Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cancer Midheaven: A Relative to the World

***Also for if you have Moon conjunct Midheaven

With the Midheaven in Cancer, you are on a life-long mission to give and receive comfort out in the world. Now, it’s not in the way that a Taurus Midheaven seeks comfort in society. Their motive is more about being nice and snug and secure in a practical way. For you, it’s more emotionally based. This is a curious, contradictory placement, in many ways, as Cancer is the opposite sign of Capricorn, which naturally rules the Midheaven. So, everything that people conventionally think of when it comes to ambition and career doesn’t apply for you, Cancer Midheaven. You are never ambitious for pure ambition’s sake, even if you want to make yourself believe you are. You are, instead, ambitious for how it makes you feel and how it makes others feel, as well.

There is usually a common theme here of growing up never feeling very at home while at home. Cancer Midheaven people are often uncomfortable with their family, in some form or another. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your family but it does mean that you never really felt fully at ease with them. The emotional security, understanding, or connection you craved from them was sorely lacking. So, from an early age, you turned to the world for this intimate connection. Yet, it can be difficult to find people in the world who care. This is why caring is such a major ambition for Cancer Midheaven people. You should not only strive to care for others but to also make people care for you. There is an overall agenda of empathy and humanity here that you must satisfy through your career. Whatever you do, it must be something that gets you in touch with the human soul.

For this reason, the arts is a very popular career choice for those with their Midheaven in Cancer. Being able to use your profession as an outlet for your feelings and needs is pretty ideal. Many remarkable actors and performers have a Cancer Midheaven, including Denzel Washington. The legendary actor is different from, say, DeNiro or Pacino or Day-Lewis in that he isn’t widely respected and recognized for his ability to transform or disappear, per se. It’s much more about how he completely gets in touch with the heart and soul of his characters on-screen. In doing so, in allowing his Cancer Midheaven to totally crack himself open and reveal his humanity, Denzel has established a very genuine emotional connection with his audience that’s lasted for decades.

Denzel Washington: Midheaven in Cancer
There’s also something highly familiar and comforting about seeing Denzel Washington on-screen. It’s like seeing an old loved one again. This is the relationship with your public that you develop, as well, with a Cancer Midheaven. Cancer represents intuition, which is another way to say that you “just know” something. And people in your community have a way of feeling like they “just know” who you are. This leads to a certain amount of fame for Cancer Midheaven people, whether it’s actual fame or being a neighborhood celebrity. Your goal of finding a comforting family environment in the world makes people respond to you as if you were their relative. So, there’s a very accessible, let-your-guard-down ease that people feel around you. After all, fame is dependent on the projection of a certain intimacy and you excel at this, whether you mean to or not.

Often times, it’s actually unconscious, which is why people’s reactions to you in the world can overwhelm you as much as they pleasantly surprise you. In the end, you’re just going through society, reacting to everything and everyone. The rigidity and lack of comfort you felt at home, on some level, led you to develop an agenda, as a teenager, to just go out in the world and be completely natural. The thought of developing a public image never really sets in for Cancer Midheaven people because you just want to totally go with the flow of how you feel and what’s happening. This gave you a very uncalculated approach to your peers in high school that reinforced this sense that you were a very real person whom they could get to know a lot more.

Since I think the Midheaven really starts taking control in the high school years, this is a time where you start becoming quite a lunatic. It’s not exactly that you weren’t well-behaved, even though many Cancer Midheaven teenagers can definitely go crazy during this time. But, it’s just that you began operating so highly on emotion and instinct, in a world that values more control and restraint, that you just projected something very raw and immediate, even sort of animalistic. This begins your life-long reputation for sort of “spilling over” in some form or another. Cancer Midheaven has a way of being this full glass, in public, that’s about to tip over at any moment. Sometimes, your joy or warmth or other positive feelings threaten to spill over. Other times? Well, feelings that could cause an even bigger mess seem ready to burst out at any moment in your worldly ventures.

This is the struggle you deal with of knowing what to express and when. At times, you act on your feelings so much and so readily, throughout your life path, that it could cause you to do things that just make no sense in front of the world. Midheaven in Cancer can be the subject of well-known emotional breakdowns or really disastrous public scenes that become the talk of the town. That’s why, again, it’s so important to use your career as an outlet for your emotions. You might not become an award-winning actor like Denzel. But, just finding a profession that allows you to feed other people emotionally, in some sense, may also be something that really balances you out.

