Saturday, July 25, 2015

Gemini Midheaven: A Stimulant for the World

***Also for if you have Mercury conjunct Midheaven

When your Midheaven is in Gemini, your mission throughout life is to do as many things as possible. Legendary acting coach Stella Adler (who might have had this Midheaven sign herself) once advised her students to “be anything but boring.” As a Gemini Midheaven, this is the motto that you live your life by. The Midheaven is not exactly the career we should choose but what we would like to get out of our career. And when you have this Midheaven placement, you want to get everything you possibly can out of your career! This is what can often lead Gemini Midheaven folks to have two or more careers; not just through their lifetime but simultaneously. It’s very rare for those with this position to just stick to one thing. If they do, then they’re going to be boring, in their minds.

Therefore, you want a profession that will allow you to do multiple things. A fast-paced, hectic professional environment that could stress out other people and send them into an anxiety-filled breakdown would be like sheer ecstasy for a Gemini Midheaven. You are more than capable of keeping up in the workplace, which can lead to many people observing you in awe for the ways that you run circles around them. All of that work is just stimulating for you. Midheaven in Gemini doesn’t really succeed through sheer work ethic, though you may be very hard-working. You succeed by being the Road Runner, zipping and darting from one agenda and one place to the next. But, you really do love being seen this way by the public. You want the world to think of you as someone who is quick, smart, clever, and can always keep you on your toes. 

Madonna: Midheaven in Gemini

Madonna is a Gemini Midheaven who has been keeping us on our toes for decades, particularly through her ever-changing looks and personas. First off, I’d like to digress a bit and talk about something that’s always bugged me. Madonna once gave an interview in 1995, speaking about astrology and how she’s an Aquarius Rising, even though sources have always said Virgo Rising. So, to this day, some are convinced that she’s Aquarius Rising with Sagittarius Midheaven. However, just as recently as last year, Madonna spoke about astrology again through a Reddit session and stated that she doesn’t even know her birth time. So, what was that old interview all about then?

It was typical Gemini Midheaven behavior. This placement isn't above telling some white lies to the world in order to make themselves look or sound more interesting. I truly believe Madonna is a Gemini Midheaven because that kind of trickster behavior is so characteristic of Gemini. This is the same woman who convinced people that she went to New York with just $75 in her pocket to become a star yet many have discredited this myth ever since. If she had a Sagittarius Midheaven, she’d be compulsively honest in front of the world, to a fault. But, her Gemini Midheaven makes her the opposite: a storyteller who will spin whatever words she needs to in order to never seem dull, whether it’s say that she has a crazy, rebellious Aquarius Rising (instead of an ordinary old Virgo Rising) or spit out a story that would make her a legend.

But, in the end, I think the public easily forgives Gemini Midheaven people for their storytelling, even when it’s false, because they do keep us interested. It’s relatively harmless, anyway. Well, that is, until the potential gossiping comes into the mix. Having a Gemini Midheaven can subject you to a lot of “he said, she said” drama on your public stage. Those sorts of situations gravitate toward a lot more toward you, as everyone knows that you’re a bit tricky, anyway. So, it’s quite easy for some people to make things up about you and talk enough trash to tarnish your reputation. On the other hand, you might not be above doing this to other people, either. Words are your greatest asset out in the world and you wield these words in all sorts of ways, positive or negative.

I believe the Midheaven really begins taking hold once we’re in high school, as this is when we begin getting very reputation-conscious. And for those with Midheaven in Gemini, the backstabbing and the gossiping of the high school experience can be experienced almost overwhelmingly. Again, maybe you just gossiped way more than you should have or maybe you were an open target. However, you didn’t let it get you down and you still managed to have a great time. Gemini Midheaven teenagers have their finger in just about every pie in high school. You joined one afterschool organization after the next. Not necessarily for the friendship aspect like Aquarius Midheaven, even though you loved making friends. You more so loved the experience of being able to do a lot of different things and the impressiveness of putting it all on your resume.

