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Sun in Cancer People: The Responders - Part One

This is it! We’ve reached the final sign in the Sun sign series on this blog. It’s been a real pleasure spending the past twelve months delving into every sign like I have. It’s allowed me to find an appreciation for and understanding of all twelve astrological perspectives. Hopefully, it’s opened your mind, as well, to the nuances of every Sun sign, whether it’s your own or other people’s. Now, let’s dive into the changeable waters of Cancer. Those who are born between June 22 and July 22 have the Sun in Cancer. And through their birthday, they have been given a Sun sign that is quite a complex one, full of a wide range of moods and responses and emotional states.

That’s why I call Cancer Sun people “the responders.” If the Sun sign represents our sense of self, our innate identity, then this is how Cancer finds their identity: through responding to everything around them. And since Cancer is one of the Water signs, this responsiveness takes place on a very emotional level. It doesn’t matter how much Air or Fire they might have in their chart. Their personal core, their center, is a feeling one. And this is what leads to the Cancer reputation of being a pure lunatic. Feelings take us to an irrational place and many easily stereotype Sun in Cancer as a placement that’s too moody, too insecure, and too hung up on their emotions to think straight.

But, think again, because there are those Cancer types who are more grounded or level-headed, particularly those who are more Earthy or Airy. So, if you’re trying to identify a Cancer by figuring out who cries the easiest and who sits in the corner, pouting and waiting for someone to ask them “what’s wrong?”, you’re going about it in the wrong way. Besides, as I’ve said throughout this series, it takes many people time to grow into their Sun signs. It’s a process of self-awareness and confidence. So, self-awareness for Cancer Sun depends on being aware of the feelings going on inside of them and knowing what to do with them. If not, then they might not feel too Cancer-like; at least, not like the person the cookbook astrology profiles tell them they should be.

Because of this, we should also address the other kneejerk summary of Cancer people: that they are nurturers. Well, actually, not everyone with this placement will be so into nurturing. In my experience, Water Moons live out the expectations we have of the Water signs much more than the Water Suns. This is because the Moon, which is the ruler of Cancer, is Water. So, the archetypal, primal qualities of the Watery trio become much easier to connect with when the planet ruling your irrational side is in the irrational element. That being said, I think Cancer Moon is a lot more instinctively nurturing than Cancer Sun, especially since the Moon is about how we support people. 

Meryl Streep: Cancer Sun/Taurus Moon

Supportiveness for Cancer Sun is often quite a different thing. It’s actually less of an instinctive reaction and more of a conscious choice. The thing about the Water Suns is that they have the ability to intentionally channel these feelings and emotional drives in a way that Water Moons don’t do. Cancer Moon people take care of others just because it’s their instinct to. Cancer Sun people must develop this ability to take care of other people and it’s not instinctive. It’s something that comes with self-awareness and with conscious development, even though it’s still coming from quite an emotional and internal place.

Confused yet? Well, I told you that this was a complex sign. And the key for Cancer is figuring out just what to do with all of their responses. They must be expressed in a way that allows them to shine. So, Cancer Sun can actually lack self-assurance when they’re not playing a more nurturing role in life. This might be before they become parents or open themselves up to their softer side. We feel quite lackluster when we don’t tap into our Sun. So, there are Cancer Suns who just aren’t interested in being caregivers. Yet, there will be a nagging feeling that something essential to their life is missing until they either have a child and/or let their more sensitive side shine through.

Nurturing is another way of responding to people and this is basically Cancer’s modus operandi. That’s why it can be such a passive sign. However, I don’t say passive negatively. It can be their great strength. It keeps them very attuned with the people around them. In many ways, they are constantly waiting for your move in order to make a move. With many people of this Sun sign, you might feel as if they aren’t going to talk until you talk. They aren’t going to make a decision unless you’re ready to decide on something, too. When you step back, they step back. It’s not a mirroring thing, like with Libra. It’s more of a reacting thing. The Moon rules the tides, which go in and out constantly. This ebb and flow defines how Cancer Sun people live their lives. Sometimes, you’ve got to retreat. Sometimes, you’ve got to get back out there.