As an authority figure, you are bound to go against the hardened, strictly business routine that some might expect from their boss. Instead, Cancer Midheaven bosses are usually the warm and fuzzy ones who make everyone feel right at home. Even if you try to play it tougher and more practical, your sensitivity typically gives itself away, in most situations. You will feel for your employees and give them a sense that they’re an important person in a family, instead of just a number in a corporate setting. It’s important not to become too much of a bleeding heart, though, as you might find yourself being such a softie that people can easily sway your emotions all the time. You do have to learn to not give and give and give.

You expect to receive, as well, which is why it can be very devastating when you don’t get the intended response you want from those in your workplace or community. Midheaven in Cancer does give you this intense neediness when it comes to the world. Your career is a source of high vulnerability for you, which you might hate but just have to deal with. You can tell yourself that your mean boss doesn’t affect you or that it doesn’t really matter that nobody turned up to your fundraising event. But, it actually really hurts you! It’s important, therefore, for you to learn to not take people’s reactions so personally. You know that your success is dependent on how people respond to you, which is why your profession makes you feel so vulnerable. We’re all vulnerable on this public stage. It’s just that you’re deeply attuned to this, especially since this is a placement that’s often a big target for bullying while growing up. But, instead of this making you feel really scared or insecure or defenseless, know that, most of the time, people’s reactions don’t have much to do with you. Their meanness or unresponsiveness or coldness is just their problem.

However, you find the most professional fulfillment from finding a way to alleviate the coldness of the world. This often leads Cancer Midheaven people into a lot of charity work, helping to take care of the sick, the unprivileged, or the neglected. It’s also what urges you to create a family of your own. This can take on many forms. Since you most likely didn’t really start off with the relatives you truly needed in life, your Midheaven in Cancer makes you quite determined to find those relatives out in the world. Surrogate families are often your specialty. But, the big one is actually creating your own family, which tends to be a major life goal with this placement. Of course, not all Cancer Midheaven people start a family and have kids. But, the ones who do so follow this goal with a determination and commitment that might be greater than their commitment to their career.

Denzel Washington is widely known as a family man, thanks to his Cancer Midheaven, with a unit that’s lasted for decades, in a very stable way that is unlike the typical Hollywood family. You’re such a caregiver, to your community and/or to your actual family, that it’s bound to be a part of your reputation. Parenting is what may very well fulfill you more than anything. Though most people say that raising children is the best thing they’ve ever done, Cancer Midheaven folks believe that on a really profound level. It can be your most important achievement.

This again brings to our attention the contradiction of a Cancer Midheaven. Your commitment to your family and personal life is really strong and is bound to overthrow any sort of careerism. Those with the Midheaven in Cancer are usually very relaxed when it comes to their profession. Ruthless ambition or becoming a workaholic is not the focus here. You probably won’t have much of a problem with extended time off, enjoying the opportunity to be with your family and loved ones. However, the public also considers you like a part of their family. So, they’re going to really miss you while you’re gone! This emotional connection to your public still rings within and motivates you to get back out there. So, a constant flowing between an equally deep love of home and career will define your life. Finding the balance is key. Your career is always going through these phases, so it’s good to know when to wax and wane when it comes to your professional activity.

And this flow is what leads you to success. Midheaven in Cancer people have to learn how to simply allow things to happen in their profession, instead of trying to “make things happen.” Don’t get me wrong. You still have to work hard and everything. But, you cannot force your agenda on to the world, like some other Midheaven signs have the luxury of doing. Instead, a certain passivity is actually your strength, as it unlocks your intuition. And intuition is your greatest weapon! Back in your teens, you just deeply knew what it was that you had to do with your life, even if you couldn’t fully articulate it or explain it. You might have kept it to yourself, creating a long-held pattern of being sort of secretive or mysterious about your ambitions or life plans. You didn’t need to tell your parents or your counselor everything, or maybe even anything, about this inner knowledge of what the future held. You just sought to unconsciously ride the waves to your destination.

Such an attitude is what allows your career to unfold in ways that are constantly surprising but, also, make complete sense. When success happens, it just hits you like a tidal wave, more than the average person. But, you somehow “just know” that it was supposed to happen like that. It’s an amazing gift that gets you ahead in the world, especially since you’re not wildly interested in getting ahead in the world. Cancer Midheaven individuals rely a lot on other people’s moves to make their own worldly moves. In a way, this is a smart career strategy, as it allows you to always adapt to whatever ball’s being thrown at you. But, other times, it might be a bit too passive. Remember that you also have to do some of the ball-throwing yourself, sometimes.

