Friday, August 21, 2015

Moon-Mars Aspects: The Defender

With the Moon conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine Mars, you’re the defender. This combination gives you a feisty fighting spirit that will not quit. It can be a very compulsive thing, as the Moon represents our instincts and gut reactions while Mars is our mode of attack. So, you can say that you’re constantly on the attack, in one way or another. Sometimes, this just makes you dynamic, driven, and assertive. Other times, it makes you wildly defensive and temperamental. Insecurities can create a pretty significant chip on a Moon-Mars person’s shoulder and this edginess might be something you need to get over, if it makes you always look for a fight.

Since the Moon describes how we were when we were children, with your Moon sign in aspect to Mars, you were always ready for a fight when you were a kid. From the beginning, your instinct has been to push back whenever you’re pushed. Therefore, Moon-Mars children often have little to no problem handling themselves with siblings, classmates, friends, and even adults! You were a tough little cookie and this was something that was reinforced within you by your nurturing figure, which is what the Moon represents. With a Moon-Mars aspect, your maternal parent supported you through strength and passion, urging you to get out there and show ‘em what you got!

Those with the sextile and the trine often have a maternal figure who positively encourages their competitive, active side. They urge the child to have the confidence to get what they want and to find empowering outlets for their energies and passions. People with the opposition or square, though, often have a bullying mother figure who is a real pusher. The parent can force the child into a corner a lot, displaying a very domineering attitude, as well as selfishness and quick temper. Since Mars rules what pisses us off, the mother figure can easily seem like a ticking time bomb. With the conjunction, this can go either way. Conjunctions can be the best of times and the worst of times, as it’s a very positive, natural aspect but also really overwhelming. So, it can produce a nurturing parent who is an inspiring life coach and a self-involved hothead.

In any case, this relationship conditions you to fight your way through the jungle of life. And a lot of this can be a self-protective thing. Moon-Mars aspects are interesting in that they combine the aggressive force of Mars with the innate sensitivity of the Moon. In fact, people with these aspects tend to be highly sensitive, even if it’s not exactly obvious. It tends to be covered with plenty of bravado, as their impulse whenever faced with insecurity (Moon) is to just bluster their way through it (Mars). So, Moon-Mars people are actually very good at appearing fearless and fierce when they’re actually scared shitless; so good that they might not even be fully aware of their fear, as the Moon often operates in such an unconscious manner.

But, they’re also probably afraid that you know how sensitive they are, which is why they fight so much harder. This is what makes you the defender, Moon-Mars person. The vulnerability of your feelings give you the compulsion to constantly have to fight. With the hard aspects, it can be because of the selfishness and the pushiness you experienced from your mothering parent. You might not want to leave your weak spots that open again. The softer aspects might be less fearful, in this manner, believing that feeling all the feelings doesn’t make you helpless or weak. In fact, they can be an amazing blend of softness and toughness, knowing how to balance the two.

If you are worried about coming off as weak or a pushover, remember how this fear is ultimately hardening you. It not only prevents you from being emotionally generous but can bring a ruthless attitude toward others. There is something highly primal about this combination and it’s a very powerful thing to behold. But, that power gets twisted when you’re stuck in a “kill or be killed” mode. Being obsessed with getting what’s yours and slaying the competition can cause a very dark form of selfishness to emerge, especially since the Moon can get so irrational. Moon-Mars folks, at their worst, can slash and burn their way through life, simply shrugging at the carnage they’ve caused, as long as they got what was theirs, and moving on to the next thing.

It’s the kind of attitude that might make people feel as if they always need to defend themselves against you. Being close to someone with a Moon-Mars aspect who hasn’t yet mastered the positive elements of the energy can feel like living under the constant threat of being run over. Everything’s all nice and lovely and then bam! It’s like an emotional hit-and-run. Since Mars is assertiveness, whenever you’re needs aren’t being met, you can get very forceful. And you just knock everyone over on your path to satisfy those needs and don’t look back. Also, Heaven help you actually not get what you need, as this is the thing that really provokes your temper.

Rage and moodiness curiously combine when the Moon is in aspect to Mars in a person’s birth chart. If you have a Fire or Air Moon, your displays of rage are more likely to be very open and direct. Your bad moods are quite explosive. You don’t waste time sulking, bursting at the seams to get it all off your chest. But, still, people can shake their heads and wonder where all that anger came from. It’s really just a mood you get into, sometimes without any serious outside provocation. If your Moon is in Water or Earth, however, you may be more of the smoldering type, expressing anger in ways that are even more unbearable because they’re just weighing down and darkening the atmosphere. But, this simmering rage is quite formidable. It’s like you have a black-belt in passive-aggression and are taking everyone in the room out with your psychological warfare.

