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Sun in Gemini People: The Messengers - Part Two

Whoever invented the phrase “don’t shoot the messenger” was probably a Gemini Sun. And the thing is that these messengers usually don’t end up getting shot. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because they’re so quick or so clever. Maybe it’s in their delivery. But, if opposite sign Sagittarius is constantly suffering from foot-in-the-mouth disease, silver-tongued Gemini can often get away with the murder. For example, Taylor Swift is a Sagittarius who’s made a career out of writing songs about exes. The young singer might have role modeled herself a bit, intentionally or not, after Gemini Alanis Morrissette, who is notorious for her ex-boyfriend-inspired song You Oughta Know. But, Taylor has gotten some flak for doing so while Alanis was generally praised for it.

Bob Dylan: Gemini Sun/Taurus Moon
Well, it might not just be the slickness of Alanis’ Gemini Sun but her way with words. Would Taylor have the clever gall to write the lyric “would she go down on you in a theater?” And it’s no coincidence that we can find many excellent Gemini songwriters, also including soul-rocker Lenny Kravitz and indie songstress of the 90’s, Jewel. Also, say what you will about Kanye West but the controversial rapper can definitely turn more than a few phrases (and he’s one of the few Gemini people who goes against my theory, as he’s forever putting that foot in his mouth). But, the two most legendary are arguably Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan. McCartney virtually helped create pop music itself, so that’s self-explanatory, while Dylan used his songwriting skills in the 1960’s in order to press for a call for change. This is the power of Gemini’s messenger abilities. They need to learn to not just communicate for communication’s sake but to really have a message behind it.

Mercury is not just Gemini’s ruling planet but was also a Greek god. Otherwise known by the name Hermes, this winged god zipped back and forth, restlessly and breathlessly, in order to deliver messages to the other gods. And when you’re getting to know a Gemini Sun, you can feel like you’re making friends with the winged god himself (or herself). You might have to remind your very talkative Gemini friend to slow down, to take a pause or take a breath. But, then again, your friend might have the measured timing of a true comedian. Mercury rules wit, as it’s all about observation and filtering that back out. So, there is a real wit to most Sun in Gemini folks, as they are constantly observing the things around them and finding the humorous, the absurd, the relatable in them.

They make great friends, for this reason, as the typical Gemini is able to talk to anybody about anything. It’s not necessarily like Aquarius, in where they want to find out what you have in common and break down the barriers of differences. They really just want to talk and will go for anybody who is interesting enough to talk to. In fact, these are people who can often make dull topics or people all of a sudden seem very interesting. Information is information and as easily bored as they are, they can also be very easily fascinated. It’s a real contradiction, of course, but we’ve already learned that Gemini is essentially a real contradiction.

So, just like an unhappy Leo might be easily placated or uplifted by a glowing compliment, you may be able to lift your Gemini pal out of the dumps by suggesting something new and unexpected for you two to do together. These people are not meant to be creatures of habit. Again, that’s more so Cancer’s role. And they can really feel their light (Sun) dimming whenever they’re being forced into the same boring old routines all the time. As a result, keeping their day job might be a tough proposition, unless there’s a strong Earth influence. Even then, the day job can’t be too mundane and too predictable. If the Gemini Sun is in the 10th and/or in aspect to the Midheaven, then this becomes even truer. Whatever they do, they don’t exactly like knowing what’s coming next. 

Going back to the brain metaphor, you don’t exactly know what your next thought will be. It just pops into your head and sends you on an unexpected journey, in analysis, speech, and/or action. Therefore, this is what life must feel like for Gemini Sun individuals. Everything must be a spark, in order to get them sparked up enough to spread their messages far and wide. Without that spark, they lose a vital sense of who they really are. So, if you sense a Gemini who is running low on ideas (which is certainly not a good sign), toss out a few to them. You won’t only be making their day more interesting but you’ll also be giving them a boost of self-confidence. And don’t we all need that, sometimes? 

Marilyn Monroe: Gemini Sun/Aquarius Moon

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Aries: You are full of fresh ideas and have the gusto to act on them yet you can suffer from instant-gratification syndrome, as well. Your alter-ego is an utter hothead but nothing is more boring to you than staying mad forever, so you turn it off very easily.

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Taurus: You’re more of a contradictory Twin than the other Twins in that you can get stuck in a rut of what you find interesting. Yet, you’re very easygoing and willing to hear other people’s ideas out. They just have to make complete sense to you to agree with.

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Gemini: There is a double dose of nervous energy here, which can make you both a complete bundle of nerves and an ever-exciting companion. Though bright, funny, and observant, you’re sometimes too inconsistent for your own good. Pin yourself down just a little bit!

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Cancer: For you, mood swings can be a nasty thing, bringing out a side of you that goes beyond all reason. But, when you feel more even-keeled, your high sensitivity really comes in handy. Few people are better at soothing people with their words than you.

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Leo: You’re a Twin who wants to be the life of the party, eager to entertain everyone. And you do entertain! Excitable and expressive, you bring a whirlwind with you wherever you go. But, people are surprised to often be confronted with your fragile, easily hurt pride, as well.

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Virgo: Analyze, classify, analyze; the word is full of data and you store it all in your head, like a computer. Just make sure to not over-think things! Still, people value your sharp intelligence and usually find your nerdy, bookish side very endearing. You’re a true intellectual.

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Libra: You constantly see both sides of the argument, in ways that can lead you swinging back and forth. It’s tough to make up your mind and you often don’t see a need to not keep your options open. This is fine, so long as you’re not being insincere about it.

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Scorpio: A true detective at heart, you can get to the bottom of any mystery, using your sharp mind and even sharper perceptiveness to unravel the clues. Just don’t get too paranoid. Instead, focus your thoughts on all the profundities of life that you like to dwell on.

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius: You’re very upfront about needing to be a free bird and will want a travel companion who can really hang. In fact, you’re really upfront about everything and the concept of a filter can escape you, sometimes. If it’s on your mind, you want to say it.

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Capricorn: A hustler of the first degree, you have a brand of street-smarts that stems from knowing how to schmooze and how to understand the bottom line. Yet, though this may make you very successful, make sure you’re not being too opportunistic with others, either.

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Aquarius: Very unpredictable and sometimes totally uncontrollable, there is something quite erratic and unusual about your nature. But, at the same time, you’re a highly logical person. You don’t like biases or preconceived notions, responding from a place of solid reason.

Sun in Gemini, Moon in Pisces: You are constantly sending out and receiving various messages, on conscious and subconscious levels. This makes you a channel of sorts. But, you must remain aware of which thoughts are yours and which ones aren’t or your gift will backfire on you.  

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