This attitude has continued into adulthood. If there are any planets conjunct your Midheaven, they are projected to the public in a very restless, intelligent, quick-thinking manner. Your agenda is to show people that you’ve got a lot of tricks up your sleeve. Gemini Midheaven people are the types to put anything they can on their resume, wanting their “special skills” to take up a lot of space. In the end, you do have a lot of special skills. This is also because you’ve got a lot of personalities that the world’s getting acquainted with. While so many pop stars have maintained the same image, how many Madonna’s have we met over the years: (un)like-a-virgin Madonna, religious Madonna, dominatrix Madonna, mommy Madonna, humanitarian Madonna. The list goes on.

So when people talk about you, sometimes they don’t know who they’re talking about. Conversations about a Gemini Midheaven person can get confusing. “God, he’s so moody, isn’t he?”, one person says. Then, another person chimes in: “No, actually, he’s always in a good mood at work.” Someone says, “She’s so nice and friendly.” Then, a rebuttal: “Really? She barely even says ‘hello’ to me.” In a way, this is what you want. We all do certain things to make people believe we’re our Midheaven. When your Midheaven is in Gemini, you often intentionally behave in different ways in public so people can think you’re 10 different people. But, you’re actually very comfortable acting out all your contradictions in front of the world. In your mind, this is the time to do it.

You decided early on that you were going to get people talking and get them thinking. And the very contradictory behavior of Gemini Midheaven is something that makes the public rather desperate to analyze them and figure them out. Again, it’s your way of stimulating the world. And whatever you do with your life, you know how to create a real buzz around your endeavors, particularly your professional ones. Your promotional skills are amazing and are the true ticket to your success. Since high school, you had a way of getting your name on people’s lips, whether it was positive or negative. Any publicity is good publicity for Midheaven in Gemini. And if you have planets on your Midheaven, they’ll show the specific ways in which you’re able to get people buzzing about you.

It’s why living out your mischievous, naughty streak in front of the world is often a necessary thing. Sometimes, our Midheaven indicates what we need an outlet for via what we do with our lives. And a lot of Gemini Midheaven people just need an outlet for the devil on their shoulder, which is satisfied through a career where they can freely express themselves. And as Madonna has taught the music industry, if it causes some controversy, so what? At least they’re talking about you, baby. So, there is always something really exciting about your projects and efforts, often because they tend to be quite brilliant in their execution. You can come up with something amazingly fresh to give to the world, like a cool gust of wind that just comes out of nowhere.

You definitely need to be able to brainstorm in your professional environment. Gemini Midheaven people have an enormous amount of ideas and see it as their responsibility to share them. They demand to be heard! So, you can become quite a smart-ass in the face of a boss who isn’t listening to you and willing to be a collaborator. This is why you might prefer being self-employed and why you can make such an open-minded boss yourself. Those with this Midheaven placement make very communicative authority figures. They want to know what’s on your mind, even if it means you not agreeing with them. Few bosses can accept that creative tension like Gemini Midheaven, as opposing views only inspire them to think more. But, that makes them just as quick to offer an opposing viewpoint to you in order to make you think more.

As long as your work is interesting, there is a natural high that you get from it. When you really love what you do, it can be as if you’re always on caffeine. You just want to keep at it, long after other people have clocked off and tired out. This is why you must be working at a job that stimulates you. If it’s boring, you won’t be able to do it for very long. The average Gemini Midheaven feels no guilt or remorse about quitting their jobs. You do it in a second, probably even forgoing the two weeks’ notice. This can make you the kind of person who is constantly bouncing from odd job to odd job, only reinforcing that reputation of being unable to be tied down. The way you see it, there’s plenty of other jobs out there. So, why stick with something that’s boring?

Yet, this flitting from one thing to the next can also simply be your mission in life. Success and public opinion can be fickle beasts. You understand this better than most people, Gemini Midheaven. So, you’re not very attached to one path, one specialty, or one motivation. This isn’t just because you’re up for any profession that’s interesting but because you know that you’ve got to sometimes be as fickle as the market. Therefore, Gemini Midheaven individuals are highly changeable in their career, in some way or another. You adapt to all of the prevailing trends, knowing that this is where the money’s at and that you’ve got to take advantage of that. It’s for this reason that some in your field can dismiss you as being superficial or a giant fake or having inconsistent loyalties. But, you’ll probably just chalk it up to mere gossip and narrow-mindedness and move on.