Moon-Mars people also specialize in the angry-cry, as you can get really worked up and feel really vulnerable, at the same time. Deep feelings fire you up and getting mad makes you feel very naked and exposed. So, it’s enough to start the waterworks. And it’s also enough to put you in a constant state of anger. Essentially, Moon-Mars is the combination of the baby or the toddler (no offense, guys). You have powerful emotional needs that require immediate attention. When you’re upset, everyone knows it. And you have little self-consciousness about letting your passions fly free. In the end, you feel very emotionally secure by living in this highly instinctive, raw state. But, you just have to make sure you’re not being overly selfish and reactive or you’ll be stuck in your terrible two’s forever.

Yet, there is such a thing as healthy selfishness and those with Moon in aspect to Mars seem to have a very natural attunement to this idea. You see nothing wrong with needing to fulfill your personal desires and impulses. So, this isn’t typically the placement of a pushover. Other aspects might make you more willing to compromise or please others. But, this aspect saves you from not being able to say “no” or stand up for yourself. People with the square or opposition might struggle with a balance, in this regard, either being too assertive or too giving. However, the potential for great inner strength is definitely there, once a happy medium is found.

You’re an independent soul and don’t want to co-exist to a stifling degree with someone else. Moon-Mars individuals have a burning inner motivation to take action and to blaze a trail through life. You can’t do that with someone holding you back with their clinginess and nagging. The Moon is how we support others and take care of them and when it’s touching Mars, you’re supportive in ways that strengthen and motivate others. You want to give them a big, hearty push whenever they’re feeling insecure or down, reminding them that they always have the option to do something about the situation. This is a deeply proactive combination. So, even if your Moon is typically very empathic and caring, you might easily throw your hands up and move on when faced with someone who just endlessly whines and wallows. You think, “What do you want me to do about it?”

However, a ferociously protective side also comes into the picture, whenever you feel like someone is being pushed around, especially someone who is weaker than you are. The positive side of this placement is being as much of a defender of others as you are of yourself, if not more. Moon-Mars individuals can develop a powerful passion for fighting for the underdog or the defenseless in various situations, whether it’s people who are underprivileged, those who are being disrespected by others, or children and animals who aren’t getting the safety or love they need. This is when that softer side comes out and when you probably become the most empathetic.

When it comes to your own emotions, you get on with them very quickly. Moon-Mars is all about acting on the feelings, in the moment, and then heading on to the next thing. So, your moods and reactions are like individual fireworks. Just when one goes off, another one will be following. But, you actually benefit greatly from following these feelings. If Mars is how we take action, having Mars in aspect to your Moon sign means that you must take action via your intuition. Your approach is not going to be the most logical one, even if your Moon’s in Air. You’re still acting from your gut impulses. And this is the kind of thing that can easily make you seem crazy to others. Well, maybe you are crazy. But, this instinctive style keeps you right on the cutting edge of life. It’s also what allows you to win, as Mars is our competitive, fighting technique. And with Moon-Mars, you often take such a subjective, irrational approach to arguments or confrontations that people become too overwhelmed to fight back for much longer. After all, it’s a lot harder to argue with emotion.

There is something essentially androgynous about this combination, as well, thanks to the blending of yin and yang. The Moon is part of our feminine side while Mars makes up half of the masculine principle. So, as a Moon-Mars person, you’re distinctly feminine and masculine, at the same time. You’re a kick-ass, take-charge person who can handle themselves. Yet, you remain sensitive and intuitive and often surprisingly fragile. This male-female vibe is very sexually charged, as well, since Mars indicates how we like to have sex. You can be both submissive and aggressive, depending on your mood. And it really is all about “being in the mood” for you, which might make your sex drive kind of all-over-the-place. But, sex is highly charged with intimacy for you, to the point where it’s probably difficult for you to separate the two. It has to feel like lovemaking to satisfy you.

Moon conjunct Mars: Having the conjunction makes you the most likely to go off. You’re full of passion and rage and lust, feeling innately secure by bluntly letting off all of this steam. But, you need to make sure everyone else can handle the heat, as well as that you’re not the only victor in the situation. If you remain aware of others, you can light an amazing fire under them.

Moon square or opposite Mars: It can be difficult to find balance and moderation with the square or the opposition, making you either wildly selfish and hot-headed or deeply frustrated through your lack of assertiveness. Turning everything into a competition gets useless. See yourself as your main competitor and then you’ll learn how to let yourself win, which you can do brilliantly and boldly.

