Saturday, August 22, 2015

The 6th House: Signs and Planets

I’m going to be doing articles on all of the houses from now on and I figure that I might as well do descriptions of all of the signs and/or planets in each house, especially since it’s quite hard to find information on the signs in the houses. I already did it for the 5th. And even though I just wrote my article on the 6th House a few days ago, I put off doing it for that house, appropriately enough. Everyone’s guilty of a bit of procrastination regarding the 6th.

Just to reiterate, the 6th House is the house of everything you have to get done every day. Yes, work can fall under that umbrella but just about everything that’s a chore or a task is work, whether it’s your actual job or that other stuff on the to-do list. The 6th House is also the house of health, describing the mind-body dynamic that can either boost our health or make it suffer. If you have an empty 6th House, look at the sign on the 6th House cusp to see how this all plays out. If you have planets in the 6th, they drive your routine every day, in either predictable or uncontrollable ways.

6th House in Aries and/or Mars in the 6th House
You take an aggressive approach to each day. You don’t stop to think too much about what you have to do because that’s oddly depressing for you. You’d rather just burn through the day, which can either make you compulsively productive, unable to tolerate idle periods, or very selfish about your agenda, wanting things to happen how you want them to. You can easily get mad when your plans mess up and you need to learn to not try and force everything to happen.  

Your health tends to be vigorous and robust. Getting sick can be a rarity for you and you get over it very quickly. This is because you’ve got it in your head that you have so much to do. There’s just no time to be sick! It’s to a point where you don’t even really think much about getting sick, giving you quite a bad-ass immune system. Other people can be coughing up a storm around you and you don’t even catch it. Why would you? It’s not your problem.

6th House in Taurus
There is a sluggishness to how you get things done through the day. You’re quite blessed with an ability to not get anxious or worried about much, if anything. It’ll get finished when it gets finished. Therefore, you might actually manage to be more productive than most people, even if it takes you longer to do things, because you don’t overexert your energy in stress or tension. In fact, there’s often something very enjoyable and relaxing about your routine.

This slowness can also translate into your health, which gives you a pretty extended recovery time. Colds and illnesses might really stick to you, lasting for what seems like weeks. But, this can also be because you don’t jump on these illnesses when they arise as quickly as you sometimes should. So, it just builds and builds into a prolonged sickness. However, there is also great potential, with this placement, to go the opposite route and build a very durable immune system.

6th House in Gemini and/or Mercury in the 6th House
You’re a master at multi-tasking, with a clever ability to take on different tasks at once. You can juggle your chores and your work like nobody’s business. There’s also a real clarity here that allows you to observe things in your daily routine that others miss and, as a result, take a more logical approach. Yet, you cannot tolerate boredom from day-to-day. When you work, it has to be stimulating and you have a knack for constantly switching things up so they don’t get stale.

Health can be a manic or bi-polar area of your life, making you switch from being as healthy as a horse to having an overloaded immune system. This is usually due to your thoughts, as there is often an obsessive hypochondriac on your shoulder, making you over-think health issues. The mind-body link is especially powerful for you and you must learn how to wield it. Gaining clarity of your thoughts is what will keep you healthy, allowing your body to be as cleansed as your mind.

6th House in Cancer and/or Moon in the 6th House
How each day unfolds all depends on your mood. You can get very emotionally worked up over your routines because you seek an innate safety and comfort from these daily rhythms. Therefore, things not going as scheduled can really upset you. But, they often don’t go as scheduled because you get so upset! Stress takes a deep toll on you, so remember to just find comfort in the little things themselves. You’re a total creature of habit and feel at ease doing the same thing every day.

Being so easily stressed can take immediate toll on your health. But, these illnesses often come and go. Getting sick is usually a sign that you’re not in a good place emotionally or not taking good care of yourself. So, a cold or something will pop up to get you to tend to yourself for a while. You’re also very good at nurturing others back to health. Your favorite thing to do is to play nurse or doctor, immediately responding with comforting solutions once someone is feeling under the weather.

6th House in Leo and/or Sun in the 6th House
You want to be the boss of your routine and you organize your days so they revolve around you, in some way. You might do a lot of things for others but you often do so for the self-importance that it gives you. But, don’t go around demanding attention for helping other people because you should be doing that to genuinely help. This position also gives you the ability to make your day feel exciting and vibrant; at least to you. Even if those chores bore everyone else, they’re fun to you!

There can be something quite heroic about your immune system. You can get yourself back to good health out of sheer strength of will. In fact, you might make something of a drama out of being sick, seeing it as an opportunity to show how strong you can be by overcoming it. You may also be quite bossy when it comes to others’ health, feeling the need to lead them toward a lifestyle that is more organic or nutritious. It might often annoy others, especially since you tend to be right.

6th House in Virgo
You basically live for routines, even if you don’t want to admit it. You’re the kind of person who absolutely loves scheduling their day and planning everything they have to do. But, this might not leave much room for spontaneity and fluidity. You have to realize when you’re being too militant about your plan. Things mess up all the time and you’ll feel even more efficient and capable when you can respond to these malfunctions without malfunctioning yourself.

You may also be a total health nut, embracing a very organic, clean way of living. But, while some with this placement might be the health-conscious gym rats who never smoke and always diet, there can be some who are the opposite. You might be very messy with your health, out of some inner compulsion to improve. Knowing that you’re not so healthy is something that can keep you humble and always give you something to work on, instead of already being perfect.

