Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sun in Cancer People: The Responders - Part Two

Since the Moon rules Cancer, you’ve got to be able to endure the endless phases inherent in a Cancer Sun’s personality. It can be a moody thing but, as I said before, I think that Cancer Moon puts the Sun in Cancer to shame when it comes to pure moodiness. With the Sun in this sign, it’s more like a phase, a state that can easily become quite irrational. This is when you know that you’re involved with a Cancer person: when that friendly, open, and accessible person you met yesterday has suddenly become really withdrawn and unsociable. That can make them sort of mean or snappy or down in the dumps. But, then, another phase kicks in where they feel better. Yet, they’re still kind of raw, so tread carefully because one wrong move might send them down in the dumps again.

This is the thing that people forget about when they’re befriending their ever-accessible Cancer (that is, if they’re not confronted with a highly guarded one). This is something that happens like clockwork with all Cancer people, just like the Moon itself. But, their changeability is not unpredictable like Gemini’s. You know just when the Moon is going to be a Full Moon and those who know their Cancer friend, relative, or lover long enough know just when the next emotional state is going to kick in. You might feel it in the air around them. Everyone just braces for it.

Courtney Love: Cancer Sun/Cancer Moon
We all live out our lives, interestingly enough, like the ruling planet of our Sun sign (as well as the ruler of our chart, but that’s another conversation). People embody their Sun sign’s ruler as if they were that actual planet and do unto others what that planet does to us. And the Moon definitely dominates our lives. We’re mostly made of water and this water-controlling planet influences our feelings in a really powerful way. Why do you think those cultural fears around Full Moons exist? And being around an unhappy or unbalanced Cancer Sun is a lot like bracing yourself for a Full Moon. You just know that things are going to get really crazy.

At their worst, Cancers can live out their lives as if every day were a Full Moon. This is when they just completely get out of control. When a Cancer goes off the rails, they totally go off the rails. Nobody can self-destruct like the Water signs. But, while Scorpio self-destruction is a Greek tragedy and Pisces self-destruction is the tale of the lost soul, Cancer self-destruction is more like a primal acting out. You can see it in Cancer celebrities who’ve gone down a bad road. The most obvious example is Lindsay Lohan, a truly talented young woman who has squandered her acting talent, again and again, through many poor irrational choices throughout the years. And then there’s Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain’s widow who, in a lot of people’s minds, is a very gifted musician, particularly in her prime, and would be so much more successful if she weren’t always acting like she’s fresh out of the asylum.

Though both women have gotten lost in drug addiction, it’s how they’ve lived out that addictive behavior that is Cancer-like. It’s like Lindsay is always going through phases where she seems like she’s clean and people want to root for her. Then, she goes from waxing to waning, screwing everything up again. And the wildly irrational ramblings of Love regularly make you wonder if she’s sober, whether she’s actually sober or not. In many ways, Cancer is starting to develop the flair for drama that Leo will perfect. Leo can get dramatic while still maintaining dignity. When Cancer gets dramatic, things get messy. This is even when they have good intentions and it’s relatively harmless. Many people still haven’t forgiven Tom Cruise for that couch jump over Katie. He tried to stage some sort of highly romantic declaration of love and it just went into a really crazy direction.

Yet, this is why we can marvel so much at Cancer’s various phases and states. They speak to something primal and crazy within us. But, we might not be very aware of it, just like we’re not very consciously aware of the Moon’s overall influence on us. Sun in Cancer people do have the power to walk into a room and really define the mood, the emotional atmosphere. Just like they’re easily affected, other people are easily affected by them, which is, as I said, their ace in the hole as artists and performers. This is one of the ways that they can use their emotional influence over other people in a positive, constructive manner, instead of driving other people up the wall with them.

We should also get into why Cancer is called the Crab, besides the tough on the outside, tender on the inside thing. Vin Diesel is a good example of that. These people are easily hurt yet quite strong. They are surprisingly tenacious creatures, as anyone who’s been pinched by a Crab can tell you. They grab on and don’t let go, which is the way the Cancer you love will deal with you. And this is where their infamous neediness and clinginess comes from. It’s not only people that they have trouble letting go. It can also be emotional memories and experiences. The Moon rules our memories, after all, and Cancer is full of them. Those with this Sun sign are the types who just absolutely love sitting around with their family, telling or sharing great stories about things that have happened in the past.

But, they also don’t just sit around saying, “Remember when we went camping when I was 10?” Memory-sharing can also go something like, “Remember when I loaned you money last year and you never paid me back?” or “Remember when we got into that fight and didn’t speak for weeks?” Yeah, good times! In fact, if you’re close to a Cancer Sun, in some way, you might find yourself groaning, in advance, when you feel one of these ancient-history stories being brought up. It can be quite painful to others. Crabs need to remember that it hurts other people when they don’t let go of things. Not only that but it keeps them stuck to the other person in a way that doesn’t help them, either. Letting go of the past is an empowering thing for Cancer, as it will really set them free. 