Extroverted Cancer types definitely exist. We shouldn’t expect everyone of this sign to be all shy and retiring. However, even with the extrovert Cancers, there’s still something distinctly reactive about them. They aren’t being outgoing in a purely outgoing sense. They’re being outgoing in order to give you something to respond to. After all, Cancer craves responsiveness as much as it gives it. So, it can be a funny thing to watch. Unlike their more reserved counterparts, they might talk and talk and talk, constantly giving you cues to interject, to say something, to laugh. The extending tide often beckons you out to the ocean. This is purpose of the outgoing Cancer Sun, particularly if there’s a strong Leo influence in their chart. They want you to come and swim in their waters.

This is the kind of thing that makes Cancer a riveting performer, as they have a knack for totally drawing the audience in. I think most of us can agree that Meryl Streep is a Cancer of the first order, with her Sun and Uranus conjunct in Cancer, as well as Venus in Cancer. The three-time Oscar-winner, with the most nominations of anyone in history (19, as of this year), has lasted all of these decades in the industry because of her Sun’s ability for engaging people on a deep level. Like a true Cancer, she grabs hold of our feelings while taking us into her own, which she expresses through her ever-diverse range of characters. Who can forget that famous scene in Sophie’s Choice where all of her grief and despair and pain just come spilling out? It’s beyond moving.

What succeeding sign Leo has in self-confidence and charismatic presence, Cancer makes up for in a sheer
Tom Hanks: Cancer Sun/Leo Moon
ability to connect with people that makes many of them amazing actors. I mean, “Meryl Streep” is basically a synonym for “great actress.” While Leo has the potential to be self-absorbed, Cancer can get so absorbed in other people. And it’s this quality of theirs that allows so many Cancer movie stars to be highly popular and relatable. Say what you will about Tom Cruise but, back in the day, this Cancer was the premiere movie star of his generation, with everything from Risky Business to Top Gun to the Mission Impossible series. Even now, in spite of some growing weary with his antics, he still is able to command that movie-star position. Something about him has always seemed so accessible. You can see this overwhelming accessibility in other wildly popular Cancer guys like Tom Hanks, Vin Diesel, and Harrison Ford.

If this sign lives to react, then it would make sense that we would have such powerful reactions to them. The Moon rules emotional intimacy and closeness. And Cancer people, whether they’re on the big screen like Meryl or sitting right in your living room, have that capability of making you feel like you’re intimately connected to them. But, at the same time, such openness makes them believe that they need some sort of defense, which is where the symbolism of their mascot, the Crab, comes in. Underneath a hard shell is a soft interior and that describes many a Cancer Sun.

If the Sun sign represents one’s relationship to their father figure, in ways that were identity-shaping, then Cancer has a rapport with the paternal parent that is often based on a caring response. I don’t think that this necessarily means that the father was Cancer-like. In fact, I think the Sun signs don’t exactly represent our father figure’s personality but how our personality was shaped because of this parent. So, Cancer learned to be so responsive from dealing with a father who they may have needed to walk on eggshells around. Their relationship could have been emotionally touchy and changeable, in ways that would easily upset or throw Cancer off. Therefore, the sensitivity developed, as well as the need to protect oneself from that sensitivity.

In some situations, the father figure brings out the worst moods and insecurities in their Cancer child. It’s like everything they say has the power to wound, upset, irritate, or depress their son or daughter. This can make Cancer Sun people increasingly dependent on their paternal parent’s reactions to have the kind of reactions they want. They might feel like the stability of their feelings lives or dies with the father. And this is an attitude that gets carried out toward the rest of the world, which is why Cancer has such a legendary way of making you feel guilty for whatever they’re feeling. There is a compulsion here to put a spotlight (Sun) on one’s emotions (Cancer) and it can become an emotionally stunted thing, if taken too far.

This is why Cancer Sun people must learn how to take good care of themselves, first and foremost. There is a necessity here to monitor one’s feelings but to not do so in a self-indulgent way. Cancer can get caught up in these emotional loops without really stopping to think if it’s helping anything. Even if they’re very emotionally aware, it can become an immature thing if they don’t know what to do with those emotions. So, the key here is to develop confidence to stand in those feelings but to also allow them to flow through you. With this solar placement, you cannot control the tides that are inside of you. Therefore, whatever these people are feeling, they must be self-assured in that these feelings will inevitably change and do not need to be hold on to.

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  1. LOVE this, the name responder is perfect! I'm a cancer sun conj mercury in 10th house and have acted as an actual first responder in a RN capacity for most of my career. Many of my fellow health professionals are also cancer sun's, precise channeling of truth as usual, kiddo! You're a fabulous author.