Moon sextile or trine Mars: Your inner fire will mostly burn in ways that make others want to get closer, thanks to the sextile or the trine. You know how to be assertive, spirited, and forceful while still remaining generally agreeable. However, you’re no angel, as you can still burn others when your patience runs thin enough. There are times when you need to remember to just count to ten.


  1. Hi Wayman,

    I have this aspect in sextile but some of these don't really apply to me (especially the parts about the maternal figure supporting the strengths and passions). I also have Mars conjunct Chiron - could this be part of the reason?

    Thank you. :)

    1. Yeah, Mars conjunct Chiron has probably made it difficult for you to feel as assertive as you'd like to. But, it's also something that makes you even more defensive because Chiron is where we can feel like a victim. So, you may have this feeling that people are constantly walking all over you or taking what's yours, which only makes you angrier or more worried about proving yourself.

  2. Hi Wayman,

    Thanks for your interpretation. It was spot-on, especially about feeling like a victim with Chiron. I remember as a child I was constantly battling with my mother (I was misunderstood a lot) and after "losing", I would feel like I was bullied. Being wrong all the time made me unsure how to assert myself; instead of the type who gets frustrated, I am the one who gets worried about when I should assert myself and vice-versa. So now I either freeze in these situations or I just allow it to continue happening, lol.

    Thanks again for replying. I'm thinking about getting some readings from you as I've been following your blog and your interpretations are really in-depth and insightful, which is what I'm looking for. I had gotten a voice recorded reading from a popular astrologer and even after asking me a list of questions, she sounded disinterested in her recording and her interpretations were way off. I wished I found you earlier!

    Thanks again. :)

    1. You're welcome! Just as an interesting side note, Kanye West also has Mars conjunct Chiron with Mars in the 10th ruling the
      Midheaven. Thst totally explains why he's had such a history of going off in public and getting super-defensive. Mars conjunct Chiron people have a really hard time feeling like they're victorious and that they've gotten what they wanted, even if they're a wildly famous, award-winning millionaire. Not to say you're like Kanye! Haha, it's just that Chiron is also where we can hurt ourselves. So, be aware of that pattern of being this bottomless pit and taking every little "defeat" so personally.

      And yeah, I'd love to do readings for you whenever you're ready! :)

  3. It's hard to make sense of my own chart. Mars 12th, conj ASC CAP, and Moon conj chiron (& sun, and mercury - all pop Pluto), in 3rd Aries. A lot of what you say rings true. I EXPLODE and then I'm done with anger. It's over. It has to come out or I might literally burst into flames but it's not that often. I am a champion for the underdog - but only if it's something I can actually DO something about. I feed the homeless, individually or in small groups by taking my leftovers wrapped up in plates or disposable containers and sit and talk with them, giving them (individually) some of their dignity back. I can't handle being involved with charitable causes like orphans in africa - not because I don't care, but because it's too overwhelming. I stand up to bullies at dinner parties who insist on demeaning transgender guests who are in attendance- things like that. It has to be immediate and personal for me jump in and go all bad-ass. The weirdest part is that it always shocks people who haven't known me long or very intimately. They seem to think I've lost my mind when I jump in and verbally lacerate some asshole who thought they were being clever & cruel.

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  5. well - mercury isn't opp pluto, Mer is over a little bit and actually inconjunct and part of a Yod with BML (conj Pluto) and North Node - which are both in signs that are squished up inside houses - I forget the name for it. Virgo and Pisces aren't on any cusps. It's really hard to sort out the meanings in my chart because it looks like a spirograph on acid. Everything touches everything and nothing is cut and dry because of the INTERCEPTED (I remembered the word!) houses. So far, your descriptions are the some of the best I've found for aspects. Thank you.

  6. i have moon trine mars, and my mars and moon are both in fire signs (moon in aries and mars in leo) and, mainly as a kid, i was a ball of explosion at home, i was always ready to fight, pushing back whenever i was pushed, i was very impulsive, this was just an instinctive thing for me, something natural. But what is funny is that i was only like that at home, in school and stuff i was like an angel, and everybody saw me as one, probably because of my pisces rising and personal planets in the 7th. Till nowdays my moon is shown a lot more when im at home and with family, and the thing about the moon being stronger through childhood is a lot true for me. Good thing i've worked on my temper lol

  7. Dear Wayman, my Moon is at 24 degrees Capricorn and my Mars is at 1 degree Aquarius, both in the 5th house. I feel the energy you are describing in this article, but I don't know if it's from this or simply from my Aqua Mars square Pluto. Can I count it as a conjunction?