Besides, the idea of being categorizable is not a priority for Midheaven in Gemini. This influences the very way you are in the world. It might be very funny for someone to spend the entire day with you because you can leave their head-spinning. You can put on one personality in the car while driving to the store with them, be a different person with the cashier at the store, be another person with the waiter at the restaurant you have lunch at, then go back to being the person you were in the car. Whatever social environment you’re in, you play that role. In fact, Gemini Midheaven people often end up mimicking others in the situations that they’re in out in the world. You also can talk a whole lot to those in your community and not just via conversation. The public can just get very used to the sound of your voice. You’re not self-conscious at all about the phone conversation you’re having, for example, and if people can hear it. On the flip side, you may love to read in public and spend a lot of time thinking to yourself about things. And that can lead to a lot of talking to yourself... in public. Either way, you’re quite a character.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The 5th House: Let the Good Times Roll

Our 5th House means quite a few things. It’s a house that is said to represent creativity, children, romance, and just a plain old good time. This is where we go to party and to let our hair down. Now, first off, I have to say that having an empty 5th House does not mean that it’s not important. It’s just that empty houses sometimes get a bit less of our attention. It’s like we have 12 children (the houses) and the ones with planets in them are like our favorite kids. But, we need to pay attention to all of our kids, especially when it’s the house of kids and you end up with kids yourself.

Every house is a life area that needs cultivating, whether there are planets in there or not. This is an interesting and enlightening take on astrology because it prevents us from projecting certain signs and only seeing them “out there”. Except for intercepted signs, we have all of the signs in us. We’re all different yet we’re all connected. So, you need to watch out for complaining so much about a sign and disliking it. Doing so can cause you to neglect the house cusp that sign is on!

So, if you have no planets in your 5th House, look to the sign on your 5th House cusp to see what this life area is all about for you. Now, how can we describe the 5th? I actually think this is one of the most wide-ranging, all-encompassing houses. It is naturally ruled by the Sun, after all, which has a way of letting its light permeate everything. Therefore, your 5th House really touches just about everything in your life. This is the house of Leo, after all, so it needs to feel important, like the center of your world. You’ve got to find ways to stroke its ego but not overindulge it, either. 

It’s very fitting that I would tackle this subject today, as the Sun moves into Leo. The energy of the Sun, Leo, and the 5th House is highly creative. But, just what is creativity? I think some people make the mistake of limiting their idea of creativity, seeing it only as artistic ventures. This is where people have the 5th House wrong. There is a big yet subtle difference between being “creative” and being “artistic.” Being artistic is something very specific. It’s singing, it’s dancing, it’s writing, it’s painting. It’s entering a whole new Universe and getting lost in it. The 12th House is the true artistic house, in my opinion. Any planet in the 12th House is immersed in its own Universe, using all of these fantasies and higher yearnings and unconscious drives and impressions to express something otherworldly that takes you out of your everyday life.

Creativity is something different, though. It’s much more general than being artistic. Creativity is used in every moment of everyday life. It’s not a whole new world. It’s this one we’re in now and what we do with it. Everything you do and say is creative: making conversation, deciding what errands to run, picking out clothes, going on vacation, etc. But, true creativity is how much life and spontaneity and color you put into these actions. If that life force is missing, the creative spark is missing. Then, you’re just numbly going through life, not enjoying yourself or feeling confident in your self-expression. And this is what will kill your 5th House.

That’s why your 5th House Cusp and/or 5th House planets influence everything that happens in your life. This house is about life and making the most of it! Sure, creativity can be channeled toward artistic measures. And artists can feel an extra surge of inspiration by tapping into their 5th House. But, you don’t have to be artistic to be creative. Everybody is creative. It’s just about how well you can access this side of yourself and let that light shine powerfully and joyfully.

Children have an amazing access to their 5th House energy, which is why this is the house of children. And this is how we were as children. But, the 5th House inner child is different than the Moon inner child. The lunar side of our child self was emotional, needy, looking for comfort and support. However, our 5th House cusp and/or planets was when we were just playing around, freely expressing ourselves, and having a good time. 