Vin Diesel: Cancer Sun/Sagittarius Moon

However, the past is something that they truly cherish. Cancer finds their confidence from the past as well as from the familiar. So, their habit of hanging on often serves a very positive person. You can always call on a Crab, particularly one that you know very well. This is because they’re relating to you based on everything that you’ve experienced in the past together. And if your relationship has been built on trust, loyalty, and support throughout the years, it will continue to be so. This is the reason, though, why Crabs can feel quite insecure around new people, even though they have a knack for drawing them in. And this is when the shell comes up. If they have no past with you, it takes time for them to imagine a future with you. Yet, they need to remember that, at some point, everyone’s a stranger. Everyone’s unfamiliar until you get to know them.

That is, except for their family. And family is very sacred for Cancer. I always say that Cancer placements of any kind can either cherish the surrogate families that they create and/or the immediate family of origin that they come from. But, their ideas of family are a jumping off point from the family they were raised with. Either they see that family as an ideal one and base their vision of a family on their own or they do everything they can to move away from the family structure they grew up in. Sun in Cancer people are very prone to dealing with a really dysfunctional family and finding some way to free themselves from them. If their light (Sun) is too dependent on their family (Cancer), it becomes toxic. Even if their family is relatively happy and healthy, they still cannot make too much of their identity reliant on them. Then, it becomes a needy thing.

When they start their own family, this is also something to remember. A Cancer might not even fully feel like a Cancer until they settle down domestically and start a family. Even if there are some wild-child Sagittarius or Aquarius influences in the chart, the Sun in Cancer promotes this sort of establishing of roots. But, again, it might become a thing of their life revolving around the family. They can expend too much energy worrying about their family’s security, leading them to hoard money or be too preoccupied with it. Cancer always wants to save for a rainy day. But, the Moon is a moment-to-moment influence. So, they should focus more on living like this. When the rainy day comes, it’ll come and they have the adaptability and wisdom to deal with it.

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Aries: You’re a more assertive and independent Crab. But, you’re still reactive in your fierce protectiveness, quick to fight on the behalf of your loved ones. Yet, you might confuse people, as you can insist they take care of themselves and then overprotect them.

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Taurus: Security is everything to you, to a degree that you can become too possessive of the things and people that make you feel secure. So, learn the importance of letting go. You’re very calm and stable until you’re not, lapsing into very chaotic states that surprise others.

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Gemini: You can often think feelings through in a clear-headed way. Yet, you can get so compulsive about being logical that it becomes neurotic and irrational. You’re highly changeable yet this ability to shift so quickly makes you very adaptable and multitalented.

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Cancer: Blessed with plenty of imagination, depth, and sensitivity, you are a person who’s full of riches. Just use these inner resources in creative, constructive ways. If not, you can become the crabbiest and craziest of the Crabs, indulging in moods that even you can’t handle.

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Leo: You are wonderfully warm and open-hearted, always seeing a necessity to make people feel welcomed and loved. But, not everyone is as generous as you! And when the Red Carpet isn’t rolled out for you in the same way, it can be very easy for you to feel hurt.

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Virgo: A truly practical and helpful Crab, you are always there to assist your loved ones when they need you. But, you can be very neurotic in your need to help and give advice, which can lead to excess worrying. If you teach them how to feed themselves, you’ll be better off.

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Libra: You need for things to always be peaceful and mutually satisfying between you and your loved ones. And this can keep you forever off-balance, in regards to their perceived happiness or yours. So, just use your sensitivity to treat other people fairly and kindly.

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Scorpio: Your moods can become all-consuming, even if it’s not obvious to the untrained eye. Releasing difficult feelings is an absolute must for you. You’re full of soul and insight and emotional strength. And these things cannot blossom if you’re stuck in resentment.

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Sagittarius: Feelings are a bigger-than-life thing for you, which can sometimes make you emotionally over-the-top and excessive. But, you have a very positive attitude, bouncing back from moods easily. You also have a trust in your instincts that readily brings luck.

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Capricorn: You instinctively know how to lay a solid foundation for you and your loved ones, working hard to provide for them. But, you might take care of everyone so much that you never give yourself a break. You can easily get depressed so be mindful of this habit.

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Aquarius: Loony and offbeat, you innately feel like you operate on pure logic, even if you seem out of your mind to others. You need plenty of alone time and might abruptly become distant when feeling moody. Yet, you’re also incredibly inclusive toward others.

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Pisces: You care so much for other people but this behavior can be deeply driven by guilt. You’re so sensitive but don’t let others sway you so easily because of that. The good thing is that you’re amazingly intuitive, in ways that are very artistic and downright psychic.


  1. Can you tell me more about Cancer Sun Gemini Moon. Everything you said was true but a lot of times I feel very offbeat and people don't quite understand me