    1. Yes, it's definitely a conjunction. It's just an out-of-sign one. They operate in a kind of funky fashion, sometimes, but they are still felt as much as in in-sign conjunction.

  8. Great article, and totally describes me to a T. I have moon/mars conjunct in Cancer. My rising sign is Gemini, but the conjunction is still in the first house. I hate who I become when I'm angry, it's so explosive and off-the-wall that I end up feeling very guilty and ashamed for lashing out with teenager like expression. I've put holes in walls, and doors, and I like to slam things when I'm angry.

    It does fade fast. However, if I'm not able to speak up for myself about a situation, I will brood and stew over it, sometimes for years, because I never got my chance to speak up and I felt like the other person had the upper hand.

    All of this clashes with my Sun/Venus/Jupiter stellium in Leo, in the 4th house. I'm overly generous and giving, but in a way, that's how I ask for help. So it's certainly passive-aggressive in nature, only because I lack assertiveness (except of course, when I'm angry). Also, with Uranus in Scorpio squaring my Leo stellium, I come across as loving and caring, but sometimes with a load of inconsistencies.

    Anyway, thanks for the great article Wayman :)

  9. Hey Wayman - i am just reading this moon opposite Mars aspect there is a great deal of info here thank you . . what if the Moon is in Capricorn (2nd house - which has always felt really tricky to me) opposite Mars is in Cancer (8th house) conjunct Uranus in Leo. (which has also felt really difficult). I am currently in a proffessional situation where i am in trouble for "aggression" (yes I have expressed aggression but only in defense of others projections . . // not taking things personally - definately something to consider & a challenge // also challenged within myself to move beyond a separateness into unity // it is very tricky in this context . . please can you offer a little more to re these internal dynamics? blessings there and gratitude Noi Na

  10. Wow! This was dead on. Moon square mars. Mars in capricorn and moon in libra. I find that I do my own thing and don't conform a lot. My instincts run high and then I slap back in a calculative Manor when I am being toyed with. Awsome article.

  11. Moon in Taurus Trine Mars in Leo - this is spot on for me especially the part about being a defender. My mom says when I was young I use to go after any bully I come across even as a little baby you could not hit anyone if I was around, I would hit back with my bottle. Even now I still find myself defending anyone I perceive as being victimised in any form - the underdog, literally, as I am also an animals right activist!

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  13. that "acting on the feelin" part is so true. I have these conjunct and the argument "because I'm not in the mood" seems the most relevant when somesone ask me "why?"

  14. The father of my son has this aspect, you are spot on!

  15. I have a moon in virgin trigono to the mars in scorpion, it really is a sensation of enthusiasm and ardence for me and in a matter of seconds I change my mood, ah and feelings of constant impatience due to my moon being in house 1!

  16. I have Moon in Gemini conjunct my Mars, Chiron and MC...YIKES! My feelings are always ALL OVER THE PLACE! I have strong pluto/scorpio energies but thanks to my moon-mars I can't hide feelings, at all! It's soo disturbing :(

    Also, it gets worse. The mars-mmon chiron is oppo Uranus and Saturn, HEEELP! Haha, its intence indeed!

    My mother is a rage monster and I and my brother (who has an aries mars) have learned from her to RAGE when we get: Irritated, when things does not go our way. When we are hungry, when we are very sad we get ANGRY etc. Thank you mami!

    So its like, having strong negative feelings like sadness, sence of failure etc makes me wanna "defend" myself against them feelings, by getting angry!

    Wow! this is an insight I reached just now! Thank you for an amazing blog and articles!

    And she learned to be this way by her irratic father who used to rage at my grandmother.

  17. Wow I have a defender trait. How to use it properly states in self control and awareness.

    Thanks ☺

  18. This is a gorgeous interpretation. I have this aspect. This is part of who I am at my core.


    I'm in awe.

    If I need a reading I know who to ask.

    You're a genius Wayman! ♥

  19. I have Moon /Mars square in Cancer/Libra. But I do feel that you are spot on when you mention "passive aggressive".

    I get very moody and close off others quickly. And though I am sexual, my sex drive is all over the place.

    Best sexual experience was with a Cancer Mars-Jupiter Mars conjunction. It felt like lovemaking-which is what turns me on.

  20. I have Moon in Aquarius squaring mars in Scorpio. I'm finding this combination quite difficult to deal with. I much prefer my Aquarius feelings and ideals and things are going along nice and airey, no care in the world. Then, BAM! Scorpio intensity and anger and sensitivity and moodiness. Next day it's all nice and dandy. Hard to make and keep relationships this way. Like seriously, can we all just calm down lol. Capricorn sun with Leo rising here.