My 5th House cusp is Gemini and I don’t want to brag but I was a very multi-talented child. I did everything that interested me: writing, drawing, singing, playing instruments, acting. Gemini is the jack-of-all-trades and I’ve always found it fun to just pick something up, play around with it, and get good at it. That’s always been easy for me because true creativity, when accessed, just flows right out of us. Writing was a particularly big thing with me, though, and I could spend a lot of time as a kid just scribbling in my journal or even writing lengthy stories. I loved reading, too, and telling stories, which led to me being an excessive talker. And that wasn’t always a good thing for me!

There can come a time when our 5th House gets squashed. Usually, it’s when we become old enough to be self-conscious about others’ opinions of us. This is when our child-side gets suppressed because children are very unself-conscious. And we acted out our 5th House with such a lack of self-consciousness that we saw nothing wrong with it, until other people did, particularly adults. I had no idea why people said I talked so much. I was just expressing myself! But, after years of consistently getting in trouble in class for being overly talkative and not waiting my turn to speak, my 5th House started to feel shamed and just went into hiding. I then spent a lot of time, as I grew into a young adult, just being quiet, hesitant to talk so much and be disapproved of.  

You can apply this to just about any 5th House placement. Cancer on the 5th House cusp, when they’re kids, doesn’t know why people think they’re so over-sensitive. Therefore, they start building up a shell and expressing their emotions to very few people. Mars in the 5th children gets told that they play too roughly and are too selfish, so they try to be nice little boys and girls, instead. And the more that we become adults, the easier it might be to pretend like our 5th House isn’t really there. We stop acting on it impulsively. But, nothing is really suppressed. It’s always there. And that’s why our adult self gets confronted with our inner child through other children.

I don’t think the 5th House tells you how you nurture children and make them feel safe. That’s your Moon’s territory. This house symbolizes how you’re going to deal with children. It’s how you relate to them and how you see them. With a 5th House Gemini cusp, I find it very easy to talk to children, holding conversations with them not much differently than I have conversations with adults. And that makes them feel really comfortable talking to me. So, your 5th House is how children see you and gravitate toward you, as well. This definitely comes into play when you have kids of your own.

It’s a really interesting and generally foolproof pattern: your children’s charts will usually carry a strong influence of your 5th House. If you have Neptune in the 5th, you’ll most likely have children with a significant Neptune, Pisces, and/or 12th House influence. They’ll be ethereal, imaginative, empathetic, and artistic. But, they might seem difficult to reach or hard to understand. The funny thing is that they’ll feel the same way about you. Do you have Leo on the 5th House cusp? Prepare for a child (or two) who is a real superstar, with a strong Sun or Leo influence that makes them the center of attention wherever they go. But, sometimes, they might feel like they have to share the stage with your uber-expressive self. You’re just as much of a performer as they are!

This is a relationship that brings out your 5th House inner child, if you haven’t re-connected to this part of yourself already. People regularly report their lives changing when they have kids. Maybe it’s because you become a kid all over again through them. They’re showing you the ways that your 5th House wants to have fun, to be free, to express itself to the fullest. And you have the opportunity to place the serious adult part of you to the side, sometimes. After all, a big part of raising kids is horsing around with them; at least, for the first several years. We have to roll around on the floor with them and be silly and play different games. This is when your 5th House will emerge.

Now, have you been grimacing while reading this because you’re just not a “kid person”? That’s fine. Not everyone wants children or even connects to them. I’ve even seen people with a stellium in the 5th who insist on not having children, which would make narrow-minded astrologers gasp. Saturn, Capricorn, or Mars is usually mixed up in there somewhere, in those cases. If that’s true, you just have more of an opportunity to access your inner child without the help of a child. You just have a chance to see the kid in yourself and give him or her the space to be their fully creative self.

