiet ones will probably excel at it, composing writing that is very clear and interesting and bright. However, Gemini Suns can definitely fall into both categories. In fact, in any instance, they usually fall into both categories.

This is the tricky thing about them! They’re constantly two things at once. Even though this is an inherent part of human nature, Gemini Sun people play it up much more than most. After all, they represent the mind and there are two halves to the mind: the left and right brain. And for all their ability to be so rational and left-brained, there can also be something vaguely irrational about them, as well. We can’t forget that there’s often a bleed-over into the next sign with Sun signs, as people often have Mercury and/or Venus in the following sign (as well as the Rising or Moon or Mars, of course). So, Gemini is not purely cerebral, contrary to popular belief. Sometimes, they’re rather nutty, particularly those who have Cancer personal planets. Being ruled by the mind, Gemini Sun can tap into all forms of intelligence: intellectual, emotional, interpersonal, etc. They like approaching everything from a different angle, so there are many different kinds of logic to them.

After all, even when we’re behaving irrationally, it can be difficult for us to see that our behavior isn’t rational. Cancer comes behind Gemini to take this to a much deeper level, pushing things into a highly instinctual place. You won’t catch Gemini howling at the moon but you can find them snapping into odd behaviors on a regular basis. And they have a habit of blaming it on their evil Twin. Gemini’s astrological symbol is the Twins, after all. And I’ve noticed that few Sun signs are as attuned to their mascot as Gemini. The late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, of the pop/R&B group TLC, mentioned in a documentary that she had an alter-ego named Nikki who made her do wild and crazy things. And like most Gemini Suns, it wasn’t a mere joke. She seemed to really believe it.

Two of the most textbook Sun in Gemini folks I can think of have really played out their relationship with their Twin to the world. The first is the late rapper Tupac Shakur, who spent his entire music career switching from thoughtful, melancholy poet, penning a heartfelt, sensitive tribute to his mother called Dear Mama and the soulful classic Changes, to the dangerous, hard-edged guy who spewed anger at the system and bragged about living the thug life. The question began when he was still alive: were these two people the same person? Of course they were. That’s what Gemini people teach us. Even when we behave so seemingly out of character, we’re still in character. Sadly, Tupac never seemed able to peacefully co-exist with his Twin. One half of him might have been happy continuing to spread his genius as a musician but the other half was too much of a troublemaker, getting him involved in the notorious East vs. West Coast rapper feud that cost him his life when he was shot dead in 1996, at the age of 25

Angelina Jolie: Gemini Sun/Aries Moon

The second textbook Gemini would have to be Angelina Jolie. She’s a real icon of our age and needs no introduction. Her notoriety began when she burst on to the scene as a wild child of an actress, winning an Oscar in 1999 for playing a similarly charismatic wild child in Girl Interrupted. People thought they had her pegged for a while, after the explosive stories of wearing her ex-husband’s, Billy Bob Thornton, vial blood of around her neck and (innocently) kissing her brother. But, then she becomes a UN Ambassador and starts adopting children from third-world countries. Yeah, uncontrollable eccentric Angelina had a Twin: compassionate, humanitarian Angelina. But, then, she gets with Brad Pitt, proving that scandalous Angelina was not going to let conscientious Angelina just totally take over. Now, she is more of an inspirational figure, using her profile to raise awareness about other important issues like breast cancer, after she bravely shared the story of her mastectomy. Yet, she’s still on the cover of every trashy tabloid magazine.

It’s no coincidence that Angelina actually ended up having twins. Former child stars Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, born when the Sun was in Gemini, are identical twins. Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka, both Gemini Suns, also had twins through surrogate. Whatever the case might be, those with this Sun sign always want more than one of something or get used to being more than one of something. It keeps options open and keeps their attention satisfied. Even among the most focused and persevering of those with this placement, the attention span does have a tendency to wander, especially if Mercury is also in Gemini. I think these people sort of feed on the high of consuming new information for the first time. Once that high has worn off, they are going to seek out the next stimulant. And like any stimulant, the higher the tolerance, the more they seek it.

The Sun sign describes how one’s will developed in relation to the father figure in a person’s life, whoever that parent might have been. Often times, it’s the actual father. But, in any case, those with the Sun in Gemini tend to have a very loose relationship with their paternal parent. This parent usually led a very interesting life but might not have seemed all too interested in the child. It’s not necessarily a case of neglect or detachment (though, in some cases, it may be). It might just be that the father figure has a short attention span or is insatiably restless themselves. So, they’re just all over the place and the child learns that they have the breathing room to do whatever. When it comes to the Air Suns, particularly Gemini and Aquarius, the father figure usually gives the child plenty of breathing room, making them used to exerting the will to be free and unpinned down.

In less fortunate cases, though, the parent can go either one or two ways. They may either be very here today and gone tomorrow or they may be really strict and closed-minded, which seems to be rarer with these people. In the latter case, the paternal parent might be just as distant as the unreliable father figure. Therefore, the Gemini child learns how to become someone else in order to get through the situation. If the father figure is unreliable, a new side of their personality often emerges in order to make sense of it all and work it all out. If the father figure is very strict, another “self” will be constructed to handle these expectations. Then, they throw the mask right off and become someone else, setting a life pattern of constantly taking on convenient personas.

Even those who have a generally positive relationship with their father figures can behave this way. Again, it’s due to Gemini’s intelligence and sense of reason: different situations and people require different personality traits. But, they can get so wrapped up in this way of thinking that they become regular con artists. This is where the stereotype of Gemini being dishonest or tricky or two-faced comes in. They get too used to switching parts of themselves on and off that people begin to wonder what’s genuine and what’s not. This is how they differ from their opposite sign, Sagittarius, which is so unapologetically candid and so what-you-see-is-what-you-get. In the end, Gemini needs to express their duality in a way that’s not troublesome for their relationships. Then, their amazing curiosity, brightness, and people skills will shine through in a more positive way.


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