Yet, you really do seek to be comfortable in the world, so you don’t want to over-exert yourself. When you’re out and about, you do have a way of seeming very at ease. At the same time, you can get defensive or frightened when you’re uncertain of your environment. This is when your sharp instincts come in handy. Cancer Midheaven folks seem to deeply sense when danger’s around the corner in the world and know how to steer clear of it. In a funny way, the world seems to keep you safe, especially since you so easily tug on the heartstrings of others. Your moods and feelings are all the way out there, so there’s little to no hiding them in public. But, something about you can bring out the tender side of even total strangers. As long as you remain generally unguarded, you might benefit a lot from the kindness of those within your community. And seeing the goodness in others can be enough to remind you of how being unguarded and accessible can be a beautiful thing, making you kinder to those in your community, as well. It’s a wonderful give and take!


  1. thank you for the post.. very useful. particularly the consideration of sign in opposite house, which changes the interpretation quite a lot.. i couldnt find it elsewhere..thank you!
    but i m not sure how to interpret it in my chart. i have sun conjunct south node in cancer midheaven. how does south node and karma(10th) play out together? and how to interprete north node in 4th but in opposite sign(capricorn)?
    can u plz giv an insight?

  2. This is one of the most accurate things I've read about myself. And I've read many many posts and books on this. Wow.

  3. I recognize myself only minimally in this, but that may have to do with the fact that I have a Stellium in the 10th (in the sign of Leo), even though the Midheaven is in the sign of Cancer.

    I am not very interested in having a family (in the traditional sense) I would feel shackled if I had one.

    I would however be lying if I said I never considered it, but I usually end up feeling the same thing: a sense of being shackled (if I had to care for children).

    Even though I do appreciate kids, I feel no strong desire in caring for them. Perhaps this desire may be latent? We'll see in a couple of years :).

    However, I am way more interested in bonding with others (professionally) and creating that family-like connection in this manner (i.e. treating coworkers or subordinates like family).

    Also, when I was younger I had an aversion to ambition. Now I feel a lot more ambitious (I'm in my late 20s), but not in a cool, impersonal or typically business-like and aloof manner.

    It is true that for me any business-related endeavours need to be enveloped by a sense of warmth, connection, safety & coziness.

    Think of the atmosphere of a cozy French bistro or an English tea room.

    So what this placement does for me is invoking the need for a home-based business (or working in an environment that reflects this homely aspect), as I am *very* sensitive to external influences and all kinds of emotional (under)currents.

    I'm very preoccupied with reputation and public image and I believe this is because I inherently *know* how my personal success is dependent upon how others view me.

    Also, in order not to be over-preoccupied, the comfort and privacy of a home-based business would help balance my super charged 10th house.

    Without balance from the opposite house, I become way too entangled in anything that pertains to the 10th House.

    BTW I'm not interested in catering whatsoever, because of other influences in the chart (beauty-related things, like hairdressing or cosmetology are more up my alley).

    If for instance, I had my own barber shop, I'd make it look and feel very cozy, warm and welcoming so people would feel at ease.

    I'd include a bar where people could sit, grab a bite and wind down.

    PS bullying sure was an issue when I was younger (both in the family environment and when I was in school)

    That explains why I feel this need to put an emphasis on "security" and "comfort" in a professional setting (I know what it's like to feel like an outcast or unsafe).

    Thought I'd share that here.

    1. So it sounds like you recognize a lot of yourself in the description then, instead of just "minimally". :)

  4. Hi Wayman.

    I have posted a comment at Aries MC because I have MC conjunct mars,mercury and sun but all is in cancer.I resonate with your article but have a problem how to incorporate all these planets in my career,life?Mars is not very friendly with cancer sign.I wrote more in the Aries MC,don't want to repeat myself.Does anybode here has similar aspects?How do you cope with it?How to be caring with mars conjunct MC?What profession to choose?Is it good for motherhood?
    Do you offer a private reading?

    Thanks and best Katie

  5. Hit the nail on the head perfectly once again! This description is me to a T, have always felt bewildered a bit with the popularity at work while in management and this explains it! I've even been described by my nurse employees as a fairy godmother. Heh heh.