6th House in Libra and/or Venus in the 6th House
Relating to others is a big part of your daily routine, which brings your personal bonds into a very mundane sphere. You are perfectly fine with a romantic life or friendships that aren’t too spontaneous or exciting. In fact, you find great pleasure in sharing all the “boring” stuff with someone else, believing that this is what allows people to truly connect. Yet, you might have too much of a plan when it comes to the other person and need to give them more space to flow.

The health of others might sometimes be more important to you than your own health. There can be co-dependency here, through you making sure that your partner or friend is staying on top of their diet or exercise regimen. There may be too much enmeshment, which can also make it very easy for you to catch what others have. However, you just feel healthier when everyone else around you is good, too. So, it’ll help to make that commitment to healthy living a joint effort.

6th House in Scorpio and/or Pluto in the 6th House
You gain a feeling of control from your daily routine but might also become too obsessive about it. When things don’t go as planned, it can feel like a battle for control or power. So, letting go of your preconceived ideas of what’s supposed to happen is key. You are capable of enormous hard work, to the point of giving every ounce of your energy into all the little things. But, be aware of going to extremes, as you can give away all of your reserves to your work and then feel empty.

Health issues can plague you more than the next person, to the point where staying healthy feels like a virtual struggle to survive. Serious health problems or traumas can occur. However, obsessing over your pain is what makes it worse, as well as unhealthy obsessive thoughts, in general. You can find great empowerment through mastering your mind-body link, allowing your health to experience a total overhaul. The deep healing and transformation of one’s immune system is the focus here.

6th House in Sagittarius and/or Jupiter in the 6th House
Each day must unfold like an adventure for you. The feeling of never knowing what’s around the corner will give you an inner sense of inspiration that allows those mundane tasks to become truly enlightening. A strong belief in the Greater Plan is necessary for you to feel more efficient. You can be excessively productive but also easily put way too much on your plate. It’s good that you believe so much in your efficiency yet it can lead to an overconfidence that makes you overworked.

Sometimes, it might seem like there’s no limit to the stress that comes your way, which is the kind of thing that can make you sick all the time via your thoughts. However, a tireless buoyancy can also be developed when faced with stress that sends you the other way and makes you amazingly healthy. You can go years without getting sick. The importance of mind-body awareness is very pronounced here, making you quite an enthusiastic healer when faced with unhealthy souls.

6th House in Capricorn and/or Saturn in the 6th House
The tasks and duties of each day can be very intimidating and challenging for you. It can feel like every little thing is a climb up a mountain. How you deal or don’t deal with this difficulty is the test. You must realize that you can set ridiculously high standards for yourself, as if each little thing you do has to be incredible and faultless. When you can overcome this attitude and relax more into your routine, you’ll find that you have the enormous stamina and dedication you need to accomplish all.

A rather debilitated health is usually an essential problem for this placement. You struggle with a deep anticipation of something terrible happening every day and these worries can severely affect your health. And you can simply worry a lot about your health, to a degree that becomes self-fulfilling. You must learn to only focus on solutions to health issues and not the potential disasters. When you do, you’ll find yourself develop an increasingly strong, reliable immune system.

6th House in Aquarius and/or Uranus in the 6th House
There is a real method to your madness, even if no one else really understands it. Even if you do have a plan for what you're going to do every day, it never sticks. So you regularly rely on just winging it. This is what actually brings consistency into your daily routine, as you adhere to the intuitive insights you always get that tell you exactly what to do. It’s just your way and others must give you the freedom to work in your own idiosyncratic way. If not, you can cause chaos out of sheer frustration.

Unusual methods toward staying healthy are usually your forte. You’re open to just about any odd remedy or healing practice there is out there. However, you’re not really one to take health advice from others. You’re quite defiant in this way and you might even feel compelled to rebel against your diet or your exercise routine. You can abruptly break off, just when you were getting used to it, and find another one, experiencing a breakthrough idea of a better way to stay healthy.

6th House in Pisces and/or Neptune in the 6th House
It might be very hard, if seemingly impossible, for you to stick to a daily plan. You aren’t really interested in mapping out each and every day. Instead, you’re very open to surrendering to the plan of unseen forces. While that is spiritually fulfilling, it can prevent you from being as productive as you sometimes should be. Thinking about the work you need to do can be confusing or overwhelming. Yet, when you’re really inspired, you can also get deeply lost in the groove of work.

You’ll spend at least a portion of your life with a highly vulnerable immune system. You’re always catching illnesses from others yet it’s difficult to say where it’s all coming from. This is the kind of thing that can make you very paranoid about your health and a massive germaphobe. Yet, your health will be strengthened by focusing your energy on healing others, within boundaries. Your mind-body link is very symbiotic and immediately strengthened by making others healthier.


  1. What about intercepted houses? Like a 6th house that starts in Virgo and ends in Scorpio? What about the Libra energy in that case?

  2. et, your health will be strengthened by focusing your energy on healing others, within boundaries. Your mind-body link is very symbiotic and immediately strengthened by making others healthier.

    Could you elaborate on this part, please? Thank you.

  3. What about when your 6th house is the most active.. Ex ::I have libra, Mars, Saturn and Scorpio all in my 6th..what does it mean?

  4. What about when your 6th house is the most active.. Ex ::I have libra, Mars, Saturn and Scorpio all in my 6th..what does it mean?