I’ve re-connected with my 5th House Gemini as an adult without becoming a parent, even though I do really want kids one day. He was always in there, filling me up with so many random thoughts and witty observations and good stories. My inner monologue has always been restless and endless. Now, I’m a lot more comfortable letting a lot of that out and not caring so much what people think about me being so talkative/long-winded. Writing, particularly through this blog, is a big way for me to do that. It’s just really fun for me. When you’re living out your 5th House, things are a game. Don’t take it too seriously. Just enjoy it. This energy comes out strongly when you’re actually playing games, as well as when you’re out a party or gathering. 

This brings us to the romance part of the 5th House. I don’t actually think this house is about truly serious relationships. The commitment and the intimacy phases are the 7th and the 8th House’s domain. The 5th House is just how you’re going to flirt, date, and hook up. I’d say that this house is the first few dates, when things are really fresh and exciting. How you’re actually going to commit is your 7th House. But, how you get that cutie interested in you is your 5th House. Again, this is the part of the relationship that you don’t take too seriously. That is, unless you have Virgo, Scorpio or Capricorn on your 5th House cusp. Then, the heavy stuff ironically becomes quite “fun” for you. You’ll be the kind of person who spontaneously jumps into serious commitment. The serious signs on the 5th House cusp move very quickly in romance, wanting intimacy and security right away.  

You’ll often find yourself dating people who symbolize your 5th House through their own placements. How long that relationship will last, though, depends on the rest of your chart. To be honest, these kinds of connections can easily be one-night stands or brief flings, especially if the person isn’t compatible with your Descendant/7th House or Venus sign. It’s all fun and entertaining yet also fleeting. It’s just all about being in-the-moment. 

Again, that’s the youthfulness of this house coming out. People with placements falling in our 5th House are like schoolboy or schoolgirl crushes to us. But, it’s not as shallow as it sounds. This is actually a very heart-driven house. However, the heart does sometimes prevent us from using our head and saying “no, this isn’t going to work out.” The heart is totally spontaneous and open. But, sometimes, spontaneity leaves us with a mess on our hands! Oh, well. You live and you learn. So, when you’re still single and mingling, bouncing from one date to the next, your 5th House is in the driver’s seat. And it’s easy to be attracted to someone who’s hot and fun and who makes you feel alive. But, when the dust settles, are they really “the one”? Probably not. Just the one for right now.

Sex is also said to rule this house. Yet, it’s that one-night stand sex. It’s exciting. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be introduced into long-term relationships. In fact, when you really want to spice things up in your relationship, I would turn to the 5th House, not the 8th House. The 8th is about getting more intimate and going deeper emotionally. The 5th is just about the sex being more fun and more in-the-moment. Does some role playing need to be introduced? Some sexy talk? How about unpredictability or, ironically, more predictability? With the help of the 5th, you can make that sex with your partner of many years feel like it’s the first time; like it’s just for one night.  

Descriptions for 5th House Cusps and Planets: 

The 5th House: Signs and Planets

If you have an empty 5th House, do not fear. You still have a 5th House and it's still important, just like every house, whether it has planets or no planets in it. The sign on the 5th House cusp and/or planets in the 5th represent what you need to cultivate in order to be fully creative and live an entertaining life, as well as get yourself out there in the dating scene. It also relates to your inner child (how you were as a kid) and how you deal with children. However, you might care more about your inner kid and not like kids. You might not even want or have kids. Whatever the case may be. But, it's the childlike spirit that you access. 
Aries in the 5th House and/or Mars in the 5th House
You have a very aggressive, assertive sense of creativity. You’re capable of completely living in the moment, even if this spontaneity ends up causing a lot of damage in the end. As a child, you were really active and athletic. So, with children, you push them a lot to do things. You want to them to grab life by the horns and not rest on their laurels. If you have children, they’ll have a strong Mars or Aries influence. They’ll be courageous, blunt, and competitive, even with you!

You come on really strong whenever you’re flirting and aren’t hesitant to make the first move. Dominant, ballsy types draw you in, so you regularly get crushes on Aries-influenced folks. The process of the chase is so exciting to you. However, once the sex has been had, the spark might die out because now they’re no longer a challenge. Are they the player or are you?

Taurus in the 5th House
Creativity is about taking your sweet time. You hate being rushed into doing anything. But, once you do it, you really stick to it. You were really lazy as a child and loved nothing more than eating and being a couch potato. It was almost like meditation for you. Therefore, around kids, you’re always making sure they’re comfortable and at peace. You can indulge them a lot. Your own kids will have either a dominant Taurus or Venus energy. They’re sweet but they expect all the good things you have to offer.

You’re flirty in a really sensual, laidback way, not trying too hard to broadcast your interest. If they’re attracted, too, they’ll come your way. You find Taurus types really hot, as that slow and steady vibe just activates all of your hormones. Right off the bat, you want to be wined and dined or shower them in riches. Yet, the fabulous life can soon get old and cause you to move on.

Gemini in the 5th House and/or Mercury in the 5th House
You feel most creative when you’re bouncing around all sorts of thoughts. Feel free to change your mind, as that switch in your head is always flipping. When you were a kid, you were highly curious and talkative, maybe to a degree that drove adults crazy. But, you were very intelligent. Now, kids find you very easy to talk to and interesting to be around. Your children will have a strong Gemini or Mercury influence. They’re witty and unpredictable, just like you, and are often your little Mini Me.

You’re a massive flirt but can also be the master of leading people on, as you flirt in a way that doesn’t take it seriously. Your eye constantly roams and you find a hottie in just about every direction. Gemini folks catch your attention easily, as that quick wit and bright mind is just so sexy to you. Amazing conversation easily seduces you but that doesn’t mean that it keeps you around.

Cancer in the 5th House and/or Moon in the 5th House
Your sense of creativity is very intuitive. When you follow your gut, you’re truly living in-the-moment. You must have confidence in your instincts! As a child, you were super-sensitive and emotional but might have often felt targeted because of that. So, you’re really protective around children now as an adult, never wanting them to be hurt. Your children will have Cancer placements or a strongly placed Moon. They’re deep and receptive, often even making you feel supported.

You’re often quite shy when you’re feeling someone because you tend to feel so much for them right away. Your romantic interest is sparked by someone who makes you feel safe, which is why you’re often so hot for Cancer people. Intimacy and opening up can happen quickly and lead to great sex. But, the let’s-share-our-feelings bit can grow stale after a while and cause it to fizzle out.

Leo in the 5th House and/or Sun in the 5th House
Well, you’re just an amazingly creative person. Not only are you super-expressive and entertaining but you have wonderful confidence in your endeavors. You really sought out the spotlight as a kid. Yet, you sometimes needed an off switch. Therefore, you readily give children a chance to shine but might then sweep in and upstage them. If you have kids, they will have a strong Leo or Sun influence. They’re self-assured little superstars and, in that sense, real chips off the old block.

You are not only bold about your romantic interest but pretty presumptuous, as you can just assume that whoever you find hot thinks you’re hot, too. Luckily, you’re often drawn to Leo folks who dig this same sort of confidence. Your heart flutters at how glamorous and exciting everything around them feels like. However, the party’s got to end sometime. When it does, is it still fulfilling?

Virgo in the 5th House
You have a knack for being both spontaneous and analytical. You’re excellent at planning really fun things to do because so much of your creativity and enjoyment comes from organizing things. In childhood, you were a real smarty-pants, probably correcting the adults around you all the time. And you try to guide kids toward thinking more sensibly now as an adult. Your children will have either strong Virgo or Mercury energy, serving as a reflection of you by giving you advice all of the time.

You’re quite sensible and humble when you’re crushing on someone. You might doubt that they like you yet this humility can be a turn-on to others. You’re often into Virgo types, as intelligence is hotter to you right away than anything else. Things start off in the romance in a very practical way. In the beginning, you keep things down-to-earth. But, you may start craving something more.

Libra in the 5th House and/or Venus in the 5th House
You feel most creative when you’re paired up with someone, which often means your partner. You started early as a kid, as your heart fluttered more quickly than the other children. There was always a new crush, a new apple of your eye, and you were very flirty. Now, you encourage children to look their best as well as to be considerate and polite. Since your own kids will have Libra planets or a strong Venus, they’ll be just as flirty and sophisticated as you were at their age.

You’ve mastered the art of flirting, keeping it classy while still broadcasting your interest. You can’t ignore a cutie when you see one and tend to crush on Libra-influenced people, as their sophisticated charm is like catnip to you. You definitely want the romance to feel like a romance: candlelight dinner, good movie, the works. But, what happens when all of the charm and politeness wears thin?

Scorpio in the 5th House and/or Pluto in the 5th House
Your creative moments are secretive and mysterious. You’re not totally open or direct about your plans, which was how you were even as a kid. There were always hidden depths about you that the adults around you could only guess at. As an adult now, you’re very tuned into children, intuiting their secret feelings and motives. If you have children, they’ll be strong in Scorpio or Pluto energy. They’re enigmatic and even a bit unnerving cause they see right through you.

Whenever you’re romantically interested in someone, you’re very subtle about it. Scorpio types are the ones you find particularly crush-worthy, as their air of mystery is very seductive to you. Dating can be like falling down the rabbit hole to you. Your all or nothing is invested instantly, which makes things very torrid and intense right away. Then, you may feel the need to come to your senses.

Sagittarius in the 5th House and/or Jupiter in the 5th House
You believe that being creative is all about exploring different options. An active sense of discovery is very fun to you. As a child, you were very restless as well as irrepressible, too larger-than-life to be contained. Therefore, you relate to children now by allowing them to be totally free and live with the wind in their hair. You’ll want your own children to see the whole world! They will have either prominent Sagittarius or Jupiter influences, making them free-spirited sidekicks on all of your journeys.

You’re most seduced by someone who promises to take you away out of your dreary life to somewhere exciting. This is why Sagittarius-influenced people are so sexy to you: their thirst for adventure. The crush tends to last as long as things remain fun and bigger-than-life. But, you might then feel the need to move on toward another adventure. Dating is an endless exploration for you.

Capricorn in the 5th House and/or Saturn in the 5th House
Your sense of creativity just comes from working hard. Every moment is like a goal to you and you live in that moment by dedicating yourself to the goal. You probably weren’t really a childlike kid, acting more like an adult. You felt like you had to work hard and get stuff done. You might to be too strict with kids, sometimes. Yet, you can encourage them to achieve anything they want to. If you have kids, they’ll be Capricorn or Saturn types who are just as mature and dutiful as your inner kid.

You find someone who seems like a real boss very attractive. This is why those with Capricorn planets are often really hot to you. They’re just in command of their situation, maybe even of you! When the first flush of romance hits, you want things to remain practical and structured. However, that can stop being so attractive after a while, causing you or them to get “fired.”

Aquarius in the 5th House and/or Uranus in the 5th House
Living in the moment, for you, is about daring to be different. You have a wild, eccentric creative flair that doesn’t care much what others think. You were a very quirky child because of this, as well as highly independent-minded and even rebellious. As a result, you’re very hands-off with children, encouraging them to think for themselves and be individuals. Your children will have strong Aquarius or Uranus influences that make them march to their own drumbeat, like their eccentric parent.

Craziness and sexiness are the same thing to you. So, you develop a lot of crushes on Aquarius types, as you find a chemistry with them that’s really electrifying and exciting. You seek to turn their world upside down, introducing them to all sorts of things they never knew or tried before and vice versa. However, this wild, rebellious abandon might not be what you need to actually commit.

Pisces in the 5th House and/or Neptune in the 5th House
You’re highly creative but in a way that might not always translate to the “real world.” You find the moment elusive and hard to explain, as you get completely lost in it. You had a big imagination as a kid, as well as a painfully empathetic awareness of others. Therefore, you’re very delicate and selfless with children. Yet, you might also give up too much of yourself! If you have kids, they will be dominant in Pisces or Neptune traits, making them ethereal beings on their own plane.

Sometimes, you might be confused about who you find sexy or why exactly you find them sexy. And this is what draws you to those with a Pisces influence because there’s just something intangible about them that’s crush-worthy. The early parts of the romance are often like a dream for the both of you, as you drift away to your own little landscape together. But, this might mean that you’re also highly prone to disappointment and disillusion while dating because this can never hold up. 

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